Mustang Special Order Colors

I’ve received a couple of contact requests asking about the Pink Mustang, one a 1965 Mustang and the other a 1967 Mustang that could be Playboy Pink. This round of questions prompted me to round up some resources to share with you.

I have no paint code on my door tag?


I’m about to go through the same process as you with a 1965 Pink Mustang convertible. Naturally, there is no paint code I can look up (blank data plate), but I have a couple of excellent locations to match up against. I was wondering what you found the best way of getting an accurate match for your paint. Spectral analyzer? DuPont Paint chip book? I don’t want to suffer through poor color matchups, getting this right the first time is crucial to me. Do you have any words of wisdom/suggestions to do it right the first time?

I have just bought a 67 Mustang just like the one in your post. It is Pink no color code on the door plate, VIN matches the door plate car is still Pink. Trunk etc. How many were made like this. I have been around Mustangs all my life. Never have seen a real Pink car. Pretty cool..the funny thing is I paid $2500 one month ago its a driver. How does this color effect the value?

Both of these are great questions, I asked the same questions myself when I began the restoration on Project Playboy; where can I find the paint code, there isn’t one stamped on the door tag so it must be a special order color possibly Playboy Pink. How many were produced and how would the color effect the value?

Horse of a Different Color

I’ve been told: “If there is not a paint code on your door tag and the car is a shade of Pink that it is a Playboy Pink Mustang”

This statement may or may not be true; here is an example of two 1967 Mustangs, both Pink, assembled at the San Jose California Ford Assembly Plant, and both do not have a paint code stamped on the door tag. One of them is Playboy Pink and the other is Dusk Rose as indicated on the Marti Report



I’ve also been told that Ford never introduced the term Playboy Pink; but here it is above in the Marti Report.

More than one shade of Pink

donna-michelle-1965-playboy-playmate-pink-ford-mustang-convertible-coverFord was painting shades of Pink as early as the 1957 Thunderbird. The ford Mustang received its first shade of Pink during the 1964 1/2 production run; one of those Mustangs went to Playboy Playmate Of The Year “Donna Michelle“. Was this the beginning of the term Playboy Pink Mustang?

Related Source: Donna Michelle’s 1965 Playmate Pink Convertible in Australia




Ford continued producing Pink Mustangs through the early 70’s, but didn’t actually release the true Playboy shade until the middle of 1967 production.

Playboy Playmate Of The Year “Connie Kreski” received a 1969 Shelby GT500; I wonder what the paint code is? Could all of these Mustangs be coined as being some Playboy color?



Matching the paint

If you want your color to match the original you should be involved in the process especially when dealing with everyone else’s version of Pink from Playmate Pink, Passion Pink, Playboy Pink and even Dusk Rose.

DSCF0001Your best approach is to due your research, get a Marti Report to validate the correct shade of Pink and have your local PPG paint supply house mix up a touch up sample; PPG has great crossover formulas dating back to the 1930’s so you’ll probably get a paint match on the first shot like I did. Be sure to salvage a small part off your Mustang that has the original paint on it so you can compare and confirm a match.


What is the value of my Pink Mustang

Will the fact that your Mustang is a special order color effect its resale value? That all depends on where you market your Mustang for sale, who the potential buyers are and if you can get your Mustang in front of those buyers that would have interest in a Pink Mustang.

RussoandSteeleAuctionNational publication like Auto Trader Classics will give you broad national coverage and taking your car to a collector car auction like Russo and Steele will put you in the middle of an arena surrounded by serious car enthusiasts, you just need two potential buyers on the block to battle it out for the winning bid.

Getting an Elite Marti Report on your Mustang like I have for Project Playboy will also add to its value, even if its not yet a beauty queen. You will also get validation on what exactly the paint color and code is, and a list of factory installed options.

Playboy Pink Facts and Fiction

In 1967 Ford offered, through at least one promotional effort a Mustang color called Playboy Pink (Ditzler #71617). It is often mistakenly believed that that a Playboy Pink 1967 Mustang is either a prize awarded to that years Playmate of the Year, or a replica of that years prize.

