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Mustang & Fords – January 1997

Fondly Remembered…

  • Saluting a special friend who gave us so much

10 Top Swaps

  • Transform your Mustang into a sizzling restomod!

Holley Horsepower

  • An inside look at the Holley carb from BG Fuel Systems

Install A Richmond Six-Speed

  • More cruiseability for your vintage Mustang

Repair A Leaking Cowl Vent

  • Terrific solutions from PRO Products

Ten Best Show Stoppers

  • We scout the nation for the greatest attention-getters

More Restomod Tips, Tricks, & Fixes

  • We show you how to do it right the first time

Ted’s Excellent Adventure

  • The ’69 Mach 1 that faith and friendship built

Card & Manifold Buyer’s Guide

  • Your source for quick power induction systems

Shows Of Summer-1996

  • We visit Atlanta, Bellevue, Carlisle, and Normal

Alternative Restomod

  • Anything-as long as it isn’t a Mustang

Mustangs On The Internet

  • An exciting look into vintage ponies in cyberspace

Rally Falcons & Mustangs

  • Remembering Ford’s Total Performance era

Not So Cool…

  • R-134a versus R-12–are they compatible?

Rare Finds

  • We uncover a 428 SCJ-GT Fastback GT Find

Mustang & Fords – March 1997

Cherish Is The Word

  • George & Kim Hatcher’s memorable ’71 Mach 1

Professional Painting Tips

  • Start here for best results

Boss 302!

  • High-winding, goober-head-turning, mule-kickin’ performance

How To Fit Body Panels

  • A quality restoration begins here before the paint goes on

Post Paint Care

  • Meguiar’s shows us how to keep the gloss alive

Rust & Paint Removal

  • Media blasting takes us to the heart of the matter

475-Horse Small-Block!

  • Gemini Racing Systems’ hottest vintage racing engine

Ford T-5

  • When is a Mustang not a Mustang?

Install In-Dash Air Conditioning

  • Vintage Air makes it happen for ’65- ’66 Mustangs

Ignition Upgrade & Buyer’s Guide

  • We help you outfit your dream restomod

White Heat

  • Going Ford one better with a hot ’63 “K” Fairlane

Install Hella Halogen Headlights

  • Improve night visibility with this affordable upgrade

First Fairlane

  • A closer look at concours perfection

Framerail Repair

  • Fast solutions from Virginia Classic Mustang

Into The Nightmist

  • Check out this glistening ’67 Mustang GT fastback

Dent Repair

  • Turning those valleys into plateaus

Rare Finds

  • Gas Rhonda’s ’63-1/2 Galaxie; “Mustang I” Sign Uncovered; “Sound of the Cobra” LP; Boss 429 Engine/Transmission.

Mustang & Fords – May 1997

’67 Shelby Gt500

  • Blistering performance in the hottest Mustang ever made

’68 Cougar Gte Cj

  • Imagine yourself in this purrfect big-block cat

Bottle Rocket

  • Ford’s good-looking and powerful ’70 Torino Cobra


  • 30 years of Mustang & Cougar big-block performance

25 No-Buck & Low-Buck Power Tips

  • Affordable, common-sense ideas for your restomod

Install Underdash Air Conditioning

  • Classic Auto Air makes it easy with the Daily Driver System

Bolt-On Parts Buyer’s Guide

  • Terrific stuff that you can install in a weekend

’71 429 Cj Mach 1

  • The last big-block Mustang takes a bow


  • Could this be the only supercharged Ranchero ever built?

Carb-Rebuild Tips

  • Get into Ford’s Autolite 4100 and 2100 atomizers

Brace Yourself

  • Install Windsor-Fox’s new, adjustable shock tower brace

Suspension Upgrade

  • Eibach Springs shows you how to improve handling

Restore Your Instrument Panel

  • It’s easy when you look to Virginia Classic Mustang

Shift Improvement How-To

  • Hop up your C4 with quality pads from B&M

Exhaust-System Installation

  • Good breathing begins with the right exhaust system

Special Catalog Section

  • Your source for vintage Ford pads and services

Belt One On

  • Concours-quality seatbelts from SSSnake-Oyl Products

Pumping Iron!

