1999 – Mustang Monthly

This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 1999; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 1999

Five Hot Engine Combos!

  • How to build a rockin’ six or eight

Forceful Dream

  • John Force’s ’65 GT convertible

How To: Winter Storage

  • We help you slow the aging process to a crawl

’71-’73 Door Panel Reskin

  • Just Dashes can make your door panels look as new as your new carpeting and upholstery


  • Tom Jackson’s ’68 bench seat GT fastback

When Green Is Gold

  • Ned Bellenger’s ’70 SportsRoof

Red Runner

  • Dean Dike’s ’68 GT350 fastback

On The Road Again

  • The first Trail of 1999 is at Silver Springs, Florida

‘Round Town Mach

  • Tom Burger’s ’71 351 2V Ram Air Mach 1

The Daily Driver

  • Richard Wasserman’s ’71 sports hardtop

How To: Rebuild A 2100 Autolite Carburetor

  • Daily driver maintenance for your 2V-equipped V-8 Mustang

How To: ’64-1/2-’66 Mirror Upgrade

  • With the Pro Products reproduction Day/Night mirror and remote mirror, you can now have three-quarters of the visibility group

How To: Install ’64-1/2-’66 Lock Sets

  • An hour in the driveway will have your Mustang feeling like new again every time you slide your key in the lock.

The Freak

  • Brent Mullen’s ’97 Saleen Cobra

How To: Install An Lx-Style Exhaust On Your ’87-’93 Gt Mustang

  • Drop those dull turndowns for some shiny, polished, slash-cut tips that everyone will notice.

How To: Install A Vortech Supercharger On Your V6

  • Finally, a solution for those late-model V6 owners who scream, “More Power!”

Mustang Monthly – February 1999

Test Drive! ’99 Mustang

  • We drive the new Mustang and come away impressed

How To: Stripe Installation On A ’69 Mach 1

  • Simple steps to super stripes!

How To: Vintage Rear Wheel Disc Brakes

  • An easy disc brake swap for vintage Mustangs

How To: Four-Speed Rebuild

  • If your four-speed is used and abused, it may be in need of a refit

The Daily Driver

  • Jim Black’s ’66 2+2

Transition Shelby

  • Dennis Crow’s ’66 GT-350

Backyard Stallion

  • Dean Hill’s ’73 convertible

Think Pink

  • Debbie Carton’s ’67 GTA hardtop


  • Amir Ebrahimzadeh’s modified ’65 hardtop

Devil In A Blue Dress

  • Kent Miller’s ’70 Boss 302

The Completion Of Our Project ’68 Mustang

  • Our project ’68 moves under its own power for the first time in three years

’64-1/2 – ’73 Mustang Radio Block-Off Plates

  • When nothing is better than something

Cop Car Mustangs

  • Walk down memory lane with the Special Service Mustang package

25 Tech Tips

  • Make your Mustang better with these hot ideas!

The Things We Do…

  • Mike Doyle’s ’91 convertible

How To: Install Kenny Brown Front Suspension Spacers

  • Coil spring spacers that will give your Mustang the right attitude

How To: Install Steeda Caster/Camber Plates

  • Steeda’s caster/camber plates get our Modern Mach seeing straight

Mustang Monthly – March 1999

Mach 1 — Machines That Made Magic

  • We celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this Ford performance milestone.

Pony Trails 1999

  • Shake, Rattle and Roll! At the 35th Anniversary, we plan to shake up the neighborhood, rattle some windows, and roll through the North Carolina countryside.

How To: Performance C4 Rebuild

  • Mustang Monthly and Auto-Rite Transmissions show you the way to awesome C4 performance.

The Daily Driver

  • Matt Penick and Shelby Cox’s ’66 2+2

Fastback Fun

  • Harry Bassilakis’ ’68 Fastback

Whiz-Bang Mach 1

  • Ed Ragan’s ’69 Mach 1

Mean Go Green

  • Miles and Jane DeCosta’s ’71 Mach 1

Built For Me!

  • Elois Robinson’s ’65 Fastback

Twice The Fun

  • Al and Deloris Friedel’s ’70 GT500 Convertible

How To: Decipher Ford Part Numbers

  • When you are staring at that $100 intake manifold, it would be nice to know: is it for your car?

