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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 2000; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 2000

Screamin’ Stallions

  • Hot, hidden ideas for your Steed

How To: ’69-’70 Shaker Hood Conversion

  • Converting your Mustang to a shaker hood takes time, patience, and money

The Daily Driver

  • Randi Meekins’ ’65 hardtop

Setting The Pace

  • Johnnie and Rachel Garner’s ’64-1/2 convertible

Young Boy’s Dream

  • Eric English’s ’68-1/2 428 GT hardtop

How To: Spot A Fake ’65-’66 Gt

  • We look to see what makes a ’65-’66 GT

To The Second Power

  • Mike Paremsky’s ’68 GT500

Belated Mach

  • Emory Harrigan’s ’69 Mach 1

Pony Trails 2000: Y2k

  • The three-year, 30,000 mile checkup

Garage Improvements 2000

  • What’s new for your Mustang working environment

The End?

  • Peter Schmidtke’s ’73 convertible

Your 10 Best

  • We pick the most popular Mustangs ever and so can you

How To: Detail And Assemble Front Disc Brakes

  • The Lazarus Project gets street driver-detailed front brakes

How To: ’87-’93 Dashpad Replacement

  • Removing the dashpad insert is a bit tricky, but we show you how

The Price Is Right

  • Bill Price’s ’93 Saleen SC convertible

V-6 Upgrades: Dual Exhaust Conversion

  • Our supercharged V-6 gets California Mustang’s new dual exhaust kit

How To: Upgrade Your Sn-95 Console With A Dual Cupholder

  • Replace that ashtray with a dual cupholder

Mustang Monthly – February 2000

New Parts 2000

  • What lies ahead for Y2K?

Here, There…Back Again

  • Jim Reynold’s ’66 GT fastback

How To: ’65-’66 Deluxe Interior Pony Upgrade

  • Our ’66 project hardtop gets stylish with a seat upgrade

How To: ’65-’66 Rear Framerail And Trunk Floor Replacement

  • Years of abuse and rust can take their toll on this critical area


  • Sara and Dennis Conroy’s ’67 fastback

Across State Lines

  • Woody Woodruff’s ’67 GT350

Cuter Pewter Coupe

  • Theresa Marie Slaughter’s ’72 hardtop

How To: ’65-’66 Power Brake Conversion

  • Installing a new booster and master cylinder from Master Power Brakes improves safety and fun

Not A Mach

  • Dan Goebel’s ’70 Boss 302

How To: Install An Automatic Overdrive

  • Vintage fuel-efficient cruising is a transmission swap away

Pony Trails 2000: Cherry Blossoms And Wild Horses

  • Central Georgia is gorgeous in the spring and we’ll be there

How To: Vintage Suspension Detail

  • Lazarus gets a new-looking suspension

Day In, Day Out

  • Richard Ashton’s ’90 GT convertible

How To: ’79-’93 Heater Core Replacement

  • We delve deep inside the Fox Mustang dash to extricate a leaky heater core

How To: Replace A ’79-’93 Ignition Switch Assembly

  • A faulty ignition switch can create a myriad of electrical problems

Mustang Monthly – March 2000

Mustang Monthly Contest

  • Test Drive 6 for PC & Playstation Packs in the Fords

The Mustang Experience

  • How readers caught fever: Jeff Ford, Dave Bruno, Michael Digrazia, Greg Flessante, Jim Reminga and Marcelino reminisce

Honey West

  • Jeanie William’s honey of a 1965 Honey Gold drop-top.

How To: Torque Boxes For A ’65-’66 Hardtop

  • Project ’66 gets a more stable ride thanks to the convertible torque boxes

Gold Rush

  • Scott Nelson’s ’68 GT hardtop: There’s gold in the hills around Gig Harbor

White Shadow

  • Terry Green’s ’69 Mach 1

All That Is Gold

  • James and Nancy Williams’ Hertz ’66 GT350: Black Gold is a Virginian’s cup of tea

