2004 – Mustang Monthly

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Mustang Monthly – January 2004

Pony Tales

  • Poll Position: Eleanor — Love it or hate it?; Street-Legal Cobra sets speed record; Carrol Shelby Exhibit on display; Cruise-in added to 40th Celebration; News Desk: 1999-2004 Mustang GT Titanium exhaust, UK Ford pigeon ad slammed, Nicolle Douglas featured in L.A. Daily News, Ron Bramlett buys Jason Priestly’s 1995 Cobra R, Steve Ferguson wins 2004 Mustang GT from Team Mustang, Final SN-95 from Dearborn, Larry’s Thunderbird & Mustang Parts moves, Mobile Mustang out of business, Columbus Spring Swap 3-4 April 2004, 2003 Cobra “Tick” recall, Fox Lake Poower Products P-51 intake; Vintage Sequentials from Hal Busch; January YO Club Winner is Matt Lockhart; Nationals Were Grand; Pony Trails Schedule 2004; Mustang Inquirer: Mike Raburn

All The Speed I Need

  • Concours Driven was made for people like Charles Burke Baker. 1965 Rangoon Red/Palomino Coupe.

Last In Line

  • Sam Murphy had to finish his customers’ restorations before he could finally finish his 1967 GT convertible.

25 Top Fixes

  • How to repair the most common Mustang problems. Broken seatbelts; Leaking cowl vents; Sticking seat tracks; Slow window regulators; Stubborn door locks; Squeaky upper control arms; Blinking headlights; Leaking windshields/backlights; Rough idle, no power; Charging-system woes; Power-steering leaking; Parking brake sticks/doesn’t work; Sloppy manual shifter; Sloppy automatic shifter; Door won’t stay open; Clutch fixes; Braking upgrade; Engine runs hot; Intruments acting weird; Rock and roller; Power windows quit; Turn signal switch; Harden your seats; Battery apron rusts out; Air everywhere

How-To: Choose Paint For Your Mustang

  • The choices are better than ever for Mustang enthusiasts seeking color, consistency, and quality.

Fe For Fun

  • With tasteful mods, Michael Johnson’s 1970 Cobra Jet Mach 1 is better than the original.

How To: Replace A Gauge Cluster And Dashpad

  • We put the finishing touches on a 1969 SportsRoof’s interior with a replacement gauge cluster and a new dashpad.

How-To: Install New Wiring

  • Replace your Mustang’s electrical system with new harnesses from Mustangs Plus.

One Coupe Of Vanilla

  • But with a factory Drag Pack 429 CJ, there are some hot performance toppings on Jacky Jones’ plain 1971 hardtop.

Four Into 5.0

  • Jon Messer transformed a four-cylinder 1989 LX coupe into a clean and quick 5.0 street car.

How-To: Replace 1987-1993 Quarter-Windows

  • Latemodel Restoration Supply’s new quarter-windows makes it possible to fix one of the Fox-body Mustang’s most common problems.

How-To: Replace 1987-1993 Headlamps

  • Brothers Performance Warehouse has a brighter idea for your milky headlights.

Mustangs In Paradise

  • In Hawaii, Mustangs are a year-round experience. Coverage of the Aloha Mustang and Shelby Club’s Mustang Madness.


  • Blend a 2003 Mach 1 with a 2003 Cobra powertrain, and the result is a Mach 1 that’ll seemingly go Mach 2.

Going Coastal

  • Don’t get in our way — we’re going back to Cedar Key! Florida Pony Trail, 9 January 2004

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Undertstanding the mysteries behind Body Buck Tags.

Mustang Monthly – February 2004

Pony Tales

  • 40th Anniversary Mustang Monopoly; Vintage Photos (Request to Readers); How to Build Big-Inch Ford Small-Blocks: book by George Reid; Surf Chaser Cobra from Mustang Racing Technologies; Steeda’s Stampede; Saleen to Celebrate 20th at 40th; News Desk: Jim Silverman and Bob Perkins appointed as MCA National Head Judges, Bryan Koches building first twin-turbo 2003 Mach 1, George Klass quote, saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club’s Saleen celebration at 40th, Performance Parts’ N.O.S. 1993 Cobra mats and parts, Kenny Brown Contingency Program, SAAC Does Vegas-8, Mr. Gasket buys Jacobs Electronics, Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum highlights 100 years of Ford Racing, Donald Farr’s Mustang Boss 302 book fetches $225 on eBay, Seeda Performance from California Mustang, Jamie Allison named manager for Ford Racing Performance Parts; Mustangs at the Forge; Roush Looking to Expand; February YO Club Winner is… Dacey Smith; Ford Racing 2004 Catalog; Mustang Inquirer: Jim Wicks

