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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Illustrated during 1996; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang & Fords – January 1996

Retractable Renaissance

  • Ben Smith and Mustangs Plus bring us the Mustang Skyliner II

Bench Seat Redo

  • TMI Products introduces a new line of quality upholstery

Hot Imsa Fastback

  • Taking the restomod approach a step further

In The Beginning…

  • An interview with chief Mustang stylist Joseph Oros

London To Mexico

  • Far-flung Mustang adventure across two hemispheres

King Cobra

  • A closer look at Ford’s never-to-be factory racer

Parts & Accessories Buyers’ Guide

  • Your Ford holiday gift and accessory source

Inner Fender Replacement

  • Mustang & Fords and SEMO Classic Mustang show you how

General Assembly

  • The long-awaited factory assembly manuals are here

351c Head Upgrade

  • An easy conversion you can do in an afternoon

Fe Big-Block Efi

  • Electronic port fuel injection for the 390, 406, 427 and 428

5.0 Mustang & Fords Round-Up

  • A blue-hot Petersen Special Event on the mighty Mississippi

Stamp Op Approval

  • Concours-correct rubber stamps and markings for vintage Fords

Here Spot!

  • Sheetmetal replacement made easier with the Eastwood spot-weld cutter

Quick Fix

  • Install a Dallas Mustang turn-signal switch in 1 hour

Stainless Trim Repair

  • How to repair scratched and damaged stainless trim pieces

Rare Finds

  • Way South Of The Border — A Venezuelan-Built ’67 Mustang and a Mexican Mustang Pedal Car

Mustang & Fords – March 1996

Build Your First Mustang

  • Buy It, Plan It, Do It

Hot Performers!

  • Ford’s Total Performance Years

75 Restomod Tips & Tricks

  • Mustang & Fords shows you where to find it and how to do it

Ford Lightweight Racers

  • An in-depth look at the ’62-64 “Glass” Galaxies

Dream Weavers

  • Illustrators Thom Taylor & Keith Kaucher conceive exotic Ford restomods

’63 1/2 427 Galaxie

  • Gaining new respect with a fastback and Ford’s newest big-block

Ever-Lasting Fun

  • Henry & Laura Lee corral their first Mustang

Giant Ford Club Directory

  • For enthusiasts in search of enthusiasts

Spark-Ling Performance

  • Install a Jacobs Ignition system in your restomod in an afternoon

Winners Never Quit

  • Brian Gates’ exotic ’87 Mustang GT performer

The Shows Of Summer

  • Mustang & Fords travels the nation for a look at the best of ’95

Six And The Single Barrel

  • Six-cylinder-carburetion identification guide

Let There Be Light

  • Easy-to-Install factory fog lamps for your ’65-’68 Mustang

Mustang & Fords – May 1996

The Duece’s Coupe

  • Ford Design custom tailored this ’64 1/2 “K” car for Henry Ford II

Do It Yourself:

  • Body Beautiful Basics–Preparation

More Do It Yourself!

  • Body Beautiful Basics–Colorization

351c Vs 351w

  • Ford’s strongest small-blocks–which is better?

’70 Grabber Cobra Jet

  • A closer look at the rarest of the 428CJ Mustangs

Fiberglass Bolt-Ons

  • Terrific body accents from Maier Racing Enterprises

Weekend Projects

  • Contrasting Mustang cover cars

Holley Carb Upgrade

  • High-performance speed blocks from The Carburetor Shop

’67 427 Comet

  • Mercury performance blazes a trail in rural Washington

Transmission Build Tips

  • Building performance into your Ford FMX


  • Rebuild your disc and drum brakes with parts from Master Power

Eight Bores X 2

  • Taking the ’67 Mustang concept to new heights

Restoration Tips

  • Make your own decals and stickers

Driveline Buyers’ Guide

  • The place to shop for transmissions, clutches and rear ends

Slam Induction

  • Rare find–an “F”-code ’57 supercharged Fairlane

Power-Steering Install

  • Improve steering effort with quality products from Mustangs Plus

Catalog Section

  • Your source for parts and services information

Mustang & Fords – July 1996

Playful, Yet Sophisticated

  • Bob Deale’s 64 1/2 Rangoon Red Mustang convertible

Hot Mustang Modifieds!

