Inventory and Condition Inspection

Now that you have selected the Mustang to be restored and set up your workshop you need to start planning. Planning begins with building a Mustang inventory of parts that you can purchase new, then inspecting you Mustang to determine which parts will be replaced with new parts, which parts will be purchased used and which parts you will restore. Preparing an inventory worksheet will help keep you organized and provide a rough estimate of you budget requirements.

Where to find Parts

Fortunately there are a lot of reproduction parts available for the classic Mustang from lug nuts to window glass; almost every part for the Mustang can be purchased new at a reasonable price. For the best fit and quality as well as Ford Licensed products you should choose to purchase your parts from an authorized Scott Drake Mustang Parts Dealer such as Average Joe Restoration; they are an exclusive Scott Drake reseller.

Scot Drake Enterprises is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of quality reproduction parts for the classic Mustang

Average Joe Restoration is an exclusive Scott Drake Authorized Dealer featuring a fully illustrated online catalog with over 9,000 parts available for the classic Mustang

Inventory Worksheet

Once you have chosen your parts source you should request a classic Mustang parts catalog so you can begin the process of building your inventory worksheet. You will use the catalog to break your inventory inspection into categories similar to those in the catalog; this will help keep you organized, break things down into manageable chunks and serve as a reference point back to the catalog.

You should begin by highlighting every part in each category of the parts catalog that is available for your classic Mustang and then add those parts to your inventory worksheet; you will use the worksheet to inspect and inventory your Mustang.


Inventory Inspection

While performing the inspection be sure to look for parts that are missing or that are not on your worksheet and add the parts to your list; there are a lot more parts available for Project Playboy that are not shown in the catalog and a trip to Average Joes online catalog revealed quite a few. During the inspection you should take a lot of photos for each category, this will help later on when it’s time to reassemble the Mustang or if you need to use a photo to reference a hard to find item.

You can begin your inspection with any category however; when inspecting the steering, suspension, transmission and anything else on the undercarriage you should consider placing your Mustang on jack stands so you have plenty of room
to take photos and get under the vehicle. I would recommend four jack stand that will get the Mustang at least 18-24 inches off of the ground, a 6 ton jack stand will do the job.

Your initial inspection may not reveal every part or its true condition and you may find yourself revisiting your inventory work sheet as you disassemble the car, so keep these on hand and have a few blank sheets available in the workshop.

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