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Mustang Monthly – January 1984

Shop Tips

  • Hard Hot Starting (1967 Mustangs With 4300 Design Carburetor — 289-4V, 390-4V non-GT, 428-4V)

Shop Tips

  • Engine Identification — Cobra Jet Series (428CJ, SCJ — 1970)

Shop Tips

  • Rough Idle Diagnosis (All 1967 Mustang 8-Cylinder Engines except 427 CID)

On Our Cover: Teacher’s Pet

  • At James W. Sikes Elementary School in Lakeland, Florida, second grade teacher Jane Schneider teaches the golden rule of Mustangs: “Don’t touch Mrs. Schneider’s car!” (1965 GT hardtop.)

Praise For Appraisals

  • Knowing how to evaluate Mustangs can save you bucks when buying, selling or insuring a Mustang.

Super Search

  • Looking for the elusive “S” in 428 SCJs

Coupes Are Mustangs Too

  • Plain or Grande, the Mustang hardtops deserve more than playing third fiddle to the convertibles and fastbacks.

Coupes Of Grace

  • Arthur Boice’s 1966 GT coupe, Lorin and Dean Poeppe’s 1968 High Country Special, Howard Reinhart’s 1972 hardtop.

My Fair Mustang

  • Bob Maxwell’s 1965 GT convertible was one of the Mustang display vehicles at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.

Mustangs Of Dallas

  • Convertibles are a cowboy’s best friend. Dick Meditz’s 1968 Shelby Cobra GT-350 and 1965 convertible, Bob and Dena Prosen’s 1964-1/2 convertible, Mike Greer’s 1965 convertible, Scott McGilvray’s 1965 GT Bench Seat convertible.

Gearing For The Steering

  • Don’t lose your cool when you lose your turn.

The Yellow Boss Of Texas

  • Dwayne Sanderson’s 1971 Boss 351

Image Maker

  • Ford produced a pair of 1982 Motorcraft Image Cars, one to keep and one to give away. This one is the only one in private hands. Chris Ziegler is the 3rd owner.

Automatic Service

  • Mustang automatic transmission servicing should be automatic.

Mustang Monthly – February 1984

Shop Tips

  • 1969-1970 Power Steering Pump Identification

Shop Tips

  • Stop Light Switch Installation Procedures (1965-1970 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Spark Plug Heat Range (All 1965-1973 Mustangs)

On Our Cover

  • Al Lyman’s 1964-1/2 convertible.

Photographing Your Mustang

  • 1984 Update: Tips on saving time and money, and taking more effective pictures for magazine and personal use.

Remote Possibilities

  • Good outside remote mirrors for 1965-66 Mustangs are no longer hard to find, thanks to Tom Horne’s excellent mirror reproduction.

No More Cavities

  • How to cure those steadily depressing, low-down, mind-messing, holes in the battery box blues.

Rare Pair

  • Don Chambers’ dynamic GT duo — 1967 K-GT fastback and 1969 GT convertible.

Maroon Mover

  • Wayne Curry’s 1969 428CJ Shelby GT-500 convertible.

Unrestored, But Not Unloved

  • Robert Wood’s Medium Sage Metallic 1966 Fastback.

Rotor Magic

  • Make your wobbly brakes disappear by resurfacing the disc brake rotors.

Engaging The Gauges

  • Knowing how to diagnose gauges takes one more headache out of maintaining and restoring old Mustangs.

16 Lashes

  • Adjusting valves in Mustang solid lifter engines.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • The George Hinds Collection.

Mustang Monthly – March 1984

Shop Tips

  • Overhaul Convertible Top Pump & Motor (1965-1973 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Air Conditioner Vibration and /or Moan Condition (30-38 MPH) (1965 Mustang — 6-Cylinder Engines Equipped With A/C)

Shop Tips

  • 1969-1970 Mustang Heater Operation

Book Review

  • Ford Mustang (F. Wilson McComb/Osprey Publishing Ltd.)