How To: Build A Brute C6

  • Make the most of Ford’s toughest automatic transmission


  • Floyd Wallace’s ’71 convertible

The Daily Driver

  • Bill Collins’ ’65 fastback

How To: Maintenance Basics

  • Mustang Monthly helps you keep your Pony healthy

The Mustang Paper Chase

  • All the Mustang paper fit to print


  • Rob Hamilton’s ’96 Cobra is an SVT Superhero

How To: Replace Late-Model T-Top Weatherstrip

  • Thanks to Daniel Carpenter Reproductions, T-top owners can once again wash their cars

Pony Trails 2000: Wild Horses In The Peach State

  • The place to be on March 19th will be Macon, Georgia

Mustang Monthly – April 2000

Gt Mystique

  • The GT from 1965 to yesterday

How To: Swap In A Manual Transmission

  • Ditch the slush box and do your driving manually with answers from Mustangs Etc and California Pony Cars

Executive Privilege

  • Alice Cline’s ’66 hardtop

Stepping Back

  • J.W. Williams’ ’70 Boss 429

How To: ’71-’73 Headliner Install

  • We put new ginger liner and sail panels in the Lazarus Project

How To: Help Us Help You

  • Readers’ Surveys are the way you make this your magazine

Pony Trails 2000: Surprize!

  • We throw you a curveball with an additional trail

It’s Dusk

  • Melony Clauson’s ’67 convertible

Brown Sugar

  • Landon Saling’s ’78 King Cobra


  • Harry Hiney’s ’65 GT-350

How To: Rebuild An 8-Inch Differential

  • Richmond Gear and A&M Gear Service show you how

How To: ’65-’68 Core Support Replacement

  • The sheetmetal repairs on our ’66 continue with a new core support, inner fender apron, and front framerail patch

Special Performance

  • Tom and Donna Gouldy’s ’89 Special Service Vehicle

How To: Late-Model A/C Diagnosis

  • We find out what can go wrong in a typical A/C system

How To: Fix Your ’87-’93 Console-Mounted Ashtray Door

  • MavroMont Industries has a one-size-fix-all kit for your broken ashtray door

Mustang Monthly – May 2000

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Production oddities were more common than you think

Tech Tips 2000

  • Our top tips for vintage and late-model owners


  • Scott and Debbie Morton’s ’65 convertible

Yellow! Wow!

  • Nickey Ring’s ’69 Shelby GT500

How To: Replace Your ’65-’68 Convertible Top

  • We follow along as a ’65 Mustang gets its top replaced

How To: Buff Your Fresh Paint To A Mirror Finish

  • We grappled with the paint process and won — now we attack the orange peel


  • Charlie Jones’ ’69 Boss 302

Confessions Of The Converted

  • Peter Faull’s ’68 GT fastback

Pony Trails 2000: Trails, Trails And More Trails

  • May and June are busy months with three solid trails

In The Wrapper

  • Bob Perkins’ ’73 2.8-mile convertible

How To: ’71-’73 Rear Suspension Detailing

  • Rear suspension and a gas tank go to make our project a rolling chassis

Guide To Mustang Floor Mats

  • Do you prefer paper or plastic?

How To: Glue In Glass

  • We install a glue-in windshield on our ’72 Mach 1 Lazarus Project

Reflections Of…

  • Dave and Kathy Boucher’s ’98 Cobra coupe

Special Report: ’99 Cobra Recall On Film!

  • We follow a ’99 Cobra owner through the process of fixing his gelded Pony

Best Catalogs!

  • We give you the best our advertisers have to offer

How To: Saleen Ground Effects

  • When life hands you lemons, make a juiced-up Saleen look-alike

Mustang Monthly – June 2000

Special Section: Mustang & Fords Parts And Services Directory

  • Clubs and car parts for your information

Pony Tales

  • In Search of Mustangs: Remembering those elusive ’64-’65 World’s Fair Mustangs; New kid on the block: Race Parts 2; ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet Registry Updated!; Virginia Mustang Club honored by Eagle One; Wings and Wheels 2000

Powerfully Pewter

  • James Thomas ’72 Mach 1

Racing Legends!

  • Trans-Am legends Parnelli Jones and George Follmer speak out!

