Getting your Sheet Metal Parts Together

Random_04 041Having all of the Mustang sheet metal available for the body shop is important if you don’t want to hold up the progress, but it’s inevitable that you will more than likely have something on backorder that causes a delay or you will have one of those surprises that requires you to order parts that you didn’t think you needed.

Try to anticipate any sheet metal that you need to replace and get them on order and shipped so they arrive at the body shop soon after they receive your Mustang.

Deliver all of the small parts in a box together so the shop can keep them with your Mustang. If you’ve done a complete disassembly you will eventually notice any screws or body trim that you overlooked and forgot to remove, be sure to identify those items and have them removed if needed.

Random_04 039For this project I’ve decided to replace the complete floor pan rather than do partials, and also replace the front fender apron where the battery sits. There are a couple of other things that I may need to repair or replace; the inner cowl did leak and I wont really know the condition until after the car is media blasted.

The driver door may need a replacement but I’m going to wait to determine what to do on that after the car is blasted. I know that finding a good used door could be a challenge and I’m not to sure about going with a reproduction door shell yet; I’m sure I’ll have a story to tell about the endless search for a Mustang driver side door shell.

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