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Disc Brake ConversionMustang Monthly has a specialized editorial package that covers everything from do-it-yourself recommendations to the history of Mustang. It is the only magazine on the market that caters strictly to the Mustang hobby, from vintage to late-model vehicles.

Mustang Monthly Back Issues

Have you ever wondered what publication had that Mustang tech directory, article or story you read about and could not remember which issue it was in and now your ready to restore or do the repair as described in the magazine… more

How To Replace a 1979-2004 Rack-and-Pinion


Improve steering response and rid your Mustang of leaks with a performance steering rack! Check out how to replace a… more

How To Choose Hose Clamps for Your Ford Mustang


Choosing the right hose clamp for your Mustang involves both personal taste and function. It has to look right and it needs… more

Paint Solutions For Your Mustang Project – How To


Mustang owners are the perennial do-it-yourself types. From rebuilding their own engines to upgrading their Mustang’s… more

How to Upgrade Seats with the TMI Products Sport XR

tmi-products-sport-xr-seat-upholstery[4]Check out how to improve driving comfort and interior appearance with TMI’s Sport XR seating! more

How To Install the Raxiom 2013-Style Taillights

taillight-sequence-3[4]Freshen your ’05-’09 Mustang’s styling with Raxiom’s latest taillight offering! more

How To Install A HomeLink Rearview Mirror

infinity-mirror-compass-option[4]Add style and function to your vintage Mustang with a modern mirror upgrade more

How to Install a 1971-1973 Suspension System

install-1971-1973-suspension-system-installation-process[4]Total Control Products corrals the ’71-’73 Mustang’s handling challenges more

How to Replace Fox Mustang Door Glass Seals


Rid your Mustang of water leaks and wind noise with new soft trim! more

How to Upgrade Your Vintage Mustang’s Audio

upgrade-your-vintage-mustang-audio-am-band-decals[4]Go digital and wireless with new-school audio from RetroSound USA! more

How To Install The Hotchkis TVS Suspension Package

1966-ford-mustang-spring[4]Hotchkis’ Total Vehicle System will have you hunting for corners more

How to Install Koni Shocks and Struts

koni-sport-dampers-shocks-struts[4]Koni’s adjustable Sport dampers will make a handler out of your ’79-’93 Mustang! more

How to Install LED Taillights on a 1970 Ford Mustang

Mustang-LED-light-installation-step-13[4]Check out how to install Dakota Digital’s LED taillight modules for ’70 Mustangs in about one hour without modifications more

How to Identify Dual-Chamber Master Cylinder Caps

1967-1973-brake-master-cylinder-how-to[4]Do you know how to identify dual-chamber master cylinder caps? The correct ’67-’73 brake master cylinder cap is important for… more

How to Install Bolt-In Intermittent Wipers

1967-68-intermittent-wipers-control-lever[4]Owners of 1967-68 Ford Mustangs can now easily add the intermittent wiper function. more

How To Swap C4 Automatic for a Manual Transmission – Inline Update

Mustang-six-cylinder-engine[4]Our six-cylinder Mustang build ditches the C4 automatic in favor of a five-speed manual more

How to Convert 1965-1970 Mustangs to an EPAS

electric-power-steering-conversion-ford-mustang-steering-wheel[4]We can say with affirmation that the US Auto Performance EPAS system is something seriously worth considering if your vintage… more

How to Replace Fox Mustang In-Tank Fuel Pumps

replace-fox-mustang-in-tank-fuel-pumps-fuel-injection-system[4]Be it a failed pump or upgrading for performance, there are a few tricks to a successful replacement more

How to Install the Mustangs Unlimited Extended Range Fuel Tank

mustangs-unlimited-fuel-tank-swap-placing-tank[4]Get more mileage between fill-ups with a direct fit fuel tank swap from Mustangs Unlimited! more

How To Install Modern Driveline’s Hydraulic Clutch

1306-how-to-install-a-hydraulic-clutch-kit-installation[4]If you like driving your classic Mustang for those great feelings of nostalgia but dread the energy it takes to shift… more

Vintage Mustang Headlight Guide

vintage-mustang-headlight-guide-headlight[4]From the show field to the interstate, there’s a headlight for your vintage Mustang more

How To Install a Corsa V-6 Exhaust System

install-corsa-v-6-exhasut-system-corsa-exhaust[4]Corsa’s line of bolt-in exhaust systems are a straightforward install with basic hand tools more

How to Rebuild a 1965-1968 Mustang Heater

1965-1968-mustang-heater-rebuild-heater-assembly[4]Ensure your daily driver has plenty of heat for the upcoming cold season by reading how to rebuild a 1965-1968 Ford Mustang… more

How to Stretch Your Project Dollar

stretch-your-project-dollar-vintage-mustang[4]Restore your vintage Mustang without breaking the bank by learning how to stretch your project dollar. more

How to Troubleshoot Neutral Safety Switches

troubleshoot-neutral-safety-switches-adjustment-switch[4]Classic Mustangs tend to leave unsuspecting motorists stranded because the engine won’t turn over. Pesky no-starts can… more

