2002 – Mustang Monthly

This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 2002; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Number Last — Fourth in an Eight-Part Series: 1970

Pony Tales

  • Back to the Future: Jaime McCombs’ Homecoming rides in dad Jerry’s 1971 convertible at 3 and 18; Netstang: http://www.californiaspecial.com ; Eagle One adds $1,000 cash to Golden Rule Award Prize Package; 8th Annual Ford and Mustang Roundup in Silver Springs: January 11-13, 2002; We Lost One of Our Own: Robert “Bob” Penninger of the San Diego SVTOA killed in Pentagon crash

Build It To Perform!

  • Winning combinations that work for the street, strip and curves

The Pavement Pounder

  • Charles Maton has one of the best in his garage: a 1971 Boss 351

How-To: ’79-’93 Quick Hatch Repair

  • If you’re using locking pliers or a broom handle to hold that hatch, you need help

Pony Trails 2002

  • Pony Trails! Up and Attum! A recap of the MCA 25th Anniversary drive in Commerce, Georgia, and planning for January 2002’s Silver Springs trail in Ocala, Florida


  • The Mustang’s first major redesign was a renaissance ’69-’70

Six Digits

  • Martha Vail’s ’66 Convertible Really is a Horse of Another Color: 1965 Thunderbird Deep Sea Blue

Ii Tough

  • Steve Tonkin’s ’78 King Cobra: Think Vintage Mustangers have difficult restoration jobs? Try it on a Mustang II!

Turquoise Treat

  • Mike and Jennifer St Clare built a visual delight in their ’68 hardtop

How-To: Cool Sn-95 Fuel Door

  • It looks like something from Star Wars and helps us add gadgets to an already cool car

How-To: Project ’66 Interior Wrap-Up

  • Our hardtop’s interior is completed as we gain valuable closet space at home

How-To: More Interior On The Cheap

  • Our ’73 Mach 1 is looking better and better; now we tackle that dash

How-To: Neat Seat Delete

  • Make your Mustang fastback a two-seater with the Shelby spare-tire insert from Tony D. Branda

Nine Years And Counting

  • Ron Stratton’s ’70 convertible has been a faithful companion for nearly a decade

Da King!

  • Larry and Lucy Weiss’ ’68 GT500KR convertible: A celebration of Cobra Jet power

No Clay Pigeon

  • Michael Clay’s ’96 Cobra coupe: This street-legal ’96 Cobra turned from hunted to hunter!

How-To: ’65-’68 Quick Door Repair

  • When good doors go bad, sometimes all they need is a bit of shoring up

How-To: Install Seat Track Extenders For Sn-95 Mustangs

  • The ideal solution for tall SN-95 drivers, these sturdy seat-mount brackets can be installed in less than one hour

Mustang Monthly – February 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • A close look at the end of an era: 1971-’73

Pony Tales

  • Mustang vs. Medicare? No comparison; Netstang: www.autosafety.org; Shelbys sold for peanuts in spain; Like father, like son: John and Kyle Sabo; Betcha didn’t know: rear lamp extension wiring; Department of Corrections: Jean Seat address correction

Low-Effort Show Stopper

  • What does it (not) take to wow them the easy way? We offer 20 surefire tips

Born To Run

  • Gary Schmidt built a tantalizing 351-powered 1969 Mach with that in mind

Cool Cloth Hardtop

  • Ed Heitz’s ’65 cloth interior hardtop

How To: Project ’66 Trunk Detailing

  • We “bring up the rear” of our hardtop project with the help of CJ Pony Parts


  • Big wasn’t just a body-size issue, but a displacement concept in an era when all bets were off: 1971-73

More Than Expected

  • Roger Maggert got more than he bargained for when he found this Pebble Beige ’68 fastback

Semper Fi!

  • Al Eckstrand’s ’70 Boss 429 Vietnam tour car

Belated Birthday

  • Brenda Gray’s ’71 Mach 1: Thanks to husband Daryl, Brenda Gray received her birthday present…29 years later

To Stop A Thief

  • Worried about getting your classic Mustang ripped off? We take at look at the current technology, which greatly reduces the chances of that happening

How To: Stripe Your ’65-’66 Gt

  • When you have to stripe a GT-lettered car, how do you get it right the first time?

Pony Trails 2002 Pony Trails!

  • Where to from here?

