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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Illustrated during 1999; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang & Fords – January 1999

Muscle Mustang Showdown

  • Rubber meets the rollers as we dyno-test eight Mustang musclecars

400hp Stroker Small-Block

  • Coast High Performance’s 427 Windsor stroker

Bulletproof 8-Inch Rear

  • Going from eight to great with an 8-inch rearend buildup

Star Headliner

  • How to make your Mustang’s headliner a feature attraction

Kurke’s Law

  • Restomod is the jurisdiction far this ’66 GT fastback

Sohc Hop!

  • Brute 427 performance in a sleeper Fairmont package

Pseudo Shelby Stew

  • A ’66 Mustang fastback that looks the ’67 Shelby part

Venomous Performance

  • Rick McIntyre’s Mach 1 is a Cobra Jet with a Shelby twist

40 More Horsepower!

  • Bolt on 289 performance with Edelbrock aluminum heads and induction

A Touch Of Glass

  • Improving your Mustang’s view with a new windshield and backlight

Dash Dress-Up

  • Completing our Pony Interior with a deluxe dash and new carpet

Triple Threat

  • In 1963, tri-power turned the T-bird into an M-bird

Shelby Parts Buyers’ Guide

  • The latest parts for GT350s, GT500s, and Cobras

From Dust To Thrust

  • Terry Wittenberg has put this R-code Galaxie back on track

Wheel Polishing Made Easy

  • Bringing out the beauty in a set of vintage-style wheels

Bringing Up The Rear

  • Get a handle on handling by rebuilding your rear suspension

Rare Finds

  • Cloth Seat ’65 Mustang

On The Market

  • What’s your Ford’s investment rating?

Mustang & Fords – February 1999

Bosses All Three

  • A trio of high-revving Boss Mustangs

Boss Power!

  • The best and wildest Boss Mustangs

Mustang Rear Disc Brakes

  • Discourse on installing rear disc brakes

Build A Better Small-Block

  • Hotter performance is easier to achieve than you think

Forever Young

  • David Walker’s ’67 Mustang GT 390

1999 Event Guide

  • The best places to check out Ford restomod and performance action

Prepared For Flight

  • Tim Wickmann’s restomod ’57 Thunderbird was built for fast flying

’99 Mustang

  • The last Mustang of the 20th century has arrived

Trick Big-Block Hop-Ups

  • Ford’s FE big-block is still a strong contender


  • Radical road action in a blown Shelby GT350

Improved Vibrations

  • Great music for vintage Fords with Custom Autosound’s USA-5 system

Low-Buck Paint And Body Tips

  • It isn’t hard–or even expensive–to make your Mustang shine

Special K’s

  • Unleashing 289 power with “K-code” 289 High-Performance exhaust manifolds

Sub Merging

  • Rid the twist with subframe connectors for your vintage Mustang

Colossal Crate

  • 514 inches of 460 big-block — right out of the box

Rare Finds

  • The former Tasca Ford/Bill Lawton ’68 Cobra Jet Mustang

On The Market

  • The Mexican Market

Mustang & Fords – March 1999

Wild Street Trans-Am Mustang!

  • Rick Titus builds a ’67 Mustang tribute to his father and former Trans-Am champion, Jerry Titus

Mustang Performance

  • Modern mods with vintage ’65-’73 Mustang looks

No Cutting Required!

  • Better braking for vintage Mustangs with a compact power brake booster

Interior Beginnings

  • Starting from the bottom up on our Fairlane interior disaster

Today’s Hot Alternative

  • Refined street performance in a way-cool ’63 Fairlane

Rear Slats For Fastbacks

  • Going for the Boss look on ’69-‘7O Mustang SportsRoofs with rear window slats

Enter The Dragon

  • Shelby’s Dragonsnake Cobra slithered in a straight line

Q’s For Two

  • Camille and David Lashlee’s awesome Q-some twosome Mustang Cobra Jets

Install A Rear Sway Bar

  • No more sway with Canadian Mustang’s Suspension Handling Kit

Best New Parts For 1999!

  • Checking out the latest new performance parts for restomod Mustangs and Fords

Aod Swap

  • With a four-speed Overdrive automatic conversion, our ’64 Fairlane is ready for the fast lane

Ford Aluminum Head Guide

  • Taking advantage of modern head technology for vintage Mustangs or Fords


  • Defining Mustang restomod with a tri-powered 289 hardtop

Rare Finds

  • $600 ’66 Mustang Convertible, $1500 ’65 Fiberfab GT Fastback, Promo Pedal Fords

On The Market!

  • Station What?

Mustang & Fords – April 1999

Gt For Action

  • Ford never built a 427 Mustang GTA, so Steve Aughe did

Best Bolt-Ons!

