1989 – Mustang Illustrated

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Mustang Illustrated – WINTER 1989

Special Mustang Calendar Issue

  • January-February

Holiday Issue Parts House

  • Holiday gift ideas for that special Mustang person.

Ford Shines With The ’89’s

  • The Best Built Cars in America have a new Thunderbird and Cougar.

Speaking Of Styling

  • Jim Smart interviews the “Fathers” of the Mustang.

Wheels Of Misfortune

  • Repairing cracked Mustang steering wheels.

Rocket Ships Built To Order

  • Here’s the beef! We test one of Kenny Brown’s 300 hp Mustang Super GT’s.

Blueprinted (Steering) Box

  • Global West shows you how it revitalizes that worn-out manual steering box on your classic Mustang.

Special Mustang Calendar Issue

  • March-April

Saac ‘N’ Santa Rosa

  • SAAC invades Northern California for National Convention no. 13.


  • John Barnes’ ’68 Shelby GT-350 is going, going, gone!

Special Mustang Calendar Issue

  • May-June

Special Mustang Calendar Issue

  • July-August

Never Say Die

  • A survivor from the school of hard knocks.

C&C/Spoilers Plus/European H.O.

  • A high-society H.O. Mustang convertible that’s the talk of the town.

Special Mustang Calendar Issue

  • September-October

On The Gold Standard

  • You might call this lavishly plated pair the Gold Dust Twins.

A (Mustang) Day In The Park

  • Two clubs at two parks, two thousand miles apart have one thing in common: Mustangs!

Budget-Building A 427 Fe: Part One

  • M.I. builds a 427 big-block for about $10 per horsepower.

Motorsport Mania At Maple Grove

  • This East Coast Ford event just keeps getting bigger and better.

Classical Cat

  • A look at one of the last surviving Mercury Trans-Am Cougars.

Ride Of Frankenstein

  • Doktor Gary Roughley’s rolling, experimental laboratory.

Show Tour

  • Valley Ford Parts: “This ain’t no museum — this junk is for sale!”

Special Mustang Calendar Issue

  • November-December

Picture-Perfect Pantera

  • We should all look this good.

Tool Crib

  • Pocket Welder: I want my M-I-G!

Mustang Illustrated – SPRING 1989

Rad-I-Kal Koupe

  • Off the wall and looking good. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Gene Carducci’s full-custom ’66 coupe.

Drum To Discs Without Braking The Budget

  • Stopping your vintage Mustang should be a lot easier now.

Fords At Sema/Ai

  • Ford Motor Company helps SEMA celebrate its silver anniversary.

Black ‘N’ White Bosses

  • Boss 429 Mustangs roam Arizona.

Suspension Tuning

  • Part One (a glossary) in a series that’ll take you from the basics to 1G cornering.

Speaking Of Styling, Part Two

  • Mustang historian Jim Smart concludes his historic interview with the Fathers of the Mustang.

Flyin’ Fords At The Finals ’88

  • Starting to finish-line coverage of Ford’s finest at the ’88 NHRA/Winston Finals.

Club Profile: Arizona Region Saac

  • In the high desert, there are faster things than sidewinders!

You Only Live Once

  • Owner and car grow old gracefully.


  • From total wreck to Pro-Street riches in just five months.

Gt-350 X 4=Fun

  • Four GT-350s turn you green, red, white, black and gold with envy. 1966 Shelbys from Ray Stoner, Peter Sidlow, Vicki Pond and David Eber.

Truly A Contemporary Classic

  • You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

Project Ii: Sketchpad

  • If you’re a Mustang II owner, here’s your chance to put your dream on paper.

Kramer Vs. Kramer

  • A friendly Mustang family rivalry.

Driving Impression: Fittipaldi Equipe

  • Formula One fun cloaked in contemporary Mustang sheet metal.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • An important part of the Mustang movement for as long as the Mustang itself has existed.

Project ’80 Potpourri

  • The job isn’t finished until you tie up the loose ends.

Only Real Men Drive Shelbys

  • A tongue-in-cheek look at a handful of hardcore Shelby enthusiasts.

From Fmx To C-6 Without Any Tricks

  • Sending Ford’s cast-iron slushbox down the road in favor of a C-6.

A Long Time Coming

  • Johnnie Long’s hard road to Boss 302 ownership.


