1988 – Mustang Illustrated

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Mustang Illustrated – WINTER 1988

Barnes’ Baby

  • A look at Bob Barnes’ dazzling 1964-1/2 Mustang convertible cover car.

Tool Crib

  • Auto Meter Home Diagnostic Equipment.

Frankenstein Ford

  • Crossbreeding Cleveland and Windsor engine parts to produce a ground-pounding hybrid Ford engine.

Quick Fixin’s

  • Quick and easy repairs you can perform on that favorite Mustang at home in no time at all.

Heartland America Ford Super Show

  • FPCA’s annual Ohio happening.

The Cobra Jet Story

  • Tracing the grass roots heritage behind Ford’s awesome Cobra Jet Mustangs.

Dual Identity Driver

  • Eric Leonard’s “Street ‘N Strip” factory Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Ford’s Finest For ’88

  • Just possibly the finest American cars built to date.

The Clone Caper

  • Aussie John gives this project his “best” shot in cloning this copy-cat 1966 GT-350.

High Visibility Fords

  • You can see either of these cars coming for miles.

A Family Tradition

  • The Groeniger family speaks only one language and it happens to be Ford.

U.S. Nationals X 33

  • Ford holds its own at the NHRA U.S. Nationals.

The Indoor Nationals

  • Oklahoma’s Green Country Mustang Club’s first “National.”

Basket Case Boss

  • Shrewd horse tradin’ spoken here.

Fading The Heat

  • A look at HPC’s high-tech, high temperature cure for troublesome exhaust systems.

Fearson Falcon

  • Fun with the family Falcon.

Project ’80

  • Building a contemporary Mustang up to contemporary standards using a smidgen of American hot rod ingenuity.

Basic Black Boss

  • Dick Sherdinak’s favorite collector car.

Saac #12

  • Southern style Shelby sizzle at Charlotte.

Soa ’87 National

  • Fast and Furious Shelby Action in Great Bend, Kansas.

Pony From Across The Pond

  • A rare animal amongst Jaguars, Rovers and other British animals.

Candy Apple D-Lite

  • Therapeutic fun for Jack Peters as his ’66 Fastback makes a comeback.

Shop Tour

  • Tony D. Branda Performance.

Mustang Illustrated – SPRING 1988

Setting The Pace

  • The history of the Indianapolis 500 Mustang Pace Cars.

Ford Country

  • Champion of the World: Bob Glidden; They got ’em down there, too: Bahama Mustangs of Enoch Clarke and Livingston Cash; Ponycar owner’s pogey-bait: Mustang Candy Cigarettes from World Candies, Inc; 007 trades in his Aston-Martin for a Ford!; Fords at SEMA; Same show, different place: MOCC West Coast Meet moves for 1988; SVO V6 debuts

Tool Crib

  • Take Apart Craftsman Ratchets

Rare Breed

  • Mike Baker’s “Plain Jane” 427 Galaxie 500.

Shaker Scenario

  • Adding a little Boss 302 inspired cosmetics to “other” Mustangs the Osports way.

Taming Of The Two

  • An extremely rare and low mileage Mustang II Cobra. Brenda Jacobs drove this Cobra II right off the showroom floor.

Bench Racing With Gas

  • Taking a look at Gas Ronda’s high octane racing career.

Pre-Ventive Maintenance

  • Using a Pre-Luber on your Mustang’s engine can save it a lot of wear and tear.

Cadillac Mustang

  • Combining the best of both worlds into Virginia and Terry Weese’s ’65 Mustang.

Vintage Racing In The Bahamas

  • MI sponsored vintage racers tear up the tarmac on Grand Bahama Island.

Buie’s Baby

  • A graduate of the “build them as you drive them” school put together this 1967 convertible.

Faulk’s 500

  • Dennis Faulk’s beautiful blue and white GT-500 convertible is one sound investment.

Vintage Class-Ic

  • Tom Georgalos’ Resurrected Vintage GT-350.

