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Mustang & Fords – January 1993

Blown Away

  • The Haase’s ’67 Mustang convertible is more than a show winner, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Out Of The Ordinary

  • Gary Sensebe’s ’68 Mustang GT coupe features a J-code 302 and some interesting options.

408 Street Windsor

  • Giving Ford’s bread-and-butter small-block a bad attitude.

Waiting Game

  • It took Don Windsor awhile to get his ’69 Grande show winner, but he’s got it now.


  • Siegfried and Elvira Grunze have taken extra care of their 429-powered ’73 Mustang coupe.

Street-Revving Cleveland

  • Making Ford’s venerable production race engine a viable street alternative.

Gotta Have It!

  • When Ray Hartman saw Chris Mott’s Shelby clone, he had to have one of his own.

Leave It To Clevor

  • Mating the best of both worlds – Cleveland canted valve heads with Windsor availability.

Something Subtle

  • Jim Madden’s Mustang II may look demure, but there’s something wild lurking under the hood.

Guilt By Association

  • Mike Jeter’s 5.0-liter is the modern-day definition of American hot rodding.

Weather Or Not

  • The 1992 Mustang Club of America Atlanta Grand Nationals.

Jekyll & Hyde

  • Lincoln’s new Mark VIII: A luxury car with a performance alter ego.

On Course

  • The ’65 GT350 R-model that sets the Shelby standard.

Retrospect: 1961 Galaxie Starliner

  • Before there were musclecars, large performance sedans roamed the highways.

Mustang & Fords – March 1993

Exclusive! Sneak Preview: Sn-95

  • Team Mustang introduces its show car prototype for the ’94 Mustang–the Mach III.

Cobra Jet Vs. Cobra

  • Ford’s muscle Mustang Mach 1 squares off against the new kid on the block, the ’93 1/4 SVT Mustang Cobra.

Retrospect: High Country Special Mustangs

  • Built for the Rockies, the ’66-’67 HCS Mustang was an idea that was stolen by California.


  • Ben Bruno’s tastefully modified ’67 convertible appears stock, but it’s definitely not.

Shootout: Tubes Of Controversy

  • We took all of the street-legal 5.0L headers we could find and squared them of in the ultimate in-car performance comparison.

5.0’s Stomp Buick Gn’s!

  • Not only did Gene Deputy and company dominate, they did so at a Buick club event.

Steering Steady

  • Global West’s remedy for not just repairing, but resurrecting your vintage Mustang and Ford steering box.

50 New Resto Tech Tips

  • A load of tricks and tips to assist Ford and Mustang enthusiasts with their restoration projects.

The Last Gt

  • While the ’69 Mustang GT is rare, add a 428 SCJ powerplant and you’ve got one of the most obscure musclecars ever!

Joint Effort

  • Tokico’s Thunderbird mixes aftermarket goodies underhood with a hot suspension combination for ultimate thrills.

7-Liter Lectures: The Sum Of All Parts

  • The final installment in the restoration series of our ’66 428 Galaxie.

Mustang & Fords – May 1993

Love Affair

  • Tom Fry’s Candy Apple Red ’66 GT350 features rare options that make it extra special.

Executive Order

  • GT500 convertibles might have been a tough sell in 1969, but today they’re treasures.

Up Close: Gt Stripes

  • A step-by-step how-to for vintage Mustang GT owners.

Class Act

  • Shelby’s royal mid-year missile, the ’68 1/2 GT500KR.

3 Windsors You Can Build!

  • J. Bittle American’s Windsor kit combos that are an alternative to expensive, turnkey assemblies.

Torquey Street 351w!

  • Racing technology finds the boulevard! Long-rod theory proves power and economy can co-exist.

Car Care Clinic

  • The habits necessary to keep your vintage Mustang in top-notch condition.


  • Edelbrock’s race converted ’66 GT350 maintains the classic look with state-of-the-art engineering.

Giant Shelby Parts Buyer’s Guide

  • Resto, modified, and race parts specifically for Shelby GT350 and GT500 Mustangs.

800 Hp With Svo Parts!

  • The 337cid Windsor wonder that powers Bill Glidden’s Competition Eliminator C-Altered Thunderbird.

Die Hard

  • Dick and Keni Woodring’s enthusiasm for their ’67 GT500 is unequalled in the world of Shelby Mustang owners.

Fashion Horse

  • No need to replace your 5.0 Mustang, Just update your pre-’87 to a ’92 appearance.

Coupe De Force

  • Thom Canon’s rare Group 2 coupe proves that Shelby did contribute to Ford’s Trans-Am racing success.


  • Ford terrorized NASCAR’s superspeedways in 1969 with the Talladega.

Mustang & Fords – July 1993

Winning Results

  • Jay and Diane Maynard’s ’67 GTA 390 convertible proves hard work pays off.


