How To Replace a Mustang Headlamp Switch

Front_01 003Replacing a head light switch on a classic Mustang is really pretty easy but can be a frustrating task if you do not know what to do to remove the switch knob and shaft. Read this article to learn how easy it is.

You can remove the headlamp switch without removing any of the instrument panels or heater control as we have for this demonstration. You can actually reach up under the dash to perform the tasks involved in removal; occasionally feeling like a contortionist.

Removing the headlamp switch knob and shaft

Reach into the dash area and disconnect the switch from the main under dash harness this should be in the left hand side of the switch body, then locate the push pin on the headlamp switch, it’s usually on the left hand side of the switch body.

Front_01 001


Once you have found the push pin you need to pull the headlamp switch to the full on position, then push on the push pin and pull the switch knob and shaft out of the switch body.


Remove the Mustang headlight switch retainer.

Front_01 002


Now you can remove the headlamp switch using a screw driver. Remove the head light switch retainer with the screw driver and remove the switch.


Front_01 003


This is the headlamp switch out of Project Playboy, you can see the push pin button just under the thumb. To remove the head lamp switch knob and shaft, you pull the knob to the full on position, push the button and pull out the shaft.


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