How To: ’65-’67 Woodgrain Steering Wheel Restoration

  • Part of our Deluxe interior conversion, a woodgrain steering wheel is a must

Moss Is Boss

  • Dennis Field’s ’67 hardtop

Show-Time Mach

  • Ray Powers’ ’69 Mach 1

The Darndest Thing

  • John and B.G. Skavlem’s unrestored ’66 Sprint hardtop

High Bid Takes It

  • Lindsey Bradley’s ’68 GT500KR

How To: ’67-’68 In-Dash Driver Air Conditioning

  • Cooler temps, 134a, and a new system from Classic Auto Air

How To: ’71-’73 Mach 1 And Sport Hardtop Hood Stripes

  • Jazz up a killer hood with a little war paint

Pony Trails 2000: North And West

  • June is a busy month and we prove this with two trails

Saleen And Mean

  • Carol Peters’ ’90 Saleen

How To: Get 347 Cubes From Your 302

  • The Coast High Performance Smog 347 stroker is a quick, yet stealthy, means to power

How To: White Face Gauges In Your ’94-’98

  • BBK performance brings you the white knight

Mustang Monthly – July 2000

Pony Tales

  • In Search of Mustangs: Remembering those ’70 Mach 1 Twister Specials; Silicone Brake Fluid Information Update; Test Drive 6 Game Contest Winners Announced; Netstang

Total Big-Block Guide

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the big-inch monsters

Making The Grade

  • Gary Bowman’s ’65 convertible

Pony Trails 2000: The Big One

  • July and Mustangs Northwest bring us to the largest trail we do

How To: ’65-’66 Six To V-8 Front Suspension Upgrade

  • Our ’66 hardtop goes uptown with a fresh V-8-specific front suspension


  • Dutch Solomon’s ’66 GT350

The Substitute

  • Kurt Huber’s ’69 convertible

Seat-Of-The-Pants Shock Comparison

  • Make the most of ride and handling with pointers from Mustangs Plus

Back On Track

  • Peter Bak’s ’68 hardtop

How To: Shaker Ram-Air Restoration

  • Restore a shaker with Rattle Can Black, Ford Corporate Blue and some sweat

How To: Repair A ’71-’73 Rubber Bumper

  • The Spoiler-Bumper was first seen on the ’71 Mach 1 and usually needs some repair — we show you how

Never Say Never

  • Mark Provenzano’s ’78 King Cobra convertible

Drag Racing Basics

  • Find out what your Mustang can do in the ultimate test of speed

Generation Next

  • Danny Barnhill’s ’83 GT convertible

Silver Bullet

  • The FR500 is an experiment in power, poise and what if

How To: Sn-95 Performance Shock And Strut Upgrade

  • Tokico shocks and struts and Steeda adjustable caster/camber plates help our ’97 GT hug the road

Mustang Monthly – August 2000

Pony Tales

  • New Ertl 1:18 Bullitt Mustang; Color Me a MUSTANG Coloring Book; Netstang: SVT Cobra Mustang Club; Department of Corrections: GT Mystique Mistakes; Mustang Monthly Index Search; Mustang Love: Jill Zaremba and David Mosley; In Search of Mustangs: Late 1965 generator-equipped coupe, VIN Misstamp/Restamp

Essential Buyer’s Guide

  • If you’re looking for a first Mustang, or for another Mustang, then this is for you

Mustang Monthly’s Guide To The Best Cylinder Heads

  • Small-block Ford heads for the street are now plentiful

How To: Vintage Mustang Shock Tower Repairs

  • Get rid of torch blow holes with a simple welding job


  • Forrest Jackson’s ’65 hardtop

Grand Turismo Performance

  • Jerry and Ranee Maddox’s ’69 Mustang GT convertible

Slip Of The Lip

  • Frank and Cheryl Chamberlain’s ’69 Shelby GT350 SportsRoof

Black And White

  • Thomas and Lori Bozzi’s ’67 hardtop

Bad Boy Boss

  • John Pellicano’s ’71 Boss 351

’65-’73 Electronic Ignition Conversion Choices

  • Want to permanently throw away those points? We thought so.

Should You Go (To) Versailles?

  • We ask, is the most popular rearend swap all it’s cracked up to be?

How To: Rebuild Your ’65-’73 Starter

  • Bad news–it won’t start: now what?

