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Mustang Monthly – January 2005

Pony Tales

  • Screamin’ Yellow 2005 Steeda; 2005 Stampede Begins; Saleen S281 Sneak Peek; 2005 Mustang Pricing; Making the 2005; Ford Racing 2005 Mustang Performance Parts Program; Petersen, Iacocca Celebrate the Mustang; News Desk: Randall Shelby’s Shelby Website at www.shelbyforums.com, Shelby Expedition, 2005 Mustang Development info at http://blog.ford.com/blog.cfm, Iacocca at Petersen, Unique Performance Eleanor Motorcycle, Mustang F/X Mustang and Shelby Power Tour, John Force inducted into Mustang Hall of Fame, Pony Trails in Phoenix March 27; Kentucky Trails; Mustang Inquirer: Stephen Becker

Restomod Corner (Mustangs Plus)

  • Control & Comfort = Strings & Things

40 Years Of Shelby

  • Forty years ago this month, Carroll Shelby gave the Mustang its performance image with the introduction of the GT350.

How-To: Add The Best-Hidden Modifications

  • There are many things you can do to a vintage Mustang to make it more enjoyable to driver.

How-To: Replace Power Steering

  • Restore your vintage Mustang’s smooth, easy steering with a remanufactured Bendix power steering system from Mustangs plus.

Out Of This World

  • Cobra Jet Mustangs are always impressive, but Tom Cantrell’s 256-mile 1968-1/2 coupe borders on the miraculous.

Saleens Of A Feather

  • Father and son flock together with a duo of hot Saleen Mustangs.

How-To: Quartz Movement For Vintage Clocks

  • Keep perfect time by replacing your Mustang’s original mechanical movement with a Quartz Clock Kit.

How-To: Install Subframe Connectors

  • Welded-in subframe connectors are the best way to strengthen a vintage Mustang’s unibody structure.

Delicious Leftover

  • In 1965, Shelby American didn’t sell all of its original GT350s. Russ Furstnow’s carryover 1966 GT350 is one example of just how delicious a leftover can be.

How-To: Fox-Body Restoration Tips

  • Restoring a 5.0 is catching on. These ideas will help you get an old Fox Mustang back into shape.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • 1983-1984 Mustang GT Turbo

Mustang Monthly – February 2005

Pony Tales

  • Ford Racing Competition Program; New SVO Book: Mustang SVO: The Machine Speaks for Itself (SVE/David LaRocque); 2005 Mustangs Invade SEMA; Steeda stampede; Silver Springs Pony Trails: January 7, 2005; News Desk: Carroll Shelby donates $25K to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, 2005 Steeda SYQ Mustangs now available in Canada, 2005 Mustang GT on America’s Next Top Model, TMI’s new Mustang Sport Seat, Dynacorn’s 1967-1968 Mustang Fastback bodies ready by November 2005, Ford Racing’s 2005 Mustang ‘Bodies in White’, Mustang Chief Engineer Hau Thai-Tang reports first 2005 Mustang sold to Germany enthusiast, BBK Performance plans new 1996-2004 4.6L GT performance intake; Project Iron Pony; YO Club Winner: Robert Rippstein; Shelby sued over Eleanor; Shelby Expedition; Special Service Oversight: adding November 2004 Special Service Mustang article credit for Jim Dingell and the Mustang Special Service Registry website at www.evooa.org/mssr

Cutting Edge

  • High-tech restomods are slicing their way into our Mustang universe. Here are some of the best in the country.

How-To: Get Beautiful Paint

  • The difference between an $800 and a $10,000 paint job is in the preparation and finishing touches.

How-To: Install An Export Brace And A Monte Carlo Bar

  • Making the front end of a vintage Mustang stronger is an important step to better handling.

Made For The Movies

  • Just wait, one day you may see Gino Lubbi’s 1970 Boss 429 on the big screen.

Shel’s Finest

  • A 1967 GT500 with a dual-quad 428 qualifies as one of Carroll’s more noteworthy creations.

Restomod Corner (Mustangs Plus)

  • XMODS Go Restomod!

Back To The Future

  • Originally created to link the Mustang I show car to the production 1965, Ford’s 1963 Mustang II is alive and well preserved.