Temperature Temperance

  • More oil and engine cooling tips from the folks at Perma Cool.

Perfection To The Max

  • Drew Alcazar’s ’69 Mach 1 Mustang Cover Car.

Probing Into The Future

  • The outstanding machine that Mustang enthusiasts almost got.

Dark Horse

  • Tony Valenti’s super tough “Street ‘N Strip” 1979 Mercury Capri.

Frankenstein Ford, Part Ii

  • Topping off our hybrid assembly of Ford engine parts to produce a real “Thumper.” The Perfect Beast gets two heads.

Bonthron’s Bad Boss

  • Ray Bonthron’s black 1970 Boss 302 vintage racer was the fastest Ford in the Bahamas.

The Spring’s The Thing

  • Installing high-tech mono-leaf fiberglass springs under an early Mustang.

Rock ‘Em S.O.H.C. ‘Em Stang

  • Bob Pott’s homebuilt ’68 Mustang S/G coupe is one “Hauling Hulk.”

Shop Tour

  • Classic Mustang Parts & Accessories: The center of activity for the Houston Mustang set.


  • A closer look at computer broker Larry Pond’s vintage racing ’65 GT-350 Shelby.

Melter’s Magical Mustang

  • Actually, turning this once street racer 1965 fastback into a Super Comp-legal racer took anything but magic.


  • Dennis Forbes’ long-nosed 1965 Super Gas Cobra replica doesn’t get into trouble, but it sure dishes it out to the rest of the S/G crowd. Honest!

Mustang Illustrated – SUMMER 1988

Cover Cars! Bay Area Beauties

  • What better way to kick off our Summer 1988 issue than with this classic pair of “Open-Air” Fords? Bell Venezia’s 1968 Shelby GT500 KR and Jack Schroll’s 1965 Mustang Convertible.

Tool Crib

  • Tool Saving Tool: Spit ‘n Polish Made Easy — Eastwood’s Buffing Kit

Ford Country

  • Hometown Boy Bob Glidden Does Good; “Frankenstein Ford” Goes to Fort Smith!; In Memorium: John Paul Bleser; Charity Engine Giveaway; Gas Ronda 1968 Cobra Jet Mustang Found by Danny Girolomo; Jerry Moreland acquires “Dyno Don” Nicholson’s 1965 A/FX Mustang; 1989 “Topless Capri”; Name That Car!: DeTomaso unfinished concept cars; Kolb Design Center Opens; Paying the Price: $250,000 427 Cobra.

Second Chance

  • Steve LaChance’s theft-recovery ’66 Mustang convertible restoration.

Futuristic Firepower: Electronic Ignitions For Early Mustangs

  • An Inexpensive Electronic Ignition Conversion Using Ford Factory Parts.

Do-It-Yourself Decals

  • Creating that personalized message when you only need a few.

Bubblegum Car Fords

  • Sixties Ford Supercars give the baseball card collector crowd a run for their money!

Putting On The Ritz

  • M.I. takes you through a virtual “Bolt-On Blitz” showing you the best in aftermarket styling kits.

Stereo To Go

  • Carl Sprague’s business is classic car stereo systems. His demonstrator is this 1966 GT-350 convertible “clone.”

Back Home Again

  • Don and Shirley Miller are renewing a love affair with an old friend — a 1970 Mach 1 Mustang.

Mustang Lovers Forever

  • This poppy red 1966 Mustang convertible is one of many owned over the years by Charles and Bernice Hensley.

Kool Air Kaper

  • Stay as cool as a cucumber and get 20 extra horsepower to boot with Skip’s Custom Auto’s Sankyo SD-508 A/C Conversion Kit.

Trans-Am Terror

  • Arizonans Phil and Keith Roberts re-create a piece of Trans-Am history.

Pro Street Pony

  • One of the finest pro street Mustangs on the European continent, or anywhere else for that matter. Barry Cox’s 1971 Mach 1 Mustang gets a lot of royal attention in Shepherd’s Bush, West London.

