Front End Disassembly

Inspection_5 016This second phase of my disassembly strategy is set for disassembling the front bumper, valance, grill, headlamp assemblies, front fenders and hood.

Remove the front bumper to fender brackets, front bumper and bumper guards, my front bumper and guards were already removed so I skipped that step.

Remove the grill

and grill moldings so you can get access to disconnect the turn signal lamps.

Front_01 009 Front_01 011 Front_01 013

Remove the front valance

Front_01 014

Remove the stone deflector

Front_01 016

Remove the bumper braces

Front_01 018

Remove the  headlamp bucket assembly

you may have to remove the front fender splash shield to get access to the mounting hardware.

Front_01 022

Remove all brackets and clips related to the grill, bag and tag them.

Front_01 024

Remove the rear front fender flash shield

Front_01 027

Remove the fenders

Front_01 007

Remove the hood and hood hinges

Front_01 044

View All of the photos taken during the front end disassembly 

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