2003 – Mustang Monthly

This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 2003; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 2003

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Ford’s Total Performance Years meant the development of many high-performance Mustangs. Documenting early K-Codes shipped to the Ford Drag Council, Shelby American and Alan Mann Racing.

Pony Tales

  • Department of Corrections: Proof That We Read Other Things; YO Club Winner: Craig Padilla; What The?! 1973 Mexican Mach 1?; Dream Cruise at Woodward Ave.

Our 25th Anniversary

  • Twenty-five years of Mustang Monthly — the oldest monthly Mustang magazine.

How To: Repair Vintage Mustang Clocks

  • There are two paths to perfect timekeeping. We show you how to get there.

How To: Install Brushed-Aluminum Inserts

  • Give it the 1967 Interior Decor Group look with solutions from JME Enterprises.

Gee Tee See Jay!

  • Eric Harris’ 1969 GT 428 Cobra Jet convertible. Eric Harris enjoys the fruits of a search of the Department of Motor Vehicles

Moore Mustang

  • Ian Moore’s 1972 hardtop. Ian Moore is not your everyday Mustang owner.

Once A Rental

  • Even after more than 35 years, it’s still pretty amazing that you could’ve once rented Jerry Sullivan’s 1966 Shelby GT350H.

Orange Crush!

  • Jerry Choate’s 1965 2+2 fastback. An unconventional guy with a conventional ride.

Highland Dreams

  • Grant Laing’s 1967 fastback. Steve McQueen and his Bullitt Mustang made a lasting impression on this Scot.

Teaching An Old Fox New Tricks

  • David Bachota’s 1980 two-door combines an early Fox-body with modern 5.0 running gear from a decade later.

How To: Diagnose Air-Conditioning Problems At Home

  • You can do preliminary diagnoses on your own and save money.

Pony Trails 2003: Still Heading East

  • A run to the Atlantic Coast for automotive sightseeing at Klassix. Ocala, Florida.

How To: Install A Lightbar On A Late-Model Convertible

  • Saleen’s lightbar looks cool and adds safety with its high-mounted brake light.

How To: Install A Hood Decal

  • Graphic Express’ factory ’85-’86 Mustang GT hood decal is the perfect finishing touch to your square-light Mustang resto project.

Pony Trails 2002: The Top Two Shows

  • Both of these shows were the peak of perfection, but we had to pick First and Second. Grand Rapids, Michigan and Mustangs Northwest.

Mustang Monthly – February 2003

In Search Of Mustangs

  • More fascinating Mustang finds from the Total-Performance era. Holman-Moody, Airline Hostess Panel, Petersen and Playboy Mustangs.

Pony Tales

  • Putting a price on a new Ford GT; Interesting… (Australian Mustang Taillights); Ford shows profit in the third quarter; Transmissional Information (Livonia, Michigan Transmission Plant worker Donald Brissoit sheds light on codes); YO Club Winner: Christopher Atwood.

The New Steed?

  • With the new Mustang nearly here, we wonder what it will look like. Don’t you?

Playmate Perfect

  • Michael and Gloria Bazan’s Special-Order 1966 Convertible Reflects the Spirit of Hugh Hefner’s Empire.

Saved By The Bells

  • No, it’s not a spin-off of a dumb sitcom. Jim and Ronda Bell’s clean 1968 drop-top is more fun than any TV show.

One Fine Day

  • Mustang Monthly takes you on a Dearborn Assembly Plant tour — April 4, 1964.

Try (Y) This!

  • Paul Automotive Engineering headers mean big power for bigger engines.

Original Owner

  • Brian and Daphne Young have driven this 1970 Mustang SportsRoof some 213,000 miles in 32 years.

The Potter’s Hands

  • Mark Potter’s 1967 GT500 fastback. Mark did it all, right down to the paint.

25th Anniversary Poster, Number One In A Series

  • Peter Spero’s 1970 Boss 429

Detailing Guide

  • Detailing the 428 CJ for concours show duty.

How To: Install A Flaming River Steering Box

  • Combining Flaming River’s steering box with its new tilt-steering column is a top-notch way to go on a vintage Mustang.