How-To: Detail A Trunk

  • MCA head judge and noted Boss 302 expert Bob Perkins shows the tricks for detailing a concours 1970 Mustang trunk.

How-To: Replace Side-Marker-Light Lenses

  • Replacing side-marker lights makes a big difference in a vintage Mustang restoration project.

How-To: Install A Performance Five-Speed Shifter

  • An hour is all it takes to swap your stock five-speed shifter for Steeda’s short-throw Tri-Ax shifter.

How-To: Replace T-Top Weatherstrip

  • Keep the rain out of your T-top Fox-body by replacing the old weatherstrip with new rubber from Latemodel Restoration Supply.

981 Miles, The Long Way

  • Greg Sullins just took delivery of a new 1973 Mustang

Performance Commonwealth

  • Matt Bohl’s lean and clean 1997 Cobra is a Pennsylvania powerhouse.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Art Cairo’s 5F07K100148 rolls out of a full-scale restoration.

Mustang Monthly – March 2005

Pony Tales

  • Crazy Horse: Boyd Coddington’s latest custom; Pony Drive 2005; Get the Drift?: Ford Racing Performance Parts and Toyo Tires team up; Department of Corrections: December 2004: corrected phone number for California Pony Cars; Technical Service Bulletins: TSB 04-19-8 and TSB 04-21-6 for 1999-2004 Mustangs; YO Club Winner: Dustin Pasteur; Phoenix Pony Trails; High-Tech Classics: K.A.R. Auto teams up with Reenmachine to build custom 1967 Mustangs; Bright Light City Cruise coverage.

Restomod Corner (Mustangs Plus): Restomods In Reno!

  • Join in the fun as Restomods Invade Reno!

Wild Stangs 2005

  • Saleen, Steeda, Roush, and a host of other aftermarket companies debuted their 2005 Mustangs at last November’s SEMA Show.

Orange County Shelby

  • Orange County Chopper swaps a Shelby-themed motorcycle for a Shelby GT500E.

How-To: Install Custom Leather Upholstery

  • Achieve best-dressed status with genuine Distinctive Industries leather from JMC Motorsports.

How-To: Detail 1969-1970 Shaker Hoodscoops

  • Head MCA national judge Bob Perkins shows the right way to restore a vintage Shaker scoop.

Low Miles On The Dial

  • It’s the best original little ’66 convertible I’ve ever run across. – Bob Perkins, owner and head MCA national judge.

How-To: Precision-Tune A 289

  • We pick up over 12 hp on a stock 289 with nothing more than common-sense tuning.

Rare Ragtop

  • The only one made, the 1967 GT500 convertible shouldn’t even exist, but an unusual chain of events ensured it will always be with us. This Shelby prototype is now owned by the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois.

Kind Of A Drag

  • The original owner ordered this 1969 GT-CJ fastback for drag racing. Frank Miller bought it for the same reason, until he found out it’s one of 11.

High On Options

  • Paul Woodlief’s 1971 Boss 351 may be the highest-optioned Boss ever built.

How-To: Install Braided Brake Hoses

  • Make your Mustang look better and drive safer with high-performance braided brake lines from Classic Tube.

How-To: Install New Bumpers

  • Installing new front and rear bumpers on a vintage Mustang can make a big difference in your car’s appearance.

White On White

  • Ron Smith Jr.’s triple-white 1993 Feature Car is a 16,000-mile example of the low-production special editions.

How-To: Install Custom Graphics

  • Many kinds of custom graphics are available for Fox and SN-95 Mustangs. Here’s how to put them on.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Understanding Consecutive Unit Numbers.

Mustang Monthly – April 2005

Pony Tales

  • Dropping the top on the 2005; Date set for Bellevue; Mustangs and Mustangs; 2005 Steeda Approved for Racing; Coletti Retires; YO Club Winner: Michele Briscoe; RC Your Mustang; Restomods in Reno; Mustang donated to National Museum of American History; News Desk: Bud Moore “99 percent” confirmed to attend Boss Nationals, Denice Halicki amends Shelby Eleanor suit, Men’s Channel Mustang TV show, New book: “River Rouge: Ford’s Industrial Colossus” (Joseph P. Cabadas/MBI Publishing), Tom Scarpello leaves Ford SVT for Jaguar, $3,320.70 eBay Boss 302 Shaker, Romeo produces 8 millionth engine, Central Illinois Mustangers give Shriner’s Hospital $24K, 2005 “Cornfield” Ad filmed in Chilliwack BC, Ford Racing 4.6L Performance Intake, Ford Transmission Forum, 2005 Mustang best sales in 15 years, Steeda’s Screamin’ Yellow Q Official FFW car, American Idol’s Diana DeGarmo’s Black 2005, 4.6L named to “10 Best Engines”, Ford COO Jim Padilla named President, Tony Sousa passes away.