Getting Cagey

  • Do-it-yourself late-model rollbar protection in a kit.

Coming Back In Style

  • Fred Schroeder picked up on this theft-recovery, 1967 big-block GT500 and brought it back in style.

Pickup On This

  • A hybrid machine that’s half Mustang and half Ranchero: Larry, Greg and Mike Nicholl’s 1965 “Mustero”.

New Club Feature! Mustang Club Of Las Vegas

  • The most “Sin-Sational” collection of classic Mustangs in the state of Nevada.

Up Close With Jack Roush

  • M.I. interviews “The Wizard of High Performance Fords!”

Motorsport Your 302

  • One-Stop shopping for extra horsepower, the Ford Motorsport way.

Silk Purse Scenario

  • Giving “Project ’80” a new image using a Spoilers Plus Aero/Styling kit.

Flyin’ Fickle Finger Of Fate Award

  • Engine fire takes out Steve LaChance’s “Second Chance” 1966 Mustang prior to Knott’s.

Mr. Falcon’s Favorite

  • Marty “Mr. Falcon” Martin’s outstanding K-Motored, 1963-1/2 Falcon sprint convertible.

Platt’s Sizzling Six

  • David Platt’s 1966 “Shelbyized” Six Cylinder: A high-performance Mustang with a different twist.

Shop Tour

  • California Mustang Sales and Parts, Inc.

Mustang Illustrated – FALL 1988

Three For The Road!

  • Chief and Mable Horner couldn’t decide which style of classic Mustang they wanted, so they got one of each!

Tool Crib

  • Mustang on a spit: Fab-Tech’s Rotisserie.

Pop-Top Trunk

  • Convenience at your fingertips for less than $20.00

Rubber Bushing Re-Hab

  • When the going gets tough, the tough find something that works better!

My Son The Engine Builder

  • In the Bradford household, there’s a family tradition being carried on from father to son!

Tightening Up The Act

  • Global West has just the thing for reducing chassis stress in your late-model Mustang!

Fastalk With “Dyno Don”

  • Thirty years of record-setting performances by a guy named “Dyno Don” Nicholson.

The California Special Story

  • One of today’s most collectile special interest Mustangs!

The World’s Fastest Shelby!

  • Clay Holland’s tube-chassied IHRA-legal racer.

The World’s Largest All-Ford Birthday Party

  • The biggest all-Ford event on the West Coast pays tribute to Ford Motor Company’s 85th Anniversary.

A Mustang Full Of Memories

  • The owner of this show-winning, blown, Pro-Street Mustang remembers all those good folks who helped make it all possible.

The Great Imposter

  • Shelby collector Jim Beebe built this eye-catching GT-500 “clone” for one reason — to have fun! Our cover car this issue.

King And Queen Of Classics

  • The official transportation for the President and First Lady of the Mustang Club of Las Vegas.

Quarter-Mile Kops

  • Bridging the gap between young people and Law Enforcement using high-performance as a common ground.

Different Strokes

  • Here’s an outstanding example of what a custom car builder can do with an old “wadded-up” Mustang that no one else wanted.

Mid America Shelby Meet

  • Shelby’s best converge on Tulsa from all over the Southwest.

Fastlane Fairlane

  • This Fairlane rocked ’em back on their heels at the recent Mid America Shelby meet!

Mighty Fine 289

  • Budget-building a vintage Ford smallblock the Mark De Groff way!

Return Of The Batcar

  • Curt Vogt brings back memories with the restoration of the infamous “BAT CAR” funny Mustang.

Fearsome Fords At Fort Fisher Park

  • The 13th “Biggest Little Street Machine Event in Texas” just gets better with age.

Shop Tour

  • Mustangs Unlimited. The One-Stop Mustang Shop.

First Car, First Class

  • The difference between buying just anything, and building what you really want!

Around The Block, And Back Again

  • The saga of Ted Lewis’ 1966 Shelby GT-350.

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