How To: 351 Cleveland Roller Conversion

  • Friction and poor geometry make a roller cam a good idea in your Cleveland-powered Mustang


  • Scott Moen’s ’84 20th Anniversary convertible

How To: Install Baer Brakes

  • Baer Claws make a huge difference in late-model Mustang performance

How To: Feature Car Rear Wing Installation

  • Your Mustang doesn’t need vibrant paint to have one of these wings gracing its flanks.

Pony Trails 2000!: Last But Not Least

  • Raleigh’s MCA Grand National is our last fling ’til January

Mustang Monthly – September 2000

Pony Tales

  • In Search of Mustangs: Cobra Jet Changed the Mustang’s Performance Image; Book Release Bonanza: SVT Mustang Cobra Recognition Guide 1993-2000, Boss 302 Registry, The Mustang 5.0 Technical Reference & Performance Handbook; Netstang: Mustangplace.com; Dave Poel’s Restoration Flow Chart; NMRA’s New Digs

Boss 302 Vs. Z/28

  • Mustang Monthly pits the Trans-Am champs together in a desert storm shootout to determine who would be king. Larry Gray’s ’70 Boss squares off against Richard Wolf’s ’69 Chevy.

How To: Modified Engine Detailing

  • Surely, there can’t be much to say on this subject, right? Wrong.

How To: Install An Export Brace And A Monte Carlo Bar

  • Believe it or not, an export brace and a Monte Carlo bar from California Mustang improve handling, not to mention strength

How To: Bulletproof 8-Inch Differential

  • Currie Enterprises shows you the formula for little brother’s success


  • Gary Bowman’s ’66 GT convertible

Seein’ Green

  • Bobbie and Gary Richart’s ’68 GT convertible

Long Hard Ride

  • Sam White’s ’70 Trans-Am Boss 302: Parnelli Jones’ No. 15: history’s most famous Trans-Am racer returns.

Doin’ Hard Time

  • Charles Guenther’s ’78 Ghia

Get In, Shut Up & Hold On

  • Andrew Carrano’s ’67 GT500 fastback

Pony Trails 2000: Let’s Ride!

  • Raleigh’s MCA Grand National is our last fling ’til January

How To: ’69-’70 Boss 302 Engine Detailing

  • A nuts-and-bolts (as well as a paint-and-primer) guide to that favorite engine

How To: Install An Efi Nitrous Kit

  • Bottle-feed your Mustang and beat them with some “giggle gas”

Ain’t Messin’ Around

  • Richard Shane’s ’96 Cobra

How To: Steeda Timing Adjuster Installation

  • Budget 4.6 tweaks for the performance crowd

How To: Tune Your Mustang With A Computer Chip

  • Superchips has the answer to your Mustang’s performance and driveability concerns

Mustang Monthly – October 2000

Small-Block Power

  • The stats, the VINs, the variables, the facts

How To: ’65-’66 V-8 Rear Suspension Conversion/Upgrade

  • When converting to V-8 power, the suspension and the brakes have to be able to handle it

Not An Option

  • William Greer’s ’72 convertible

How To: Door Window Glass Swap

  • When the glass slips-slops, it’s time for a swap

Flexing Muscle

  • Nick Kirby’s ’65 fastback: This K-Code Mustang offers plenty of fun for the road

Fiber Flight

  • Jim Uliano’s ’66 GT350: In the words of Carroll Shelby, “These cars are made to be driven.”

How To: Engine Bay Detailing

  • Lazarus, our ’72 Mach 1 project car, gets the final touches that make the bay beautiful

Positive Affirmation

  • Ted and Carol Overstreet’s ’69 Mach 1: Like Ted, this Mach is a survivor

How To: Plan For Ponies, Part One In A Five-Part Series

  • Mustang Monthly and Mike Morgan Motorsports show you how to plan for and build in real-world power

We’ll See…

  • Ross and Brian Childers’ ’67 GT

How To: Restore ’70 Mach 1 Cladding

  • Tips and tricks on how to restore this distinctive package

Automatically Better

  • LenTech keeps the AOD’s good qualities and banishes the bad

Laser Surgery

  • Bernie and Grace Burl’s ’96 GT leaves a lasting impression

How To: Late-Model Rear Quarter-Panel

  • We install a rear quarter on a wreck recovery and wonder, is it worth it?