How To Install Late-Model Mustang Hood Struts

1308-install-late-model-hood-struts-redline-tuning-prop-rod[4]Ask any late-model Mustang owner what their number one gripe is about working under their hood—be it detailing or general… more

How to Upgrade Performance in Vintage Mustang Six-Cylinder Engines

six-cylinder-performance-upgrades-1965-ford-mustang[4]Adding performance upgrades to the inline-six is the same as the typical V-8 performance enhancements of increasing airflow… more

How to Rebuild a Carburetor with Holley

holley-carburetor-rebuilding-holley-carburetor[4]Holley’s Custom Shop can tackle your carburetors be it Ford or Holley. more

How to Install a Custom 1967-1968 Mustang Dashpad

1967-1968-mustang-custom-dashpad-finished-install-mustang-interior[4]Modifying a vintage Mustang often falls into two distinct profiles. There are the owners on the left who don’t have issues… more

How To: Fire Protection For Your Mustang

1308-how-to-fire-protection-for-your-mustang[4]We attend a lot of Mustang shows, and as we walk the rows of pristine show cars, weekend rides, and daily drivers, we usually… more

How to Identify 1965-1978 Mustang Jacks

1970-ford-mustang-jack-maverick[4]Want to know how to identify 1965-1978 Mustang jacks? Here’s the information you need for concours or just to have to right… more

How To: Replace a Turn Signal Switch

1305-how-to-replace-a-turn-signal-switch-turn-signal-replacement[4]Turn signal switches have a busy job, especially if you do a lot of around town driving. If your Mustang still has its… more

How To: Understand and Identify Automatic Transmissions

1305-how-to-understand-and-identify-automatic-transmissions-transmission-parts[4]Few of us understand how automatic transmissions work nor do we know what it means when they suddenly don’t. We slip the… more


How To: 1979-2004 Mustang Rear Control Arm Upgrade

1305-how-to-1979-2004-mustang-rear-control-arm-upgrade-coil-springs[4]If you daily drive your ’79-’04 Mustang, chances are you’ve grown accustomed to the clunks and bumps coming from the rear… more

How To: Two-Speed Wiper Upgrade

mump-1301-01-o how-to-two-speed-wiper-upgrade windshield-wipers-main[4]Upgrade your single-speed wiper with this direct-fit kit with intermittent operation. more

Fox-Body Climate Control Systems

mump_1210_01_how_to_renew_climate_control_systems_fox_body_mustangs_[4]Classic Auto Air now offers complete climate control systems and parts for Fox-body Mustangs, including R-134a… more

Properly Bleed Mustang Brakes

mump_1210_01_how_to_properly_bleed_mustang_brakes_[4]This tech article will show you how to properly bleed mustang brakes to assure a firmer brake pedal. more

Mustang Upgrades On A Budget

mump_1208_01_enhance_your_mustang_upgrade_on_a_budget_[4]Enhance your Mustang with these dollar-stretching parts upgrades more

Tilt Steering Column Conversion

mump-1208-01 Tilt-Steering-Column-Conversion [4]Make driving more comfortable with a tilt steering column conversion for your Mustang from ididit more

Replace A Fox-Body Convertible Top

mump_1206_000_replace_a_fox_body_convertible_top_[4]Quick guide on how to replace a Fox-Body convertible top. more

Bolt-On EFI Buyer’s Guide – Bolt-On Configuration

mump_1206_000_bolt_on_configuration_efi_buyers_guide_[4]Reap the benefits of electronic fuel injection in a simple bolt-on configuration more

Replace A Mustang Dashpad

mump_1206_000_replace_a_mustang_dashpad_[4]Here’s a quick resto project about replacing a Mustang dashpad that you can do yourself in an afternoon more

Install A Coolant Recovery System

mump_1206_000_install_a_coolant_recovery_system_[4]We investigate some stealthy coolant catching solutions more

Battery Maintenance And Charging

mump_1206_000_battery_maintenance_and_charging_[4]Keep your Mustang’s battery in top shape for stress-free cruising. more

Rim-Blow Steering Wheel Build

mump_1205_00_rim_blow_steering_wheel_build_[4]Whether you’re restoring a Rim-Blow steering wheel or want to add one to your Mustang, NPD has everything you need more

Researching The History of Your Mustang

mump_1205_000_researching_the_history_of_your_mustang_[4]Tracking your Mustang’s past can be fun and informative more

Installing a Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter

mump_1204_000_installing_a_steeda_tri_ax_shifter_[4]You can throw away that map to third gear when you install a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter in your ’11-’12 Mustang more

Installing Halogen Headlights

mump_1204_000_installing_halogen_headlights_[4]Get better visibility and correct looks with Scott Drake’s new halogen headlamps more

Plastic Prep And Paint Procedures

mump_1204_000_plastic_prep_and_paint_procedures_[4]Prep and paint your Mustang’s interior parts for lasting looks more

Installing An Automatic Overdrive Transmission

mumo_1204_000_installing_automatic_overdrive_[4]Installing automatic overdrive does not have to be hard more