Car Show Travel Basics And Preparation

  • A look at what can make a weekend car show fun or a disaster

How To: Detail A ’70-’73 Tilt Column

  • The tilt column is one of the more desirable additions that can be made to a Mustang — we get one ready to show

Battery Beautifier

  • Give the Autolite look to your modern battery

1999 New Products Review

  • A visit to the SEMA show in Las Vegas gives us a peek at some goodies to come this year

How To: Replace A Late-Model Starter

  • A new Mean Green starter and replacement battery cables get our ’87 Saleen back on the road

Clean Machine

  • Bob Egleston’s ’90 Feature Car convertible

Mustang Monthly – April 1999

35 Years

  • The best, the worst, the trivia

The Greatest Compliment

  • Bill Gates’ ’65 hardtop

How To: Install A ’65-’68 Steering Gearbox

  • Flaming River’s new gearbox fills a much-needed parts vacancy

The Converter

  • Tom Cappadona’s ’68 GT500

Thirty Years Strong

  • John Marsico’s ’69 hardtop

35th Mustang Anniversary Celebration

  • Official Souvenir Program

More! Shake, Rattle, And Roll!

  • At the 35th Anniversary, we plan to shake up the neighborhood, rattle some windows, and roll through the North Carolina countryside.

Pete’s Pick

  • Peter Schwitzer’s ’68 GT convertible

The Daily Driver

  • Allen and Candi Colding’s ’68 fastback

How To: Replace An Instrument Voltage Regulator

  • A malfunctioning IVR can wreak havoc on your gauges, so here’s how to replace yours.

How To: Replace Vintage Seat Tracks

  • Put some slide back in your ride with new reproduction seat tracks

It’s Good To Be The King

  • Dale Rabe’s ’78 King Cobra

How To: Rebuild The ’84-’93 Mustang’s Automatic Overdrive Transmission

  • Update your AOD with modern Ford internals and quality aftermarket parts for performance and longevity.

Snake Bit Again!

  • More brawn (and more brains, too!) in the high-tech ’99 Mustang SVT Cobra

Beatin’ The Blues

  • Charles Kistler’s ’93 LX sedan

Mustang Monthly – May 1999

Small-Block Shootout

  • Cleveland vs. Windsor, plus engine building tips

The Daily Driver

  • Miles Onward’s ’92 LX sedan

Guatemalan Turismo

  • Randy Dunn’s ’67 hardtop

How To: Dual Reservoir Master Cylinder Conversion

  • Increase the safety of the single-reservoir braking system in your ’65-’66

How To: Detail A ’71-’72 Taillight Housing

  • The taillights constitute a large part of what you see on the back of the car

Pony Trails 1999

  • Disastrous Fun: Silver Springs was full of both fun and failure

High Impact

  • David Powell’s ’69 Boss 429

As Good As It Gets

  • Gary Campbell’s ’68 GT500KR convertible

Parlez-Vous Francais?

  • Sylvain Poirier’s ’73 convertible

A Guide To Ram-Air

  • Your source for cold induction information

Classic Mustangs In Vintage Racing

  • Awesome car show…with racing tires!

An American Classic

  • Pete Schmidtke’s ’64-1/2 convertible

R Is For Road Running

  • Hector Brignoni’s ’95 Cobra R

How To: Install Bbk’s Cold Air Induction Kit

  • Some dazzling chrome and increased performance are our afternoon goals

How To: Sn-95 V-6 Makeover

  • V-6 convenience with GT aesthetics–the best of both worlds

Mustang Monthly’s ’99 Spring Catalog Section

Mustang Monthly – June 1999

Good, Clean Fun

  • Pro detailing tips

How To: Shoulder Harnesses For Your ’65-’66 Mustang

  • Modern (and safe!) passenger restraint for classic Mustangs

How To: ’66 Mustang Seat Upholstery And Carpet Replacement

  • Cat claws and vintage upholstery don’t mix — trust us

The Daily Driver

  • John Rowe’s ’66 2+2

Work In Progress

  • Mike Bell’s ’65 GT350

Calypso Glory

  • Bruce Ward’s ’70 Mach 1

Eaten Alive!

  • Cliff Ernst’s ’68-1/2 fastback drag car

Modern-Day Plaything

  • Jim Clark’s ’66 GT fastback

Stickin’ To It

  • John Lowell’s ’71 Mach 1

How To: ’70-’73 Four-Speed Detailing For Concours Street-Driven

  • Since paint won’t rust, we’re painting the Lazarus Project’s four-speed so that it doesn’t look painted

Hardtop & Convertible Ski Carriers

  • In the realm of obscure option, the ski carrier attachment is certainly among them

Cowboy Country

  • We’re off to the 25th Anniversary Show for the Mid-America Shelby Meet!

How To: Low-Buck Mass Airflow Meter Conversion

  • Just getting started with your ’86-’88 5.0’s mods? Upgrade to mass airflow first and skip the headaches

Late-Model Styling Choices

  • If you’re looking to personalize your pony, look no further than these next six pages

Hot Jalapeno!

  • Steve and Shelley Anderson’s ’85 GT convertible

Mustang Monthly – July 1999

Find, Buy, And Fix

  • The experts are at it again, and we have their thoughts for you to review.

