Removing the Brakes and Steering

Random_02 001This eighth step of the disassembly strategy moves me to the brake system. I already have the master cylinder out of the mustang and now its time to remove the front and rear Mustang brakes from the mustang.

Remove the rear brakes

To remove any drum brakes you will need a couple of tools as pictured here. You could use some screw drivers and vise grips but its much easier with these tools.

I will remove the wheel cylinders but leave the brake lines for later

Random_02 002 Random_02 013

Remove the front brakes

Remove all of the front brakes parts including the backing plates, leave the brake lines for later.

I am pretty sure that this mustang didn’t have front disc brakes so I may have to round up the correct part to bring it back to original.

Random_02 004 Random_02 006

Remove the steering controls

Random_02 007use a pickle fork to knock the steering control arm off of the steering box arm and knock the tie rod ends off at the spindles. Then unbolt the idler arm to remove the steering assembly and then unbolt the steering box from the frame.

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