  • Easy hop-ups for restomod Mustangs and Fords

Sleeper Six

  • Sam Marano would rather not have a V-8

Street 289 Low-Buck Buildup

  • Building a Summit Racing/Valley Head Service small-block

Modern Rally Pak

  • Fit your restomod with a most desirable Mustang option

Better Than Remembered

  • Old looks with modern muscle

Gripping Information

  • Getting power from the crank to the rearend begins with the clutch

35th Mustang Anniversary Celebration

  • Official Souvenir Program

Mustang Power Window Install

  • Installing Haneline’s power windows in a vintage Mustang

Long-Taled Cat

  • Fred Iannotti’s ’70 Cobra Jet Eliminator comes full circle 4000-series Cobra

9-Inch Rearend Buildup

  • Preparing for higher performance with a Currie 9-inch rear end

Black Velvet Brute

  • The ’65 427 Galaxie

Engine Dress-Up Tricks

  • Parts, accessories, and finishes for your engine compartment

Rare Finds

  • Ultra-rare 7.0L Dual-Quad 427 Found; 7.0L Galaxie Convertible Found!

On The Market

  • Daytona Coupes, Divorce Fords, R-models, and Trucks That Can Turn a Profit

Mustang & Fords – May 1999

Jet Setter

  • Frank Tripepi’s 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1 is dressed to impress

Silver Streak

  • Herb McMaken’s super-slippery, mighty-sexy Mustang roadster

Windsor Wagon

  • With a ’55 Ford like this, who need’s a minivan?

Fuel-Injected Big-Block

  • Speed Pro’s Sequential Fuel Injection for 390’s and other Ford engines

Mustang Spoilers

  • Bringing back the spoilers for ’69-’70 SportsRoofs

Small-Block Intake Guide

  • A closer look at what’s available for Windsors

Retro Restomod

  • Mark Marks’ “Day Two” ’66 Fairlane GT 390

Alternative Ford Performance

  • Your next Ford project doesn’t have to be a Mustang

Back For More

  • An original ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet Mustang returns to the dragstrip

Underdrive Pulleys

  • Grab some free ponies with underdrive pulleys

Superior Interior

  • Restomod enables us to take a Mustang’s inner world a step further

Way Cool

  • Step up your cooling status with a custom radiator

Console Me

  • Adding extra style to a ’71-’72 Mustang interior

Tales From The Vienna Autobahn

  • And you thought keeping a 427 running in the U.S. was expensive?

Feeling Frisky

  • This ’62 Galaxie runs faster than ever thanks to a mix of modern and vintage

Mustang & Fords’ Best Catalogs

  • With over ’65 Catalogs listed, the tough part will not be finding the part you need, but figuring out whose catalog to order from.

Rare Finds

  • Shelby de Mexico Found: Miquel Romero’s 1971 GT 351; Banjo Matthews’ ’68 NASCAR Winner’s Jacket; Mickey Thompson’s Bonneville-Record-Setting Cammer; Year 2000 Mustang?

Mustang & Fords – June 1999

Never Lift!

  • Front line ’65 Mustang performance from a back-street guy

Best Mustang To Modify!

  • Build ’em Hot! Fast!

Big Boys’ Toys

  • Everyone should have full-scale, full-power Mustang and Comet playthings

Dyno Tuning For More Hp!

  • It’s back to the Dynojet with two of our musclecar Mustangs to see if we can tune in more power

Vintage A/C Conversion

  • There’s more than one good reason for switching from R12 to modern 134a Sanden A/C

Parts & Services Directory

Easy Fuel-Injection Swap

  • How to upgrade your vintage Ford to modern EFI performance

Power Down Under

  • Easy-to-install power steering for Mustangs, Falcons, and Comets

Restomod Sound System Guide

  • Dreamspinning a great sound system for your classic Mustang or Ford

Driving The Texas 1000

  • Riding ’em hard and putting ’em away wet in the first-ever Texas 1000 road rally

Ready To Bite

  • With Boss 302 muscle, Peter Bulcock’s Cobra II strikes hard and fast

No Sway

  • Addco sway bars turn our Fairlane into a handling machine

Rare Finds

  • ’69 Grande What?: Jeff Krueger located an original billboard; Fuelie Shelby Intake: Dale Jacobson finds a sample of a UK prototype considered by Shelby.

On The Market

  • Breaking the Bank at Barrett-Jackson

Mustang & Fords – July 1999

Driven To Be Driven

  • High-tech performance in a classic ’67 Mustang coupe

50 Hot Performance Tips & Tricks

  • Half a hundred ways to improve your Ford’s performance

New Small-Block Tri-Power

  • Pony Carburetors’ Tri-Power setup is the ultimate small-block bolt-on

Daring To Be Different

  • Jim Menke took the difficult road to rebuild his ’66 Mustang convertible

Overdrive For Vintage Fords

  • Gear Vendors’ bolt-in Overdrive infuses efficiency, strength, and durability

Mustang Power Door Locks

  • Power door locks, with keyless entry, bring vintage Mustangs and Fords into the ’90s

Boss X 2!

