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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly 1978-1979; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – February 1978

*** No Articles ***

Mustang Monthly – March 1978

*** No Articles ***

Mustang Monthly – April 1978

*** No Articles ***

Mustang Monthly – May 1978

*** No Articles ***

Mustang Monthly – June 1978

*** No Articles ***

Mustang Monthly – July 1978

*** No Articles ***

Mustang Monthly – August 1978

Mustang Comparison

  • 1965 vs 1973

Price Your Mustang

  • 1965 (Before GT Option)

1965 Gas Cap Restoration Tip

The Mustang Story

News Flash

  • Iacocca fired; 1979 Indy Pace Car; 2,000,000 Camaros; Whinny Horns

Mustang Monthly – September 1978

Shelby Story

  • 1967 Shelby GT350 & 500 (Reprinted from Sports Car Graphic)

Parts Bonanza

  • ‘4’ in a Row.

Ford’s 1979 Mustang: Recalled Before Introduction

  • Ford says “It’s time to fall in love again,” but some romantic early release Mustangs have been recalled with tilt steering malfunction.

How To Buy At Flea Markets And Save

Mustang Monthly – October/November 1978

What’s Right?

  • GT Performance Package.

The Earliest Mustang!

  • Courtesy of Car Life Magazine January 1964

Mustang Monthly – December 1978

Beauty & The Beast

  • 1965 GT/GT-350 and a pictorial comparison of 1965-1973 body styles.

Iacocca Is Named President Of Chrysler In $3-Million Deal

1966 Consoles

1979 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

Mustang Specifications

  • Reprinted From 1965 Ford Literature

Gearing The Mustang

  • Getting the right transmission and rear axle gearing in any car is just as important as getting the right combination of engine and chassis equipment.

Developing The Mustang

  • Market Research Showed the Way

Developing The Mustang: Styling

  • By Gene Booth

Developing The Mustang: Engineering

  • By Gene Booth

Mustang Monthly – January 1979

New: Mustang Monthly Reader’s Album

  • Jim Greenly’s ’65 2+2, ’66 Maroon Fastback, ’66 White Coupe, ’64-1/2 Convertible, ’66 Springtime Yellow Coupe & Convertible, ’65 Gold/Palomino Factory GT Coupe, ’64-1/2 Red Convertible ’65 GT Coupe (Faye Greenly), ’65 Fastback, ’69 Misty Gold Mach 1; Dick Walker’s ’65 Convertible; Steve Woodward’s ’67 GTA 390

65/79 Mustang – 289zx Comparison

  • Price, Specs, Features and Road Test Results, by Jim Bridges

Plan Your Restoration

  • Restoration Tips from St Petersburg’s Jim Greely and his stable of a dozen classic Mustangs

Mustang Monthly – February 1979

From The Editor

  • The 1st Anniversary of Mustang Monthly

Trend Setting Trio

  • ’67 Mustang

Reader’s Album

Add A Little Torque

  • ’79 Mustang


  • How it Affects You

Mustangs – Mt (Motor Trend) Cuts Out Two From The Galloping Herd

  • 65 GT vs. 6 cyl


  • ’79 Mustang A Horse with No Name

Mustang Monthly – March 1979

Reader’s Album

13 Second 6 Cylinder

  • By AK Miller, former performance advisor, Ford Motor Co.

From The Editor

65-66 Mustang Interiors

  • By Bill Hersher. Interior Decor Group and Standard Interior article

Pace Car Update

  • 1979 T-top version will pace Indy 500

Nashville ’79

  • Swap meet in Nashville, Georgia (yes, Georgia)

1970 Mustang Mach I Specs

1970 Boss 302 Specs

1970 Convertible Specs

8 Cyl. Engine Specs

1970 Hi-Performance Engine Specs

Mustang 2+2 Road Test

  • Ford’s Mustang stormed out to write an American success story from the start. (By Bob McVay — Motor Trend Reprint)

Mustang Monthly – April 1979

Reader’s Album

  • Tom Kuebel’s 1967 Mustang Convertible, Robert L. Brown’s 1965 Mustang Convertible

Recent Swap Meet Results

  • Ocala and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Mustang Versus Camaro

  • Reprinted From Ford Literature

289-302-351w Valve Train Designs

  • Courtesy of Dirk Gasterland

The Gt-350 Mustangs

  • The Shelby Touch Transforms the Car. (Reprinted)

Mustang Monthly – May 1979

Reader’s Album

  • Cover Car: 1973 Mustang Owned by Janice Cohen of Union, New Jersey

Mustang ’67 — Bred First…To Be First!

  • Reprinted From Ford Literature

Mustang Monthly – June 1979

1966 Mustang — America’s Favorite Fun Car

  • Reprinted From Ford Literature

Ford’s Best Idea…From Beginning, To End

  • Reprinted from Ford Literature

Reader’s Album

Buried Treasure To Search For

  • These sought-after Mustang accessories are like golden eggs. Using these original N.O.S. part numbers, the hunt will be easier.

Mustang Monthly – July 1979

Patent Plate Information For Models And Equipment

  • Guide to 1965-66 Door Tag Decoding

Mustang For 1972: The Car That Made Driving Fun Again

  • Thanks to Jane Hatfield of Franklin, NC for this 1972 Ford Times Reprint.

Cobra 427

  • Lots of Cars Have Power, But Few Have So Much Flexible Power As The… (Reprinted from Motor Trend, September 1966)

Reader’s Album

1964-1/2 Ford Mustang Specifications

Mustang Monthly – August 1979

Mustang 1968…Better Ideas In Action

  • Reprinted from Original Ford Literature.

’79 Cobra Update

  • A progress report on Mustang Monthly’s Performance-Modified 1979 Cobra.

Ford High-Performance Equipment

  • Reprinted from Original Ford Literature.

Mustang Monthly – September 1979

1970 Mustang Performance Buyer’s Digest

  • Reprint of the Ford Sales Literature.

Boss 302 Owner’s Survey

Reader’s Album

Mustang Monthly – October 1979

Stampede To Success

  • The History of Lee Iacocca’s Brainchild.

Reader’s Album

Saac At Downingtown

  • Downingtown, Pennsylvania Is Shelby American Country

Restoring Your Mustang

  • Glue Factory to Glory Train! Part I: Selecting and Planning

Atlanta ’79

  • MCA’s Fourth Annual Grand National in Atlanta, Georgia

Historic Auto Race

  • The Sixth Annual Monterey Historic Automobile Races at Laguna Seca.

1964-1/2 To 1966 Mustang Wheel Covers

1965 Mustang Accessories Wiring Schematic

Mustang Monthly – November 1979

Restoring Your Mustang

  • Part II: Glue Factory to Glory Train! Planning Your Restoration.

1965-1973 Manual Transmissions

  • Identification and Maintenance

National Capital Mustang Show

  • More than 700 people came to Logan Ford in Springfield, Virginia for the NCRMC show.

New England Mustang Show

  • Mustang Car Club of New England… Young, But Galloping At An Impressive Gait.

Mustang Monthly – December 1979

Cover Story

  • Bill and Geneva Hesher of Titusville, Florida have collected nearly 20 classic Mustangs.

66 Restoration

  • Part III: Disassembly

Gt-350r Reflections

  • Webster Brenner reflects on a winning season as one of the lucky few R-Model racers.

California Mustangers Meet

  • Mustang Owners Club of California hold their semi-annual swap meet.

Cherokee Meets Shelby

  • Cherokee, North Carolina Becomes Shelby Country.

California Owner’s Club Newsletter

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