  • Three pony cars, one mission: brute performance

Blown 500hp Stroker Small Block

  • Stunning performance from Ford’s middle-block

Wheel & Tire Mania: How To Choose

  • Making the right decision before you buy

Wheel & Tire Mania: Giant Buyers’ Guide

  • Where the rubber meets the road, we’re here to help

A Heritage Protected

  • Boss 302-a reputation established on the asphalt

Crystal-Blue Persuasion

  • Neal Rein’s retro restomod ’65 fastback

Sheetmetal Replacement

  • Professional pointers that yield outstanding results

Bolt-On Rack & Pinion Steering

  • Precision control from Sacramento Mustang

Suspension Performance Tips

  • Great handling begins with a trick set of springs

Powdercoating Pointers

  • Clad your restoration parts in a durable finish

Big Is Better

  • In 1970, Ford’s Torino demonstrated displacement for the masses

Knowing The Way

  • Louise Gibino answers an age-old question about a San Jose-conceived pony

Starter/Generator Rebuild

  • Getting your vintage Ford’s starting system up to snuff

5.0l Efi Engine Swap

  • Clean, fuel-efficient performance for your ’65-’73 Mustang

Shop Seen:

  • Classic Tube takes on your toughest restoration needs

Mustang & Fords – September 1996

North By Northwest

  • Seattle’s best Mustang fun cars

Hemi-Head Performance

  • We’ll show you who’s boss in this corral

It’s A Spring Thing

  • Eaton Detroit Spring has your suspension solutions

Disc-Brake Conversion

  • Better binders from Stainless Steel Brakes

Brake & Suspension Buyers’ Guide

  • Your source for terrific handling and safety components

Small-Block Buildup

  • We show you how to build your first engine

’74 Pantera

  • Ford’s most exotic street stormer

’73 Mach 1

  • Engineering a better third-generation Mustang

’66 Mustang Gt

  • John and Janice Murphy’s glistening red coupe

Red Rover, Red Rover…

  • A hot ’67 Mustang performance attitude

Engine-Building Tips & Tricks

  • Plan performance into your buildup

Junkyard Gold

  • Save big bucks by knowing where to find parts

Engine-Compartment Detailing

  • A concourse-level restoration for your vintage engine room

Carte Blanche

  • Mike and Becky Golliver’s ’65 Mustang-how restomod is done!

How To Weld

  • Do it yourself with help from The Eastwood Company

Performance History

  • Ford’s power legacy began with great engines

Shop Seen

  • Edelbrock’s performance legacy dates back to the flathead

Mustang & Fords – November 1996

The Color Purple

  • Jack Porter’s super-cool restomod Mustang coupe

Interior/Accessories Buyers Guide

  • Super-cool goodies for your Mustang’s inner world

It Runs In The Family

  • Two coupes, father and son: It’s about friendly competition


  • Celebrating a long-standing Southern California tradition

Build A Hot Cobra Jet!

  • Performance begins from the inside out

Dusk Rose

  • Debbie Carton’s mass-production, rare-find ’67 coupe

Ford Gt40

  • The Blue Oval’s world-beating performance car

Install A Quarter-Panel

  • With practice, you can do this job yourself

Dual-Exhaust System Retrofit

  • Improve the melody and performance

Differential Rebuild

  • Currie Enterprises shows you the way

Two’s Company

  • Solid measures of performance

Boss 302 Tiger

  • Cleveland-headed performance with two seats

Ford Distributor Upgrade

  • Crane Technologies provides light-triggered accuracy

Rare Finds!

  • Jerry Heasley bird-dogs some of the most unusual finds

Install New Lock Cylinders

  • Thanks to new kits from AMK Products

Rebuild Door Hinges

  • It’s easy to do with parts from Mustang Village

Bolt-On Traction Bars

  • Install Shelby units from Tony D. Branda

Reupholster Bucket Seats

  • Virginia Classic Mustang has what it takes

Rare Finds

  • A Yankee Clipper From the Joe DiMaggio Era

Shop Seen

  • Mustangs Plus-dedication to a passion for the breed

Legislative Outlook

  • New generation motor fuels-what’s in store for us

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