Club Roster

On Our Cover

  • Kit Sparks’ Trophy Grabber 1970 Mach 1

1966 Shelby Gt-350h: The Original Rent-A-Racer

  • There’s Been Nothing Else Like It, Before Or Since: But How Many Of Those Cars Were Really Made? (Hint: If you said 936, you’re wrong)

Tough To Top!

  • John Murphy’s 1965 Mustang Convertible

Pony Perfect

  • Today’s array of reproduction parts and pieces can make your Pony Interior look good again.

Big Hoof

  • Whereby an Illinois man (Bud Porter) cross-breeds a 1967 Mustang with a 1966 Bronco to create a wilder pony.

Mustangs Of Dayton

  • Mustangs fly high in Ohio. Carl Pendley’s 1967 GTA fastback and 1966 convertible, Kathy Pendley’s 1973 convertible, Taryl Lamb’s 1969 Shelby convertible, Marvin Sauner’s 1965 convertible, Jim Getty’s 1966 Sprint hardtop, Howard Cheadle’s 1968 Shelby GT-500KR convertible, Steve Posey’s 1966 GT-350, Marvin Scothorn’s 1973 Mach 1.

Bronze Star

  • Joe Dorio’s Prarie Bronze ’65 convertible is a hit at any show.

Sleeping Beauty

  • The hood scoop is the clue to this GT’s true identity. Bill White’s Highland Green 1968 Cobra Jet.

Sounding Off!

  • Mustang Sounds’ AM/FM/Cassette conversions make beautiful music possible for Mustangs — without cutting up the dash!

2-Speed Or Not 2-Speed?

  • The question is, how tough is it to install two-speed wipers in your 1965-66 Mustang? The answer is, it’s easy!

Mustang Monthly – April 1984

Shop Tips

  • Axle Shaft, Failure In Service (All Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Neutral Start Switch Adjustment (Mustang C4 or C6 Transmission)

On Our Cover: 20th Anniversary Photo

  • When Ford takes a picture, they don’t mess around.

One In A Million

  • By being in the right place at the right time, Captain Stanley Tucker became the first Mustang owner by purchasing, coincidentally, the first production Mustang. In 1966 when Ford wanted the car back, Tucker received Mustang number 1,000,001 in trade.

An Interview With Donald Petersen

  • Donald Petersen, now president of Ford Motor Company, was one of the Mustang’s “fathers.”

In The Beginning

  • Every Mustang had its beginning on an assembly line. Twenty years ago, the first Mustang assembly line began cranking out Mustangs inside the big Route Assembly Plant in Dearborn. Here’s a look at Mustang production exactly two weeks prior to the Mustang’s April 17, 1964, introduction.

Mustang Designs

  • Gail Halderman is the father of the fastback.

First Impressions

  • Although Mustang appealed to the masses in 1964, the media had other things to say.

Anniversary Special

  • Ford celebrates 20 years of Mustangs with a limited-edition 20th Anniversary Mustang.

Twenty Years Of Mustang

Mustang Marvel

  • Ollie Schwallenstecker’s 1964-1/2 convertible is a show stopper for sure.

When Four Of A Kind Isn’t

  • It’s because one ain’t like the others… Jack Setzer’s 1966 Tahoe Turquoise T5/GT 2+2 meets his 1966 Convertible, 1966 Hardtop and 1965 Mustang GT Fastback.

Ice Capades

  • John Kunicki’s 1973 Mach 1 and 1968 GT-500KR Fastback. Some people will do anything to get their cars in a magazine.

Six Cylinder Air

  • Beat the summer heat by installing a factory air conditioner in your 1965-66 six cylinder Mustang.

The Care And Feeding Of Vintage Ponies

  • When “60 days” means maybe and “two years” means never.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Precision Miniatures’ limited edition 1966 GT-350 Convertible and Bob McKees’ Mustang Junior.

Original Owner Shelby

  • Hamilton Mallett’s 1967 GT-350.

