1986 – Mustang Monthly

This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 1986; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Magic Carpet Ride

  • If your rocker to rocker turf has seen better days, maybe you need help from Jack Holland’s Auto Custom Carpets.

Seasons In The Sun

  • 1966 Coupe with a dealer-installed Sunroof. When cloudy skies part their ways, Leon Morton, Jr. spends his…

Building The Daily Driver

  • How to own a nice Mustang and drive it too.

Driven Daily

  • A quartet of coupes: Linda Teal’s Prarie Bronze 1965, Greg Gordon’s 1972 Grande, George Lovelace’s one-owner Lime Gold 1968 and Carol Padden’s Rangoon Red ’64-1/2.

Georgia Peach

  • Tom Gaddis’ 1966 GT Fastback.

R Is For Rare

  • Gary Bickler’s 1972 Boss 351. An HO Mach with a Boss personality.

Curing Stress

  • MIG welding makes the perfect — and permanent — repair for Mustang quarter panel stress cracks.

Dearborn’s World Beaters

  • Dave Riley’s 1970 Boss 302 and 1969 Mach 1. A Pair of Totally Restored, Total Performance Mustang Fastbacks.

A Chance At A Past

  • Those fabulous Mustang giveaways of the 1960s were everyone’s chance at a Mustang identity.

Club Roster

Book Review

  • Mustang (Nicky Wright)

Shop Tips

  • Loose inside rear view mirror (1968 Mustang with Windshield Mounting)

Shop Tips

  • New alternator belt tension specifications to correct for loose alternator belts (All 1966 Mustangs)

Shop Tips

  • Momentary engine hesitation or stumble on light acceleration (1968 289-2V Imco & 302-2V Imco Engine Equipped Units – Carburetor Models C8AF-L & C8ZF-G)

Mustang Monthly – February 1986

Mustang Theft!

  • Are you really going to let it happen to you?

Yard Arming

  • Mastering the art of junkyard hunting.

Mach 1

  • A styling prototype that would set the stage for the performance wars to come.

Low Miles On The Dials

  • Gary Duboff’s and Farrel Buis’s 1967 Convertibles; Jack Garris’s 1966 GT Coupe.

Born To Run

  • A pair of 1965 Hi-Po Mustangs: Wayne Beasley, Jr.’s Silver Blue 1965 Convertible and Roy Collins’s 2+2.

Hot Blooded

  • Monty Smith’s 1967 GT-500. Ever wonder what it’s like to be kicked by a raging bull?

Up In The Wild And Blue

  • Perry Rushing’s 1969 Grabber Blue GT-500. A Jet up yonder with a job to do!

Rocky Mountain High

  • Bob Teets’ Candyapple Red 1968 High Country Special. Something special for the High Country.

Shedding The Light

  • Parking Brake Warning and Seat Belt Reminder lights. Those little options can make the biggest difference in your 1969-70 Mustang.

Artificial Resuscitation

  • Steve Yates owns the original 1966 Shelby GT-350S prototype.

Shop Tips

  • Cooling System (1967 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Thermactor Exhaust Emission System (All 1966 Mustangs Thermactor Equipped)

Shop Tips

  • Exhaust Emission Control System (1967 Mustang)

Mustang Monthly – March 1986

Understanding The Oats

  • What you don’t know about automotive fuels — can it hurt you? Your Mustang knows…

Glass Plus!

  • Windshield replacement for 1969-70 Mustangs — you can do it yourself.

Catch Of A Lifetime

  • Mike Erpenbach’s 1969 Calypso Coral Boss 302.

Spirited St. Louis Mustangs!

  • Ten classic Mustangs from the home of the Gateway Arch.

Sight Unseen

  • Jim McCusker’s 1966 Convertible. “If you can get it started, it’s yours, kid.”

Vanity Plates

  • Pony preference in eight letters or less — a personal look at personalized license plates.

Change Of Pace Car

  • Gary Pietraniec’s 1970 Limited Edition 428 SCJ Mach 1.

Cancer Answers

  • Recognizing rust is Step One in rust prevention.

Book Review

  • Automotive Security System Design Handbook (J. Daniel Gifford)

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Price Guide to Promos, Models and Miniatures.