  • An orange twist on a pair of Calypso Coral Boss 302s 46

Out Of This Galaxie

  • Gene Robinette’s ’63 Galaxie combines 427 SOHC power with modern luxury

Stormy Forecast

  • Terry Zimmerman’s Mercury Cyclone offers plenty of extra twist

289 Power Build-Up

  • Bolting new performance technology on top of a vintage small-block

Brake & Handling Upgrades! — Brutal Binders

  • Stop on a dime with Wilwood Engineering’s disc brake kit

Brake & Handling Upgrades! — Gt Barnstorming

  • We throw the performance handling book at a ’66 Mustang GT

Rare Finds

  • Mac Tools comp prep SVO racer found

On The Market

  • Building Wealth Via the Upgrade Principle.

Mustang & Fords – August 1999

Shelby Double-Take

  • One’s real. One’s not. Can you tell the difference?

Return Of The Trojan Horse

  • Modern supercharger and fuel-injected technology in a big-block ’68 Mustang

Hot Shelby Mods

  • Shelby’s Mustang mods from the ’60s still make great performance tricks today

35th Anniversary Mustang Show

  • The Mustang Club of America celebrated the Mustang’s 35th with a gigantic bash

Blown 289

  • Paxton puts some punch into a vintage small-block

Clearly Superior Steering

  • Get confident steering with Flaming River’s all-new steering box

Five-Speed Swap

  • Everything you need to swap a five-speed into an early Mustang or Cougar

Beating The Heat

  • Keep your Ford running cool this summer

Anchors Away!

  • This ’69 Mach 1 helps shed the 390’s image as a boat anchor

Cammer Maverick

  • Jack Pruitt’s 427 SOHC Maverick looks like your basic ’74 Grabber — until you open the hood

Best Restomod Bolt-Ons

  • We show you how to build it bolt-on

Wheel And Tire Guide

  • Make sure you’re in shape where the rubber meets the road

Restomod Steering Wheel Guide

  • A look at aftermarket steering wheels for your vintage Mustang or Ford

The Wheel Deal

  • Install a Shelby-style wheel from Tony D. Branda

Rare Finds

  • Found! Fred Lorenzen’s ’65 Galaxie!

On The Market

  • $1.7 Trillion Ahead? With their $1.7 trillion of inheritance over the next 10 years, look for baby boomers to buy Mustangs like the small-block ’69 Mach 1 with air conditioning.

Mustang & Fords – September 1999

Little Boss Coupe

  • You don’t know what it’s got — until you look under the hood

351 Engine Swap

  • Here’s what you need to know to install a 351 into a vintage Mustang


  • The weird tale of a ’70 Medium Lime Metallic 428 SCJ SportsRoof

Hot Six Hop-Ups!

  • Bring your in-line in line with performance pieces from Clifford Performance

Low-Buck 390

  • Tips for building a poor-man’s big block

Your Greatest Fan

  • Join the electric fan club with a Flex-a-lite Black Magic

289 Roller Cam

  • Crane’s Retro Roller conversion brings vintage valvetrains into the modern performance age

Digital Gauges

  • How to install a Dakota Digital instrument cluster in a ’65-’66 Mustang

Time Machine

  • Paul Ingram stayed in the ’60s with his restomodded ’67 Mustang GTA

Bird Of A Different Feather

  • Thunderbird isn’t the only Ford nameplate known to fly

Rack-And-Pinion Steering

  • Bolt-on, no-nonsense, power rack-and-pinion steering for classic Mustangs

Mustang Traction Bars

  • Traction Master helps your Mustang hook

Overdrive Sensation

  • For outstanding freeway performance, nothing beats Overdrive in a vintage Mustang or Ford

Windows Of Opportunity

  • Let the sun shine into your ’65-66 fastback with Shelby quarter windows

Rocking Cleveland!

  • Don’t discount the 351 Cleveland because there’s lots of “twist” waiting inside

Black Plague

  • Mercury’s humble-looking 427 Comet had a way of making the competition look sick

25 Big-Block Performance Tips

  • Make the most of your fat-block’s potential

Rare Finds

  • Cammer follow-up, ’67 Full-Size Ford Registry, GT-X Mustang?

On The Market

  • Father/Son Restorations, Shop Costs, K-Code Automatics, and More

Mustang & Fords – October 1999

Ready To Rock

  • Rocking and rolling with a ’66 Shelby replica

Retro Speed

  • Jim Smith’s ’68-1/2 Mustang is a lot more than stock

Hottest Swaps!

