How To Install a Mustang Turn Signal Switch

C5OZ-13341-B[4]Lets face it, your Mustang is old and parts may be wearing out to the point where they don’t work as effectively as they used to. A Classic Mustang turn signal switch is one of those items that is either broken completely or it still works but requires a little more intervention from the driver; like holding the switch in the direction you intend to go or having to manually cancel it out after completing a turn.

If your reading this article then it must be time to do this repair, and replacing a Mustang turn signal switch is much easier than you think, read this article and view a video of the installation process to see how easy it really is.

parts001[4]The turn signal switch

One nice thing about owning an early Mustang is that most parts are available including this Fords Licensed turn signal switch provided by Scott Drake Enterprises and AAPD.NET. This switch is for a 1966 Mustang, is complete and ready to install, you just need to reuse the factory connectors and the protective sleeve that protects the wires where they enter the column.  The installation on a 1965, 1967 or 1968 Mustang should be about the same.

Since your going to have you steering wheel off you may consider doing a little restoration on the instrument bezel or just replacing or upgrading some of the components listed below.

Tools you will need

LumPanels-TurnSig 018[4]You only need a few tools to do the installation which can be performed in about an hour.

  • Philips screw driver
  • Wire cutters
  • 1/2 inch ratchet and a large socket
  • Steering wheel puller
  • light gauge wire
  • electrical tape
  • and a wrench to disconnect the battery and remove the turn signal arm.

 Disconnect the battery

LumPanels-TurnSig 002[4]Disconnect the battery to avoid shorting anything out or causing an electrical fire. Always disconnect the battery ground or negative cable first, this will spare you the “shock” you may experience if you grounded out the wrench while disconnecting the positive side.


Remove horn button

LumPanels-TurnSig 006[4]

Removing the horn button is as easy as pushing down on the center of it and then giving it a twist counter clockwise. If you perform this and your horn is blowing then you missed the step above.


Remove the steering wheel

The steering wheel will most likely need to be removed with a steering wheel puller so plan on having one available other wise you will not be able to complete the replacement.

LumPanels-TurnSig 008[4]Remove the nut that secures the wheel to the steering shaft with a 1/2 ratchet or breaker bar and an appropriate sized socket. Then use the steering wheel puller to pull the wheel of the steering shaft. Then remove the spring from the shaft and unscrew the turn signal arm by hand or with an open end wrench on the flat spot if its too tight.


Removing the turn signal switch

LumPanels-TurnSig 011[4]Before you can remove the turn signal switch you will need to unplug the connectors and cut the wires that come out of the steering column near the brake peddle.

After cutting the wires you can now unscrew the turn signal from the column, remove the metal plate that sits on top of the switch base and then pull the switch and wiring out through the steering column.

LumPanels-TurnSig 009[4] LumPanels-TurnSig 010[4] pullout[4]

You should tape a piece of metal wire to the cut ends of the wiring before you pull out the switch. Make sure the wire is long enough to pull up through the column and have about 12 inches or more remaining at the bottom of the column where the wires exit.

You will tape the new switch wires to the metal wire and then pull them through the column, which is a lot easier than trying to push them through the column.

Prepping the new switch and connectors

DSCF0005[4]Before you begin any installation or repair you should always compare the new parts to the old parts to make sure you are about to install the correct part.

The old wires will need to be removed from the factory connector housings so you can install the new wire ends into them after the switch is installed. To remove the old wires you need to compress the tab on the end of the wire so you can pull it out of the connector.

Tape[4]Compress the tab on each wire at the bench. Do one at a time and make sure you can remove it, then put it back in place so you can match them up with the new wires when you ready to install the connector onto the new wires.

Tape the wires together to keep them together and protected while you install the wires into the steering column.

Installing the turn signal switch

Before you begin feeding the new switch wiring into the column you should unscrew the steering wheel collar from the top of the column, this will make it easier to pull the wires through.

Collar[4] feed-in[4] placeswitch[4]

Tape the end of the metal wire that is running up the column to the new wires, then pull the new wires down through the column, occasionally giving it a push in as you progress.

clipwires[4]Re-attach the steering column collar, slide the switch into place and screw it into place with the factory screws, don’t forget the metal plate that goes on top of the switch base between the screws and the switch.

Remove the tape and metal wire from the switch harness and then perform the connector install on the new wires. Remove one old wire at a time, match its color to the new wire and plug the new wire into the connector.

installwheel[4]Reinstall the Mustang steering wheel, connect the battery and your new turn signal switch is ready to go.


Classic Mustang Parts Provided by

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3 thoughts on “How To Install a Mustang Turn Signal Switch

  1. I have a 1968 mustang and i bought a new turn signal switch but my old one had 10 wires while the new one has 12 wires. What could the other 2 wires be for?
    Anthony — April 9, 2010 9:27 PM

    great website
    gilbert trevino — July 16, 2010 1:46 AM

    Thanks for the information…made the job a little easier….I have a 1967 coupe…
    Dave — February 26, 2011 12:27 PM

    I have a 1968 Mustang and bought a signal light switch. The old one had 10 wires and the new one has 12, what are the other 2 wires for.
    Frank Jolly — February 7, 2012 4:39 PM

    1. Examine the old turn signal switch harness and determine which wires you need to use. Two are not used on Mustangs—brown and a yellow with black stripe. Wrap them up and tie off.

  2. I was a bit dubious about replacing the indicator switch in my Californian 66 GT Mustang until I found this site. A big bravo zulu. Thanks.

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