Shop Tips

  • Identification of crankshaft pulley bolts used in 289/302 engines to prevent bolt breakage (All Mustangs Built Prior to January 14, 1968 and Equipped with 289 and 302 CID Engines)

Shop Tips

  • Three-way locking steering column (1970 Mustang)

Shop Tips

  • Engine vibration or unbalance (390 CID Engine With Automatic Transmission)

Shop Tips

  • Two spark plug sizes used in 1970 engines

Mustang Monthly – April 1986

Sound Advice

  • To make beautiful music in your Mustang, plug in one of Custom Autosound’s Mustang-converted stereos.

Carroll Remembered

  • Joe Nunnally’s inspiration leads us to a genuine original 1966 Coupe.

Show Ready!

  • Tips from the pros on getting ready for shows.


  • Ron and Melba Henzen versus the World!

Black Beauty

  • Steve Mandel’s 1964-1/2 convertible, a treasured oldie on the Gold Coast.

My Boss

  • Dick Anderson’s 1970 Boss 302. An Alaskan license plate is only the beginning.

At The Head Of The Class

  • Connecticut school teacher Lynn Brown spends her off time throttling this GT-500 that’s definitely…

His Affair

  • Lois Webster’s 1966 Convertible. One woman’s lament winds up a blessing.

Tokyo Rose

  • Scott Allen’s Japanese Import 1972 Mach 1.

Club Roster

Believe It, Or Don’t

  • The Little Ol’ Lady From Pasadena. Melba Toth’s 1969 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Shop Tips

  • Valve Rocker Arm Studs (All 260 and 289 V-8 Engines)

Shop Tips

  • Air Conditioning Insufficient Cooling & Evaporator Case Sweating (All 1967-68 Mustang Equipped with Integral Air Conditioning)

Mustang Monthly – May 1986

Major Surgery

  • When the diagnosis is massive Mustang reconstruction, turn to a wide variety of components from Virginia Mustang Supply, Inc.

Mustang Mobility

  • Building a better mousetrap doesn’t have to be expensive — and you can do it yourself.

Mustang Gt

  • A lesson in how to capitalize on a winner.

Gt Jubilee

  • 1966 Convertibles from Ken and Charlene Johnson and Bill Meyers, Michael Lee Bacon’s 1968 Fastback, John Lindsey’s 1966 2+2, Tracy Whitsel and Wayne Ellis’s 1969 Sportsroof.

Without Hesitation

  • Ten years ago, Frank and Kathryn Deibert snapped up this 1973 convertible.

Lean Mean And Grabber Green

  • Andy Hutchinson’s 1970 Mach Machine

Return To Glory

  • The Motown sound of Larry Fisher’s 1965 K-GT fastback has meant an outstanding…

Lbj’s Gta

  • Tom Davis now owns this Presidential 1967.

Holley Technical

  • Understanding and rebuilding Holley’s 4150 series carburetor for the 1965-66 Shelby GT-350s.

Sealing The Seams

  • Keeping the wet out and the dry in.

Shop Tips

  • Squeaks and rattles at the latch assembly of the luggage compartment front access door (1965 Mustang — Fastback Models)

Shop Tips

  • Water leaks from behind the door trim panel (1965-66 Mustang with Deluxe Interior)

Mustang Monthly – June 1986

Major Surgery

  • Part Two in a series on Mustang floor pan and frame rail replacement.

Taking Care Of Business

  • This time, the new Mustang GT earns an A for effort after beating Carroll Shelby’s personal GT-350 convertible and staying even with a 1970 Boss 302.

Mustangs In The Heartland

  • The Southern Illinois Mustang Association is a keeper of the marque and these…

A Ford Man Finds A Pony

  • Jim Welch’s 1964-1/2 Prarie Bronze and Palomino Coupe. After all these years, the horse bit!

Get Tough!

  • Gary Armstrong’s ’68 GT Convertible. Out on the southern Great Plains, GT stands for…

Feels Like The First Time

  • Al and Shirley Tucker’s 1971 Boss 351 is very special because it always…

Acapulco Holiday

  • Johnny Rogers’ 1969 Acapulco Blue Convertible. Who needs a south of the border vacation when a twist of the key is just as much fun?