Mustang Monthly – May 1984

*** See April 1984 ***

Mustang Monthly – June 1984

Shop Tips

  • Horn Inoperative Or Will Blow Constantly (1966 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Evaporator Case Condensate Leak (1967 Mustang Equipped with Integral Air Conditioning)

Shop Tips

  • Increased Brake Pedal Effort On Units With Power Brake (All Mustangs with 6-cylinder Engines and Power Brake)

Book Review

  • The Mustangs 1964-1973 (Richard Langworth/Motor Racing Publications, Ltd)

On Our Cover

  • Darren Braud’s 1968 Sunlite Gold Fastback. The glitter never fades… (’til the sun don’t shine…)

Trading Places

  • Trade up to perfection by swapping your worn out small-block for a Ford remanufactured engine.

The Pet Peeves

  • A collection of the worst symptoms of Mustang Fever.

Felt Better

  • Make your Mustang feel better, and look better, by replacing the old and brittle window felt with the 1965-66 reproduction felt from Parts Unlimited.

I Spy

  • The Mustang 007 was gunned down before reaching production.

Andy’s Dandy

  • Andy Rogers’ 1965 289 Fastback.

Mustangs Of Albuquerque

  • As homebase for the Mustang Owners Club International and the Rio Grande Mustang Club, you’d expect Albuquerque, New Mexico to be loaded with nice Mustangs. It is. Mitzie Feeney’s 1972 Sprint Fastback, Gary Spear’s Calypso Coral 1970 Boss 302, Tom Anderson’s 1966 GT Fastback, Chuck Donoghue’s 1968 GT/CS.

Museum Of Shelby American History

  • The news is out! Shelby SuperEnthusiast Rick Nagel intends to share his Shelby SuperCollecction with other Shelby lovers in a special Shelby-American Museum in Dallas.

Leak Relief

  • Rejoice ye owners of 1969-70 fastbacks! Now you can eliminate leaky rear windows by installing new rubber weatherstripping from Midland Automotive Products.

Trading Up To Perfection

  • Henry Green’s 1965 289-2V Coupe.

Yipes! Stripes!

  • Inspired by Shinoda, graphic artist Ken Dowd created the dramatic stripes for the 1970 Boss 302 and the 1971 Boss 351.

Rain Caps

  • A (fairly) simple solution to a convertible owner’s problem.

Mustang Monthly – July 1984

Shop Tips

  • Inoperative or Intermittent Right Door Speaker (1969 Mustang with AM/FM or AM/Stereo Tape Player)

Shop Tips

  • Rear Main Seal Oil Leakage (All 1969 Mustang with 390/428 CID Engines)

Shop Tips

  • Correction to Bulletin — Rough Idle Diagnosis (All 1967 Mustangs Equipped With 289 CID Engines (Built Prior to March, 1967) and Automatic Transmission)

Shop Tips

  • High Speed Drive Line Vibrations (1965 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Accelerator Pedal Interference With Carpet (1965 Mustang)

Club Roster

On Our Cover: Mild And Wild

  • The owners of these two ’69s would rather fight than switch. Jack Gooch’s 1969 Indian Fire Convertible and John Craft’s 1969 SportsRoof.

Stock Or Modified

  • Can stock and modified live peacefully in the same world? The debate goes on…

Muscle Modified

  • Mike Foy’s 1973 Mach 1.

When The Run Of The Mill Four-Wheel Drive Won’t Do…

  • Tom Padgett’s 4×4 ’73 Fastback.

Show Driver

  • Jack Hinton’s 1966 Convertible.

Smog Systems

  • New state smog programs can corral your driving fun if your Mustang’s pollution control system is not up to snuff.

Dasher’s Delight

  • Talmedge Dasher’s 1966 Raven Black GT.

California Celebration

  • A one-day Mustang birthday party in Los Angeles attracts 700 Mustangs, 500 Fords and over 20,000 party participants.

The Birthday Present

  • …by which a 15-year-old learns how to drive, and becomes a Mustang expert before he’s 20. Michael Cline’s 1966 Hardtop.

Fastback In Candy And Black

  • Part Two of The Cline Saga. Darrell Cline’s 1968 390 GT Fastback


  • Finally, a vacuum schematic for 1967-68 Mustangs with factory air conditioning.

Almost Heaven ’67

  • North Carolina’s Bob Persons sold his first ’67 Mustang years ago. Today he has a fastback even better than the first!