  • Striking restomod performance from a ’66 ‘Stang

Rare Finds

  • ’57 Phase 1 Supercharged Ford Custom; Mickey Thompson Magnesium Intake?; Yankee Clipper Feedback; Ford Drag Team Mustang?

Mustang & Fords – July 1997

Bird Is The Word

  • Perfection defined in a gorgeous ’57 T-bird

Crate Engines

  • Super affordable performance you can install in a weekend

Best Bolt-Ons For $100, $250, $500

  • Dial in your special level of performance

Low-Buck Power Buildup

  • We build a high-performance small-block for under $2,000

Crate Motor Upgrade

  • Install Jasper’s 305-horsepower roller cam 302 small-block

Performance Parts Buyer’s Guide

  • Mustang & Fords shows you where to get it

Hammer Down!

  • Kevin Patton’s trailblazing ’66 GT350 racer replica

The Legend

  • Shelby’s 427 S/C Cobra needs no introduction

Fighting Falcon

  • A vintage Ford compact takes on the esses and hairpins

Differential Rebuilding Basics

  • Believe it or not, you can do it in your home garage

The Best Buys On The Market

  • There has never been a better time to buy your dream Ford

Simply Seamless

  • A ’70 Mustang convertible called restomod

Hi-Po Ignition Installation

  • Jacobs Electronics new Ultra Team lights the fire!

Chassis Stiffening How-To

  • Rock-solid chassis modifications for a vintage Mustang

Style & Performance Bolt-Ons

  • Change your vintage Ford’s personality for the better

Home Grown

  • Jim Gillespie’s striking ’68 Sprint coupe

Reader’s Survey

  • Mustang & Fords asks you those all-important questions

Mustang & Fords – September 1997

’65 Mustang Roadster

  • Introducing the Ronster from Mustangs Plus

Engine Upgrades

  • The best makeovers begin beneath the hood

Interior Update

  • From mediocre to striking with a pony interior from TMI

Styling Tips

  • Pointers that dress your restomod for success

New Suspension Ideas

  • Improve your handling with an upgrade kit from PST

Buttering Up The Boss

  • Thrusting the Trans Am 302 to new heights

Pumpkin Lust

  • A sizzling orange open tracker makes many a memory

Driveline Buildup: Driveshaft

  • How to replace and maintain universal joints

Full Speed Ahead

  • The Mustang Experience begins to take shape

Ford Update

  • A closer look at Blue Oval products for 1997-’98

Top 10 Most Valuable Fords

  • Jerry Heasley brings us the rarest of the rare

289 Hi-Po Spotter’s Guide

  • Before there was 5.0, there was a 289 called Hi-Po

Driveline Buildup: Trans

  • B&M shows us how to improve Ford’s AOD transmission

Driveline Buildup: Rearend

  • Upgrade your 8-inch differential to limited slip

A Spirited Tradition

  • Sharing memories with the Southern Arizona Mustang Club

Rare Finds

  • Four Grand Nets the Tasca Super Boss 429!

Mustang & Fords – November 1997

Vintage Burgundy

  • Frank Lundgren’s concours driven ’65 Mustang coupe

How To Plan, Find, Buy

  • Buying your first Mustang doesn’t have to be difficult

Valvetrain Basics

  • How much power your engine makes starts here

Interior Resto & Upgrade Source Guide

  • Outfit your project Ford with a host of exciting ideas

Quick Cowl Fix

  • Mustang & Fords shows you this easy repair


  • Dave Kunz enjoys hot Bullitt Mustang performance


  • We debate one of the oldest Mustang legends

Born On The 17th

  • John Barresi celebrates a special birthday

Replace Your Fuel-Tank Sending Unit

  • Get a grip on your capacity with solutions from Dallas Mustang

Star Date

  • Ford’s super slippery ’61 Starliner fastback

Special Section

  • Complete Guide to Parts & Service

Big Power!

  • Dick Landy shows us how to pull 600 pounds from the 460

Budget Paint

  • Save big when you supply the labor. We show you how

Gt4o–World-Champion Fords

  • Celebrating 30 years of global superiority

Low-Buck Suspension Tips

  • Eaton Detroit Spring shows you how to plan your handling

Mav’ Tricks

  • Sizzling hot Ford performance where we never expected it

Rare Finds

  • Cobra Factory Comp Car body found near trash bin

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