How To Remove and Install Mustang Window Molding

Today I had a question from a fellow reader about removing the trim around the windshield of his Mustang; the question:

How is the trim around the windshield held in place? Presumably by some sort of clip, but what kind and how to remove the trim without destroying it? Are replacement clips available?

The Mustang window molding is held in place with molding retainer clips. There are several options for clips depending on the year of your Ford Mustang and if the clips are for the windshield or the back window.

1965 Mustang uses the same clip for both the front and rear window Part #: C5ZZ-65423A26-A

1966-1968 Use the same clip for the front and rear window (Part #: C5ZZ-65423A26-B) with one exception: The 67-68 coupe has a specific clip for the rear top molding Part #: C7ZZ-65423A26-A

How to remove the window trim moldings

Removing the trim requires a Molding Remover, which actually works on the clip to release the molding from its grip. Part #: T-87800; here is a short video demonstrating how the clip works and how to remove the molding.

How to install the molding clips

The method for installation depends on the tools that you have on hand, here is a short video presented by on how to remove and install the clips.

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