The $21,000 Six Cylinder 3-Speed Mustang Convertible

  • Carl and Bobbie Heberling’s car was a “No Sale.”

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Pedal Car Mania

Mustang Monthly – August 1984

Shop Tips

  • Hydraulic Tappet Diagnostic Procedure (All engines built prior to September 1967)

Shop Tips

  • Testing Dual-Diaphragm Distributor On Engine

Book Review

  • Shelby Mustang Muscle Cars 1965-1970 (R.M. Clarke/Brooklands Books Distribution Limited)

On Our Cover

  • Boss Beautiful. Howard Van Ness’ Candyapple Red 1969 Boss 429.

Working Six To Eight

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Putting a 289 in Your Six Cylinder Mustang.

Mach 2

  • Ford corralled this two-seater prototype before galloping to production.

Differentiating Differentials

  • Mustang rear axles came in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Mighty Proud Filly

  • 1971 Bright Blue Metallic Convertible. In 1971, the MPF emblem on the door stood for Martha P. Ford. Today, the letters represent Reg Prescott’s…

Dad Bought It

  • …and I drove it off the showroom floor. Bob Stacks’ 1965 Fastback.

A First For Hurst

  • Larry Hurst’s 1964-1/2 convertible was built on the first day of production and sold on the first day of introduction.

From Basket Case To Charmed Cobra

  • Gary Burke’s 1968 GT500KR. Rebuilt to dance, and attack like a snake.

Sacramento Gold

  • Last April, hundreds of Mustangers flocked to northern California’s 20th Anniversary Celebration at Sacramento’s Cal-Expo for a chance at a Ford-sponsored trophy.

Panel Discussion

  • Replacing a 1965-66 Mustang rear panel is easier than it looks.

Mustang Monthly – September 1984

Shop Tips

  • Kinked Speedometer Cable Caused by Improper Cluster Removal (1967-1968 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Scrubby Clutch Pedal Condition And/Or High Pedal Efforts (1965-66 Mustangs with Manual Transmissions)

Lights, Camera, Mustang!

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Ford’s 1985 Mustang commercials, which included a 1965 Mustang convertible and, of course, Mustang Sally.

Dealing With Distributors

  • Restore your distributor in 26 Easy Steps.

Mustang Reincarnation

  • Could it ever be like it once was?

On Our Cover: Mrs. Wilson Finally Called

  • Bill DeLoach waited, not in vain, for his Vintage Burgundy 1966 Coupe.

Pony After Pony After Pony

  • If you hear the hoofbeats, here’s the stampede. Bill and Clara DeLoach own a quartet of ’66 Mustangs — three coupes and on convertible!

Mustang Of Miami

  • Southeast Florida is home to the membership of the Gold Coast Mustang Club and this collection of beautiful ponies! Dan & Marie Poldo’s 1973 Mach 1, Bob Acosta’s 1967 GT-500, Oscar Neal’s 1966 GT-350, Marcel Sotolongo’s 1968 GT-350, Bill Ryan’s 351W 1966 Convertible, Frank Crandon’s 1965 GT Convertible, David Rankin’s 428CJ 1969 Mach 1.

Hands Across The Water

  • Czechoslovakian Frantisek Snobl, a 1969 Mustang and a dream that wouldn’t die.

Made In The Jade

  • Wesley Bittles’ Low-Mileage 1969 Hardtop.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Sears Roebuck’s Tomy-built Battery-Powered Auto Transport; Swank Co’s 1965 Mustang Desk Lamp

Mustang Monthly – October 1984

Shop Tips

  • Water Leaks at Windshield and Back Window Molding Retainers (1965 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Rear Seat Speaker Wiring (1965 Accessory Kits make prior to October 23, 1964)

Shop Tips

  • Engine Roughness at Idle or Part Throttle Speeds — 390 GT Engine (1967 Mustang 390 GT Engine Equipped Units Built Prior to Approximately November 15, 1966)

The Heat Goes On

  • Just when you thought it was safe to venture out with your GT Hi-Po, Ford introduces the 1985 Mustang GT.

