2001 – Mustang Monthly

This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 2001; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 2001

Pony Tales

  • Super Job with the Super Crew: Sergio Gutierrez of Guti Automotive Group; That had to hurt!: Peter Tostaine’s salute to his Grabber Green Metallic ’71 Mach; Dept of Corrections: Oct 2000’s V-6 History Lesson; Netstang: Dyno Max Performance Exhaust

Pony Trails 2001: Fun Is The Key

  • We hit Cedar Key, Florida, for our first trail.

Winning Best Of Show

  • Expert tips on: cleaning, detailing, and preplanning

Pony Trails 2000: What It Was And More

  • Fun, frustration, and funky ways to go marked the 2000 trails


  • Wendell Malmberg’s ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet GT fastback

How To: ’65-’68 Automatic Shifter Rebuild

  • Cure that shifter slop and dress it up with new parts from Texas Mustang Parts

Five Oh Six-Six

  • Jim Menke’s modified ’66 convertible

Blue Oval Pedigree

  • Emory Harrigan’s ’69 Mach 1


  • Kent Hatchett’s ’70 GT500

Restored? Naw…

  • Richard Waddles’s ’72 Mach 1

How To: ’71-’73 Interior Install

  • Lazarus gets its guts, and we get one step closer to completing the project

New Tag In Town

  • E.C.S. Automotive Concepts has taken on the tags and won

How To: Plan For Ponies, Part Four In A Five-Part Series

  • Power comes from installing Edelbrock Performer RPM cylinder heads

How To: Stainless Steel Brakes Six-Cylinder Disc Brake Conversion

  • Now the thousands of six-cylinder Mustangs out there can have the safety of disc brakes

Black Mamba

  • Tim Glenn’s ’92 SAAC Snake

Having A Stroke

  • Dial more displacement into your engine build

How To: Late-Model A/C Repair

  • Replace your evaporator, lines, and seals yourself, and save big bucks

Mustang Monthly – February 2001

Pony Tales

  • Bullitt bites the bullet, sort of…; Netstang: Kantner Auto Products and Classic Car Puzzles; Department of Corrections: October 2000 Cover Car; It’s Madness, I tell you!: Midtown Madness 2; Slot Car Fun for the winter; Attention, ’70 Mach 1 Owners: New Registry; In Search of Mustangs: Understanding warranty plates and certification stickers.

Power Packages

  • Power and poise from mild to wild

Summer Breeze

  • Sara and Dennis Conroy’s ’65 convertible

Blue Past You

  • Jim Faline’s ’66 Shelby GT350

From Great To Wreck To Gold

  • Dennis Fields’ ’67 Hardtop

Pony Trails 2001: Lots O’bloomin’ Fun

  • We liked the Macon show so much last year, we had to go back

How-To: Deals On Wheels

  • A 351-4V four speed Mach 1 for $7,500? Yeah, right

The Small-World View

  • Bill Genard’s ’70 Mach 1


  • David Lashlee’s ’72 convertible

How-To: Tank Armor Installation

  • Reinforce your trunk floor, and gain valuable protection from your stock fuel tank

Real-World Solutions: Quarter-Panel Repairs

  • Patch panel, skin, or full quarter — options abound for repairing your rusty flanks

How-To: Subframe Connectors On A ’69-’70

  • Chassis flex is a thing of the past in Project ’70

How-To: Plan For Ponies, Part Five In A Five-Part Series

  • Mustang Monthly and Mike Morgan Motorsports show you how to plan for and build real-world power

Plain, White Wrapper

  • Rick Tousley’s ’86 GT convertible

How-To: High-Output Alternator Upgrade

  • Increase your late-model alternator output with minimal input

How-To: 3.8 Super Six = 325 Hp!

  • We’re going to show you how to get more from your 3.8L Essex V-6

Mustang Monthly – March 2001

Pony Tales

  • Registry Updates: The Third Generation Registry; Summit All Stars: Calling All Cars; Netstang: Snap-On Tools; Department of Corrections: Jan 01 Paint OK stamp; MM & FF Auto Show Spectacular; In Search of Mustangs: The Truth About Transition


  • Behold Paul Faessler’s ’65 Shelby GT350 Thoroughbred

Pony Trails 2001: Blossoms, Carneys, Dogs, And Ponies — Oh, My!

