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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 1989; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 1989

How To Rebuild A 4-Speed Transmission

  • Offload the Toploader’s warn bearings, seals, and synchros.

How To Upgrade ’87-’88 Mustang Stereos

  • A 60-second swap for better sounds.

How To Rebuild A Mustang Door Hinge

  • Make that door swing easier with a simple Ford kit.

How To Convert To Five-Lug Wheels

  • We replace ’79-’89 stock Mustang axles and rotors with SVO parts.

Gusto In The Gardens

  • Fine Mustangs, nice weather, good show at Cypress Gardens.

Cj, Before And After

  • The second restoration on a ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet made a difference.

A Need For Speed

  • David McCracken met a ’66 GT-350 seller halfway.

Street Duty Trans-Am Terror

  • Jeff Fulan’s Grabber Yellow ’69 Boss 302 storms the trophy circuit.

Gt For The Good Times

  • A certain ’65 convertible needed the Richard Porter touch.

Rainy Day Beauty

  • Dave Dickey’s ’67 hardtop has no problem with bad weather.

Saleen Simulation

  • Lee Stauffacher does research with his ’88 Saleen look-alike.

How To Install A Saleen Aero Package

  • Flex fiberglass muscle on your late-model LX Mustang.

An Index To Mustang Monthly For 1988

  • Ken Sluys’ listing of last year’s articles and topics.

Mustang Monthly – February 1989

How To Stop Fastback Roof Vent Leaks

  • A quick solution to interior water stains and floor pan rust.

Welcome To…”The Price Is Ripe”

  • …with your host, Carroll Shelby! Come on down!

5.0l Performance Parts And Hints

  • Bolt-on horsepower for your late-model Mustang.

Details, Details

  • Tony Dreier’s Silver Frost 1966 K-GT fastback.

Rent A Ruckus

  • Bob and Carol Jennings’ ’66 Shelby GT-350H.

Wish List Whirlwind

  • Richard Florence explains his one-owner ’69 GT-350.

Mustang-Itis, Shelby Style

  • Mike Williams’ two-decade affliction, and his ’67 GT-350.

Subject To Change

  • Jack Nowak’s ’64-1/2 Rangoon Red California Convertible.

The Duke Of Boss

  • Bob Perkins has created a one-man Ford kingdom in Wisconsin.

Track Time – Like The Big Time!

  • Go fast and have fun with no flashing blue lights in your mirror.

How To Identify Mustang Voltage Regulators…

  • Bob Perkins offers a concours guide to vintage equipment.

Mustang Monthly – March 1989

How To Pre-Plan Your Mustang Restoration

  • Looking ahead, in however many steps you need…

The American Pony Drive

  • A European caravan of Mustangs plan to join the birthday party.

How To Improve 5.0l Mustang Handling

  • First steps to benefit late model road performance.

Four Seats, And Nineteen Options!

  • A ’67 GTA convertible offers good looks and total convenience.

Racing Replication

  • Phil Roberts stays hot in his Trans-Am style Boss 302.

Marsico’s “Big 6”

  • A sixth sense tells us John Marsico’s engine is a workhorse.

By All Means: “King Of The Read” J.F.

  • Ponder’s ’68 Shelby GT-500KR sings a strong song.

Converted To Cobra

  • Bruce Weiss prefers his original ’66 GT-350 to a Ferrari. Of course.

Saleen Ssc – The Limited Edition

  • First views of a special 300-horse Mustang.

How To Identify Concours Electrical Pieces

  • An I.D. Guide to Mustang starter relays, coils, and distributor caps.

Mustang Monthly – April 1989

Pleasure Of Ownership

  • Bob and June Olsen found the ’66 hardtop they wanted.

Editors’ Choice

  • The “guys in the office” pick the Ultimate Mustang.

The Best Of 25 Years

  • In Photographs: Ford’s Finest Quarter Century

Brochure Twin

  • A ’73 Mach 1 was ordered to match the dealer brochure.

Premier Shelby

  • Bill Bush’s 1967 GT-500 climbs the ladder of perfection.

The Start Of An Era

  • Bob Deale’s Rangoon Bed ’64-1/2 Convertible

Quick Pony Goes Twelves!

  • Traditional Tricks launch a Contemporary Coupe.

Jet Propelled

  • Wayne Smallwood’s Cobra Jet ’70 Mach 1

How To Rebuild A Front Suspension

  • We overhaul the steering end of a ’73 Mustang.

Perseverance Pays

  • Byron Ruble insists on driving his ’69 SCJ Mach 1.

A Legend Turned Twenty

  • The Mustang ’20th Anniversary Limited Edition Model.

Rite Of Passage

  • Ron Messer’s Boss 302 eases his move from youth to adult.

Time Capsule

  • Vintage Champ from ’79: Clay Holland’s 1968 Hardtop

How To Identify Big Block Smog Control Parts

  • An I.D. Guide to 428 CJ and 390 GT Thermactor Systems.