Carburetor Motivator

  • Understanding and rebuilding the Autolite 2100/4100 series carburetors, Mustang open heart surgery made easy!

Taking A Chance

  • Mustang clubs, here’s a way to fatten your treasury.

On Our Cover: My Mach. I’m Proud. It’s Mine!

  • 1973 Mach 1. Andy Chase wants you to know whose it is.

Dagenham Dilemma

  • The best information on how to restore your vintage Mustang comes from other Mustang restorers, who like you, are amateurs. Arthur Corriveau’s 1965 six-cylinder coupe is backed by a Dagenham 4-speed.

Venom In The Plenum

  • A Shelby for show and a Hi-Po to go! Grant Blohm owns this 1967 GT-350.

Mustangs Of Phoenix

  • Sam and Maria Robinson’s 1965 GT fastback, Ana Linda Robinson and Rosa Robinson’s 1965 Convertible, Ed Sheppard’s 1966 convertible, Bill Sheppard’s 1964-1/2 Rangoon Red Ragtop, Jim Richardson’s 1968 Acapulco Blue convertible, Kirk Sargent’s 1969 Mach 1. The spirit of the wild west is alive and well in this herd of…

Labor Of Love

  • Kurt and Vonny Beier’s 1970 Boss 302, pride and joy or…mission impossible?

Stripe Strategy

  • The finishing touch for a magnificent Mach 1.

Club Roster

Mustang Monthly – November 1984

Shop Tips

  • Water and Dust Leaks in the Cowl Area (1965 Mustangs — All Models)

Shop Tips

  • Speedometer Ticking Noise (All Mustangs)

Gt Hi-Po

  • With Raymond Heck’s 1966 GT hardtop, performance is automatic!

Winterizing Your Warrior

  • Just one more winter, eh?

A Racer Remembers

  • An interview with former Shelby-American team driver Dan Gerber.

On Our Cover: Whistle Clean And Razor Sharp

  • 1968 Hardtop — Jack Morton’s Pebble Beige Beauty.

Horseshoes In Muleshoe

  • Haney Poynor’s 1965 Poppy Red fastback.

Grandest Of The Grand

  • What better place to be than Kingsport, Tennessee

Top Mach

  • Carl Johnson’s 1970 Mach 1

Mustanging It…Indy Style

  • A 20th Anniversary Celebration not easily forgotten.

Getting Started

  • A Positive Solution To A Negative Problem.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • More Tin Mustangs: Made In Japan.

Mustang Monthly – December 1984

Shop Tips

  • Door Window Rattle and Glass Instability (1965 Mustang — All Models)

Shop Tips

  • Cracks in Sealer and Poor Appearance of Sealer in Drip Rails (1969 — Mustang Without Vinyl Top)

Shop Tips

  • Accessory Drive Belts (1965-73 Mustang)

Dash Re-Hash

  • Put new elegance in lifeless 1967-68 dashboards with an array of goodies from Mr. G’s Mustang City.

Going Top Less

  • Bob Black’s 1973 Mustang convertible, the last of the drop tops.

Patrick’s Daze

  • Mark Patrick’s 1966 Convertible. It’ll leave you breathless.

On Our Cover: Deadly Red Snake

  • Gary Childress’s 1969 GT-500. A dangerous mixture of Cobra and Jet!

Gold On The Suncoast

  • Klaus Keller’s golden oldie 1965 hardtop.

High Priced Spread

  • Texan Terry Tacker believes everything’s better with Blue Bonnet on it. 1967 “Lone Star Limited.”

Mustangs Of Dearborn

  • What else is there in the birthplace of America’s Pioneer Ponycar? Dave Provine’s 1968 390-2V Hardtop, Karen Phillips’ 1969 Mach 1, Ron Phillips’ 1968 302-4V GT Fastback, Arnold and Helen Drouillard’s Caspian Blue 1965 Coupe, Bob Ostelecki’s 1973 Mach 1, Jim Gillespie’s 1966 2+2.

Patch It!

  • Seal up the bottoms of those rusty quarters with a quality reproduction from Classic Mustang!

Club Roster

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