Fuel-Injected 5.0

  • Dropping a late-model 5.0 into an early Mustang or Ford

351 Windsor

  • Plug more than 400 ci into your Ford compact or intermediate

429/460 Big-Block

  • Basics for swapping big-blocks into popular vintage Fords

Make Mine Overdrive

  • All the parts for swapping an AOD into a vintage Mustang or Ford

Doing It In Fifth!

  • Five-speeds are easy to install in vintage Fords

9-Inch Rearend

  • Swapping in a stout Ford 9-inch rearend

Solid Protection

  • A Rear Seat Barrier for Mustang Coupes

Small-Block Stroker Build-Up!

  • Big-block power in a small-block package

427 Cyclone!

  • Was this Comet a factory-prepared 427 Cyclone drag car?

Reloaded For Goat

  • David Boling is looking for Tri-Power GTO’s in his ’64-1/2 Mustang Hi-Po coupe

The Fridge

  • But don’t call Jeff William’s ’64 Galaxie a grocery-getter

Wheel/Tire Sizing Made Easy

  • Performance wheel and tire information you can use

Four-Wheel Disc Brakes

  • Slowing down our Mustang’s go with slotted four-wheel discs

Gripping Grabbers

  • The Mustang and Maverick Grabbers were spicy salsa on a mild chicken taco

Ridin’ The Range

  • Mustangs In Motion’s coast-to-coast cruise

Super-Stiff Subframe Connectors

  • With these new subframe connectors, chassis stability is an afternoon away

Opening New Doors

  • Auto Krafters makes Mustang door panel refurbishment easy

Rare Finds

  • Ford performance intakes; Interchangeable 351 Cleveland; 429 CJ Tri-Power; ’71 Boss 302 Intake

On The Market

  • Rumbling Changes: ’67-’73 Ford Production Data from Marti Auto Works

Mustang & Fords – November 1999

Waiting To Exhale

  • This ’69 Mach 1 will leave you breathless

Dealer Gt

  • The ultimate “dealer-installed” ’66 Mustang GT

Reality Strikes

  • Too good to be true — until Mike McLaughlin got it home

The Truth About Nitrous

  • How much power do you really get with nitrous oxide?

Early Mustang Sound System

  • Blasting Mustang sound into the new millennium

Q For Quiet

  • Silence the noise and deaden the vibrations with Q-pads

Sea Of Fords

  • If it was Ford, you could have found it at the All-Ford Nationals

Advance Education

  • Recurve your distributor’s spark curve for better performance

New Dimension Suspension

  • Rack-and-pinion steering from Rod & Custom Motorsports

Budget Brake Buildup

  • Building performance into vintage Ford drum brakes

They’re Hot! ’62-65 Fairlanes

  • A retrospective look at Ford’s ’62-’65 midsize

Classically Refined

  • Mike Johnston’s ’63 Fairlane gets better with age

Drivetrain Buyer’s Guide

  • Make your drivetrain as stout as your engine

Rare Finds

  • Ted Cain’s 1955 Police Interceptor Crown Victoria

On The Market

  • To restomod or not to restomod, that is the question

Mustang & Fords – December 1999

Thoroughly Modern Mustang

  • A combination of vintage Mustang, new Cobra, and street rod

Exotic Plus

  • Tom Taylor’s blown 4.6 DOHC Pantera is a restomod beast

New Vs Old: Small-Block Heads

  • Flow testing vintage cast-irons against the new aluminums

A Change In The Weather(Strip)

  • Tight-as-a-drum feeling with new weatherstrip

Mustang Dual Exhausts

  • A Flowmaster dual exhaust system for vintage Mustangs

Fly-Boy Toy

  • A ’67 Mustang GTA is this pilot’s earthbound “wing(g)s”

Meetin’ In The Middle

  • There was something for everyone at the Mid-America Shelby Meet

Giant Killer

  • The Boss 351 was capable of slaying the Big Ones

Long Time Coming

  • Duane Wissmann’s ’67 Fairlane 390 GT was worth the wait

40 More Hp! Small-Block Efi Upgrade!

  • Edelbrock adds some serious muscle to our EFI Fairlane

Getting Shafted

  • What you need to know about driveshafts

Budget 460 Big-Block

  • Put together a mighty 460 with PAW’s ready-to-build kit

Exhausting Possibilities

  • With today’s coatings, there’s no excuse for ugly headers

Slug Fest

  • Choosing pistons and rings for thundering rotary motion

Undercover Dash

  • Save your dash with a Palco DashTop from Auto Krafters

Rare Finds

  • Rare ’69-’70 Models: ’70 R-Code Coupe; ’69 GT Fastback; ’69 428 CJ Sportsroof–Not a Mach, Not a GT

On The Market

  • What’s My Car Worth?

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