1995 – Mustang & Fords

This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Illustrated during 1995; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang & Fords – January 1995

Venom Addendum

  • Thirty years later, the old pony still packs a swift kick

Quiet Please!

  • How to install a Mustang convertible headliner

50 Winning Resto Tips

  • Potent time-proven pointers from the pros


  • The man, his life, his cars

The Green Hornet

  • The only ’68 Shelby coupe ever built

428 Cobra Jet Id Guide

  • Understanding Ford’s hottest mill

For Goodness Snakes

  • Mustang & Fords takes you to SAAC-19

Been There, Done That

  • Steve and Debbie Ames saddle up with a hot ’70 Shelby GT500

Down On The Farm With Carroll Shelby

  • There’s no place he’d rather be after winning LeMans

R-Model X-Ray

  • A look inside a vintage Shelby racer

Readers’ Survey

  • Help us build a better magazine


  • Shelby’s historic garage sale

Crowned Victoria

  • Cruisin’ in the ’50s in this luscious ’56

The Other Competition Gt350

  • Shelby also built them for the 1320

Twice Remembered

  • SAAC celebrates 20 years

Fast From The Past

  • The ’94 Ford Motorsport Nationals

Mustang & Fords – March 1995

Top 10 Fords

  • Mustang & Fords does a Top 10 pick

Aero Warriors

  • Ford’s slippery ’69 NASCAR trailblazers

Tubing Buyers’ Guide

  • Improve your Mustang’s tubing with products from Classic Tube


  • Gaines Adcock’s D-code ’64 1/2 Mustang convertible

Windshield Replacement

  • Clean up the view with a windshield from O.E.M GLASS

Eye Catcher

  • A ’71 Mustang Sport Hardtop restored to perfection

Factory Fast-Forward Fords

  • Remembering Ford’s blistering Total Performance era

Giant Complete Mustang Club Listing

  • Here to help enthusiasts seeking enthusiasts

Ford Carb Identification

  • Identification of high-performance Ford atomizers

White Fang & Black Top

  • A nostalgic look at a pair of glistening Galaxies

Electronic Ignition

  • Install a breakerless Pertronix ignition retrofit kit

White Cap On Tap

  • When was the last time you saw a fastback with a vinyl top?

Cool Down!

  • How to install Classic Auto Air’s Mustang air conditioning


  • The ’94 Mustang Club of America Grand National Show

Losing Your Cool?

  • Chilling facts on refrigerant issues in the ’90s

Litening Reflexes

  • Now you can buy a modern, high-tech Thunderbolt!

Awesome Aero Cars!

  • Ford’s fastest descend on Alabama’s superspeedway

Mustang & Fords – May 1995

1973 – Dipped In Pink

  • This Mustang convertible is clad in Playboy’s official color

Before The Glory

  • Bob Glidden’s ’68 1/2 Cobra Jet super stocker

Basic Paint & Body Guide

  • Do-it-yourself paint prep and final finishing

1966 – Enduring Tradition

  • For Karl and Diana Eisleben, the memories stretch back 30 years

Clock Repair

  • Putting the tick-tick-tick back in the old tick-tock!

Budget Engine How-To

  • Build a hot Ford street small-block for lass than $2000!

1968 – Shelby Goes Topless

  • Hot convertible performance on Florida’a Palm Coast

Perf Parts Buyers’ Guide

  • Great bolt-on performance goodies for your steed

’65 Comet Cyclone

  • Memories that began with a sporty Mercury compact

’64 1/2 Pace Cars

  • One coupe, one convertible–both a celebration

Build A Restomod

  • The politically correct way to have fun with your Ford

Pace Car Q&A

  • A 30-year retrospective of Mustang Indy 500 pace cars

Body Filler Buyers’ Guide

  • Plastic is fantastic if you understand the basics

’69 Boss 302

  • Trans Am performance for the street

A Fun Time In The Sunshine

  • The ’94 Cypress Gardens Mustang & Shelby Round-Up

Mingling With A Legend

  • Great fun at the Texas Shelby Nationals

Nmca Shootout!