Best Of The Bosses

  • We celebrate the Boss Mustang’s 35th anniversary with a look at some of the wildest, rarest and fastest. Al Eckstrand’s 1970 Lawman Boss 429, Paul Woodlief’s 1971 Boss 351, Danny Guerra’s Bob Perkins-restored 13,000-mile 1969 Boss 302, Dave Houston’s special-ordered Light Gray Metallic 1970 Boss 302, Ross Myer’s Smokey Yunick 1969 Trans-Am Boss 302, Robert Cobb’s 1970 Boss 302, George Huisman’s Shelby-prototype 1969 Boss 302, John Colletti/Larry Shinoda 1994 Boss 429, Jim Kelly’s 1970 Boss 302 front clip, Bob Perkins’ 1970 Boss 302, 1972 Non-Boss 351 H.O., Brent Hajek’s Tasca Super Boss 429, Fastest Factory Boss (Boss 351), Parnelli Jones 1970 Boss 302’s, Bill Kagle’s unrestored 54-mile 1969 Boss 429, John DeMartino’s “Best Optioned” 1970 Boss 302, Quarter Horse Mustang, Larry Shinoda’s Boss 302 prototype, Brian Ferrin’s Bud Moore Engineering “Last Boss” 302, 1971 Boss 302 prototype, Joey Flowers’ “Most Illegal Speeding Ticket”, Last Boss (Unlocated).

Cadillac Boss

  • Rick Parker’s 1969 Boss 302 is loaded with options.

10 Best Restomod Ideas

  • For street-driven early Mustangs, these ideas will greatly enhance the driving experience. Vintage Mustangs restored to original condition will always have their place. But for street-driven early ponies, these ideas will greatly enhance the driving experience.

How To: 1965-1966 Power-Steering Conversion

  • With the right parts, converting to power steering is a snap.

Uniquely Special

  • Billy Biggs got the Mustang of his dreams when friend Albert Ellison sold him a low-mileage 1966 GT fastback.

Show-Champ T-5

  • Johnnie and Rachel Garner have driven their T-5 convertible to Gold in Concours Trailered.

One-Owner Big-Body

  • Clarence and Kathy Baker got their hands on this 1973 coupe three decades ago, and they don’t plan to let go.

10 Rarest Saleens

  • The Top-10 hard to find–but obtainable–Saleen Mustangs.

Kit Racer

  • Mike Raburn’s Mach 1 Racer is a working prototype for Mustang Racing technology’s “Mustang race car kit.”

How To: Replace A 1971-1973 Dashpad

  • Just Dashes’ new 1971-1973 dashpad will help get your “big” Mustang interior restoration on the right track.

How To: Guide To Performance Brakes

  • There are a lot of options for improving the brakes on your vintage Mustang.

How To: Fix 1979-1986 Fox-Body Problems

  • Square-light 5.0s are getting on in years. Make yours better with these top-10 fixes.

How To: Install Caster/Camber Plates

  • Lowering a late-model Mustang makes it look good. Installing caster/camber plates makes it work good.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • The Mustang II helped save the Mustang nameplate from extinction. Recapping 1974-1978 production facts and figures.

Mustang Monthly – March 2004

Pony Tales

  • Crate Cammer: Ford Racing Performance Parts’ new 5.0 Cammer crate; FastForward Fastback; Shelby’s Continuation G.T. 350SR; Shaker Rattle: Ford TSB for 2003-2004 Mach 1’s; News Desk: Rally Pac Repros, Steve Lyons quote, Specialty Wheels wins Primedia’s Tech Award, DynoMax 2005 GT Exhaust, Scott Drake’s 1967-1968 Overhead Console Repros, Tokico’s D-Spec strut/shock system, Year One honored, Clifford Performance’s 6-cyl performance products, Chad McQueen’s Bullitt remake, Ford’s 100th Anniversary DVD/VHS, Ford/SEMA Technology Initiative continues, 429 Megasite’s Underhood Plating and Coating ID Guide, Fun Ford Weekend Old Bridge Township Raceway Park added 22-23 May 2004, Hancock Park Associates buys into Saleen, Ford to produce six-speed automatic, Boss 302 Registry: Parnelli Jones buys Grabber Orange 1970 Boss 302; Pony Carbs Goes West (to Las Cruces, NM); 300-Millionth Ford is a Mustang; March YO Club Winner is… Adam Nicholas; Mustang Inquirer: Bill Johnson.

2005 Mustang

  • With more power and refinement, the next-generation Mustang should meet Team Mustang’s goal as “The Best Mustang Ever.”

Making It Better

  • Glenn Edwards has combined classic lines and great performance in a tasteful Mustang.

How To: Build Up A 289 Short-Block

  • Just like a well-built house, a strong-running small-block Ford needs a good foundation to build on.