  • Macon is a great one-day show; you should be there!

Gift Horse

  • Kay Jones’ ’66 hardtop: Presents from husbands come in all shapes and sizes

How-To: Cowl Repair For ’65-’68 Mustangs

  • Once again, we tackle the common problem of leaking cowl vents

Ol’ Yeller

  • As faithful as a good huntin’ dog, Gary Dempsey’s ’68 fastback just keeps on keepin’ on

How-To: ’65-’66 Front Drum Brakes — Rebuilding And Detailing

  • Project ’66 gets new dancing “shoes”

Special Section: 2001 Mf/Mm Parts & Services Directory

  • The newest and hottest parts PLUS club listings and other services!

How-To: ’69-’70 Dashpanel Restoration

  • We fit Project ’70 with an (almost) good-as-new dashpad

How-To: ’71-’73 Sportsroof Trunk Detail

  • Closing in on the finish line, Lazarus gets its hindquarters fit with new and restored bits

2-60 Air

  • Jeff Smith’s ’69 428 SCJ Mach 1: No A/C, except above 50 MPH? No problem, when the car is CJ-equipped.

Steeda’s New Steeds

  • Dario Orlando and his crew at Steeda whip the ’01 Mustang into prime shape

Cool Chameleon

  • Brent Mullen’s ’97 Saleen convertible: Extreme Rainbow helps make this sportster supreme.

Pick A Gear, Any Gear: Manual Transmission Options For Your Late-Model Mustang

  • With the aid of some veteran transmission experts, we’ll help you decide what to put behind that hot Ford engine in your ’79-’01 Mustang. (Includes chart with specs for all World Class T5 Transmissions.)

Mustang Monthly – April 2001

Pony Tales

  • The Bullitt Mustang is a Go!; Netstang: Comp Cams’ Online Live Chat; In Search of Mustangs: First in a Multipart Series about 100001; Energy Suspension Mustang Product takes SEMA award

Buying The Right One For You!

  • We look at all the Mustang’s good and bad points

Appraisals: The Difference Between Cash And Crying

  • If you love your Mustang, have it appraised BEFORE something happens

How-To: ’65-’66 Taillight Panel Replacement

  • We finish off the metal repairs on our ’66 project and get one step closer to color

Pony Trails 2001

  • We travel back to Indiana and the SAAC Spring Fling

For The Road

  • Robert Taylor’s ’65 GT fastback

Candyapple Magic

  • Diane and Tony Stalnaker’s ’68 convertible

Small World

  • Karl and Diane Eisleben’s ’68 GT500KR convertible

Gee Tee Cee Jay

  • Bobby Spedale’s ’69 Mustang GT

Different Is Better

  • Nathaniel Key’s ’71 Mach 1

How-To: ’67-’68 Custom Gauge Installation

  • JME takes the guesswork out of making your Mustang’s dash stand out in the crowd

How-To: Tilt Wheel In A ’71-’73

  • Comfort and convenience at your fingertips

Body Beautiful: Project ’70

  • Project ’70 (aka The Silver Bullet) gives us a lesson in “needful things”

Svo To Go

  • Think it’s tough buying an SVO? Try restoring one. Bud Morton’s Dark Sage 1985.

Shift It!

  • Mustang Monthly looks at a variety of five-speed shifters

How-To: Modern Mirror Marvels

  • Spruce up your Mustang’s cabin with a high-tech rearview mirror from Interactive Systems & Technologies

Mustang Monthly – May 2001

Pony Tales

  • In Search of Mustangs: Second in a Multipart Series About 100001; Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Released; Balancing Blunders (Or how to spend two days finding the right tool for the job): Lug Centric Balancing needed for vintage Styled Steel wheels; Netstang: www.hagerty.com; There’s a new catalog in town: Year One; You can lock your car, but if he wants it…It’s Gone in 60 Seconds (now on DVD)

Take It Off The Trailer

  • Stop towing it, start driving it: Ed Hockaday’s Thoroughbred Class 1970 Boss 302 and Charlie Turner’s 1966 Paxton Supercharged Shelby GT350

Wild ’64-1/2

  • Roy and Brenda Curtis’ ’64-1/2 convertible

Pony Trails 2001

  • Happy Trails! Indiana, Pennsylvania and Steamboat Springs — a whole lotta rollin’

How-To: Carter X Fuel Pump Rebuild

  • When you have and X pump, rebuilding it is an option — thanks to AMK

How-To: Dyno-Tuning For Power

  • You might think it’s right? We show you that it might not be so.