  • Rollin’ on the river with hot Memphis muscle

’66 Trans Am Car

  • Remembering the ’60 Mustang Group II coupe

San Diego Magnifico

  • The 13th annual Ford Festival at J. Bittle Performance

Mustang & Fords – July 1995

Gt Collectors’ Edition

  • Celebrating 30 years of Mustang GTs

’66 K-Gt Coupe

  • Sixteen rockers, four-barrels and dual exhausts

Bumpstick Logic

  • How to pick the right camshaft for your Ford

Doors With More

  • Mach 1 door panels from California Mustang

’67 Gt Fastbacks

  • Middle Tennessee Hi-Po Mustangs bent on performance

Small-Block Power Swaps

  • Easy bolt-on horsepower dynamometer test

Mach 1 Seat Reupholstery

  • Make your interior like new with an upholstery kit from The Paddock

Dashpad Restoration

  • Just Dashes has just the solution for your ’67-’68 dashpad

’68 1/2 Gt Cobra Jet

  • Ford’s hottest performance pony was a bolt from the blue!

Build Your Dream Mustang

  • Exciting personalized Mustangs you can build today

Headliner Replacement

  • An easy do-it-yourself Saturday how-to

Quarter-Panel Replacement

  • Fresh sheetmetal for ’71 -’73 Mustangs from Gelsi’s Mustang World

Rare Mustangs!

  • Jeff Speegle’s super hot and mighty rare Fiberfab Mustang

Perf Engine & Parts Buyers’ Guide

  • Ford small-block engines and accessories you can afford

Blissful Memories

  • This ’70 coupe will always be the teacher’s pet

Cats In The Cradle

  • These ’68 Cougar XR-7Gs are among the rarest

Electrical Engineering

  • What to do when your instruments run amuck

Resto Topics & Tips

  • A close look at ’69 Mach 1 hood-stripe dimensions

High Beam

  • California Pony Cars–reputations are earned

Glory Days

  • Remembering NASCAR stormer Fireball Roberts

Mustang & Fords – September 1995

Hot Mustang Performers

  • A look at some of the best open trackers

Get Into Motorsports

  • If you’re tired of watching the fun from the sidelines, check this pastime out

Budget Weekend Racer

  • Affordable performance that you can build at home

Home Grown Fun

  • The open track ’67 coupe that enthusiasm built

A New Leaf

  • Fix the sag with a new set of springs


  • The place, its people, the Mustangs!

Mo’ Power

  • The Coates rotary valve small-block Ford brings new technology to you


  • Putting the mighty NASCAR big-block in the Mustang

The Best Of Code Cracking

  • Mustang & Fords answers your toughest questions

Giant 16 Page Source Guide

  • One-stop shopping for classic and late-model parts and services

Hit A Gusher!

  • An affordable FE big-block oiling system improvement

Pit Pass

  • A look inside NASCAR’s aero T-birds at Daytona

Binder Grinder

  • Baer Claws will bring unbelievable stopping power to your classic Mustang

Berry Nice

  • Fords gather for a celebration of tradition in Southern California

Handling Pointers

  • Basic fundamentals for the street and track

351 Cleveland Buildup

  • Rock ‘n’ roll recipe for hot street performance

Mustang & Fords – November 1995

Stock Vs. Modified

  • A duo of dynamic ’67 Mustang convertibles

390 Hi-Po Buildup

  • Build an FE-series big-block for the 21st century

Boss University

  • It you want to build the best, you’ve got to go to school!

Advanced Suspension Install

  • Improve your Mustang’s handling in a weekend


  • A Mustang living life on the borderline

200 Six Budget Build

  • Snappy performance from Ford’s Mustang six

All New Modular V8 Arrives

  • Our first look at the ’96 Mustang GT and Cobra

Low Flight Time

  • A ’72 Mach 1 powered by Cleveland and driven with enthusiasm

Code Blue

  • The first-ever All-Ford Nationals at Carlisle

Polishing Tips And Tricks

  • Breathing a permanent shine into cast-aluminum parts

Restomod Do’s And Don’ts

  • Mustang & Fords shows you how to tastefully modify your Mustang

Cd Stereo Installation

  • We install Custom Autosound’s CD stereo system

The Law

  • What affect will it have on your rights as an enthusiast?

Graphically Cool!

  • Install a set of Mustangs & More C-stripes on your ’67-’68 Mustang

Giant Parts Catalog Section!

  • The complete directory for all your parts needs

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