Best Mustang Builds

  • From restomod to concours, there are several ways to build a vintage Mustang.

Green With Envy

  • We’d all love to own a 1965 GT fastback as nice as Dr. Frank Diefenderfer’s

Kid Rocks!

  • Nineteen-year-old Chris Radcliffe built this 1965 Mustang all by himself.

How-To: Install A Concours 1965-1966 A/C System

  • We can finally “chill out” in Project ’66.

How-To: Get Your Mustang Ready For Spring

  • Roar into warm weather with good preparations and preventive maintenance.

Panels Perfect

  • TMI Products’ new reproduction 1965-1966 Pony door panels are better than ford’s originals.

Restomod Corner (Mustangs Plus)

  • Highway Roulette! To drive or not to drive? That is the question!

A Special For Texas

  • Ford called it the Lone Star Limited, but in Texas it was known as the Bluebonnet Special Mustang. Ford Country dealer Don Smith owns this 1967 coupe.

Horse Of A Different Color

  • If you’ve never seen a Boss 302 bathed in pastel yellow, don’t be surprised. Charles Allen’s 1970 is one of only four.

How-To: Install Baer Four-Wheel Disc Brakes

  • Putting some serious halters on the Pony.

How-To: Solve The Antenna Dilemma

  • MCA Head Judge Bob Perkins explains why Mustangs often got different antennas in different locations.

How-To: Install A 5.0 Exhaust System

  • From headers to tailpipes, we install and dyno-test a complete exhaust system on a 1995 5.0.

Mach Survivor

  • Chuck Proskie’s 54,000-mile 1971 Mach 1 has survived with its original paint and original equipment.

Boys And Their Hoodz

  • Matthew Ward and his buddies dreamed up a unique hood scheme for Matt’s 2000 GT.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Eating some Hi-Po Crow. Jim Smart eats his words from the November 2004 column.

Mustang Monthly – May 2005

Pony Tales

  • 2005 Mustang Debuts as Winner; Depot’s Roadster; Mustang Prices Soar at Barrett-Jackson; Mobility Mustang; Brad’s been busy: The Standard Catalog of Mustang 1964-2004 (Brad Bowling/Krause Publications) and Mustang Buyer’s Guide 1979-2004 (Brad Bowling/MBI Publishing); Countdown to Carlisle; YO Club Winner: Sam Pincock; Calling All Clubs (for current contact information); Internet Poll: What was the most awesome performance Mustang ever sold to the public?; News Desk: JBA signed as a builder of 2005 Steeda Q, Carroll Shelby wins Spike TV AutoRox Automotive Icon award, 1963 289 Cobra sold for $2M, BFGoodrich to supply tires for 2006 Mustang GT, Carroll Shelby and Superformance International settle differences, Ford’s “Mustang Winter” commercial leads Super Bowl ad pack.

Star Power

  • Unique Performance builds the first 1967 Shelby GT500E convertible.

Restomod Corner (Mustangs Plus)

  • Wheel Bearings, Part 1

How-To: Fit And Adjust Hoods

  • Orlando Mustang’s Pete and Peter Geisler offer pointers for obtaining the perfect fit.

Those Were The Days

  • As the original owner of his 1968-1/2 Cobra Jet Mustang, Don Duttinger can relive his street-racing days anytime he wants.

How-To: Id A 289 Hi-Po

  • We look inside Art Cairo’s pre-production 1964-1/2 289 High Performance to see what made the high-winding small block so special.

How-To: Choose The Right Black Out Paint

  • A Bob Perkins guide to 1969-1970 Boss/Mach 1 exterior-body blackout detailing.