Al’s Other Toy

  • Al Hoyt’s 1972 Exterior Decor Group 1972 Convertible. Al Hoyt, of Clermont, Florida (and New Hampshire), has lots to do in his “spare time”

Thoroughly Modern Filly

  • Rhonda King’s 1994 coupe. Rhonda King shows the guys a Mustang with a lady’s touch

How To: Install An ’03 Mach 1 Chin Spoiler

  • Although, as of this writing, the chin spoiler isn’t out yet, we show you how to install one.

How To: Convert Your Late-Model R-12 A/C System To R-134a

  • Get the coldest A/C with the least hassle from Hose Wizards.

Mustang Monthly – March 2003

In Search Of Mustangs

  • For 1969, many of the same Mustang extremes return, with a surprises.

Pony Tales

  • Exhaust-noise testing program becomes Law; Department of Corrections: Mike Green sharpshoots the December 2002 Shelby issue; Cox to Contribute to YO! Club Editorial; YO! Club Winner: Gilford Locklear, Jr; Book Review: Mustang Collectibles

More Gone In 60 Seconds

  • Carroll shelby produces a “new” Eleanor for the masses!


  • Eugene Kusner’s 1966 GT hardtop. Eugene Kusner enjoys retirement in pure pony style

Realizing A Dream

  • This 1968 Fastback fulfills Todd Brown’s vision – a swoopy vintage pony

Early Bird Gets The Worm

  • Kevin Mikkelsen’s 1969 convertible

How To: Install A Deluxe Steering Wheel

  • Mustang Etc. makes it easy to upgrade to rich woodgrain and stainless steel from Dynacorn International

How To: Install Shaft-Mount Roller Rockers

  • Jesel’s new Sportsman Series shaft-mount roller rockers bring bulletproof racing technology to the bolt-on street car ranks.

The Rest Is History

  • The bond between a 1978 Mustang II three-door and Alicia Rutlinger


  • Behold a low-mileage 1966 Shelby GT350 with less than 35,000 miles. David and Anita Hoverstock’s 1966 GT350

Carburetor Swan Song

  • Jeff Colvin’s 1985 GT three-door. Jeff Colvin shows us the way with one of the cleanest carbureted 5.Os we’ve ever seen

Pony Trails 2003! Home Base

  • The Mustangs and Mustangs show is a one-day wonderland of iron horses.

How To: Insure Your Mustang

  • Protecting your ride and your life takes more than a car cover, Mom, and an enclosed garage.

Options, Options, Options

  • Ever wonder what parts places tuck away in their closets?

Rare Carburetors

  • From Hi-Po 289 to Boss 429, Pony Carburetors shows us the rare four-barrels in the world of high-performance Mustang carburetors.

Vintage Mustang Tilt Steering Column Id Guide

  • Tilt steering columns were optional on 1967-1973 Mustangs. Here’s how to tell them apart on a year-by-year basis

How To: Put A Cobra Rear Wing On Your 1979-1993 Lx

  • Sanity has never been a virtue around the Mustang Monthly offices, proven by this rear wing install

Mustang Monthly – April 2003

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Marti Auto Works Returns with 1968 Mustang Production Extremes

Pony Tales

  • Sneak Peek: New Mustang concept car; Stones Classic “Start Me Up” to help get Ford sales rolling in 2003; Ford to redevelop River Rouge plant; Cyber World Blue Oval Style: Shelby Cox investigates Ford web forums and sites; April YO! Club Winner: Earl Kramer; November YO! Club Winner: Greg Siquerios.

The Ultimate Ride

  • We challenged the editors to decide which Mustang they’d keep forever. Featuring Mike Peremski’s 1969 Shelby GT500, Bruce Shilbley’s modified 1967 convertible and Ford’s 2003 Cobra

How To: Install A Gt-40 Performance Package On A 1994-1995 5.0

  • Does FRPP’s GT-40 package for 5.0s have the goods in the 21st Century?

Interior Decor Group Id Guide: Part One

  • Understanding one of the 1965-1966 Mustang’s most desirable options.

New In Caspian Blue

  • Terry Kress latched onto this decked-out 1965 GT K-Code fastback less than two years ago.


  • Martin and Tari Rupp made a silk purse from a sow’s ear with this 1967 hardtop.