  • A pair of midnight blue Mustang/Shelby ragtops to send you to the moon. Lonnie and Donna William’s 1968 GT-500KR convertible; Karen and Mike Bradford’s 1967 convertible.

Shop Tour: Mid-County Mustang, Inc.

  • Pennsylvania’s complete Mustang shop

Mustang Illustrated – June 1989

Super Fine ’69

  • Diane Michaud’s incredibly clean, original Mach 1

More Quick Fixin’s

  • Back by popular demand, 12 quick fix tips you can do at home in your driveway. Big-block wire loom holder; Mirror, Mirror (1967 Mustang rear-view mirror bracket); Detailing the needle (1965-73 gauge indicator touch-up); A dash of Distinction (reproduction 1967-68 aluminum dash inserts; Hubcap medallion replacement; Emergency Brake Rebuild (1965-66 Parking Brake handle and pulley replacement); The Ring’s the Thing (1965-66 Horn Ring Clip replacement); What goes up… (Convertible top switch replacement); Light Bar Fortification Program (Adding 1964-1/2 to 1966 Fog Lamp Bars); Late-model Mustang Facial; Glove Box Adjustment; No More Sloppy Shifters! (1965-66 Auto Trans Shifter Rebuild)

1989 Mustang Gt

  • Ten years old and still going strong.

Classic Car Craziness At Scottsdale!

  • Would you believe $240,000 for a 289 Cobra.

Profile: Alias Follmer And Jones

  • Trans-Am racing’s 1970 champs step in to help the “new kids” win a professional championship.

Watching The Fords Go By

  • A week’s worth of rain at the Winternationals didn’t slow these Fords down.

Sprint Stint

  • A set of landeau bars and a Cougar steering wheel make this ’68 a little different.

Junk Yard Jewel

  • Tom Gheladuci built a Mustang coupe in miniature before building the real thing.

Oddball Mustangs

  • Just when you thought you had seen it all! Sonny & Cher Mustangs; Frank Sinatra coupe; Davis & Ingram’s 1965 Colt-45 Funny Car; Bill Snodgrass & Pat Mahnken’s “Psycho” ’66; Ron Pellegrini’s Chrysler-powered 1966 Super Mustang; Ford’s 427 SOHC Super Mustang dragster; Jim Costilow’s 1965 Super Stang; Mickey Thompson’s Boss 429-powered Funny Car; Jack Chrisman’s SOHC sidewinder 1971; Gary Weckesser’s Mach IV; Dale “The Snail” Emery’s exhibition 1970 Mach 1, the “Flying Red Baron”; Perry Brothers’ BB/A fastback “Orion”; Revell Kit 1968 Mustang; Chrysler-powered Stone, Woods & Bones’ racer; “Ohio George’s” Boss 429-powered 1970; Dutch Ford Mustang Country Squire GTO; Ron Rieb’s 1966 “Mr. Mustang Mini Van”; Larry Nicholl’s Mustero; Irv Klair’s 1979 Mustang Pickup; Fiberfab; Dusty Hilson’s King Cobra Monster Mustang; Jim Darrah’s 1969 “Mudstang”; Bill Norton’s 1966 Mustang 4×4; Al Guibara’s 1971 “Hippostang”

What? No Stripes?

  • All Shelbys were created equal, but they’re not all identical. Al and Karen Lyman’s stripeless 1966 GT350.

Cover Cars! California Cruisers!

  • The best of early and late-model Mustangs, California-style. Giovanni Spinaldi’s 1987 Mustang H.O. Convertible and Rob Taylor’s modified 1965 Coupe.

Saleen — An American Success Story

  • They’re not laughing anymore.

Rare Breed

  • Vic Yarberry’s homemade Cougar Eliminator convertible.

Pony On The Run

  • Here’s the current NHRA SS/H National record holder — Jeff Colvert’s 1969 Mustang coupe.

Suspension Tuning Tips, Part Two

  • Rick Titus gives insight on how to keep all four on the pavement.

M.I.’S National And International Car Club Listing

  • Join a car club and have some fun!

Yes, You Can Take It With You!

  • Lyle and Judy Harris’ unique, pull-along surprise: a 1965 Mustang Trailer.