How To: Install White-Face Gauges

  • Now you can update your vintage Mustang with modern white-face instrumentation from Scott Drake Enterprises and National Parts Depot.

Rocky Mountain Highs

  • The High Country Special Mustangs blanketed the western states with special colors and a California Special look-alike. Features High Country Special/Ski Country Special info, and profiles of Dave Spry’s 1966 convertible, Ron Bettinger’s 1967 convertible and Bob Teets 1968-1/2 428 Cobra Jet coupe.

Barbara’s Present

  • For Dan Goldhardt, it was one way to get the 1970 convertible he wanted.

40th Anniversary Poster

  • From Mustang No. 1 to the new 2005, the Mustang has been providing fun for 40 years.

Mach Reincarnated

  • Bob Ford lost a Medium Green Metallic 1972 Mach 1 in a house fire. Fifteen years later, he has another one just like it.

5.0 Time Capsule

  • Troy Shanholtz is doing his part in preserving mid-1980’s Fox 5.0 history by keeping this untouched 1986 GT under wraps.

How-To: Identify Seatbelts

  • An in-depth look at vintage Mustang passenger-restraint systems.

How-To: Windshield And Rear Glass Replacement

  • Begin your glass replacement with these helpful hints.

Don’t Stop. Don’t Ask. Not For Sale.

  • The Saga of the Shepler Church Road Shelby. Refusing to take “No” for an answer, Steve Ball pulled this 1967 GT350 out of the second owner’s weeds.

4.6 Mustang Induction Guide

  • Induction components for two-valve 4.6 Mustangs are getting more popular all the time. Here’s a sampling of what’s available.

How To: Install A Speedometer Calibrator

  • Dallas Mustang’s adjustable speedometer calibrator allows you to retain speedometer accuracy when changing gear ratios or tire diameters.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • In the 40th year of the Mustang, we revisit Henry Ford II’s one-off 1964-1/2 Mustang hardtop.

Mustang Monthly – April 2004

Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration Program

Pony Tales

  • 300hp Three-Valve; Mustang Art: Design Factory’s Jim Gerdom; News Desk: Peter Horbury named Ford’s Executive Director of Design, 3rd Annual Bullitt Nationals at Richmond, Performance Parts Fox Trunk Mats, Painless Performance moves, 40th Anniversary Mustang Show at Toyota’s Superspeedway, Bedroom Window Mustang, Camp Steeda, Mallory’s E-Spark Conversion Kit for 1957-1974 Fords, Best Wishes for Chip Miller of Carlisle Productions; Cruising to the 40th; Reyn Spooner Hawaiian 40th Anniversary Shirts; Guide to 4.6L Ford Engines (Sean Hyland, CarTech Auto Books); April YO Club Winner is… Mark Pelo; Mustang Inquirer: John Coletti; Hot Rod Power Tour Revs Up.

40 Years Of Mustang Milestones

  • These are the things that have kept the Mustang running strong for the past four decades.

How To: Complete A 289 Long-Block

  • We finish off our small-block buildup with heads, intake, and a dyno test.

Speedier Bullitt

  • Had Frank Bullitt piloted this 1968 in pursuit of the bad guys, he would have been faster than a speeding — well, you know…

Attitude Adjustment

  • For Scott and Lisa Hoag, the “R” in R-code stands for relaxation. 1970 428 Cobra Jet Ram-Air Mach 1.

How-To: Install Sequential Taillights

  • With Scott Drake’s new sequential taillight conversion kit, it’s easy to add sequencing rear signals to a vintage Mustang.

How-To: Battery-Apron Replacement

  • Here’s a quick fix for one of the Mustang’s most common corrosion areas.

Pony Trails

  • We’re tagging along with the Great American Pony Drive II for the 40th Anniversary Mustang Show.

How-To: Optimize Your Cooling System

  • Chill out! Here are some solutions for your Mustang’s overheating woes.

Suddenly, It’s 1973

  • George Bauman’s 199-mile 1973 Grande has led a charmed life.

R-Model Reprise

  • Carroll Shelby adds another continuation Mustang to his stable with the GT350SR.

How To: Install A 4.6 Intake Plenum And Throttle Body

  • Bolt-on performance for 1996-2004 two-valve GTs.