Reference For Originality

  • Ed Meyer and Randy Sizemore’s refer to this bone-original 1970 428 CJ Mach 1 when restoring other cars.

Grabbing Gripper Drop-Top

  • John and Mary Gervasi’s 1973 convertible takes on the world.

A Bad Red Boss 302

  • Mark Brown’s flawlessly restored 1970 Boss 302 is all show — and all go, with a hidden ace to wake up the flavor.

Out Of Sight

  • Dean and Drew Pence’s 1968 Shelby GT500KR realizes the legend of its name.

Leader Of The Pack

  • Bill and Karla Puck’s 1979 three-door Pace Car. Indy 500 Mustangs helped pace the modern musclecar era.

Pony Trails 2003! Saac Full Of (More) Fun

  • We head back to Nashville, Indiana, for some good old fashioned Midwest fun.

How To: Install A Fox Ram Air Hood And Cobra Grille Insert

  • we take the plain and make it fancy.

Small-Block Builder’s Guide

  • Real-world solutions for your 260/289/302 Power Project.

How To: Diagnose And Repair 1965-1966 Turn Signals

  • Learn to repair common glitches in the first vintage Mustangs.

Mustang Monthly – May 2003

Pony Tales

  • Roundup at Silver Springs; YO Club Winner: Melanie Mills; News Desk: Mustang Monthly to sponsor manufacturer seminars at Carlisle, Latemodel Restoration Supply’s replacement quarter vent windows for Fox-body hatchbacks, John Colletti to speak at Mid-America Performance FOrd and Shelby Meet, Classic Design Concepts’ 2003 T-handle shift knob, Messenger concept Mercury, George Barrett returns, MCA website, Saleen selected as GT-40 parts supplier; Roush’s Boyd Coddington Edition; Hoag leaves Team Mustang; Calling All Saleens (photo request for new book); Book Review: “Original Mustang: ’64-1/2 – ’66”; Ford ready for Centennial; Great American Pony Drive II

Super Gt’s / Close In Concept

  • The new Mustang GT concepts provide a closer look at 2005

How To: Supercharge A Vintage Mustang

  • Paxton’s new Novi 1200 supercharger kit brings modern geardrive-blower technology to classic Mustangs

Three Equals One

  • It took three cars to build Steve Bodine’s tricked-out 1965 fastback.

Stress Relief

  • Sam Arthur unwinds behind the wheel of his Nightmist Blue 1967 GT500

Think Pink

  • This Playmate Pink convertible with rumble seat is one of 12 built.

How To: Build A Stealth 347

  • For replacement or rebuild, the 347 Stroker is hotter than ever. This small-block looks stock, but it packs 200 more horsepower.

1967-1968 Interior Decor Guide

  • A closer look at one of the 1967-1968 Mustang’s most desirable options.

Boss Survivor

  • Bill Fioretti’s Boss 351 survives the test of time with original equipment.

Shelby By Saac

  • Jim Engel’s 1991 SAAC Mustang is one of only nine with the Shelby name.

How To: Upgrade Your 1965-1968 Wiring System

  • Painless Performance has a direct replacement upgrade for early Mustang Wiring harnesses

Pony Trails 2003: Double The Fun

  • Pony Trails heads for the All-Ford Nationals and the Mid-America Performance Ford and Shelby Meet. Carlisle All-Ford Nationals (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 31 May), Mid-America Shelby Meet (Tulsa, Oklahoma, 20 June).

Special Catalog Section

  • Find what you need in these catalogs from our favorite suppliers and manufacturers.

Middle-Block Builder’s Guide

  • Make the most of your middleweight Ford V-8

How To: Build A Bullitt Mustang

  • Creating a Bullitt clone is easy with available aftermarket parts. Featuring late-model clones by Marylin Dudley, Brian Anton and Mustang Monthly Technical Editor Miles Cook

In Search Of Mustangs

  • A 1967 U.A.W. strike explains some 1968 Mustang changes and deletions.