Canada 5.0

  • Brett Halbert’s tricked-out ’85 GT is nice enough to make all Canadian Mustang fans proud

As Shelby Does…

  • Tom Johnson’s ’65 GT350: thirty-eight years ago, a retired racer realized a dream. Today, a few of us are lucky enough to enjoy it

How To: Install A Late-Model Banshee Shaker Hoodscoop

  • We install a new version of the old scene and get better cold air and a cool new look

Mustang Monthly – March 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Why we’re so passionate about Mustang production information

Pony Tales

  • TMCN Mustang Grand Show/The Netherlands, 23 Sep 2001; Nice Guy: Kevin Mills; Going to NASA: the National Auto Sport Association; Bullitt Quiz Results; NetStang: www.fordvehicles.com/cars/mustang

Buy It & Build It!

  • So you want a Mustang, eh? Well, this story is for you. Includes a reprint of the 1965-2000 Mustang price guide from the October 2001 issue of “Cars of Particular Interest”

The $1500 Prize

  • Brad Izett found the proverbial hangar car — a Dark Moss Green 1967 GT350

How To: Alignment Basics

  • Handling and tire wear hinge on getting this geometry correct the first time.

How To: Install A Radiator And Electric Fan On A ’64-1/2 – ’66

  • Do you have cooling troubles on your ’64-1/2 – ’66 Mustang? Hot Rod Air’s radiator and electric fan package might be your solution.

How To: Performance C4 Buildup

  • Don’t let Dynamic Racing Transmissions’ name fool you: they can build a great street C4 for your vintage (or late model) ride.

Delete What?

  • A.C. Harris’ ’65 Fastback

Rocky Mountain High

  • Monte and Carol Sanders’ ’67 GTA convertible: The slippery sensuousness of a ’67 with the top down

First Timer

  • Steve Snider’s ’73 Convertible is the first Mustang he has ever owned


  • Bob Lamphere’s ’69 428 Cobra is an amazing first-class Mustang

Five Hundred!

  • Scott Kellys ’67 GT500 is a Super Bad Super Rad

Screaming Boss

  • Mike and Linda Hudson’s ’95 Boss Shinoda: Sometimes a little shouting out is good

New And Hot Mustang Parts For 2002

  • This year’s SEMA Show yielded plenty of cool bits to make your Mustang better. Here are some of our favorites.


  • Saluting the generation that kept the Mustang name alive — 1974-’78.

How To: Install An Intake Manifold On An ’86-’93 Mustang 5.0

  • FRPP’s ’93 Cobra manifold is a great addition to the intake system on your Fox-body 5.0

How To: Supercharge An ’86-’93 5.0

  • Entry-level boost provided by Paxton’s Newest Novi 1000 kit gives plenty of real-world street performance for the Fox-body 5.0 fleet

5.0 Power Combos!

  • We wrap up our three-part power induction-series with a look at the hottest cam, head, and intake combinations for 5.0 ponies.

Mustang Monthly – April 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • A closer look at four Mustangs that went to the Tour de France. (Also Ford Independent Rear Suspension mules, Alan Mann Racing Mustangs and Holman & Moody Indy 500 cars.)

Pony Tales

  • Founder of Stainless Steel Brakes passes: George Jonas; Ford Swapping: 23rd Annual Mid Ohio Ford Club’s Swap in Columbus, Ohio; Netstang: www.bullittclub.com; Caption Contest: Win a $100 Gift Certificate; Minime Takes Over (April Fools Item)

Daily Drivers

  • Tips on making the most of your commute

Mcleod Nine

  • 17-year-old Paul McLeod owns this former Mustang Monthly project car, a 1966 200 Coupe

Carburetor Basics

  • Pony Carburetors has plenty of insight on the fundamentals of carburetor performance and restoration for your classic Mustang resto project

A Learning Experience

  • The Carlisle Project is underway

Do What?!

  • Ted Bailey’s ’64-1/2 hardtop is just a little different

How To: Vintage Headlight Adjustment

  • When it all goes back together wouldn’t you like to be able to see where you’re going?

How To: Fuel Sending Unit Replacement

  • Replace that malfunctioning unit with a new one from Virginia Mustang

One Of One

  • Clayton George’s ’68-1/2 428 CJ hardtop has a special combination of optional equipment that truly justifies the title


  • Donald Hughmanick’s ’69 SportsRoof “600”: a Dealer Promo that didn’t meet the mark

Part Ii

  • Bob McLaughlin’s ’76 Cobra II. Who says the second time around is easier?