Fox Feature Facts

  • Four special 5.0 LX convertibles were produced in the early 1990s. Here’s what makes these collectible Mustangs “feature” worthy. 1990 “7-Up”, Vibrant Red 1992, Canary Yellow and Vibrant White 1993

Independent Thinking

  • Like other unique late-models, Dave Webster’s 1999 Cobra occupies a special niche among SN-95 Mustangs.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Ford celebrated the Mustang’s 20th Anniversary with a limited edition Mustang GT

Mustang Monthly – May 2004

Pony Tales

  • Modern Shelby Cobra; Seatbelt Belts: New from Everything Carz; Camp Steeda; Mustang II at Carlisle: Original 1963 concept on display 5-6 June 2004; Roush Flyover at 40th; News Desk: Koni Sport Kits, 2005 Mustang, Starsky & Hutch movie, SVT Cobra 2004 hiatus, Boss 302 Registry, Shelby American’s “Snakebite Bulletin” reports new Shelby Cobra, Steve Strange’s Boss 429 website, Dataplate restoration from A.G. Backeast, JMS Products’ 2005 Mustang parts, Edelbrock’s aluminum Cleveland head, Victory 7 Mustang Club wins Eagle One Golden Rule Award, Mustang Monthly website Reader Poll; Hot Pepper: Dallas Mustang’s 40th Anniversary secret; SCMC 5th Anniversary Celebration; May YO Club Winner is… Giorgos Kazanis; Mustang Inquirer: Bob Dooley

Iacocca Speaks Out

  • The “Father of the Mustang,” Lee Iacocca, talks about lucky timing, naming the Mustang, Carroll Shelby, and how Bunkie Knudsen almost ruined the original ponycar.

How To: Detail A 289 Engine

  • Make your vintage small-block look showroom new with the “right stuff.”

Hard To Top

  • Bob Fria’s 1964-1/2 Mustang, serial number 5F07U100002, is recognized as the first production Mustang hardtop.

How To: Install 1970 Door Glass In A ’69 Mustang

  • Make the switch to the ’70-style bolt-in glass and never worry about your windows falling out again.

Bad In Black

  • The Woodhead Collection’s Boss 429 is the ultimate Mustang musclecar.

Laser Beam

  • George and Linda Tover’s 1967 Mustang fastback performs with exacting precision.

Bc Beauty

  • Doug Hansen’s big-body convertible helps keep the vintage Mustang flame alive in Canada’s British Columbia. Dutch Treats 49 Hennie Lek’s Saleen collection in The Netherlands is world class.

190 And Counting

  • Is this the world’s fastest Mustang Cobra street car?

How To: Add ’65-’66 Dealer Options

  • Project ’66 gets back in action with some rare dealer accessories.

Mustang Monthly 2004 Spring Catalogs

How-To: Repair Windshield Scratches, Nicks, And Bull’s Eyes

  • See more clearly by using The Eastwood Company products to eliminate windshield and glass imperfections.

How To: Install An Idle Adiustment Plate

  • Help quell hunting idles on modified 5.0s with this easy-to-install idle-adjustment plate.

How-To: Install 18-Inch Wheels In A Late-Model

  • Thinking about 18-inch wheels for your ’94-’04 Mustang? Here’s an idea of what it will look like.

Double Trouble

  • We’ve got two Pony Trails on the schedule for May. Saturday, May 2, 2004 NCRMC Show and the Friday, May 21, 2004 Shelby Spring Fling.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • The 1968 Cardinal Special.

Mustang Monthly – June 2004

Pony Tales

  • Terlingua Mustangs Ride Again!; Garage-Sale Treasure; Hauling in style; Eleanor: Love it or hate it?; News Desk: Chevy High Performance envies Ford, Atlanta Car Parade and Show Raffle, WD-40 Big Blast, Fun Ford Weekend, Painless Performance, Praxis adjustable air-suspension for Mustang, Copperstate Mustang Club Mustang in the Movies web list, Coker Tire’s Person of the Year, BBK Performance’s 4.6 two-valve intake, Ohio title history search, 2001-2003 Mustang coupe sagging headliner TSB, Rick Titus Ford Freestar commercial, Malcolm in the Middle Mustang, Superstar Mustangs at the Oscars, Jerry and Mevis Regynski’s Mustang and Shelby museum; Snow Burnouts; YO Club Winner: Jim Stone; Mustang Inquirer: Joyce Yates

How I Restored My Mustang

  • We take a glimpse inside the how, what why, and where of restoring a vintage Mustang. The behind-the-scenes story of Mark Houlahan’s 1966 hardtop. (Includes information on 1966 Anniversary Gold Mustangs.)


  • Technically, David McGorman is the original owner of this 4,500-mile “Lawman” 1971 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Reborn Boss

  • Steve Collins resurrected this 1971 Boss 351 from a low-mileage but neglected past.

How-To: Install A Perfect Fit A/C System

  • Classic Auto Air’s Perfect Fit air-conditioning systems are perfect for 1965-1973 street Mustangs in the summer.

How-To: Install A Grant Steering Wheel

  • Dress up your vintage interior with an aftermarket steering wheel from Grant Products.