Mustang Monthly – November 2000

Pony Tales

  • Classified Classics: What they print/What it means; Paintball Tournament Winners Drive Away in New Mustangs; Break Out the Champagne: National Drivetrain’s Atlanta Grand Opening; In Search of Mustangs: What is an ’84 Mustang GT350?

Completely Gone

  • Inside the Gone in Sixty Seconds Mustangs

How To: Identify A ’64-1/2 Mustang

  • Understand the Differences in the Mustang’s Most Gala Year

Family Friend

  • Leon Spangler’s ’66 hardtop has made the rounds

Nothin’ Special

  • Dan Cundiff’s ’67 GT500

How To: Replace ’65-’68 Driprail Mouldings

  • We show you the tricks to getting your driprail mouldings off and on

How To: Plan For Ponies, Part Two In A Five-Part Series

  • Mustang Monthly and Mike Morgan Motorsports show you how to plan for and build in real-world power

Its Name Was Mud

  • Ned Bellenger’s ’70 428 Mach 1


  • Jeffery Alton’s ’68 Sprint fastback

How To: ’69-’70 Console Rebuild

  • It looks hopeless with the cracks, chips and missing parts, but is it really?

How To: ’71-’73 Dashpanel Assembly

  • Ford built them, then installed them–at least that’s what we think

No Bow Ties

  • Steve Herbert’s ’73 Mach 1

Real-World Solutions: Automatic Overdrive–Automatically Better?

  • Pros and cons abound when it comes to the decision-making process on an AOD.

2000 Cobra R Delivery

  • Can’t afford a 2K Cobra R? Neither can we, but we enjoyed the new-car delivery ritual with one owner

How To: Late-Model Electric Fan Conversion

  • Keep your 5.0 Mustang chilled with Interactive Systems & Technologies’ CoolPower Supercool electric fan kit

Call It Tradition

  • Bob and Rhett Searcy’s ’93 Convertible Feature Car

Mustang Monthly – December 2000

Pony Tales

  • Eastwood’s New Formula; Netstang: RestoreMustangs.com; More Mustang I Images From Our Great Readers; In Memoriam: Mike Cousins, National Parts Depot; In Search of Mustangs: Just What is “The First Mustang” Anyway?

Twenty Tips You Can’t Live Without

  • Tips that made us say, “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?”

Promises, Promises

  • Ricky Elmore’s ’65 fastback

How To: Install An Aftermarket Steering Wheel

  • Spruce up your vintage Mustang with a Lecarra steering wheel

How To: Plan For Ponies, Part Three In A Five-Part Series

  • Making more power with Hedman Hedders and a Turbo Exhaust System from National Parts Depot

I Hear You Knockin’

  • Bob Elliot’s ’67 GT fastback

Not For Sale!

  • Lary Coop’s ’69 convertible

Nobody’s Kid Sister

  • Ketty Latimer’s ’78 Cobra II

Shelby Tripp

  • Mike Tripp’s ’68 GT350 convertible

It’s A… It’s A…?

  • John Dorsey’s ’84 convertible

How To: Remote Trunk Release

  • Join the gang with your own sense of release

Pony Trails 2001! Fun Is In The Key

  • We hit Cedar Key, Florida, for our first trail

2000 Mustang Monthly Christmas Gift Guide

  • Make your Mustang enthusiast happy this season with these great gifts

Consoling Your Mustang

  • If you envy those folks who have full-length consoles and a modified Mustang, we have an answer

How To: ’71-’73 Door Assembly

  • Lazarus gets glass and panels to fill and cover the doors

Ram Air! Again

  • Shakers are cool, Shakers are expensive, Shakers are hard to find — unless you know where to look, mate

How To: Install A K&N Aircharger Off-Road And Racing Performance Kit

  • Get more air into your modular Mustang with a few simple steps

How To: Hood Lifters For Your ’79-’93 Mustang

  • Cleaning up the engine bay with two shocking ideas

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