Mustang Monthly – June 2003

Pony Tales

  • Concepts coming to Carlisle; Limited Edition GT350R Model from Lane AUtomobile Diecast Division; 40th Anniversary planned for Nashville; News Desk: Restorations of First Production Mustang, Shelby 1968 Trans-AM hartop and 1969 Shelby Boss 302, Coker Red-line Radials, Original Lawman 1970 Boss 429 Mustang auctioned for $129K, Pertronix billet distributors, Currie’s “Alumin-8” 8-inch gear case, Thunder Valley Mustang Club receives Eagle One award, Baer Brakes’ 11-inch front discs, Ford sends warning postcard for CD changers; 10th Anniversary Cobra; Hot Rod Power Tour to Cruise the South; Mustangs Across America back on track; June YO Club Winner Mike Palmer; Mustang production moving to Flat rock.

Big-Block Buyer’s Guide

  • Ideas for more twist to your big-inch powerhouse

Cobra Jet 35th Anniversary

  • In 1968, Ford unleashed Bob Tasca’s recipe for factory big-block performance. Features Bob Teets’ 1968-1/2 High Country Special, David Petersen’s 1969 SportsRoof, Robert Ball’s Cover Car 1969 Mach 1 and Ed Meyer/Randy Sizemore’s 1970 Mach 1.

How To: Understand And Maintain Vintage Side Windows

  • Putting the stride back in your slide.

The Great Distraction

  • Lee Abramson drives away his stress in a blue with gold 1966 GT350H

Plainly Special

  • This rare California Special is equipped with an even rarer plain-Jane drivetrain

The Parnelli Connection

  • Leo Coletti’s 1969 Boss 302 may be the only one sold through Parnelli Jones Ford

Last Of The Last

  • Ed Data’s late-production 1973 convertible represents the final year of the vintage Mustang era.

Mach 1 Vs. Cobra

  • The similarities end with the four-valve 4.6.

How To: Repair A Rim-Blow Steering Wheel

  • National Parts Depot’s rim-Blow switches are a great fix for a common problem.

How To: Install A Cowl Hood

  • The Mustangs Plus fiberglass cowl hood is a snap to install.

Trail Blazing In Bellevue

  • Pony Trails heads to Washington for the Mustangs Northwest Mustang Roundup (Monroe, Washington, 18 July)

Let The Good Times Roll

  • Mark and Jeannette Salinas’ fun began when they paid off their 1997 GT

How To: Install Headers On A 4.6 Mustang

  • Hooker full-length headers add power to 4.6 Mustang GTs and Cobras

Motivational Keeper

  • Youthful enthusiasm inspired Aaron Kolar to revive his 1967 hardtop

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Cobra Jet: A look at the first 50 cars

Mustang Monthly – July 2003

Pony Tales

  • Roush’s Classic; Modern Boss; Music City III Open Track (Nashville, 4-5 July); Barr’s Boss is Back (restored by Dave de Hamer); Countdown to the 40th; News Desk: FordTorino.com’s 1969-70 Shaker hoodscoop, Myrtle Beach Mustang Week (21-27 July), Precision Turbo for late-model Mustang GT’s, Ford Owner’s Association, Ford GT (GT40) production, Consumer Reports picks Mustang, Ford Cobra 6-Speed paddle shifter, GT/CS Registry moves, Roush Performance’s 347 crate engine, Late-model Resotration Supply’s catalog, Midtown Madness for XBox, Boss 429 Drag Cars sought by Boss 429 Registry; Mustang over Afghanistan (Donald Bierman); “Super ’60s Fords” Revisited (John Smith’s new book); Speed-O-Motive Correction (May 2002); Gulf Blue Ford GT (third new GT40 prototype); Mustang Gone Wild (Ashley Weis’s 1966 “GT350H” restomod); Poll Position (2005 Mustang).

Drive Time

  • Craig Cunningham takes on L.A. traffic in his 1966 convertible.

Extraordinarily Ordinary

  • Tom Hoffeditz’s 1967 fastback is well-equipped with just a 390 High Performance.

Drive It Every Day!

  • Make the most of your drivable vintage Mustang. Kent Ketell’s 1966 K-GT, Mark Larson’s 1969 Mach 1, Dave Hurdle’s 1965 convertible, Justin Schieffer’s 1968 fastback, Wayne Lowry’s 1970 convertible, Stphanie Sandlin’s Grabber Green 1971 Mach 1.