Got Insurance?

  • Quick facts for the most important Mustang accessory you can buy.

Restoration Redoux

  • Bernard and Rae Anne Tuite’s ’65 convertible.

How To: Treasure Hunt

  • Make light work of your Mustang parts trek by cultivating reliable sources you can count on.

How To: Salvage Yard Basics

  • How to attack that salvage yard you have eyed for a while.

Refined Classic

  • Carlos Little’s ’67 GTA fastback

Killer Vanilla

  • Bob Perkins’ ’70 SportsRoof 428 SCJ

How To: Carburetor And Ignition Troubleshooting

  • Jon Eyneart shows us the finer points of how to tune our V-8.

The Daily Driver

  • Joshua Green’s ’66 hardtop.

The Addiction

  • Bill Forester’s ’69 GT350.

How To: ’67-’68 Concours In-Dash Air Conditioning System

  • Project ’68 gets cooled off in time for the hot summer months

Wheels And Tires Make The ’71-’72 Mustang

  • Bias or radial, original wheel or repro, you have a choice

Six In A Row

  • Charles Young’s ’73 convertible

White Lightning

  • Jeff Hager’s ’90 GT hatchback

Pony Trails 1999

  • The Great Northwest: We are anxious to see if the folks in Bellevue, Washington, can top their best efforts

How To: Late-Model Steering Column Replacement

  • To correct auto theft damage or add tilt wheel, a replacement column assembly is your answer

Late-Model Styling Choices, Part Ii

  • Our late-model styling guide continues.

Mustang Monthly – August 1999

Learning The Hard Way

  • Jeff Gerber’s ’68 convertible

Weird Science

  • Fact and Fiction: Hype, myths, urban legends, lost-and-found lore, rare finds, and generally weird stuff

How To: Restore A Steering Wheel

  • Though we will focus on the wheel for our ’70 Mach 1 project, the principles will apply to all vintage wheels

Oh, Henry!

  • Jeanie McCain’s ’66 hardtop

The Daily Driver

  • Fred Wade’s ’65 2+2

The Million-Dollar Question

  • William Sharp’s ’67 GT500

Pony Trails 1999

  • Last But Not Least: Our last trail for 1999 is the Grand National Event in Houston, Texas

Pretty In Pink

  • Leslie and Vern Wright’s ’69 Mach 1

How To: Driveshaft Rebuild And Detailing

  • After a little dip at Revivations, the Lazarus Project’s driveshaft gets a new lease on life

Renewed Project

  • Scott Wilson’s ’74 Mach 1

The Big One

  • Charlotte was fun, fast, and furious — and we loved it!

Mustang Monthly’s New Restoration Project

  • We begin the trek with a critical evaluation and purchase

How To: Install A Dakota Digital Dash

  • When you’re looking for a custom gauge, this might just be the answer

Leader Of The Pack

  • Bill and Karla Puck’s ’79 Pace Car

The Modern Mach Project

  • Our ’90 white hatch gets fender-deep in concept drawings and parts lists

How To: Late-Model Driveshaft Diagnosis And Replacement

  • Inspect for damage and reduce vibrations with a Ford Racing Performance Parts aluminum driveshaft

Ford Racing Performance Parts New Product Review

  • A new name and new parts from your favorite factory performance catalog

Mustang Monthly – September 1999

Big-Block Blowout

  • Performance testing the 390, 428, and 429

Second-Round Excitement

  • Phil Howard’s ’66 GT convertible

First And Foremost

  • Paul Ingram’s ’67 GTA fastback

How To: Cowl Vent Repair

  • We show you how to do a patch repair

Cowl Vent Cures

  • Arming yourself with the correct information

Simply Irresistible

  • Sam Vassallo’s ’68 GT500 convertible

The Ultimate Mustang?

  • Joe Stehle’s ’71 convertible

Going Supersonic

  • Tim Wine’s ’70 Mach 1

How To: Budget Suspension

  • We help you rebuild your suspension on a shoestring budget

Mustang Wheel And Tire Guide

  • Your source for hot rolling stock and information

The Daily Driver

  • Ken and Mary Jean Wesche’s ’96 Saleen/Budget Speedster

No Bike For You!

  • Rick Kolb’s ’84-1/2 GT350 Convertible

How To: Head Gasket Replacement

  • Overheating can come from many problems, but the worst is a bad head gasket

The Mod Squad

  • The latest bolt-ons and hard parts for the 4.6 and 5.4

Pony Trails 1999

  • Back to Cowboy Country. Come along for the Grand National and our Texas-size trail.

Mustang Monthly – October 1999

Rockin’ Reader’s Album

  • Dozens of Mustangs inside!