Desert Rose

  • Ric Heath’s Oh-So-Sweet ’66 GT350-H began lif in Phoenix. And it’s still there.

How To: Install Sound Insulation

  • Quiet down your Mustang with sound-canellation mats installed underneath the carpeting and inside the door panels

Resto Roundup Needs You!

  • You got a camera? Then get it out and send us some shots of your accessories!

Time Warp

  • Barbara Alvarez’s ’92 GT hatchback. Would you believe 10 years and 148,000 miles?


  • The ’79-’86 Mustang was crazy like a Fox

Pony Trails 2002: Indiana Saac’s 25th Anniversary

  • There are certain things a Pony Trail man must do; this is one of them. (Features photos of Kyle Aiken and past Pony Trails)

Hot Suspension Setups

  • Do you want to turn your Fox or SN-95 Mustang into a real canyon burner? These researched and tested suspension packages are a great way to go.

How To: Install A Dash Pad In A ’79-’86 Mustang

  • Dashes Direct now offers dash pads for those pre-87 Mustangs. Here’s how to put one on

Mustang Monthly – May 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • What does it mean when the numbers just don’t add up? Diagnosing those VIN / door tag mismatches.

Pony Tales

The 10 Baddest Ever

  • The editors and a select band of Mustang brothers and sisters make some choices.

Not As Delivered

  • Rick Schmidt’s 1968 GT500KR

All About Driveshafts

  • Inland Empire Driveline has all the answers for your powertrain questions.

How-To: Adjust, Maintain And Restore ’65-’66-Style Gt Fog Lights

  • Early-style GT fog lights sometimes need a little TLC. Here’s how to fix ’em up.

High-Tech Shocks

  • Edelbrock Performer IAS shock-absorber know-how is available for a majority of vintage and late-model Mustangs.

Super Hot Wheel

  • Hot Wheels collector Jeff Gibbs did some wheeling and dealing to help finance the buildup of his ’65 hardtop.

Gt A+

  • Bill Sebel’s ’67 GTA 390 fastback will blow you away.

Grande’ Touring

  • Call Robert Waring’s ’69 Grande’ a cut above.

A Restoration A La Resurrection

  • Tom Ross’ had his own Lazarus experience with his ’73 convertible.

What Is Hip?

  • Tower of Power asked the musical question Ron Kinburger’s ’68 GT500 answers with a go-go color of lime green.

How To: Rear Deck And Chin Spoiler On A ’71-’73

  • When you wonder where it goes, we have a solution — follow the factory.


  • Ramping up: the ’83-’86 Mustangs.

Pony Trails 2002: Well, Here We Go!

  • Indiana SAAC’s 25th Anniversary – Carlisle All-Ford Nationals – West Michigan Mustang Show — Whew, three in a row (almost) make for a tired but happy trail boss.

Mustang Experience

  • Carlene wise reflects on a ’70 428 Mach 1 Cobra named Lucille.

Special! Hot Catalogs

  • A great selection of the best catalogs out there.

Hot Chips!

  • Factory ECUs limit potential performance of stock and modified Mustangs. Let aftermarket chips release that untapped horsepower.

Mustang Monthly – June 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Do you have a ’64 Indianapolis 500 Mustang Pace Car?

Pony Tales

Build Your Own Eleanor

  • The real star of the recent “Gone in 60 Seconds” is Eleanor, a way-cool ’67 fastback. It’s now possible to build one yourself.

How To: Identify Power Steering

  • Helping you understand what makes it so easy to steer.

How To: Fix Your Automatic Shifter

  • We attempt (and succeed) in replacing the automatic shifter bushings while the shifter is still in the car.

How To: Gear Your Front Suspension For Speed

  • National Parts Depot and Stainless Steel Brakes help us get Project ’70 road-ready.

A Family Affair

  • Brian Barton kept his 1966 hardtop GT restoration project in the family.

A Tough Sell

  • Dave Cooper’s flawless 1968 Lime Gold convertible might’ve once been a hard-to-market color, but not anymore.

Made To Order

  • David Peterson’s 1969 Special Order 428 CJ SportsRoof.

White Knight

  • Steve Thibodeau’s ’72 Mach 1 has been through the ringer and comes out shining.

Orange County

  • This isn’t about a place. It’s about an experience. William Lamb’s ’69 GT500.