How To: Identify A Real Boss 302 Engine

  • Clearing up the confusion about 1969-1970 Boss 302 engines and their components.

How To: Replace A Windshield Wiper Motor

  • You don’t think about it — until you can’t see in the rain.

Shelby Fever

  • Doug Bohrer’s enthusiasm leads to ownership of this 1969 GT350

Cruising For Carroll

  • SCAT’s Texas 289 cruised into Pittsburg, Texas, to help celebrate Carroll Shelby Day.

How To: Install A Five-Speed In A Vintage Mustang

  • Relaxed cruising in Fifth gear is only a transmission swap away.

How To: Install A Convertible Top

  • Fox-body ragtops are often in need of a new top.

How To: Run 11.99 For $1,199 In A 2003 Cobra

  • Put the new supercharged Cobra in the 11-second zone for cheap!

New Vintage

  • David Bruno’s 1985 GT is a perfect example of a desirable “vintage” late-model Mustang.

Pony Trails 2003

  • Pony Trails heads to Utah for the first time. Intermountain Mustang and All-Ford Stampede (Heber City, Utah, 15 August).

Hot Six Coupe

  • What you can do with a modern V-6 Mustang. Randy Webb’s performance-modified 2000.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Borderline Mustangs: 1964-3/4?

Mustang Monthly – August 2003

Pony Tales

  • 40th Anniversary Mustang; Mystic on Steroids (2004 Mystic SVT Cobra); Mach 1 returns for 2004; Registration Open for Mustangs Across America (11-15 June 2004); 1971 Boss 302; News Desk: Performance Parts, Inc’s acquires 1984-1986 SVO Mustang N.O.S. parts collections, Mustang chosen as a Rolling Stone “American Icon”, Rick Smith’s “SpeedSmith”, Coker’s Dimension IV radial, Ford’s 100-millionth V-8, Latemodel Restoration Supply’s 1979-1998 Mustang replacement leather steering wheel, Ford’s new F-150 5.4L three-valve V-8, Two Rivers Ford selling pair of 1994 Pace Cars; David Bell’s “Mexican Rally” Mustang; South of the Border Mustang Registry; Ford Racing Technology’s 5.0L Crate Cammer; S.B. 708: California Looks to Repeal Emissions Exemption; Mustang Inquirer: Austin Craig.

Six Popper Show Stopper!

  • Once a grocery getter, William Norton’s Silver Blue 1965 hardtop is now a looker

Eleanor Does Vegas

  • The Shelby GT500E is a show-stopper on the Vegas Strip.

Grabber Blue Persuasion

  • John Wilgus’ trick is convincing people his 1970 Grabber fastback isn’t a Boss

40 Greatest

  • These are the things that made the Mustang an American icon.

The Stepsister

  • Once neglected, Bill Johnson’s 1973 convertible is now a beauty

One Made Svo

  • Ford never built and SVO Mustang convertible, so Rod Allen did

R Is For Rip-Roaring

  • Roush’s new 380R ups the ante for supercharged Mustang performance

How To: Choose The Correct Paint For Your Vintage Engine

  • The right color for the year and engine makes a difference in your restoration

How To: Install Power Brakes

  • Master Power makes it easy to step up (and slow down!)

How To: Install New Interior Components

  • We spruce up a 1969 Mustang’s interior with new bits from National Parts Depot.

How To: Install A Five-Speed Shifter

  • B&M’s easy-to-install Ripper and Pro Ripper shifters fit Mustang T5 and T45 transmissions.

Pony Trails 2003

  • We head to the MCA Grand Nationals in Georgia (Augusta, Georgia, 29 August)

How To: Install A Paxton Intercooled Supercharger On A 4.6 Mustang

  • Well over 400 HP can be achieved with an otherwise stock 1999-2003 Mustang GT.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Is it Mach 1 or Mach I?