Budget Building A 427 Fe, Part Ii

  • It took a while, but it’s back and it’s finished.

Open-Air Classics

  • When the tops go down, the value goes up.

Job One

  • When you work for Steve Saleen, you pay attention to details. Mark Squires’ 1965 2+2.

Solo-1 Success Story

  • A look at Kevin Coder’s competition-prepared Fittipaldi Equipe’ Mustang.

Tool Crib

  • Home Glass Beader.

Mustang Illustrated – August 1989

Root Beer Special

  • Larry and Diane Ellis tailor a California Special Mustang.

Top 15 All-Time Great Mustangs

  • M.I. selects 15 of the best Mustangs from 25 years of production.

Warming Up Windsor, Part 1

  • Engine-builder Mark De Groff breathes a little fire into Ford’s 351 Windsor V-8.

Suspension Tuning, Part Iii

  • It’s Hardware Time.

Hubcap Restoration Made Easy

  • Why throw it away when you can rejuvenate it?


  • Things are not always as they appear.

Colorful Contender

  • Joe Vitolo recaptures his youth with his outstanding, 1967 Mustang sportroof.

Interview: Peyton Cramer

  • An interview with the Father of the Hertz Rent-A-Racer.

Mach 429

  • This last of the “real” Mustangs belongs to James and Frankie Brockett.

Policeman’s Play Toy

  • Police officer Mike Hansen treasures this 1966 GT350H for many reasons.

Driving Impression: Super Coupe Sojourn

  • M.I. takes a trip up California’s picturesque coastline in a 1989 Thunderbird SC.

Starnes’ Superb Shelby

  • Good ol’ boy Ron Starnes has himself a good ol’ car.

Mustang Silver Anniversary Celebration

  • Over a thousand Mustangs converge on Knott’s Berry Farm to celebrate the marque’s 25th birthday!

Road Test: Fuel Injection For The 21st Century

  • HALTECH fuel injection is here… Dave, on the CARTECH Mustang.

Nhra/Fram Supernationals

  • Big doin’s down South.

One If By Land…

  • The European Mustang contingent invades America.

Builder’s Showcase

  • Some of the best Ford iron under construction anywhere!

Presto Change-O

  • Going from a four-cylinder LX to a GT, and from an LX to a Saleen look-alike.

Cover Car — Editor’s Choice

  • This car got our vote at the Fabulous Fords Forever/Mustang 25th anniversary celebration. Bill and Patricia Kohut’s Poppy Red 1964-1/2 Mustang convertible.

Santaniello’s Screamer

  • Louis Santaniello’s 1972 Pantera improves with age.

Shop Tour: Mustang Parts Of Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma’s largest Mustang Parts Store

Mustang Illustrated – October 1989

Breadbasket Boss

  • From the wheat fields of Kansas comes this prize-winning 1970 Boss 302.

Horn Ring Lens Replacement Made Easy

  • California Pony Cars makes replacing that cracked or faded classic Mustang horn ring a snap with a new kit.

Profile: The Ford Drag Team

  • They were called “The Going Thing,” and they were the hottest thing going.

Chasing The Bad Guys

  • High-speed police pursuit training at Willow Springs’ Driver’s Connection school.

Meek’s Heavy-Duty Cruiser

  • Rodney Meek had a 1963-1/2 Galaxie 500 XL like this — well, sort of like this — in high school.

Late Model Traction-Lok/Disc Brake Swap

  • Better traction and braking by replacing that stock rear end with an 8.8, disc brake unit from Ford Motorsport.

A Horse Of A Different Color

  • A genuine 427-powered GT 500 with all the papers.

Club Profile

  • A look at the Green Country Classic Mustangs, Oklahoma’s finest!

Pro-Street Grocery Getter

  • Move over guys — it’s the lady’s turn to have some fun!

Dad’s ’67

  • The return of Jerry Titus’s Terlingual Racing 1967 Trans Am Mustang.

Mid-America Shelby Meet #15

  • The more things change, the more they remain the same.

The “Other Guys”

  • Move over Team Saleen — here comes Team Kaufmann.

Fabulous Fairlanes

  • Three of the very best.

Warming Up Windsor, Part Ii

  • The completion of M.I.’s 9:1 compression, pump-gas burning, street-fighting 351 Windsor engine.

