Interior Disassembly

Interior_1 010The first section of the disassembly strategy begins with removing the Mustang interior. The components that will be removed include the seats, carpet, soft trim, molding and panels etc. View the slide show at the bottom of the post to see it all unfold.


Disconnect battery Before beginning your disassembly

Interior_1 004


Remove the seats from your Mustang. You can access these nuts through the seat access holes under the car.



Interior_1 010


Remove the sill plates, kick panels, door handles and window cranks and then remove the interior quarter panels and door panels



Interior_2 012


Remove the shift assembly, carpeting and underlayment from the floor



Interior_1 017



Remove the sun visors and rear view mirror



Interior_1 019


Remove the windlace and headliner. Number you headliner bows and be sure to save the headliner bow hooks attached by the back window.



Interior_1 014




Remove the steering wheel, radio and glove box


Interior_1 031



Remove the instrument bezel, dash panel, and dash pad


 Watch the slide show to see it all unfold

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