Something Borrowed, Something New

  • The Drag Pak lives again with Paul Svinicki’s 2001 “shaker Mustang.”

Wheels And Tires Make The Car

  • Upgrading from a 14-inch wheel and 60-series tire to a 15-inch wheel and 50-series tire makes a big difference in both looks and performance.

Pony Trails 2002: Northeast, North Central, Northwest!

  • Carlisle All Ford Nationals, West Michigan Mustang Show, Mustangs Northwest Roundup. This triple threat is the stuff dreams are made of and No-Doz was developed for.

Mustang! 1987-’90

  • Some of the Mustang’s best years were when it didn’t change much at all.

How To: Install Msd Ignition Components

  • With MSD’s plug-in wiring harness, installing a 6AL ignition box and Blaster TFI coil couldn’t be easier.

How To: Install A Mass-Air Conversion Kit

  • Converting your ’86-’88 5.0’s EFI system from speed-density to mass-air metering is a big first step for better street performance.

Clear For Takeoff

  • Saleen Performance Parts offers new factory takeoff SN-95 Mustang bits to upgrade V-6 or earlier GT models.

Mustang Monthly – July 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Understanding a one-of-a-kind Mustang Called “The Deuce’s Coupe.” Art Cairo’s 5F07K100148 was built for Henry Ford II.

Pony Tales

  • The Mach 1 Cometh: New updated late-model version; Our First YO Winner!: Barbara Alvarez; When We Make A Promise: Noel Sikba’s Pantera-drawn “Pony Trails” watercolors; Winner of the Caption Contest for May: Tom Talbott.

Top-5 Money Makers

  • 2002 Investment Guide. Featuring Stanley Gibson’s 1968 Shelby GT500 Cover Car Convertible.

How-To: Add Rear Discs, Springs And Sway Bars

  • Bulking up for some serious road duty can be achieved with key components from NPD and Stainless Steel Brakes.

Mustang! 1991-’93

  • Our retrospective of the last of the Fox cars.

How To: Ram Air Valve Replacement

  • Long gone from the Ford parts shelf, RK Enterprises releases a new actuator for the 1968-1/2 – 1970 Shaker.

How To: Replace Your Vintage Timing Chain

  • If you have an older 289, 302 or 351, the timing chain may need some TLC.

No-No Mustang

  • Jeff Kruger’s ’67 hardtop. From a Wrecked Hulk to a Show Winner, this Mustang was there for its owner.

Rolling Reference

  • Gordon and Helen Volkey’s 1964-1/2 convertible still documents its assembly-line genetic code.

For The Better

  • Gordon Trifts’ 1970 Mach 1. Selling an old Mustang turned out to be a good thing.

How To: Install White Face Gauges

  • M-Detail/The Mustang Market makes it possible to change your instrumentation’s looks in about an hour.

Complete Makeover

  • Steve and Angie Kiker’s went the full rags-to-riches gamut with this 1972 convertible.

Rolling Thunder

  • Christopher Cox’s 1965 Competition Shelby.

Pony Trails 2002: Mustangs Northwest Roundup

  • Bigger is better. Only one Trail in July? Sure, but Boy Howdy is it a Biggun’. Bellevue, Washington, July 18-21, 2002.

How To: Late-Model Quarter Window Repairs

  • The one part of the 1987-1993 Fox Mustangs that should have been better designed are the quarter windows. Here are two solutions to repair them.

How To: Jazz Up A Fox Mustang Body

  • Now that the 1990 Mustangs are 12 years old, many are in a position of needing to “do” something with the exterior; here’s what’s out there.

Pace Yourself

  • Jeff Pace’s 1988 LX 5.0 hatchback was made especially for driving.

Horsepower In The Mustang World

  • Engine dyno or factory power ratings versus chassis dyno. What’s the real difference between the numbers you get from each one?

Mustang Monthly – August 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Mustang Extremes: 1967. First in a series from the Marti Auto Works Database.