Pony Trails

  • Carlisle, here we come. June 4, 2004 Pony Trail.

North To Alaska!

  • Mustang owners from the last great American frontier demonstrate fellowship and a dedicated sense of adventure. Michael Swanson’s 1965 convertible; Hugh Ashlock’s 1967 fastback; Sandy Hanson’s 1965 fastback; Ron McAlpin’s 1968 fastback; Dave and Becky Broline’s 1967 hardtop.

Going For The Gold

  • Original owner Laurie Slawson’s 1968 Mustang hardtop has gone from daily driver to field tripper to show winner

Neverland Hertz

  • Debra Ware’s 1966 GT350H convertible is one of those cars that was never built, but we wish it had been.

Time Capsule

  • Frank Cyril’s 1969 Shelby GT350 is the car we’re all looking for.

How-To: Install A New Fuel Tank

  • For Mustangs with old, rusty, and pinhole-filled fuel tanks, installing a new one can eliminate fuel odors and increase capacity.

How-To: Rebuild Door Hinges

  • Eliminate door sag and sloppy adjustment in an afternoon.

How-To: Install Aluminum 4.6 Valve Covers

  • BBK’s new valve covers for two-valve 4.6s are a unique way to make drab modular V-8s look more flashy.

Boss V-10

  • With 351 cubic inches of V-10, this Ford prototype lives up to the Boss 351 name.

How-To: Detail A 5.0 Engine

  • The are lots of little bits under the hood of a Fox-body 5.0 to consider. Here are ta few to get you started.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • The World’s Fair Mustangs — Still a Mystery

Mustang Monthly – July 2004

Pony Tales

  • Flash! Ford Unveils GT-R Concept; Open house for Latemodel; Commemorative Mustangs; Ford, reproduction companies reach trademark agreement; News Desk: MCA Board of Directors names six new members, Carlisle Productions co-founder Elliott S. “Chip” Miller passes away, Royal Purple sponsors Shreiner Racing Cobra R, 2005 Mustang at www.fordvehicles.com, Mustang Monthly to follow assembly of final Dearborn Mustang, Mustang Matters reports on V05 commercial Mustangs, 1964 World’s Fair Mustangs at www.dutchmustangs.nl, Teflon products at www.dupontcarcare.com, 1965-1967 HiPo Mustangs at www.hipomustang.com, 1964 Lee Iacocca Time cover art at www.timecovers.com, New Ford GT at www.saac.com, Pirelli P Zero Nero tires for 2005 Mustang GT, Josh Bolger named as new MCA Mustang Times editor; Poll Position: 2005 Mustang; YO Club Winner: Gary Porter; 600HP Boss Shinoda; Mustang Inquirer: Jerry Heasley

Shelby Fights Back

  • Carroll Shelby responds to his critics about the continuation Shelbys, and talks about the possibility of a modern Shelby Mustang.

Rare As Gold

  • Larry Vigus’ 1969 SCJ coupe is just as valuable, too.

How-To: Build A Budget Small-Block

  • The road to reliable 260/289/302 power doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

How-To: Install An Overhead Console

  • Thanks to a new reproduction, owners of 1967-1968 hardtops and fastbacks can add this popular factory option

Pony Trails

  • We’ll be rolling through the Great Northwest during the Mustangs Northwest show, July 16, 2004.

Buy It Now

  • Tom Tate couldn’t turn down the low-mileage 1967 390 hardtop he found on eBay.

Terlingua Rides Again

  • Dallas Mustang unleashes its vintage-style trans-Am hardtop for street and track.

Vintage Rides

  • Looking back at the way we were with our Mustangs.

How-To: Choose The Best Brake Line

  • Classic Tube gives us the lowdown on safe stopping.

How To: Install Modern Stereo Equipment

  • Make a daily driven vintage Mustang a more enjoyable ride with high-fidelity sounds and CD-playing capability.

How-To: Lower A Late-Model Mustang

  • With Steeda’s new SuperLite Sport springs and Tokico struts and shocks, late-model Mustangs can look and handle better.

Double-Dare D-Code

  • Ray Coleman bought his 1964-1/2 convertible in pieces, then put it back together in a quest for concours Gold.

Trump Cards

  • Alan and Jean Anderson went out and corralled a pair of 1993 aces.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • The closing of Metuchen. Friday, February 27, 2004 was the last day at the Edison, NJ Ford plant.