Getting It Together

  • Buckle up with remanufactured Mustang seat belts by Snake-Oyl Products.

Modified Magnifico

  • Russell Gill’s 1967 Mustang fastback — proof of what a little forethought will do.

Let There Be Lights

  • The convenience control panel is a flashy addition for any 1967-68 Mustang.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Miniature Concept Cars — 1967 Mach 1 prototype and Mustang II.

Mustang Monthly – July 1986

Rags To Riches

  • A lesson in replacing that worn out convertible top.

Get Those Juices Flowing

  • A burned-out wiring harness can stop your Mustang dead in its tracks. A reproduction main wiring loom from Eastern Mustang Specialty is just what it takes to…

Shift It Into High Gear

  • If your Cruise-O-Matic shifter has as much play from side to side as it does from Park to Low, a new set of bushings is all you need!

Regulator Relief

  • If rolling the glass up and down is beginning to wrench on your nerves, rely on a new window regulator from Pro Products, Inc.

Manual Labor

  • Getting the most from your stick shift Mustang.

A Pony Trader’s Good Luck

  • And Tommy Martin will Place this ’66 Fastback in a show to win!

Mustangs In The Sunshine

  • Winter Storage? Are You Kidding? Not when you’re a member of the Mid-Florida Mustang Club where cruising is something they do year ’round.

Shelby Hot!

  • There’s a heat wave in the forecast.

Big Six

  • For 1969, the philosophy was to walk softly and carry a…

Jolly Old Drop Top

  • Over in England, these Mustangs are few and far between. For Jerry Jarvis, it’s a chance to own a piece of the rock and a…

So Long…Sweet Chariot

  • Production of the ultimate sporty little Mustang, the SVO, draws to a close.

Major Surgery

  • The final step in a three part series — proving that no Mustang is beyond hope. A Wisconsin convertible springs to life.

Road Trip!

  • Will your faithful steed make the haul?

Pensacola ’86

  • For die-hard Mustang enthusiasts, the opening kick-off for the summer show season is a tradition on the Gulf Coast.

Book Review

  • Boss 429 Performance Mustang Style (Stephen B. Strange)

Mustang Monthly – August 1986

Skin A Pony

  • Rust and accident damage can take their toll. With a new quarter panel from Florida Mustang Connection, there’s more than one way to…

A V-8 Obituary

  • Is the Mustang V-8 a powerplant whose time has come?

Paint Primer

  • Understanding automotive finishes is knowing exactly what to do for your Mustang when it’s time to paint.

A Boss To Like

  • Jim Fareio’s ’70 Boss 302 is a very early production unit possessing a lot of 1969 features, it was also a magazine test car.

Hi-Po Tail

  • Half a decade ago, they called it Pony Tail. Today, Bryce and Kathy Cockerham have a new act called…

Red Was The Color They Wore

  • Jacky Jones sees red when he looks at his trio of low-mileage Boss Mustangs.

Smile When You Say That

  • Don’t bother asking actor Bill Bryant if his ’68 GT-350’s a real one, he’s liable to strap you in and prove it!

Fun, Fun, Fun At The Beach

  • Missy Collins’ 1966 Mustang Convertible drives a good time!

Turn Your Dash Into A Smash

  • Few Mustangs escaped the wrath of aftermarket stereos and mutilated dashboards. But do not despair, here’s a relatively simple way to do it.

Chesapeake Retriever

  • An original owner 1968 hardtop that still fetches the goods on a daily basis.

Book Review

  • The Mustang Production Handbook 1964-66 (Walt Bruegger)

Getting A Head

  • Ford’s new SVO cylinder heads for the Boss 302 — just what the doctor ordered.

Grime Fighter

  • A quick way for making short work of aluminum cleaning.

Mustang Monthly – September 1986

Hit The Deck!

  • Installing the fold down rear seat in your 1967-70 fastback.

More Mustang Production Facts

  • Useful information from the old Motorsports program.

Nostalgia In Napa

  • Having fun at the 1986 Nor-Cal Mini Nats.

Squeak Cease!