Working For Scale

  • A scale Boss 302 to die for: Tim Boyd’s 1:25

Great Taste, Less Filling

  • Greg Scalf’s ’70 Boss 302

Dixie Cobra

  • Robert Waddel’s what-if ’72 Cobra

Mustang Monthly.Com

  • Internet junkies rejoice — we’re baaack!

How-To: Prep And Paint Your Mustang

  • If you wish to invest the time and money, you can still paint your own car.

How-To: Pin Letters On ’65-’68 Mustangs, Part One Of A Two-Part Series

  • Properly position your Mustang emblems

Mustang Monthly Spring Catalog Section

  • Spring 2001 Catalog Offer Expires on July 15, 2001 24 05 086 WAY-OUT REUNION Jim and Lisa Chism’s ’67 GT hardtop


  • Olivier “Scooter” Raoust Jr’s ’87 LX

How-To: Install ’94-’01 Turn Signal Mirrors

  • Let them know where you’re going with this safety and styling upgrade from Classic Design Concepts.

Mustang Monthly – June 2001

Pony Tales

  • In Search of Mustangs: No. 1’s were the Going Thing for 1969 — Third in a Multipart Series About 100001; It’s all about the colors: KS Reproduction’s 1967 Steering Wheels; Find your part or your money back! Garden of Speedin’s “Mustang and Mercury Cougar Parts Locating Guide”; PAINT OK updates; Netstang: www. paintscratch.com; Plane Crash claims lives of Top ACC Employees; Making Life Easier for EFI Mustangs: Summit Racing Equipment; Mustang Monthly in 1:64 scale

Factory Freaks!

  • Bizarre cars and combos you won’t believe! World’s Fair convertibles, Henry Ford II’s Coupe; Independent Rear Suspension Test Mules; Shelby oddities; T-5 SCJ Mach 1; 1967 Canadian “A”-VIN cars; Cool Cobra Jet; Weird Wheels; Slow Boss ‘9; High Country Special; Boss Lockers


  • Reggie Trigg’s ’65 GT350 clone: No, it isn’t; Yes, it is, and boy, ain’t it cool!

How-To: Correctly Install Pin Letters On ’67-’68 Mustangs, Part Two Of A Two-Part Series

  • For the ’67-’68, getting it right becomes more challenging.

Time Traveler

  • Bob Perkins’ 2,640.9-mile 1966 hardtop came with “26A” 1965-style upholstery.

Show? Oh, No

  • After restoring his 1969 Boss 429 to Concours Specs, Steve Lubbert decided that speed was the better option.

Seriously Styling

  • Michael Hall’s ’68 GT fastback

Pony Trails 2001: Rolling Farmland And Rocky Mountains

  • Carlisle and Steamboat Springs — two great places to trail and show

High Style

  • Michael Paluh’s ’73 Mach 1 sports all the goodies

How-To: Leg Room And Headroom For Taller Drivers

  • Shorten your seat pans and gain greater headroom

How-To: Select The Perfect Tire

  • P-metrics, plus-sizing, and where you fit in. Featuring essential wheel, tire and speedometer formulas and backspacing tables.

How-To: Stripe Your Steed

  • The Sport stripe adds appeal — unless it’s crooked

Object Of Desire

  • Leah Kappler’s Budget Rent A Car ’97 Saleen

How-To: Late-Model Engine Compartment Detailing

  • Make ’em stop and stare by show-prepping your engine compartment and engine

How-To: Lighting Upgrades For ’87-’93 Mustangs

  • Smoke, clear, or stock replacement — there are plenty of options for Fox Mustang owners

Mustang Monthly – July 2001

In Search Of Mustangs

  • For 1970, Mustang 100001 offers a few surprises — fourth in a multipart series.