How To: Brighter Gauge Lights For You

  • ’71-’73 The lights are on, but can you see them? We make things a little brighter

Unsolved Mysteries

  • Dave Norwood’s ’64-1/2 convertible


  • Darren Stanfel’s ’67 fastback

How To: ’69-’70 Sportsroof Rear Quarter Window Restoration

  • Kick up your boomerangs a notch!

Ain’t It Grande?

  • Russell Alton’s ’72 Grande

Like The Firs Time

  • Wes Alford’s ’69 GT convertible


  • Richard Keller’s ’66 GT350/H

The Forgotten Mustang

  • It’s time for a little respect as the Mustang II turns 25

How To: Prep For Paint

  • So, you want to paint your own car, eh?

How To: Build A Hot 390!

  • Ed Worthington shows you how to do the twist with your Mustang’s FE big-block

Supreme Saleen

  • Douglas Peters’ ’89 Saleen SSC

How To: Add A Power Seat Track To Your Late-Model Mustang

  • Have it four-way or six-way, but put your seat where you want it

How To: ’79-’86 140-Mph Speedometer Upgrade

  • Breathe new life into your early Fox Mustang

The Daily Driver

  • Suzette (and Brian) Hanold’s ’67 hardtop racer

Mustang Monthly’s Best Catalogs For Fall ’99

How To: Upgrade To Keyless Entry In Your Late-Model

  • No need to struggle with groceries and a ring full of keys anymore

Mustang Monthly – November 1999

Pony Tradin’

  • Roger and Matt Wilson’s Boss 302

Boss Bad Boys

  • They were once the best things going, but are they still?

How To: Install Subframe Connectors

  • Tighten up you unitized Fox platform for better handling

How To: Late-Model Shock Tower Brace

  • Shelby and Ford had their export braces in the ’60s; Kenny has one for the ’90s

Spirit Of America

  • Dave Zimmerman’s ’66 GT hardtop

How To: Replace ’69-’70 Floorpans

  • New, long floorpans for the Mustang Monthly resident ’70 Mach 1


  • Rick Titus’ ’68 hardtop race replica

Just Do It

  • Bob Myher’s ’71 429 SCJ Mach 1

How To: ’67-’68 Tach Install

  • Install a tach in your ’67-’68 Mustang with standard wiring

The Daily Driver

  • Joseph Groves’ ’66 hardtop

A Real Georgia Peach

  • Tony Garcia’s ’70 GT500

How To: Am/Fm Retrofit

  • Get great sound from your original radio and a CD to boot

How To: Install Haneline Power Windows

  • Crank it or switch it with solutions from Electric Life and Hotronics

Reviewed! Mustang Monopoly

  • Quiet evenings at home just became more fun

Mustang By The Numbers

  • Kevin Marti has a new book for ’67-’73 Mustang owners

Parnelli’s Perfect Pacer

  • Indy 500 Champion Parnelli Jones’ ’94 SVT Cobra Pace Car

How To: Power Window One-Touch Upgrade

  • Incorporate an express-down power window in your late-model Mustang

How To: Seal And Quiet Your Hatchback Third Door

  • Keep out the cold and rain and stop the rattles with a kit from Texas Mustang Parts

How To: Late-Model Door Hinge Repair

  • Quickly fix those worn bushings with the correct parts from Texas Mustang Parts

Mustang Monthly – December 1999

Best Shelbys Ever…You Decide

  • We want to know which is your favorite

All Rise

  • Tom Scuccimarra’s ’66 Mustang GT fastback

Second Time Around

  • Mona Fannon’s ’78 Cobra II

1999 Christmas Gift Guide

  • We assemble a slew of gifts that say, “They’re Mustangers!”


  • New York Fraternal Order of Police’s ’67 hardtop

Pony Trails 1999

  • It was fun and it is over for 1999

How To: Paint Your Mustang

  • Concours detailing and painting your pride and joy for show duty

How To: Identify Ford Removable Carrier Differentials

  • A closer look at the member that brings up the rear

Black Gold

  • James and Nancy Williams’ ’66 Shelby GT350H

The Daily Driver

  • Les Blankenship’s ’66 hardtop

Black In Black

  • Rick Schmidt’s ’70 SportsRoof

How To: ’79-’86 Console Refinish

  • Texas Mustang Parts and a can of charcoal gray lacquer paint give new shine to the old

How To: Exterior Door Handle Replacement

  • Broken door handles are common on ’79-’83 Mustangs, and fixing them is quick satisfaction

How To: Sn-95 Spring Swap

  • Get rid of those high-water springs with a set of Steeda lowering coils

The Boss Is Back In Town

  • Angie Tomlinson’s ’96 Boss Shinoda coupe.

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