Mustang Monthly – August 2004

Pony Tales

  • Sounds of Power: 2005 Mustang sound system; Shelby honored with J.D. Power award; Final wrap on 40th; News Desk: Moscow Mustang, Flat Rock Job 1 set for September 7, Mustang Matters Mustang 40th TV coverage report, Jim Padilla new Ford Automotive Operations COO, 1965 Sighting: A&E Detective Beat, CJ Mach 1 on Speedvision Musclecar Shootout, Custom Tees & More: www.customteesnmore.com; General Lee beats Bullitt and Eleanor; Eleanor in Bronze; YO Club Winner: Matt Gamble; The Saleen Book (Brad Bowling: Driveway Books); Mustang Inquirer: Scott Hoag

Lordy, Lordy, Mustang’s 40!

  • The Mustang Club of America celebrated the Mustang’s 40th birthday with a grand 40th Anniversary Celebration in Nashville.

Buy It Now!

  • Or maybe not. A guide to buying a 1965-1973 Mustang.

How-To: Install Three-Point Seatbelts

  • Custom Accessories’ three-point seatbelts add modern safety to vintage Mustangs.

How-To: Replace A Rag Joint

  • Restore your steering system’s most vital link.

Cj Survivor

  • Used and abused in the 1960’s, Scott Wehler’s 1968-1/2 Cobra Jet GT fastback now leads a more pampered life.

Passing The Torch

  • Ted Nelson helped daughter Jennifer build this 1966 hardtop into a sporty, but still girly, Mustang.

Original Recipe

  • Kentucky gave us more than the Colonel’s fried chicken, like Gary Woodruff’s incredible 20,127-mile, survivor 428 SCJ Drag Pack Mach 1.

Teacher’s Pet

  • Scott Steiner remembers this exact 1971 convertible from fifth grade. Now, more than three decades later, he owns it.

How-To: Trim Coil Springs And Check Front-End Alignment

  • Removing weight from the front of a car means a ride-height adjustment might be in order.

How-To: Install Cold-Air Inductions

  • More air equals more horsepower on 4.6s equipped with Pro-M Racing’s easy-to-install Cold Air Induction system.

How-To: Repair 1979-1993 Door Hinges

  • Sagging doors on Fox-body Mustangs are fixable with a new repair kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply.

Well Stacked

  • So you want to add Webers to your small-block. Here’s what you’ll need to know to make them run right.

How-To: Install Led Sequential Taillights

  • With Mustang Project’s new LED taillights, it’s easy to add sequential operation to 1965-1969 Mustangs.

Rocket Man!

  • John Butler’s 1999 SVT Cobra isn’t just a Mustang; it’s a road-racing lifestyle.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • In September 1993, 18 brand-new Mustangs participated in the 1994 Ford Mustang Media Preview. YOU MAY OWN ONE OF THEM.

Mustang Monthly – September 2004

Pony Tales

  • American Hotrod Mustang: Discovery Channel’s 1965 makeover; Boss Nationals 2005; Last Mustang at Dearborn: May 10, 2004; SVT Focus: Road Trip; News Desk: Randy Ream’s 1969 Boss 302 in Car & Driver, Terry Shiver: New Publisher for Mustang Monthly, 2004 edition of 1970 Mustang Mach 1 World Registry, Direct Source Mustang Monthly Back Issues: 1996-1999, Terlingua DM-450 price raised, Little Red on display, Brock Yates’ “Cannonball!” in paperback, Drag Racing game at www.sdweb.com/musclecars/index2.htm, EverythingCarz “6-Speed Plunger”, Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut 1966 convertible, Mustang Project’s sequential taillight kits, Latemodel Restoration Supply catalogs split, Ford featured at SEMA 2004, 1994-2004 3.8L/3.9L Mustang exhaust leak, Parnelli Jones Number 15 Trans-Am 1969 Boss 302 to be auctioned; Covertible Top Guide (Hydro-E-Lectric); 40th Rolls through Dearborn; YO Club Sweepstakes Winner: Thomas Bridges; Mustang Station Wagon photo; Mustang Inquirer: Bill Alexander

Supercharged Super Snake!

  • With 1960’s design and 21st-century technology, the 725hp supercharged GT500E is the best of both worlds.

Going For Gold

  • Michael Murray hit the jackpot with a pair of low-mileage Honey Gold 1965 Mustangs.

How-To: Install A Drivetrain

  • Project 1966’s engine and transmission find their new homes.

How-To: Rebuild A 9-Inch Rear End

  • Currie Enterprises restores and refreshes an original Mustang 9-inch rearend and incorporates a modern limited-slip differential.

Super Gt

  • Ernie Segura’s 2001 GT is OEM, retro, fast and furious, all wrapped up in one neat package.

No Worse For Wear

  • Mark St. Pierre’s 1970 Boss 302 has led the life of a stereotypical musclecar.

Cool Two

  • This 1974 Mustang II coupe is part of Marcella Knight’s collection of “first year” Mustangs.

How-To: Install A New Radiator And Clutch Fan

  • An upgraded cooling system for daily driven vintage Mustangs is a great shade-tree project that improves hot-wather capability.