Pony Tales

  • Catalog collection; Apology and Update: “How-To Dyno Tuning for Power” from May 2001; Department of Corrections: Charlie Jones, May 2001; New “428 Cobra Jet Mustang Registy” formed; Netstang: www.bmracing.com

Top 10 Dream Cars!

  • We pick the most desirable Mustangs


  • Cliff Freling’s ’65 T-5 Convertible: Ford sent the Mustang everywhere — except to Germany. (Includes history and 1967-1973 T-5 production figures by year and body style.)

Pony Trails 2001: Go Northwest, Young Man!

  • Back we go to the biggest Pony Trail of our season: Bellevue to Olympia, Washington in July

Media Frenzy

  • Paint and rust removal is easy with help from Diamond Sandblasting

Nuttin’ To It

  • Steven and Melissa Esposito’s ’67 hardtop is low on options but high on our list

Musclecar Territory

  • Jim Crouch bought this ’88 Sedan with one — OK, two things in mind.

Split Personality

  • Tom Jaworski’s ’66 Shelby GT350

Saleen Dreams

  • Steve’s ultimate Mustang performance for the masses: The S281

Boring? Nah…

  • Say what you want about the ’71 makeover — Cliff Peyton’s ’71 hardtop has grit

How-To: Install White-Faced Gauges

  • Add the Cobra look to your Mustang’s bland gauges

How-To: Body Panel Alignment

  • Align with confidence — we did, and so can you

Raven Beauty

  • Martha Lent’s ’69 Mach 1

How-To: Interior On The Cheap

  • We take Project Blue Racer and spruce it up a bit

How-To: Project ’66 Engine Compartment Detailing

  • With paint and bodywork done, now comes the fun part

How-To: Skin A Door

  • When a full door isn’t available, maybe a skin will do

Mustang Monthly – August 2001

Pony Tales

  • Shelby Misinformation: Corrections to June 2001; Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda?: 427 Dealer Mustang Ad; More Mustang I Rare Photos: Bill Wells shares photos and personal memories of the Mustang I

In Search Of Mustangs

  • No. 1 for ’71-’73 yields a few new surprises — fifth in a multipart series.

Cobra Vs. Cobra Jet

  • Pitting the baddest of the muscle Mustangs against each other for a quick look at who’s boss on the track and the street

Pony Trails 2001!: 25 Years And Counting

  • We see the countryside between Atlanta and Commerce, Georgia

Work Of Art

  • Gary Bowman’s ’66 GT convertible

How-To: ’65-’68 Heater Case Rebuild

  • Project ’66 gets heated up

How-To: ’65-’66 Vent-Window Frame Restoration

  • Replace your pitted vent-window frames in one afternoon


  • Mark and Tina Wilson’s ’93 Cobra

Superhero Deluxe

  • Jim Celentano’s ’68 GT500KR fastback

Velvet Hammer

  • Jim Ward’s ’69 Grande

Since New

  • Dan Ingearetson’s ’71 Boss 351

Soft Parts

  • Understanding the stuff that makes your Mustang tight and quiet

Long-Term Committment

  • Mark Hyde’s ’68 fastback

How-To: Maximum Motorsports Rear Sway Bar

  • Fine-tuning your Mustang’s rear suspension with Maximum Motorsports’ adjustable sway bar

How-To: Choose The Right Muffler

  • Now listen up! We take National Parts Depot’s Turbo 2-1/4 system and try a variety of mufflers on for size

How-To: ’69 Grande Beautification

  • What to do with your ugly rear end

How-To: Hoodscoop Your ’99-2000

  • The 35th anniversary scoop — a little jazz for your mundane mount

Mustang Monthly – September 2001

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Now that we know all about 100001, it’s time to move on to greater finds.

Pony Tales

  • Netstang: www.mustangii.net; Cobra ball joint recalled: 1999 Cobra and 2000 Cobra R; Mr. Gasket Acquired by PPI; Mississippi Coast Mustang Club wins Golden Rule Award; Mustang Tops in Sales on Ebay; Pony Trails Update: Awesome Turnouts in Wet Weather; Steeda teams up with Ford; First Love: Justin Cenzano’s License

Restore It Right!