Mustang Monthly – September 2003

Pony Tales

  • Mustang No. 1 hits the road; SAAC hosting vintage race at 40th; Kenny Brown “Signature Series” 2003 Cobra; Found! SCJ T5 Mach 1; News Desk: Dan Kraft’s Grabber Green Mustangs, Longest 1966 GT350 owner Bill Lachenauer, Mustang Racing Technologies’ 1993-2003 stainless H-pipes, Haggerty names 1965-69 Mustang “second most stolen collector car,” Cindy Crawford’s book “Drag Racing Basics: Christmas Tree to Finish Line”, SEMA to feature Ford, Sirius Satellite Radio in 2004 Mustangs, Mustang Owner’s Club of Southeastern Michigan at Ford HQ, SVT cut?, Thunderbird retirement, 1965/1982 “Suprang”, DynoMax late-model V-6 GT dual exhaust, Ford Electronic Brochure online, Carroll Shelby for Sebring Hall of Fame, Coker’s new Fresno facility, Ford Design VP explains 2003 “Mach 1”; Jim Gerdom’s Limited Edition “Boss in Print”; YO! Time to Register (2003 Sweepstakes); Automatic 2003 Mach 1; Investing in Three-Valve; Mustang Racing Technologies Mach 1 racer; Mustang Inquirer: Jon Schultz

Rough Rider

  • Road Rallying in a 1965 GT350

Legitimate Transgression

  • Bill Howell is breaking the rules (but not by much) in his wife Karen’s 1968 GT Convertible

Buy It And Build It!

  • You’ve been dreaming about it, so get started.

25 Interior Resto Tips

  • We go to the pros for tricks to make the going easier.

Cj Sleeper

  • William Blankenship’s 1970 CJ SportsRoof is tougher than it looks.

A Promise Kept

  • Ron and Jeannie David’s beautifully preserved 1976 Cobra II. A former editor keeps his word.

The Empty Nester

  • Brad Beal is trading bedrooms for garages to house his eleven classic Fords.

How To: Reglue 1969 Side Windows

  • Adhesive technology provides a new option for 1969 bolt-in windows.

The Big One

  • With more than 1,500 cars, the Fabulous Fords Forever is one of our favorite West Coast shows.

How To: Fix Cowl Leaks

  • Three solutions for one of the early Mustang’s shortcomings.

How To: Build A 50-State-Legal 347

  • Coast High Performance’s emissions-legal 347-E is a great way to repower a Fox/SN-95 Mustang.

Green From Envy

  • Brent Green is sure to wave when he passes Corvettes in his 1997 Cobra.

Flying Mustangs

  • At the Nevada Open Road Challenge, Mustangs of many stripes run at triple-digit speeds. (Features Larry Garuti’s 1995 Cobra R, Miles Cook’s 2001 Mustang GT Bullitt, Duane and Heather Bily’s 2003 Cobra, Tom Dern and Peggy Chiappetta’s 1998 Cobra convertible, Matt Rawlins’ 1999 Cobra, Dan Ross’ 1995 GT convertible, and the 1998 Cobra’s of Curtis and Debra Parker, Richard Hille, and Tim Jones)

How To: Install A 2003 Cobra Fuel Tank

  • It’s nearly a direct swap into all 1999-2003 GTs and 1999 and 2001 Cobras.

Southern Trails

  • The next stop for Pony Trails is the Peach State Grand National in Georgia. (Augusta, Georgia, 29 August)

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Searching for Significant Mustangs: Al and Gary Schweitzer’s World’s Fair Mustang (5F08T383386), Art Mulkey’s 6T09K100002, Lee Iacocca’s 1965 Mustang Fastback.

Mustang Monthly – October 2003

Pony Tales

  • Concept GT Poll (results); FastForward Fastback: Rad Rides/eBay 1967 restomod auction; Shelby Goes Public; Rouge Opens Visitor Center; News Desk: Saleen in movies, eBay buyer beware, 2005 Mustang GT tests, Bill Ford’s favorite car, Mike Alameda’s “James Bond” 429 CJ (MM Jan 1998) verified; SSP Mustang website www.sspmustang.org, Covercraft’s Ford logo car covers, HP Motorsports building SCCA Speed World Challenge GT Mustang, MOCA Mustang 40th in Australia, MM Back Issue source; Do the Bristol Bash: Bristol, Tennessee, 17-19 October; First Trans Am Boss Restored: Phil Gallant’s 9F02R112073; Mustangs on the Hot Rod Power Tour; Mustang Inquirer: Nicolle Douglas (Interview); 2005 Mustang to Launch at 40th (40th Anniversary event update).

