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Mustang & Fords – January 1991

Fun In The Sun

  • Terry Hawthorne’s ’66 GT leads our parade of radical ragtops.


  • An Alcazar-restored GT500 KR ragtop that redefines “Resto.”

Ragtops To Riches

  • Mustang convertible tops may be down, however the prices are up.

Six-Pack To Go

  • Tom Sherman’s ’65 may have two less bores, but it’s no snore.

Rare Ragtop Replica

  • Carl Sprague’s look-alike ’66 GT350 convertible isn’t real, but the fun sure is.

Super ’71

  • This fully loaded roadster is more than special.

Flashy Fastback

  • Mike Scott’s ’65 GT fastback drives daily and looks good doing it.

Racing Oldies

  • Three muscle Mustangs that go fast the old-fashioned way.

The Best Gets Better

  • Ford’s ’91 Mustang: Why mess with success?

Department Of The Interior

  • Mustang’s Sweepstakes ’65 GT interior restoration.

Shelby Heaven Saac-15:

  • Carroll’s Mustangs march into Michigan.

Rho 5.0 K.O.

  • Ford’s answer to a powerful, small-block bargain.

Impressions: Taurus Sho

  • Grocery-getter or four-door Mustang GT?

Graphic Material

  • Home how-to’s for those in search of trick licks.

Trick Tool Guide

  • Must-need items for do-it-yourselfers.

Quarter Panel Repair

  • Tools and tricks for mending bent fenders.

Mustang & Fords – March 1991

Buying Power

  • Hot news on collectible Mustangs and Fords.

The Hunt For Big Gains

  • The brightest Fords on the investment horizon.

Orange Crush

  • Cover Car: Arnold Marks’ ’70 Boss 429.

Avoiding Bogus Fords

  • 20 tips for spotting fake rare Fords.

As Long As It’s White?

  • A ’66 427 Fairlane that defines the term “collectible.”

Long-Distance Information

  • Answers for buying Mustangs cross-country.

Parts Aren’t Just Parts

  • Spotters Guide! Resto parts for Boss 302s.

The Colors Of Winning

  • The details behind the success of Ford’s F1 effort.

Bad In Black

  • Centerfold! Frame the Finner’s ebony GT500 KR.

Murphy’s Law Redefined

  • A ’66 convertible Mustang that’s definitely a concours driver.

Dealer’s Choice

  • Event Coverage: Mustangs and Fords meet in Woodland Hills, California.

New Twist To 5.0s

  • Supercharging Mustangs take on a new look.

Bottoms Up

  • Detailing tips for Mustang 9-inch rearends.

Mustang With A Message

  • A 7-second ‘Stang that makes its point.

Quad Cures

  • Power mods for carbureted late-model Mustangs.

Ford Retrospect: ’71 Boss 351

  • Taking a look at the best Boss on its 20th birthday.

Back In Circulation

  • Shelbys land in Palm Springs to honor their maker.

Gripping Tales

  • Bolt-on chassis mods you can do.

Mustang & Fords – May 1991

Building Blocks

  • Engine tech topics from resto to radical.

Heavenly Boss 429

  • Details on detailing the famous semi-hemi.

Windsor From Hell

  • A street-savvy 416-cubic-inch small-block.

From The Heart

  • Cover Car: Ron and Cindy Skinners ’66 Shelby GT350.

Living With Unleaded

  • Modern cylinder head mods for musclecar-era Ford V8s.

Winning Is Everything

  • A final look at Mustang & Fords’ ’65 GT coupe.

Grand Affair

  • Event Coverage: The Mustang Club of America’s Albuquerque Grand National.

Mass Air For The Masses

  • The first mod to make on your pre-’88 fuel-injected 5-liter.

Ford Retrospect: The Small-Block Cobra

  • A dream, a Ford small-block, and an AC Ace equals legend.

Gimme Five!

  • Total bolt-in T-5 overdrive swap for your ’65-’70 Mustang.

‘Stangs & Shamu

  • Event Coverage: Mustangs at the Sea World car show.

7 Liters Of Lightning

  • The ’68 Cougar GT-E: The fast lap of luxury.

Watch Out!

  • Wayne Warehime’s potent ’69 ‘Stang with the Pro Street sting.

25 Hot Tips

  • No-harm mods you can make to your Mustang.

Wind Sprint

  • Neal Polan’s resto Falcon ragtop with a V-8 heart.

Ford Resto Parts Buyer’s Guide

  • The latest goodies for your Ford restoration project.

Junkyard Gold

  • How to restore salvage yard parts and save money, too!

Mustang & Fords – July 1991

Speed Wars

  • Bolt-on performance for your Bow Tie stomping Ford.

Easy Breathing

  • Two intake manifold choices for deep-breathing Windsors.


  • SuperTrapp’s prescription for a mellow roar from your late model 5.0L.

Heads Up

  • Budget-oriented iron cylinder heads add 40+ horsepower to your Ford small-block.


  • Increase the reliability of your Ford Duraspark ignition in performance applications.