  • We get with the experts and discover how to get the job done right. Advice by Paul Fassler, Jeff Ford, Steve Carre and Bill Feoretti.

On The Cover

  • When Steve and Rebecca Carre pull this ’70 Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet off the trailer, folks sit up and take notice.

How-To: Hide A Pertronix Ignitor

  • A Sneaky guide to Hidden Performance


  • Jerry Walker’s ’67 GT hardtop: Bucking the Stripper Hardtop Image with an Optioned-Out ’67.

How-To: ’71-’73 Back Glass Install

  • We show you how Ford did it and how we do it

How-To: ’65-’66 Five-Dial Gauge Cluster Rebuild

  • You look at your gauges every time you drive, why not make them easy on the eyes

Special Mustang Club Of America Section!

  • 25th Anniversary Program

How-To: Build An Engine Right

  • Avoiding the faux pas that can cost you plenty

Protecting Your Investment

  • What you should know about parts and cars

Personalization Plan

  • Frank Abraham’s ’65 fastback: How do you make a Mustang Fastback better?

Ii Cool

  • Bob and Vicki McLaughlin’s ’77 Cobra II: This here is a Jaw-droppin’, Double-takin’ Looker

Familiar = Family

  • Lohn and Karen Ringstaff’s ’69 GT500: Being There Makes All the Difference

Pony Trails 2001: 25 Years And Counting

  • Come on! Everybody’s doin’ it!

Camming It Up

  • A beginner’s guide to camshaft upgrades for ’89-’95 5.0L Mustangs

Radically Red

  • Virgil Griffith’s ’94 GT: Strategic Modifications Make a Balanced Show-Street-Strip Sizzler

Mustang Monthly – October 2001

In Search Of Mustangs

  • You’ve Seen the First, Now Let’s Look at the Last — First in a Multipart Series.

Pony Tales

  • Netstang: www.motorcityonline.com; I Love It When We’re Cruisin’ Together: CJ Pony Parts sponsors Pennsylvania Cruise-ins; Encore, Encore, Mustang Cobra II! (25th Anniversary); Year One Celebrates 20 Years; www.mustangmonthly.com Takes Consumers Inside SEMA Show 2001


  • Ford and Warner Brothers team up for the baddest GT yet. (Features Dave Kunz’s 1968 replica and Mike Epperson’s 2001 Bullitt Mustang.)

How-To: Project ’66 Dash Restoration

  • We continue the interior by freshening the dash assembly

How-To: Install A Hydraulic Clutch

  • JMC Motorsports brings you the invisible hydraulic clutch

Hot-To: Get Ports O’ Power

  • Here’s a groovy hidden modification that makes twist and doesn’t hurt originality.

All In The Game

  • Chris Hunter’s ’65 convertible. Playing around paid big dividends for this Mustang owner.

Royal & Ready

  • Roger Jacob’s ’70 Mach 1. Green doesn’t mean go for Roger Jacobs.

Almost Gone

  • This ’68 hardtop nearly slipped through Greg Snyder’s hands.

Hitchin’ Your Pony

  • A beginner’s guide to trailer towing setup and options

Special Catalog Section

  • Mustang Monthly’s Fall Catalog Section

Free-Flow Your 5.0

  • Our continuing examination of intake/exhaust flow improvements for 5.0 Mustangs looks at head and intake manifold options

Quality Is Job…

  • Don Smith’s all-original unrestored ’71 Boss 351 ain’t up to concours snuff.

Mighty Memories

  • John Raymer’s ’68 GT500KR fastback

2001 Cobra

  • In the immortal words of the Talking Heads: “Same as it ever was…”

Gettin’ Older

  • Brent Ewald’s ’84 GT 350 covertible

Mustang Monthly – November 2001

Pony Tales

  • Now That’s Art!: Design Factory prints; Netstang: www.428cobrajet.org/forum.html; GPT300 becomes Barry Grant; www.MustangMonthly.com takes consumers inside Sema Show 2001; Calling All Registries, Calling All Registries; 20th Anniversary GT350 Regional Roundups

In Search Of Mustangs

  • The end of the line for 1968 sends two Mustangs to New York and one to Canada. Second in a multipart series.