Pony Tales

  • Pep Boys Virtual Car Show 2002; Ford and Christie’s teamed up and offered prototypes to public; Netstang: Pete Disher’s 1968 Shelby Web Site; YO! Club Winner!: Cyle Neumann, Vancouver, WA; Wanna win $100? Here’s How…

Pony Trails 2002: 5th Anniversary

  • The Grand National: We Go to the Home of Speed

It’s Back! The 2003 Mach 1

  • Is it all that the old cars are – or is it more? We look at the car, drive it, and let you know

How To: Five Weekend Projects

  • Here’s a look at five cool bits you can install on your vintage Mustang in the course of a weekend. ’65-’66 Five-Dial Gauge Cluster Rebuild; ’65-66 Radiator and Electric Fan Install; Install GT-Style Fog Lights; Install a Lecarra Steering Wheel; Add an Export Brace and Monte Carlo Bar

Six And The City

  • Kevin Lohse’s ’66 convertible.

Road Trip!

  • Bill Norman’s ’68 GT/CS


  • Alan and Donna Rye’s ’69 428 Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Long Time Coming

  • Louie and Becky Mills’ Boss 351.

Snake Charming

  • George Batejan’s ’68 Shelby GT350 Fastback.

Guide To The 289 Hi-Po

  • A closer look at Ford’s high-revving 289 Hi-Po Small-Block.

Dream Saleen

  • Ric Kolb’s ’88 Saleen convertible

Mustang!!! 1994-’98

  • America’s favorite fun car is reborn as the SN95.

Guide To Five-Speed Transmissions

  • There are several choices in the area of five-speed transmissions for Fox and SN-95 Mustangs. Here’s a look at the most popular.

How To: Really Wide Tires On A ’94-’95

  • In case you didn’t know, the modern-classic ’95 Cobra R wheel is available in a huge 17×10.5-inch size for the back of SN-95 Mustangs.

Mustang Monthly – September 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Understanding the bizarre mystery of mis-stamps

Pony Tales

  • Ford debuts touring centennial display; Caption contest; Pony Jokes; New Chief of Mustang Nameplate Hau Thai-Tang; Ford’s 100th Anniversary is coming.

Buy It Now!

  • Top Buyer’s Tips: Getting your dream Mustang without going to the cleaners

Pony Trails 2002: The Grand National, Fast Times At Lowes

  • Fast tracking around North Carolina and one of the big ovals? Way too cool.

All About Brakes

  • Building better binders boils down to understanding what brings you to a safe stop. Features diagrams and maintenance information for 1965-1973 drum, disc and power brakes.

A Decade Of Blue

  • Brock Berg’s ’66 fastback

The Big Woah!

  • Judy and Steve Amoss’ ’70 Mach 1.

The Last Word On Our Project 1972 Mach 1: Turnin’ Yellow

  • Medium Bright Yellow and finally done, behold the Lazarus project.

19(Ish) And Holding

  • Paul Elliott’s ’66 GT350H

Growing Up Mustang

  • Allyson Bruhn’s ’96 GT Convertible.

How To: Install A Tilt Steering Column

  • Flaming River’s tilt steering column adds to the driving pleasure of your vintage Mustang and works with the stock steering wheel, too.

Guide To Ram Air: 1968-1/2 To 1973

  • Helping you know your ram air and find the parts that are out there.

How To: Prep Your ’87-’93 Hatchback For Paint

  • All of us want to save money on our cars; here’s one way to do that where your paint job is concerned.

Mustang!!! 1999-2003

  • Ford goes back to the drawing board and makes the SN-95 Mustang even better.

Mustang Monthly – October 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Classic Mustang Oddities you can appreciate.

Pony Tales

  • Eagle One to award products and cash totaling $6,000 to winning car clubs; Department of Corrections: August 2002 New Mach 1 e.t.’s; YO Winner Mike Epperson; Florida helps Ford grab lead in U.S. convertible car sales; Netstang: http://www.1968gt390mustang.com.

Building A True Gt

  • They were good back in the day; you can make it better.

20 Stealth Mustang Mods

  • Improve performance without changing the looks

How To: 8- And 9-Inch Rearend Spotters Guide

  • Looking to refurbish your Mustang’s 8- or 9-inch rearend, or do you just want to I.D. one? Here are some things you’ll want to know about.

The Un-Mustang

  • Gary Hanson’s ’66 T5 GT fastback.

Un-Solved Mysteries

  • Bill Taranto’s ’68 convertible.


  • John Gyorok’s ’69 GT SportsRoof

Go Green Go

  • Jerry Clement’s ’66 GT350.