The Outlaw And The Roadrunner

  • Cruising the wide open spaces is fun with this pair of late-model Mustangs.

Son Of Sport Roadster

  • A unique addition to any early-model Mustang convertible.

Gone Hollywood

  • Coverage of the second annual PMC Hollywood Concours De Elegance car show.

The Longest Day

  • Engineering Editor Rick Titus flogs a Saleen Mustang at the 24-hour Nelson Ledges.

Understanding The Understated

  • Deciphering the Ford parts numbering system.

Racing Mustangs — The 25th Anniversary

  • A gathering of winners at Dearborn.

Crash-Course Coupe

  • Going from Chevelle to Mustang was a learning experience.

A Blast From The Past

  • The return of the Stone, Woods and Bones AA/GS.

Shop Tour

  • Larry’s Thunderbird and Mustang Parts, Inc. A pioneer in the Ford Specialty Parts Business.

Genuine Ford People

  • John Manners and Madelaine Koch; Jim Smart.

Mustang Illustrated – December 1989

First Car, First Class

  • Very few people could do better. Michael Moal’s 1965 2+2: His first exercise in creating a Mustang street machine passes with flying colors.

Ford Country

  • Falcon cigarettes; Cops one, bad guys zero!; Dreams can come true; Saleen/Eagle One limited edition Mustang; Pulling more than ponies; Ford fights back!; Motorcraft “fast lube” program launched

Special Holiday Parts House

  • ‘Tis the Season!

Goin’ With The Flow

  • The days of “bolt-on” horsepower are gone. Or are they?

Parking Lot Heroes

  • Amateur slaloming is hitting the big time.


  • Snakes roam the woods around Sharon, Connecticut. John and Shirley Perotti’s 1968 Shelby GT-350.

Ford For 1990

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, or The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Name Game

  • Freewheeling freedom of expression.

Short And Sweet

  • Larry Short’s street-driven 1964 Ford T-Bolt is rolling thunder.

The Fifth Time’s The Charm

  • Good things come to those who wait. Five years later, Tim Conn’s 1969 Mach 1 is perfect!

Dressed To Impress

  • Californian Randy Lynn loves 1971-73 Mustang ragtops. With “Randy’s Red” 1973 convertible, he’s outdone himself!


  • Des Moines, Iowa: Mustang Takes Trans-Am at the July 8th Des Moines/Ruan Grand Prix.


  • Pocono, Pennsylvania: SAAC-14, July 13-15

M.I.’S Second Annual Swimsuit/Calendar Girl Extravaganza

  • Enjoy!


  • Northern California: Sixth Annual Nor-Cal Shelby Club Mini Nationals at the Laguna Seca Raceway, July 21-23


  • Irvine, California: Orange County Mustang Club’s First Outdoor Car Show, July 23

Found: The Bullitt Mustang

  • Could this be the car that immortalized the Mustang on the silver screen?

Cinnamon Twist

  • Noel Spoonemore admits to getting a little carried away with his 1968 fastback.

Big Valve Small-Block

  • Ford expert Kenny Brown wrings 282 legal horsepower from the 5.0L Ford E.F.I. small-block.

Test Drive: Ford Rs 200 European Rally Car

  • Formula One with fenders. Think of it as a competition version of the Batmobile.

Win This Car

  • In the Chief Auto Parts/Eagle One car care sweepstakes.


  • Waco, Texas: First Annual Texas Mini Nationals


  • Tulsa, Oklahoma: The Green Country/MCA Grand National Show

Driving Impression: Steeda Gt

  • Here’s price and performance.


  • Custom Autosound to the rescue with a new Mustang fastback FM/stereo system — no drilling required!


  • The return of the Essex Wire Company-sponsored, 1965 Shelby GT-350R. Rick and Colleen Kopec bought 5R098 for $5,000!

Genuine Ford People

  • Jim Wicks; Sue Smith

What’s A 1964 Hafen?

  • It’s the classic 1964-1/2 Mustang convertible this father and son team always wanted. Don & Dave Hafen’s prize moves from MI’s 1989 swimsuit calendar to color feature.

Dedee’s Delight

  • She built this 1966 Mustang coupe all by herself.

Shop Tour

  • Sacramento Mustang Parts: From Hobby to Booming Enterprise

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