1968 Ford and Mustang Exterior Paint Colors

Note: Exact colors may be different based on your monitor and/or printer settings.

68RoyalMaroon B – Royal Maroon 68HighlandGreen R – Highland Green
68Acapulco_Bluejpg D – Acapulco Blue 68CandyAppleRed T – Candy Apple Red
68GulfstreamAqua F – Gulfstream Aqua 68TahoeTurquoise U- Tahoe Turquoise
68LimeGold I – Lime Gold 68MeadowlarkYellow W -Meadowlark Yellow
68WimbledonWhite M – Wimbledon White 68PresidentialBlue X – Presidential Blue
68DiamondBlue N – Diamond Blue 68SunlitGold Y – Sunlit Gold
68SeaFoamGreen O – Seafoam Green 68PebbleBeige 6 – Pebble Beige
68BrittanyBlue Q – Brittany Blue  65RavenBlack A – Raven Black

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