Untitled Masterpiece

  • Herb Gordon’s 2,800-mile 1965 Hi-Po fastback is a rare piece of automotive art.

10 Fastest Mustangs

  • How fast were they then, and how do they stack up now?

Cobra Jet Perfection

  • Ernie Unhold’s flawless 1968-1/2 may be today’s ultimate Cobra Jet.

Future Mod Boss

  • Phin Stubbs takes restomod to a new level with his 1969 Boss 302.

How To: Identify Mustang Rear Axles

  • Quick and easy Mustang rear axle identification.

H.O. For Go

  • George Munsterman’s 31,000-mile 1972 Mach 1 is powered by the rare R-code 351 H.O.

Field Of Dreams

  • Despite the forecast, Carlisle’s Fun Field was packed with Mustangs for the All-Ford Nationals. Features photos of Richard West’s 1969 Boss 429, Curtis & Carol Harter’s 1964-1/2 D-Code hardtop, Bob Glassnor’s 1965 convertible restomod, Craig Charles’ 1970 hardtop, Darryl Streed’s 2002 convertible, Perry Loskamp’s 1964-1/2 luxury-appointed Home Office Reserve DSO convertible, and the Roush Performance Boyd Coddington edition.

Operation Special Vehicle

  • Kevin Kymer’s 1984 Mustang SVO is one of the more fascinating cars from Ford’s performance history.

How To: Install The Pertronix Ignitor Ii

  • Pertronix’s new “smart” electronic ignition adds dimension to vintage Mustangs.

How To: Install New Seat Upholstery

  • Re-covering the seats in a vintage Mustang is a big step in restoring an interior

Shelby Inspired

  • Mark and Lesley Hudson got their Mustang inspiration from a Tribute Edition Shelby.

Top-10 Fox-Body Problems And How To Fix Them

  • Most 1987-1993 Mustangs need a little TLC — here are some great places to start.

How To: Install An After-Cat Exhaust System

  • Bassani’s after-cat exhaust systems for late-model Mustangs fit right the first time.

Best Mustang Catalogs

  • Check them out for some great deals on Mustang parts and accessories.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Has anyone seen this one? The 1983 tale of Jim Hager and a vintage custom 1965 convertible from Grosse Isle, Michigan.

Mustang Monthly – November 2003

Pony Tales

  • Trans Am Boss Collectibles: Supercar Collectibles die-cast models; Mustang Part of Hot Wheels Hall of Fame; YO! A New Winner: Mark Janes; Ford Partners with Tiger Racing 2003 Speed World Challenge Mustang; John Bolin’s Shelby Commemorative Guitars; Mustang “Forty Years” Book (Randy Leffingwell/David Newhardt, Classic Motorbooks); News Desk: Steve Grant’s 1964-1/2 wins Johna Pepper Award at Knott’s, Wolfgang Kohrns rediscovers 1965 Goldfinger Fastback, SAAC-29 July 2004, Holley 100th Anniversary Sweepstakes, Eagle One to present 11th Golden Rule Award, Ford’s innovative transmission lineup, J. Mays named Ford Group Design VP, Latemodel Restoration Supply moves, Alejandro DeTomaso dies at 74, California Mustang to sponsor Pacific Fun Ford Weekend, Bud Moore’s 1967/1970 Trans-Am teams reunite, Canada’s Mustang sales reach 14-year high, Smokin’ Tire Products’ “burning rubber” candles; Paxton Dyno Results; YO! Class at 40th; Mustang Inquirer: Jim Chism

On The Road Again

  • Thanks to volunteers at the Henry Ford Musuem, Mustang No. 1 is up and running again.

How To: Rebuild A Heater Box

  • JMC Motorsports shows us how to keep warm and look sharp.

Build It Right!

  • A successful Mustang restoration begins with organization and a realistic plan for success.

How To: Install Rear Disc Brakes

  • Improve your vintage braking effectiveness with Stainless Steel Brakes’ rear disc brake conversion kit.

Super Snake Times Two

  • Twin Paxtons put the super into Marty Beaulieu’s 700hp 1967 GT500.