  • Tricks and tips for installing new rubber in your resto Mustang.

Carpet Installation!

  • Hints for a tailored look from molded carpet kits for Mustangs and Fords.

Pony Jet

  • Ford’s April Fools’ surprise from 1968: The ’68 1/2 428 CJ Mustang GT.

10 Tricks For Quicker 5.0s

  • Mid 12-second e.t.s? A step-by-step modification process that you can duplicate.

Retrospect: The ’71 Big-Block Mustangs

  • They were big and, quite possibly, the baddest!


  • Factory appearing rear window louvers for your ’69-’70 SportsRoof Mustang.

Pulleys: Hype Or Horsepower?

  • You asked if they worked, we answer your question.

Age Of Enlightenment

  • Mixing size and style with speed: The ’64 Mercury Park Lane convertible.

New Resto Parts

  • Don’t settle for the old stuff when repros aren’t available, make new parts.

Quite Particular

  • A ’70 Boss 302 restored by the MCA’s National Head Judge.

The Best Of Code Cracking

  • We expand your favorite column to provide even more VIN and Data Plate information.

Keepin’ Time

  • Installing a quartz movement in your nonfunctioning Mustang clock.

Storm Watch

  • The competition in 1964 was tough for Mercury’s Comet Cyclone.

Act 5.0

  • The last of the limited-edition late-models before SN-95 strikes.

Solve Clutch Woes

  • BBK’s quadrant assembly removes your manual-shift 5.0’s weak link.

125hp Bolt-On For $400

  • The perfect track companion for those 5.0 owners on a performance budget.

Mustang & Fords – September 1993

Sun, Sand, & Speed

  • At Daytona in 1957, a streamlined Thunderbird dominated the Vettes in Speed-Week competition.

The Lost Mustangs

  • We stick our collective necks out and pick the 12, uh 15, rarest Mustangs.

Tri-Power K-Code Gt

  • The three-deuce ’66 Mustang the factory never built-but dealers did.

Shelby’s Rare Ragtop

  • Shelby’s rare ’66 convertibles may be rarer than we originally thought.

400hp For $2000

  • Edelbrock serves up a tasty dish of performance parts for the 351W.

Project R

  • Ford’s best-kept secret brings back the R-model in Mustang Cobra form.

Super Coupe

  • The coupe’s weight advantage, coupled with SCJ power, made for a record-setting ’70 Mustang.

30th Anniversary Mustang Show

  • The latest information regarding the April 1994 extravaganza.

Buyer’s Guide And 26 Tech Tips

  • The parts you need, where to get them, and how to put them in.

Unknown ’70 Pace Car

  • Built for pacing NASCAR superspeedways, the ARI convertibles were more than Cobra Jets.

Mirror Image

  • An Australian ’69 Mach 1 that doesn’t need mirrors to appear correct.

Budget 351w Swap

  • Dyno Don Nicholson shows how to shoehorn a 351W into a ’66 Mustang.

Boss-Powered Quarterhorse

  • The replacement for the Boss 429 and Shelby GT that never came to be.

Mustang & Fords – November 1993

New Vs. Old

  • Has Ford Motor Company achieved retro styling excellence while remaining true to the original Mustang concept?

First Drive: ’94 Mustang Gt

  • The identity has changed, but the 5.0L attitude remains the same.

What’s Changed?

  • We dismantle the new Fox-4 Mustang to display its differences from the third-generation Mustangs.

V6-Powered ’94 Mustang

  • Ford’s entry-level assault weapon may prove to be as successful as the original.

Headed For Victory

  • Ford’s new Pro Stock wedge heads: Better than Glidden’s hemis?

Shed Your Skin

  • Don’t fix that old door, install a new door skin on your vintage Mustang.

Ford Muscle Showdown

  • Mustang & Fords Total Performance Invitational–Testing the legendary Ford musclecars of the Total Performance era.


  • The Shelby American Automobile Club serves up Shelby’s Cobras, GT-40s, GT350s, and GT500s at Watkins Glen.

Motorsport National

  • The Ford performance faithful return to Maple Grove.

3000 Mustangs!

  • Mustang & Fords announces co-sponsorship of the 30th Mustang Anniversary Celebration.

180 Mph Dominator

  • J. Bittle’s Dominator GTB Mustangs provide another option for ultra-performance 5.0s.

Giant Fall Catalog Section

  • Start your own Mustang and Ford catalog library by choosing from our extensive collection.

Unsubtle Reminder

  • A Down Under Ford to celebrate 25 years of Touring Car racing dominance.

Center Of The 5.0 Universe

  • Englishtown’s late-model Mustangs dominate turbocharged Buicks at the 2nd annual “War To Settle The Score.”

Win A ’94 Mustang Gt!

  • Your chance to win the all-new Mustang and a trip to the 30th Mustang Anniversary Celebration.

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