There were only two Mustangs provided as official cars for the Playmate of the Year; a 1964 1/2 Mustang and a 1969 Shelby GT-500

Vehicles awarded to Playmate of the Year from 1964-1973
1964 Donna Michelle Ford Mustang
1965 Jo Collins Sunbeam Tiger
1966 Allison Parks Dodge Charger
1967 Lisa Baker Plymouth Barracuda
1968 Angela Dorian AMX
1969 Connie Kreski 1969 Shelby GT500
1970 Claudia Jennings Mercury Capri
1971 Sharon Clark Spectra 20 Ski Boat
1972 Liv Lindeland DeTomaso Pantera
1973 Marilyn Cole Volvo Sports Wagon



12 thoughts on “Mustang Special Order Colors

  1. I don’t think Donna Michele’s was a 1964 1/2. she got her car in early 1965, and the 1964 1/2 to 1965 shift was the beginning of august, 1964, so it’s not likely that she would have gotten a car with the early model features. Not certain on that, but it’s a strong suspicion
    Jonathan Benya — July 31, 2009 3:18 PM

    I keep wondering if any of these cars were painted this way as Mary Kay Cosmetics cars? any idea?
    Classic Mustang — February 14, 2010 6:52 PM

    nope, Mary Kay didn’t start until the very late 60’s (68/69, depending on who you ask), and there’s never been any record of mustangs used by Mary Kay, but there were pink mustangs for readers digest, tussy lipstick, and a couple other promotions!
    Jonathan Benya — March 5, 2010 11:17 PM

    I have a 67 playboy pink mustang with no paint code. Are there any buyers out there ? It’s in great shape.
    RAMON GARZA — March 16, 2010 11:55 PM

    We have one of the playboy pink mustangs. All the pictures I see of these are not a coup. Ours is a coup. Only two other owners before my son. We have the owners manual with the purchase date of 9-8-67 in California. It has 80300 miles on the motor. It’s a smooth running car. The only thing was rust repair and a paint job. We left the trunk alone. Everything else is original. There is no paint code on the door. Can you enlighten me about who order the color and if you know of any other coups that were painted this Playboy pink. This is the vend number out the the owners manual 7R01C189649 Thanks
    kamps — June 19, 2010 8:50 AM

    Does anyone still have a pink mustang for sale?
    susan — December 13, 2011 4:03 PM

    Susan, we’re considering selling our pink mustang, it’s just finishing up a complete restoration.
    Jonathan Benya — January 30, 2012 10:16 AM

    We are restoring my wife’s 1966 Mustang with no color code. The PTO code is 27-0228. We found a good spot of original paint on the hump above the differential on the inside. The color is very close to the 1968 Springtime (Carribean) Coral color, an Orange/Pink mix. It came with Parchment Interior with Aqua carpeting and dash pad. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this color combination before.
    Randy — February 28, 2012 7:24 AM

    I am selling my 1967 convertible factory playboy pink. Let me know if your interested!
    Emily — September 1, 2012 1:38 PM

    I have a 67 fastback C code 4 speed. Marti report says painted pink, Ford # MX707908 also says 1,189 with this paint code and 597 with these paint/trim codes. I just got body back from blaster and got her primed, now i’m torn, should I restore her back to original or resto mod as planned? any feedback would be appreciated.
    Lance — March 13, 2013 1:41

    AM Looks to me that it may in fact be the Playboy Pink mustang.. all indication and discussions I have seen referencing that MX# MX707908 are shown as Playboy Pink.. A complete Marti Report should get you the information to confirm this. This is one of the best links I have found that shows a picture of the color chips;…/
    John — March 19, 2013 11:25 AM

    1. I am looking for a convertible playboy pink mustang for my daughter’s 16th birthday. Please let me know if anyone wants to sell one

    2. I have a 1968 Torino GT 390, 4 speed, convertible that is WT 9036 Playboy Pink and I have the Deluxe Marti Report

  2. What if your plate has 2 numbers on the trim such as mine has 2BA for the trim.What will be the trim be?

  3. I have a 68 easter time coral, it’s an “8F” vin code but I can’t find proof of color of the month. only “rain bow colors” all of which were made in san jose and shipped to disricts 71,72, and 73 m DSO is 322328 which is Cleveland. part of the story I get is the owner was from PA and moved out west………………help

  4. I have a 1968 Torino GT 390 4 speed convertible that is Passionate or play boy pink Color code . WT 9036

  5. I have a 1968 Torino GT 390 4 speed convertible that is WT 9036 Play Boy Pink I have the deluxe Marti report

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