A Mustang For A Perfect World

  • Larry Dobbs requests that we “Let him dream.”

Mustang Monthly – May 1989

How To Install A Convertible Top

  • We replace the soft top of a ’66 Mustang

Convertible Values: Is Blue Sky The Limit?

  • When the top goes down, the price goes up!

National Club Listing

  • Every six months we tell you where to find Mustang Clubs. Go join!

Treasure Hunt

  • David Wall’s top ranked ’68 GT-500 convertible.

Top Gold In Green Country

  • David Mordecai’s Lime Gold ’67 convertible.

Attention Getter

  • Convertible compliments are Michael Greene’s favorite awards.

Fun Wheels R. C.

  • Hill’s ’65 GT-350 beats ’em all, on four wheels.

Personal Choice

  • Raymond Smith’s ’67 Mustang had a color identity crisis. No problem.


  • This ’69 Mach 1 dream lets Gary Chase sleep at night.

The Quest For Kokomo

  • We go looking for Paradise in a new Mustang GT convertible.

Mustang Monthly – June 1989

25 Most Common Mustang Problems –& Strategies To Solve Them

  • We urge you not to give up the ship.

How To Adjust ’65-’66 Convertible Windows

  • Tilts, shims, and whammies to make ’em all fit.

How To Convert Late Models To Dual Exhaust

  • Factory pieces will convert an ’84 GT to twin pipes.

How To Brace The Mustang Engine Box

  • Gain handling through underhood structural stiffening.

Remanufactured Rollover

  • Steve Markham’s ’66 2+2 has led two lives.

A King And Two Aces

  • Mike and Suzan Taylor own Red, White, and Blue Shelbys.

Boss Problems

  • Not really, with Joe Prussiano’s 1969 Boss 302.

Street Concours Champ

  • John Murphy’s Springtime Yellow ’66 convertible drives home winners.

Medium Riser, Maybe

  • Dave Robb is researching the wild pony power in his ’67 GT-500.

Ford Man: Public And Private

  • Dan Elliott’s memory machine: a ’71 Boss 351

The Max Ragged Edge

  • Gary Clark takes his ’87 Mustang LX where few dare to go.

How To Troubleshoot ’71-’73 Air Conditioners

  • Repair hints and tips.

How To Identify Mustang Gas Caps

How To Identify Mustang Radiator Caps

  • Two guides for ’64-1/2 through ’73 restorers.

Mustang Monthly – July 1989

How To: Repair ’71-’73 Climate Controls

  • Fix-it tips for the two-in-one A/C and heater system.

The Hunt For Red Jet

  • Bob Petrie found himself on the trail of a rare Mustang.

Requiem For A Racehorse

  • Where is that 25th Anniversary Edition Mustang?

The Favorite Twin

  • Dennis Wilcox owns the better of identical ’65 GT fastbacks.

Tale Of The Twist!

  • From the archives of Ford History comes an unknown tale.

Storm Warning

  • Walt Wise’s ’70 Mach 428 SCJ Twister was one of 24 built.

A Boss… And A Half

  • Kelly Schultz’s ’69-1/2 Boss 302

Grand Touring, Automatic

  • Louis Salinas’ 1967 Fastback packs in the options.

Last One Out

  • Dan Elliott owns the final SVO produced.

American Pony Drive

  • Rolling, rolling, rolling…

A First Look: The “M-25” Limited Edition

  • One Ford salesman’s solution to the Anniversary Car gap.

Mustang Monthly – August 1989

How To Restore A ’65-’66 Console

  • A fresh center of attention for your Mustang.

How To Identify Spark Plug Wires

  • A complete guide to vintage Mustang ignition wiring

A Different Driver

  • Golf whiz Cheryl Pastore swings a mean ’67 Shelby.

Mustang Muscle: Past And Present

  • Does history repeat itself, or do Mustangs get better and better?

How To Rebuild A Late Model Carburetor

  • An ’85 GT four-barrel gets vacuumed and dusted.

Reformed Racer

  • Jim Thompson’s ’69 Mach 1 Cobra Jet echoes its past.

Classic Corner Cutter

  • John Van Prooyen’s vintage racing ’68 hardtop.

Boss Dream (Come True)

  • Scott Stefek turned an adolescent yearning into adult reality.

Hot And Hotter’

  • Mike Bell has a restoration mania for his ’65 Shelby GT-350.

May To September

  • Sal Lorino’s northern ’66 convertible travels summertime only.

Styling A Stormer

  • A weekend in the 1989 Saleen Convertible.

The Party Weekend

  • A report on the Mustang’s mid-April birthday celebration.

Mustang Monthly – September 1989

How To Buy A Used Mustang

  • Finding the right car, at the right price, at the right time.

How To Rebuild A Mustang Brake System

  • A ’69-’70 disc/drum guide for all Mustangers.

