1966 Ford and Mustang Exterior Paint Colors

Scott Drake or Dynacorn Catalog

Note: Exact colors may be different based on your monitor and/or printer settings.

66ArcadianBlue F – Arcadian Blue 66Emberglo V – Emberglo Poly.
66SaharaBeige H – Sahara Beige 65VintageBurgundy X – Vintage Burgundy Poly
66NightmistBlue K – Nightmist Blue 65SilverBlue Y- Silver Blue Poly.
68WimbledonWhite M – Wimbledon White 66SauterneGold Z -Sauterne Gold Poly.
66AntiqueBronze F – Antique Bronze 66SilverFrost 4 – Silver Frost Poly.
66IvyGreen R – Ivy Green Poly. 66SignalFlareRed 5 – Signal Flare Red
66CandyappleRed T – Candy Apple Red 66SpringtimeYellow 8 – Springtime Yellow
66TahoeTurquoise U – Tahoe Turquoise 65RavenBlack A – Raven Black

Additional available colors not represented above were Medium Palomino Metallic, Medium Silver Metallic, Maroon Metallic, Silver Blue Metallic, Dark Moss Green and Light Beige.

Scott Drake or Dynacorn Catalog

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