The Real Deal? Sorta

  • Ben Moura’s ’89 Saleen

How To: Install A Shaker Hoodscoop On A ’99-’02 Mustang Gt

  • Classic Design Concepts offers this slick shaker scoop for square-edge 4.6 Mustang GTs

How To: Detail A ’71 C6 Automatic Transmission

  • We clean and shine one of the stalwarts of the Ford transmission line for Concours show duty.

Bonus Catalog Section

  • Check out these catalogs offered by manufacturers and suppliers of all things Mustang.

Rebuild Your Power Steering Control Valve

  • CJ Pony Parts has everything you need to get the job done.

Mustang Monthly – November 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • The whole truth about those Indy pacers.

Pony Tales

  • Hagerty Flatbed Roadside Assistance; Caption Contest; Ford’s Sales Up; Ford’s “Mustang Drive-In” welcomes ’02 Woodward Dream Cruisers.


  • The car that Shinoda built and Ford pushed is still a performance icon. Features Douglas Herr’s 1969 Boss 429 cover car.

How Engines Work

  • Basic information for beginning enthusiasts and people who just plain want to learn about cars.

Carlisle Mustang Update

  • The Carlisle Mustang gets closer to completion

Silver Mine

  • Jerry Goodman’s 1966 convertible. Call this classic Mustang Precious Metal in the Virginia Commonwealth.

Requiem For A Thoroughbred

  • Tom Mynes’ 1968 GT fastback. This GT takes us back to when the Iron Horse was just a colt.

From Sea To Shining Sea

  • Fran Cosentino’s 1969 Mustang convertible is like a good story. It really gets around.

Mach And Roll

  • Available on 2002-2003 Mustangs, the optional Mach 1000 stereo system takes original-equipment high-fidelity car audio to unprecedented heights in sound quality and output

Green Meany

  • Marv Heath’s 1969 GT500 Shelby Sportsroof. A gem of a Shelby that almost got Jeff Ford divorced.

Snake Bite

  • Bob Shumaker’s 1994 Cobra has just a little touch of heat.

How To: Diagnose Cowl Leaks

  • Sometimes a leak may not be what you think

How To: Install A Turn-Signal Switch In A 1965-1966 Mustang

  • Though not the most glamorous thing to think about, properly functioning turn signals are important on any car — vintage Mustangs included.

How To: Replace Fox-Body Door Lock Actuators

  • Eliminate the negative by replacing your door lock actuators to regain a sense of vehicle security

Pony Trails 2002: Surprise Trail! Viva Las Vegas!

  • No, there won’t be an Elvis impersonator there, but you will get a southerner and some good ole-fashioned fun.

How To: Install An Auto Meter Gauge Cluster

  • Auto Meter’s new Lunar Series gauge cluster is virtually a plug-in and play affair for 1999 and newer Mustang GT’s.

Mustang Monthly – December 2002

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Captain Stanley Tucker — One and a million.

Pony Tales

  • BeaveRun MotorSports ComPlex opens first road course; YO Winner: Philip Monday; Leeding the Way: Adam Leeds; Falcon 6 Performance Handbook (Dennis Schjeldahl / http://falconperformance.sundog.net)


  • An overview of the legendary cars that Carroll built. Features cover cars 5S003 (owner: Dave Lennartz) and Larry McEwen’s 1970 GT500.

Hot Holiday Gift Guide

  • What do you get the enthusiast who has everything?

Pony Trails 2002: Looking Back

  • Growth is a good thing, right? Recapping Pony Trails at Charlotte, Carlisle, Silver Springs and Indy SAAC.


  • Ford Fever has infected Bill Neely with his 1970 Mach 1

Still In Good Hands

  • Jim Chism’s 1965 GT 350 has always been the possession of true Shelby enthusiasts.

High Country Original

  • John Howard keeps this uncommon 1966 High Country Special hardtop on the trail.

Clearwater Cool

  • How can you not feel cool around Roy and Peggy Newman’s and their 1967 GTA Hardtop?

The One That Started It All

  • Original Owner Bob Richard’s 1982 GT hatchback is the Fox Mustang that got the 5.0 Craze off the ground.

How-To: Replace A 1965-1966 Taillight Panel

  • A weekend project you can do yourself.

Tool Time

  • What you need to keep your Mustang galloping.

Pony Trails 2003: Head East

  • For the 25th Anniversary Trail, we will head to Daytona and a little rolling history.

T5 Tips, Tricks And Troublespots

  • Five-speed expert Alan Shepley shows how to avoid the pitfalls of T5 swaps and rebuilds.

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