How-To: Replace A Convertible Top

  • North Hollywood Auto Upholstery shows us how to replace a vintage Mustang’s convertible top.

How-To: Install 5.0 Shorty Headers

  • We review a time-honored upgrade for the Fox-body 5.0L Mustang.

How-To: Replace Convertible Visors

  • Worn-out sunvisors on Fox-body convertibles are easy to replace to make top-down driving enjoyable again.

Kentucky Trail

  • Pony Trails heads for the green fields of the Bluegrass State. Carrollton, Kentucky: Seventh Annual September in the Park: September 10-12, 2004.

Mustang Last

  • Why would we spend five days watching Dearborn Assembly build its last Mustangs? Because Ford said we could.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Job 1, 1994

Mustang Monthly – October 2004

Pony Tales

  • Mustang Stamp: Five-Year Anniversary; Boss Behind Bars: Bolduc’s 1970 Boss 302 restoration; Mustang returns to World’s Fair site; Soggy Nats at Carlisle; Mustang Monthly Web Poll: What is your opinion of the “Gone in Sixty Seconds” Mustang?; News Desk: Mid-America Shelby Meet speaker Dean Stonely, Stan and Molly Hyman’s 1965 convertible on Jay Leno, Edelbrock catalog on CD, 4th edition SAAC World Registry in works, Performance Racing Industry Show moving to Orlando in 2005, Team Mustang’s Mustang Alley at Woodward Dream Cruise, Car clubs invited to enter 12th Eagle One Golden Rule Awards; Collectible Cobra?; 5.0 Performance Projects (Classic Motorbooks); YO Club Winner: Julian Torres; Great New Zealand Mustang Run; Mustang fifth most stolen; Mustang Inquirer: David Turnbull

Restomod Corner

  • Restomod corner intro. (Sponsored by Mustangs Plus)

Hot-Rod Super Snake

  • Ken Godsey’s 1967 Shelby GT500 look-alike is a combination of Mustang muscle and street-rod technology.

50 Best Bolt-Ons

  • From factory options to aftermarket performance, here are some great easy-to-install ideas for your vintage Mustang.

How-To: Install A Hurricane Heat And Cool System

  • Old Air Products’ Hurricane system provides efficient, compact heating and air conditioning for 1965-1970 Mustangs.

Shotgun K-Code

  • An orange 1965 Hi-Po fastback is Kevin Olsen’s window into the past.

Keeping Pace

  • Dave and Susan Landow are preserving Fox-body history with their 576-mile 1979 Indy Pace Car.

How-To: Install A Rack-An-Pinion Steering System

  • With Flaming River’s new bolt-in rack-and-pinion, it’s now possible to have modern steering on 1965-1970 Mustangs without cutting or welding.

How-To: Restore Exhaust Maniforlds

  • Coatings from The Eastwood Company and Jet Hot can make old, rusty exhaust manifolds look like new.

How-To: Replace Fox-Body Door Handles

  • New door handles are a welcome repair for Fox Mustangs with doors that won’t open from the outside.

Mustangs Across America

  • Destination Nashville on the road trip of a lifetime. Coverage of April 2004’s cross-country journey.

How-To: Dyno-Tune A Supercharged 4.6 Mustang

  • Electronic tuning is the key that unlocks impressive supercharged 4.6 performance.

Best Mustang Catalogs

  • Check them out for some grat deals on Mustang parts and accessories.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • More SN-95 Dirt from Dearborn

Mustang Monthly – November 2004

Pony Tales

  • Boss Hoss: Year One’s 1966 restomod; Boss 351 Print from Design Factory’s Jim Gerdom; 2005 Sets the Pace: Mustang GT NASCAR Pace Car; News Desk: Fine Lines adds 1965-1970 Master Power Front Disc Brake Kits, Correct Jim Cowles’ Shelby Parts phone number, Race Dario online game at www.steeda.com, Shelby-Roush-Coletti-Saleen at Dearborn, Mustang Red Book 1964-1/2 to 2004 (Pete Sessler, www.motorbooks.com), 2005 Saleen production starts November 1st, Silver Springs Show 8-9 January 2005, Mustang II chosen for Automotive Atrocities: Cars We Love to Hate (Eric Peters), Ralph Moody dies, Terlingua Racing Team merchandise at www.terlinguaracingteam.com, Boss 302 Registry website at www.boss302.com, Austin Craig retires from J. Walter Thompson, Jim Chism presents $300K Nashville 40th check to MCA board, Dean Satterfield moves to TMI Products; Mid America turns 30; Brigh Lights City Pony Trails: October 31, 2004; Weber Dyno Test; Cobra Tranny Rattle TSB; Mustang Inquirer: Mike Riley

Going For Big Bucks

  • Shelbys and other high-performance Mustangs are selling for record prices. Will other Mustangs follow the high-soaring trend?