True Original

  • Diane Carrano’s beautifully preserved 1970 Mach 1 has been with her since day one.

The Boss Is Back

  • Alan Goodman’s all-original 1971 Boss 351 is home to stay.

Happy Hundred

  • Ford celebrated its first century with a big bash in Dearborn.

Fastforward Fastback

  • eBay Motors’ project Mustang will be a blend of old and future styling.

Roush-Hyland Hybrid

  • Charles Venezia combined his 1999 Roush Mustang with a big dose of Sean Hyland horsepower.


  • Jerry Hollingsworth has given enthusiasts the keys to the DOHC kingdom with his Cobra-powered 1979 pace car.

How To: Install Late-Model Sequential Taillights

  • Classic Design Concepts’ harness kit makes it easy for your blinkers to go blink, blink, blink.

How To: Install Fox-Body White-Face Gauges

  • Adding white-face gauges is a great way to spruce up the dash in your 1978-1993 5.0

How To: Install Rotunda Headrests

  • Dial in both safety and a retro look with adjustable reproduction Rotunda headrests from SafeCode.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Twister Specials Wreak Havoc in Kansas City — Twice! (Covers 1970 and 1985 models.)

Mustang Monthly – December 2003

Pony Tales

  • 2006 Shelby: Could It Happen?; Charlie Daniels to Perform at the 40th; Boss Behind Bars: Maine’s Bolduc Correctional Facility 1970 Boss 302 Restoration Project; Mustang 2004; Fox-Body Mustang Recognition Guide by Pete Sessler and Thomas Shreiner; News Desk: International Mustang Day, SVT F-150 “World’s Fastest Production Pickup Truck”, Holley Performance Products recognized, 2005 Ford GT sold at Christie’s, Sam Smith’s www.1968mustang.org, Jessica Lynch’s 2003 Mustang ride, Saleen Canada formed, ford SVT site updated, Ford SVT Recognition Guide, NPD Silver Springs Mustang Roundup scheduled for 10-11 January 2004; Mustang II Concept on Display in Maine; December YO Club Winner: Brandi Burkart; Mustang Inquirer: Wolfgang Kohrn

Homebuilt Eleanor

  • Glenn Gatley’s Eleanor look-alike is a blueprint for building a “Gone in 60 Seconds” Mustang.

An Original Icon

  • Original does not begin to describe Joseph Errante’s 1965 GT hardtop. But officially, it’s an icon because Ford says so.

How-To: Six-Cylinder Performance Guide

  • Making the most of your inline-six begins with Jack Clifford’s performance products.

Distant Thunder

  • Mike Akers built his 1967 Terlingua clone as a tribute to Trans-Am driver Jerry Titus.

How-To: Install A Cable-Clutch Linkage

  • Improve your vintage Mustang’s clutch function with a cable-clutch linkage conversion kit from D.B. Performance Engineering.

Thoroughly Impressive

  • Bob Gaines’ thoroughbred 1970 GT500 convertible has the rare combination of Drag Pack, four-speed and “big suspension.”

How-To: Repair Door Jambs

  • If your doors suffer from cracks and splits, here’s a concours-correct fix.

Seller’s Remorse

  • A bad call in the 1980’s led Eric Helms to an all-original, low-mile 1973 Mach 1.

Only Original Once

  • Low and no-mileage Fox-bodies abound in Daniel Carpenter’s late-model Mustang collection.

How-To: Replace 1965-1973 Mustang Ignition Switches

  • Replacing ignition switches and lock cylinders is simple if you know how to do it.

How-To: Replace Late-Model Steering Wheels

  • Thanks to Latemodel Restoration Supply’s new leather-wrap refurbishing service, you don’t have to face that worn, sunburned steering wheel anymore.

Mach 1 Across America

  • Is the 2003 Mach 1 the ultimate road-trip machine? In the name of research, we circumnavigate the nation to find out.

How-To: Swap 1999-2003 Hoods

  • There are several choices when it comes to the factory hoods for 1999-2004 Mustangs.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • One-off Mustangs fuel the imagination — and our database. William Clay Ford’s daughter Martha’s 1971 convertible, once owned by Reggie Prescott.

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