A Numeric Engine Code on a Mustang?

22072009_copyHave you ever seen a classic Mustang VIN number that had a numeric engine code? Me either! Myself and a few other knowledgeable people would instantly say that it’s incorrect or had been stamped incorrectly at some point; but its true…

Lets take a look at the well known and accepted standard VIN for a classic Mustang and break it down:

The Mustang VIN number has a letter within it that identifies the engine that was installed in the car; take for instance the vehicle Identification Number for Project Playboy: Project Playboys VIN: 7R01C186352

7 R 01 C 186352
Model Year Production Plant Body Style Engine Size Production Unit
1967 San Jose, CA Coupe 289 2v V8 186352


All of the engine codes for classic Mustangs are designated by a letter as seen below for the 1965 Mustang model year:

1965 Mustang Engine Codes

Code Engine
A 289-4v
C 289-2v
D 289-4v
F 260-2v
K 289-4v Hi-Performance
T 200-1v
U 170-1v


The Numeric Engine Code Mystery

I am working with a client located in Ecuador on his project and requested the VIN number so I could properly identify the engine in his 1965 Mustang, he promptly emailed it over to me for review; you guessed it, it had a number in the position of the engine code.

22072009I was a little confused and figured that the VIN was not completely readable or somebody had re-stamped the VIN on the vehicle down in Ecuador, so I requested a photo of the VIN so I could verify the quality of the stamping and the location. I then received the photo and there in the photo clear as day was a ford VIN with a numeral for the engine code.


Mystery Solved

Once I had solid evidence of the VIN number with its numeric engine code I knew I had a pretty good chance to solve the mystery. I sent the photo of the VIN to Marti Auto Works; they responded and said it is legitimate and correct, the numeric code designation was for a low compression export engine.

I also managed to round up a list of Ford Export Division Engine Codes

Code Year Cyl Engine
1 1968 Bronco 6 240 1v
2 1966-1972 6 200 1v
3 1966-1967 8 289-2v
4 1969-1977 6 250 1v
5 1966-1971 6 240 1v
6 1968-1972 8 302 1v
6 1968 Bronco 6 170 1v
7 1968 Bronco 8 302 2v
8 1966-1968 8 428 4v

2 thoughts on “A Numeric Engine Code on a Mustang?

  1. I assume you found the numeric code listing on my website, or where? If so, proper credit is appreciated.

    From AJ: http://www.ponysite.de/news_2.htm .. credit due! I was stumped when I got the engine code from this VIN. Marti Auto clued me in first and then I went looking for supporting information and found it.

    The source of this information is quite unique, so I doubt you found it somewhere else or just let me know where the original information comes from. 🙂
    Otherwise a nice website!
    Wolfgang — July 6, 2010 12:25 PM

    Hello, im Damian from Uruguay and i have a 1972 mustang sportsroof with a “3” engine code too… I just found out in a 7173mustangs.com that it could be possible and not as i thought, an typing error code…

    What do you recommend me to do??!
    Damian Amarante — January 7, 2011 3:26 AM

  2. I currently own a 1966 Mustang convertible with a number 3 engine code. Some documents I received when I purchased it indicates Ford found the file on it and verified it was the only one exported to Egypt that year. It does have the export brace and 95 code for foreign special order export.

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