When Duty Calls…

  • Enforcing the laws of performance with Mel Lloyd’s big-block-powered ’68 Mustang GT.

Gearing Around

  • Bolstering C-4 launch capabilities with A-1 Transmissions Low Gear Ratio conversion.

Prime Time

  • Dick Reese’s ’69 GT350 project was time well-spent.

Street-Legal Shorty

  • J.B.A.’s emissions-certified header for your late-model ‘Stang.

Mustang On A Diet

  • High-tech panels from Roush to reduce your pony’s weight.

Hard Hat Required

  • Cover Car: Eric Vidmar’s Pro Street ’66 Mustang 2+2.

Roller Call

  • An easy kit for converting from hydraulic flat-tappets to hydraulic roller tappets.

Charming The Snake

  • With big-block power, the ’70 Torino Cobra is not just another reptile.

Squeeze Play

  • N.O.S. upgrades their nitrous kit for 5.0 EFI Mustangs for an additional 150 horsepower.

Rockin’ Roller

  • Optimizing your valvetrain’s performance with trick parts from Lunati.

Retrospect: ’64 Mercury Comet Durability Car

  • Looking back at the speed-record-setting Hi-Po-powered Mercs.

Double Take

  • Taking more than one glance at the Maranos ’65 six-cylinder.

Under Control

  • Replacing and detailing the power steering control valve in your vintage ‘Stang.

It Takes Ii

  • Setting precedents in performance with Mike Yacubics’ Mustang II.

Serious Stuff

  • Jay Leno’s ’65 GT350 isn’t a museum piece, but a way of life.

Notes From The Road

  • Road Test: Three days with three ’91 Mustangs, flat out.

Hot Stoppers

  • Brake Buyers Guide: All the parts you need to stop your Mustang or Ford.

Disc Jockeying

  • Swapping from four-lug drums to five-lug discs with Ford Motorsport’s kit for late-models.

Swap To Stop

  • Unload those front drums and convert to discs on your ’65-’70 Mustang.

Steering Wheel Turnaround

  • How to tips for restoring your Mustang’s reins.

Mustang & Fords – September 1991

101 New Tips

  • Quick tech ideas for restoring or modifying your Ford.

Wild Wild West: Fabulous Fords Forever

  • Over 1500 ponies and other Fords take over Knott’s Berry Farm.

Pro Pony

  • Terry Baker’s custom ’65 coupe with a Pro Street flair.

Registry Update

  • A host of marque-specific clubs for you and your Ford.

Inside Svo: The New 351w H.O.

  • A ready-to-run, 385 horsepower Windsor from Ford Motorsport.

Ford Retrospect: ’66 Shelby Gt350 Convertible

  • Exclusive: A detailed look at a rare, one-of-six original.

Shelby’s New Gt350: Back To The Future

  • Carroll’s convertible comeback: The Shelby Collection’s GT350.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

  • Dr. Richard Gray not only tends to Ol’ Shel’ but works on a his own GT350.

Pony Quake

  • Mustang and Cougar shock tower crack repair.

Operation Thunder Storm

  • Wringing out Kenny Brown’s short-wheelbase Thunderbird SC.

Sunny Delight

  • Pat Whalen’s GT-styled Springtime Yellow ’67 Mustang.

Power Alternatives: Fe Style

  • Budget performance how-to’s for your 390/410 FE engine.

Wonders Down Under

  • Right-hand-drive ponies at the Mustang Club of Australia’s National Concours.

Geared For Action

  • Rebuild your resto Ford’s 9-inch rearend and differential.

Corner Burning

  • Hardcore handling how-to’s for late-model Mustang owners.

The 7-Liter Lectures: Frame Restoration 101

  • Galaxie restoration and detailing secrets exposed.

Mustang & Fords – November 1991

The Obscure

  • 10 post-war Fords we think you should get to know better.

The Fastest

  • Supersonic Ford supercars and their performance trademarks.

Back To Reality

  • An over-built 289 gets a new life for reliable street duty.

The 7-Liter Lectures: Safe Stripping

  • Two high-tech treatments for removing topcoats.

Fords That Make A Difference

  • 25 important Fords and their important place in history.

The Best Engines

  • A dozen lovable Ford powerplants with more than just torque.

Mark Of The Beast: ’92 Shelby Aac Mk. 1

  • Does today’s Shelby live up to the GT350 legend.

Hi-Po Hi-Points

  • Hints to building high-revving, race-winning small-blocks.

Mass Appeal

  • The 16th annual Shelby-American Automobile Club Convention.

Ford Retrospect: ’69 Torino Talladega

  • The forgotten Ford that was NASCAR’s Grand National champ.

’92 Ford Review

  • Subtle changes and complete redesigns roll out of Dearborn.

Top Drawer Droptop

  • Significant Fords? You must include a ’66 Mustang GT convertible.

Foul Cowl Fix

  • The correct fix for rusted ’64 1/2-’68 Mustang/Cougar cowl vent boxes.

Budget Ford 302

  • You can build 309 horsepower for $2000. We’re not kidding!

Altitude Adjustment

  • The High County Special ’68s: Obscure, but not for long!

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