  • Handling those pesky upper control arm bushings.

Dis Is “D” Car

  • Ford’s short-lived 289 four-barrel low compression V-8 drop top.

Basking In The Blue Glow

  • Bill Lauck’s 1973 Mustang convertible.

Vintage 390 Gt

  • A powerful fastback for those suburban Washington streets.


  • For Matt Johnson, stock and original has a different meaning.

The Shelby With The Station Wagon Wheels

  • Jerry Heasley gives us a close look at an original GT-350.

The Only Way Is Up

  • Sprinting into a positive frame of mind.

Shoe Biz

  • Choosing the right tire for your Mustang.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • Fulfilling Mustang Fantasies — George Clinedinst’s 1/25th Scale ’66 GT-350S and Geoff Holmstrom’s 1/25th ’66 Convertible Conversion.

Sealing Your Fate

  • Kicking your Mustang’s smoking habit in an afternoon.

Book Review

  • Mustang Interior Restoration Guide 1964-1/2 – 1970 (Art Trantafello)

Mustang Monthly – October 1986

Good Housekeeping

  • Getting a daily driver engine compartment in tip-top shape.

Snakes Alive!

  • SAAC-11 pumps the venom in Dearborn.

Rear Axle Rebuild

  • Getting rid of the growls and howls in your differential.

Grande Finale

  • Reggie Prescott set himself another goal and achieved it.

Driven Daily

  • A quartet of some of the best daily drivers from both coasts.

Something For You On The Bayou

  • Jay Tracy’s 1966 GT fastback.

Oak Ridge Toy

  • Something special from California.

From The Salvage Yard To The Spotlight

  • A shining star, Mickey Graphia’s 1970 GT-350 convertible.

’87 Gt

  • A first look at Ford’s exciting new pony car for the upcoming year.

Heater Beater

  • Installing a new heater core in 1965-70 Mustangs.


  • Taking a look back at the old National Council of Mustang Clubs.

Club Roster

Mustang Monthly – November 1986

10 Best Mustangs

  • A bold look at 10 of the best from 23 years of production.

Is This The Next Mustang?

  • A sneak preview at the ST-16 front wheel drive.

How To Successfully Autocross Your Mustang

  • Cutting corners legally is as near as your local motorsports association.

Bondo Bloodhound

  • Finding the plastic down under through new technology.

Blue Streak In Red Stick

  • Something mighty special from Baton Rouge.

Coupes Of Grace

  • Classic lines from the Florida Space Coast.

Boss Two Nine!

  • A brawn and beauty package called 429.

E.T.S Come Home

  • Jimmy Henley’s Cobra Jet hardtop.

Half And Half

  • This is what we call tastefully modified.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

  • Tucking your Mustang in properly for a happy awakening next spring.

Six With A Twist

  • Jason Williams’ 1969 hardtop…a horse of another color.

Break Relief

  • Affordable windshield repair can be yours with the Kier System.

A Shelby For Me!

  • Living with a dream come true is reality for Norman Mankiewicz.

Mustang Monthly – December 1986

Building A Better Boss

  • Part 1: Rebuilding the heads for the street.


  • How to replace your Mustang’s dash-to-taillight wiring harness.

Lo-Buck Disc Brake Fix

  • Rebuilding 1965-67 Mustang four-piston disc brake calipers.

Yellowstone Mustangs

  • Mustangs from the big sky country.

Mach 1, Take 15

  • For Andrew Alcazar, Mustang number 15 is a Cobra Jet keeper.

Hi-Po For Show

  • Brent Halterman’s “1964-3/4” Hi-Po hardtop.

Tickled Pink

  • Thinking pink with a Playboy Pink ’67 Mustang.

Sharon’s Knight

  • A ’71 SportsRoof for Sharon Knight.

Dueling Nationals

  • Double Grand Nationals for the Mustang Club of America’s tenth anniversary.

Through The Years

  • A look back at the Mustang Club of America’s first decade.

Mustang Extraordinaire

  • The PPG Mustang from Ford’s Small Car Design Studio.

Luvin’ Every Minute Of It

  • When the basic six popper won’t do.

Mustangs In Miniature

  • A pedal car update.

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