How-To: Replace Floorpans

  • What you need to know to replace floorpans.

How-To: 1965-1966 Console Restoration

  • Freshen up or add a console to your Mustang with the latest parts from National Parts Depot.

How-To: Install A Hurricane Heating And Cooling System

  • Old Air Products’ Hurricane system provides efficient, compact heating and air conditioning for 1965-1970 Mustangs.

Restomod Corner: Back Spacing

  • You’ll sleep better after tucking your tires and wheels in! (Sponsored by Mustangs Plus)

Home Blown

  • With its potent Paxton power, Mike Wheldon’s 1965 GT350 replica is ready for action.

Coupe De Grace

  • Nick De Vitis relives the Mustang’s Trans-Am glory days in the former Dean Gregson 1968 hardtop.

How-To: Improve Your Mustang’s Horsepower

  • From a basic ignition upgrade to a built stroker small-block, here are five ideas to get power from your stock-looking vintage Mustang.

How-To: Install A 5.0 Efi Intake Manifold

  • An aftermarket intake manifold is a worthwhile upgrade on a 1986-1993 5.0 Mustang.

How-To: Install Five-Lug Rotors And Axles On A Fox-Body Mustang

  • Five-lug front rotors, rear axles, and rear drums allow the use of five-lug wheels on any 1979-1993 Mustang.

For Special Service

  • More than a decade after production ended, interest in Mustang police cars is still strong.

Turned Up A Notch

  • Sean Lambert’s 1969 hardtop proves these affordable gems are long on potential.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • The stealthy Hi-Po that got away. Jim Smart tosses Jeff Fischbach’s rare block during Mustang Monthly’s “Budget 289 Build-Up”

Mustang Monthly – December 2004

Pony Tales

  • Saleen celebrates 20; Mustang for Haulin’: The Automotive Decadence Mustang station wagon; Technical Service Bulletin: 2001-2003 Mustang 5-Speed; High Noon Shootout; News Desk: Mustang 40th Anniversary exhibit at Petersen, Thunderbird stamp, 1970 Mach 1 World Registry corrected address, 1969 Trans-Am Boss 302 Mustang sold for $473K, Cometic Gaskets plans FE line, Shelby-autographed poster sold for $35K, Izak and West video: “Everything was Fine ‘Till Momma Got a Mustang”, Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Auction adds fifth day for 2005, Jon SHirley gets first production 2005 Ford GT, Driveway Books adds toll-free number, John Force’s Castrol Mustang Funny Car wears 40th Anniversary paint; Shelby’s GR-1 Concept; Roundup in Bellevue; Silver Springs Pony Trails: January 7, 2005; 2005 Aftermarket Bonanza; Mustang Inquirer: Bob Perkins.

Best Mustang Ever!

  • We finally get our hands on the 2005 Mustang GT. It’s better than we expected.

How-To: Install A Supension Upgrade, Lowering Kit, And 17-Inch Wheels

  • Changes in altitude; changes in attitude.

Professional Procrastination

  • Mustang restorer Fred Glazier finally got around to restoring the 1964-1/2 Mustang he bought brand new.

Internally More

  • Craig Clark’s show-winning 1971 Mach 1 looks totally stock, but it has a beefier 429 Cobra Jet under the NASA-scooped hood.

Highland Special

  • Russ Fustnow’s 1968 California Special is a Highland Green hardtop for the highlands of northern Arizona.

How-To: Install Four-Wheel Disc Brakes

  • The impressive stopping power of a Baer brake system can now be had on a vintage Mustang–without having to increase wheel diameter.

Warrior In The Wilderness

  • In Alaska, Wayne Pichon’s SCJ-powered 1970 Shelby GT500 convertible is a rare breed indeed.

How-To: Eliminate A Sloppy Shifter

  • Tired of playing with that broomstick in a barrel? Here’s how to fix your sloppy shifter problem.

How-To: Rebuild And Tune Autolite/Motorcraft Distributors

  • Ignitioneering and PerTronix show us how to breathe new life into a vintage Mustang ignition.

4.6 Mustang Performance Guide

  • 4.6L modular V-8s respond well to basic and in-depth performance upgrades, just like their 5.0 predecessors.

Road Hugger

  • The 1984-1986 SVO was the most advanced Mustang of its era. Tom Leslie kicks it up a peg with his SVO restomod.

How-To: Install A Firewall Clutch-Cable Adjuster And Aluminum Quadrant

  • The supporting cast for late-model clutch cables can need attention after the years roll by.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • 7T01C199064: Where it all began.

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