Unrequited Lust

  • Tony and Michelle Gosnell’s 1969 Boss 302 – confessions of a Boss groupie.

The European Connection

  • Belgian Ford dealer Claude Dubois created only 14 Shelby Europa Mustangs, including just two convertibles; Finland’s Dr. Rauno Harvima owns both.

How-To: Install A Coolant Recovery Tank

  • Kantner Performance makes it easy to catch the overflow.

How-To: Install Fox-Body Shocks, Springs, And Caster/Camber Plates

  • Installing the right parts on a Fox-body 5.0 Mustang improves looks, handling, and even ride quality.

Mustangs In Paradise

  • The glass-bottom boats weren’t the only attractions at Silver Springs during National Parts Depot’s Ford and Mustang Roundup.

Chasing The Surf

  • Mustang Racing Technologies’ Scott Hoag incorporated a sunny surfing theme into this bright yellow Cobra convertible.

Going Postal

  • Five years ago, Dave Williams’ 1964-1/2 Mustang convertible achieved immortality on a U.S. postage stamp.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • In 1979, the Mustang paced the greatest spectacle of racing.

Mustang Monthly – June 2005

Pony Tales

  • Retro Rider: Year One builds Rick Hudson an updated 1967; Spring Fling Pony Trails: Nashville, Indiana; Technical Service Bulletins for 2002-2005 Mustangs; Retro Racing Jackets from RT Retro; Restomod Rally-Pac; Big Bucks at Russo and Steele; All-Ford Nationals: Bosses and Bud; YO Club Winner: Trent Ostrander; Mustang Inquirer: Randy Ream; NewsDesk: First production 2005 Mustang Convertible built February 14th, Orlando Mustang 25th Anniversary, 33K 2005 Mustang coupes sold, Stainless Steel Brakes calipers, 2005 Mustang picked as Car & Driver’s “Best Muscle Car”, Canadian Car of the Year and MotorWeek TV Driver’s Choice Best Car of the Year; 2005 Mustang MyColor option hits production snag, Detroit Locker launches new website at www.detroitlocker.com.

The 2005 Comes Alive

  • The newest Mustang in Vortech supercharged form will likely be near the top of the wish list for many late-model enthusiasts.

Restomod Corner (Mustangs Plus)

  • Wheel Bearings: Rear Wheel Bearings, Part 2

The Farewell Boss

  • The last Bud Moore 1970 Boss 302 Mustang helps keep the Trans-Am’s glory days brightly lit. Brian Ferrin now owns Chassis Number 21971.

Reflecting With Bud

  • Bud Moore reminisces about Parnelli Jones, bad Firestone tires, and winning the 1970 Trans-Am championship.

Modot Fastback

  • Chris Young “stripes” the Missouri roads with his 1966 restomod fastback.

How-To: Install A Rally Pac

  • With the new reproduction Rally-Pac from CJ Pony Parts, you can add the factory’s sporty tach and clock combo to your 1965-1966 Mustang.

How-To: Replace A Speedometer Cable

  • A Scott Drake kit from Mustangs Plus makes it easy to R&R your speedometer cable.

The Golden Years

  • If “retirement living” means cruising the country with a 1967 GT500, sign us up!

Cobra Ii The Max

  • Fifty grand for a Mustang II? Bill Blackburn said, “No thanks.”

How-To: Detail 1969-1970 Underhood

  • Mustang Club of America Head Judge Bob Perkins points out the particulars of detailing underneath the hood.

How-To: Install A Custom Instrument Panel

  • JME’s cluster with Auto Meter gauges brings new meaning to full instrumentation in 1967-1968 Mustangs.

How-To: Install A Single-Wire Alternator

  • Powermaster Motorsports makes it possible to throw away your old-style alternator and voltage regulator.

Sprint 200

  • A special six-cylinder for a special springtime 1966 sale. Featuring a bit of history, and 1966 Sprint 200 Registry / Early Six Mustang Registry owner Rick Mitchell’s Arcadian Blue Sprint 200.

How-To: Optimize Carburetor Size

  • We dyno-test two different-size Holley carburetors on a chassis dyno to uncover the benefits of going a little bigger.

In Search Of Mustangs

  • Did Ford ever build a 1964-1/2 Mustang Fastback?

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