How to Remove Mustang Drip Rail Moldings

Removing a classic Mustang drip rail molding can be a mind bending experience if you’ve never attempted it. Read this article to see how easy it really is.

Random_01 043Tools of the Trade

The tools required are quite simple; a rubber hammer and a block of wood for those attempting to remove and reuse the existing molding or a bottle cap remover for those of you that just want them off in a hurry.

The salvage approach

Random_01 044If you have some patients and a delicate hand you may be able to remove you molding without damaging them by using a rubber hammer and a block of wood.

Place the block of wood against the inside edge of the molding and give it a tap or two until it releases from the drip rail. Continue this procedure a few inches at a time and hopefully you will have a reusable piece.

The Progressive Approach

Random_01 045This is by far the easiest way to get a drip rail molding off. Use a bottle cap remover; its the same motion as removing a cap from a cold beer. Repeat the cap removal technique every couple inches and the molding will be off in no time and probably destroyed.

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