Hot Guide: Stock Or Modified

  • We show you the pros and cons of Modified and Concours cars

Nip And Tuck

  • Wayne Nipper’s 1966 Fasback features a Mustang II suspension and supercharged sequential fuel-injected 5.0 power.

Cade’s Quandry

  • Joe Cade’s 1966 Fastback is slowly returning to stock

Done Dowell’s Way

  • Chuck Dowell’s 1966 Fastback features vintage Ford performance mods

Done Dem Pony Trails: Part 1–Ocala, Macon And Nashville

  • Mount up for a look at where we went, who went, and how it turned out

How-To: Trade A T-5 For A Tremec 3550 Five-Speed

  • Easy to do when you have all the parts

How-To: Project ’66 Audio Upgrade

  • Our hardtop project receives cruising tunes capability via Custom Auto Sound

Just A Little

  • Mike Little’s ’73 convertible

How-To: Install An Intermittent Windshield Wiper Controller

  • DDK Technologies offers this slick setup for ’67-’70 Mustangs

Only You…

  • James Howard’s ’98 Saleen Cobra is the only one of its kind ever built


  • Mickey Chrisman’s ’69 Mach 1 takes us back to a grand time of brute factory performance.

Shelby On The Quick

  • Dick Berry’s ’69 GT-350 went from “boxes” to “beautiful” in no time flat

How-To: Dakota Digital Gauges

  • We follow along as the folks at Dakota set up the gauges for Project ’70

How-To: Add Rear Control Arms

  • Gain control of those unruly rear tires on your late-model


  • Jim and Earla Turich’s 12,000-mile restored 1966 Mustang GT fastback

I’m A Baaad Man

  • Mike Nunn’s ’67 GT351

Mustang! The Beginning

  • Recognizing and understanding the car that started it all — 1965-66. Features rare photos of early 1962-1963 prototypes and styling mockups.

How-To: Seat Covers

  • Keping your seats nice with Jean Seat’s Seat Covers

Mustang Monthly – December 2001

In Search Of Mustangs

  • A close-up look at the last ’69 Mustangs

Pony Tales

  • Sleeper Cobra R; JE Pistons/Sportsman Racing Products buys Carrillo Rods; Netstang: Mustangs Down Under ( http://www.chariot.net.au/%7Esaunwin ); F-350 Super Cab tows Super; Little Bitty Pretty One: Emma Erin Brink’s 1965 Shelby GT350 Pedal Car

20 Penny-Pinching Resto Tips

  • Wanna save money on that restoration? These tips will get you there. (Features the “Project Cheap” restoration of Doug Evans’ 1973 Mach 1)

How-To: Centerforce Clutch

  • Replacing the heavy-footed clutch with a light-footed version

How-To: ’79-’93 Performance Radiator Upgrade

  • Increased cooling capacity and ultimate looks are what you’ll get with BeCool’s Total Cooling Solution Modules

Pony Trails 2001: Carlisle, Steamboat, Bellevue

  • Oh, the scenery; oh, the cars; oh boy, are we tired

Performance Plan

  • Robert Cobb’s ’70 Boss 302

Wow ‘Em!

  • Larry Hanna’s ’67 GT hardtop

Yellow Fever

  • John and Sue Douglas’ ’72 Mach 1 HO

Holiday Gift Guide

  • Want something special for yourself? Copy thi sand spread it around

Gt For Two

  • Blown Hi-Po Power in Dave and Terry Ruffell’s ’65 Mustang GT Drop-Top

A 3000-Mile Pony Trail

  • The ultimate road trip? We think so, when you combine the latest Mustang GT, some of the nation’s most spectacular sights, and a full week of time

Last Of A Breed

  • The Final Year of Shelby Production is represented by Robert Stroup’s ’70 GT350 Ragtop


  • Improving on a great-American original — ’67-’68

How-To: Project ’66 Side Glass Installation

  • We reassemble our hardtop’s door and quarter window internals

Sanitary Sedan

  • Tony and Jossie Menendez’s ’93 sedan: Some folks just know how to make a car all it can be

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