How To Replace ’69 Glue-In Windows

  • Swap ’70 bolt-in door glass into problem ’69 Mustangs.

Too Nice For Dirty Work

  • …or “How to restore a ’65 Hi-Po Fastback into retirement.”

Beyond Temptations

  • Bryan Reid’s ’67 Mustang hardtop survived its “teenage” years.

Clean And Low

  • The new Steeda GT Mustang offers handling, looks, and comfort.

Long Time Coming

  • Dave Samuel’s ’70 Boss 302 will never be gone.

Can’t Beat ‘Em? …Buy ‘Em’

  • Tired of coming in second, Tommy Gilstrap bought his competition.

E Stands For Economy

  • Jim Wichert has found a rare “Special Edition” ’69 Mustang.

A Matched Set

  • Mustang luxury, options, gadgets, and convenience for ’69.

In Search Of Mustangs: The Mustang Census

  • Celebrating ten years of research: a finished product in sight.

Just Maybe: The Rarest Muscle Mustang

  • The ’71 429 Cobra Jet Convertible.

Mustang Monthly – October 1989

How To: Build A Better Late Model 5-Speed

  • From standard to heavy duty transmission in 147 easy steps.

Mustang! – The Third Generation

  • Need a driver? A ’79-’85 Mustang may be your Best Bet

Fine Gt, Genuine Qt

  • Nancy St. Jacques’ 1965 hardtop is a California survivor.

Clean Machine

  • A concours correct ’66 California GT convertible.

Mustanger By Matrimony

  • Karen Weiss got a ’67 GTA to keep up with her husband.

Restoration Required

  • A ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet GT returns from competition.

End Of The Line

  • Jimmy Morrison’s ’69 CJ hardtop was a swansong GT.

John Ames… At The Top

  • With help from Saleen, this autocross ace intends to stay there.

Big Car Fever

  • After showing early Mustangs, George Kennison goes for a ’73 convertible.

The ’90 Mustang Gt

  • A performance tradition enters its fourth decade.

Mustang Gts Of The ’60s

  • Wild ones, unreal ones, bona fides, phonies, and the right stuff.

How To: Restore Cowl Vents

  • The sure and complete way to beat the soggy sneaker blues.

National Club Roster

  • Our semi-annual listing of national and international Mustang groups.

Mustang Monthly – November 1989

How To: Use Lead Body Filler

  • Auto body perfectionists prefer lead filler over plastic.

The 10 “Best” Mustangs

  • A panel of editors picks the top models of the past 25 years.

How To: Install Ford’s Short Throw Shifter

  • Motorsport’s upgrade for ’83-’84 factory five-speed shifters.

Fire And Ice

  • A ’67 GT convertible brings ocean breezes to a cold heartland.

Rescue Mission

  • A finally finished filly: Jerry Wilson’s ’70 Boss 302

Pearl Handled Six-Shooter

  • A ’66 fastback that’s out of sight, but not concealed.

Premier Coupe

  • Ross Myers re-campaigns the first T/A Mustang.

Golden Glow Of Success

  • Tom and Carol Podemski’s ’73 convertible

Mighty Dawg

  • This ’69 Cobra Jet will bark the tires in all three gears…

Wild Beauty

  • …is what they call a ’64-1/2 steed in southern New Jersey…

Cruisin’ The Coast: ’90 Asc/Mclaren

  • A new convertible with another name takes the high road.

How To: Detail A Mustang Exterior

  • Correct buffing and waxing procedures will make an old car new.

Summer Snakes On The Ski Slopes

  • The 14th Shelby-American Convention at Pocono Raceway

Mustang Monthly – December 1989

How To: Install A 9-Inch Rearend In An ’80s Mustang

  • Currie Enterprises has a stronger solution.

I.D. Guide To Mustang Rpm (“Rev”) Limiters

  • How to spot a vintage “engine governor.”

How To: Upgrade Your Four-Barrel Carburetion

  • A modern improvement for early drivers. The Holley 4010.

The Boss Turns 2o!

  • Donald Farr’ says, “Happy Birthday, Boss.”

Pristine Machine

  • Al Cogozzi bought his ’69 Boss 302 sight unseen.

Top Of The Heap

  • Terry and Cathy Pruiett’s exquisite ’70 Boss 429 Mustang.

By Dawn’s Early Light

  • Larry Inman found a ’71 Boss 351 in the wee hours.

Bonus: Boss Poster

  • Three years, three engine sizes, a commemorative salute.

North-South Connection

  • Gary McKee’s Candyapple Red ’69 Boss 429 completes a set.

Awesome Boss

  • Russ Briney’s mint, green ’70 Boss 302.

I. D. Guide To Mustang Undercarriage Detailing

  • In Color! We inspect a perfect example of assembly line originality.

The News That Fits – A Look At Club Newsletters

  • How Mustang groups communicate with the world of enthusiasts.

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