Installing Windshields and Backlights

mump_1204_000_installing_windshields_and_backlights_[4]The Restomod Shop shows you how to get a leak-free installation more

Install A PerTronix “Cast-Look” Distributor

mump_1203__000_install_pertronix_cast _look_distributor[4]Upgrade to electronic ignition while keeping a stock-like appearance! more

S197 Engine Cover Upgrade

mump_1203_000_s197_engine_cover_upgrade_[4]California Pony Cars’ new engine cover kit offers easy installation and great looks more

Understand Automatic Transmissions

mump_1203_000_understanding_automatic_transmissions_[4]Mustang C4, C6, and FMX automatics are simple machines you can service yourself more

How To – Install A Stealth Power Window Conversion

mump-1202-01 how-to-install-a-stealth-power-window-conversion window-crank[4]Keep your stock interior appearance while adding the convenience of power windows. more

How To – Install Bolt-On Power Disc Brakes

mump-1202-01 how-to-install-bolt-on-power-disc-brakes ssbc-a120-disc-brake-conversion-kit[4]Stainless Steel Brakes’ drum-to-disc conversion kit for drum brake spindles makes it easier than ever to get into safer… more

How to – Cover Convertible Rear Seat Armrests

mump-1202-01 how-to-cover-convertible-rear-seat-armrests starting-layout[4]Make your rear interior quarter-panels look as good as your new upholstery more

How To – Upgrade To ’10-’12 V-6 Foglamps

mump-1202-01 how-to-upgrade-to-10-through-12-v6-foglamps mustang-foglamps[4]Give your base V-6 the Premium Pony Package look with this direct fit foglamp kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply more

How To – Convert To Fox-body Five-Lug Wheels

mump-1202-how-to-convert-to-fox-body-five-lug-wheels-000[4]More wheel choices for cheap is the name of the game. more

How To – Install A High-Tech Sound System

mump-1201-how-to-install-a-high-tech-sound-system-000[4]We put a sound system in this classic Mustang. more

How To – Repair Hood Hinge Nut Plates

mump-1202-how-to-hood-hinge-nut-plates-000[4]We prescribe a quick fix for an oft damaged place on a car. more

How To – Restore Original Hardware

mump-1201-how-to-restore-original-hardware-000[4]A quick dip is all those nuts and bolts need to get back to being formidable. more

Dress Up A Vintage Mustang Trunk

mump-1201-00-How-To-Dress-Up-A-Vintage-Trunk[4]If you have a restomod, skip the plaid mat and go custom with pre-cut carpet and more from Mustangs Unlimited more

Rebuild Autolite 2100/4100 Carburetors

mump-1201-00-automotive-carburetor-rebuild[4]Make sure your Autolite is up to snuff with a simple rebuild kit, new filters, and attention to detail more

Install A 75mm Throttle Body

mump-1112-00-how-to-install-bbk-throttle-body[4]A BBK throttle body and PRO-M mass air deliver quick bolt-on power for ’94-’95 Mustang GTs more

Replace Leaky Axle Seals And Gaskets

mump-1112-00-replace-axle-seals-gaskets[4]Stop the leaks with proper installation and care more

How-To: Troubleshoot Alternator Charging Systems

mump-1112-00-how-to-troubleshoot-your-charging-system[4]Make sure your vintage Mustang’s battery is charged up and ready to go more

How To – Replace A Fox-Body Exhaust System

mump-1111-how-to-replace-a-fox-body-exhaust-system-000[4]We love fox-body Mustangs, and this month brings about the plans to replace the exhaust system. more

How To – Choose Tires

mump-1111-how-to-choose-tires-000[4]There’s a lot of factors to consider for your tires and a lot for you to know. more

How To – Bench-Bleed A Master Cylinder

mump-1111-how-to-bench-bleed-a-master-cylinder-000[4]A simple excursion in bleeding out your Mustang’s braking system. more

How To – Install A Five-Speed Transmission

mump-1111-how-to-install-a-five-speed-transmission-000[4]This month we show you how to install a Five-Speed Transmission in a ’65-’73 Mustang with the help of Modern Driveline. more

How To – Install A High-Tech Climate Control System

mump-1110-how-to-install-a-high-tech-climate-control-system-000[4]Classic Auto Air introduced a new system for your climate and temperature needs. more

How To Prep And Replace Sheetmetal – Replace Quarter-panels And Tailpanels

mump-1110-how-to-prep-and-replace-sheetmetal-replace-quarterpanels-and-tailpanels-000[4]Mustangs Etc. and Eastwood offer a hand to help replace some MVPs… Most Valuable Panels. more

How To upgrade to Ultra-Lite Gauges – Upgrade To Auto Meter Instruments

mump-1110-how-to-upgrade-ultra-lite-gauges-upgrade-to-auto-meter-instruments-001[4]Auto Meter and YearOne offer the tools that we need to upgrade our Ultra-Lite Gauges. more

How To Unleash Hidden Horsepower – Get Stroker Power

mump-1110-how-to-unleash-hidden-horsepower-potential-get-stroker-power-000[4]We consider some of the best options for how to unleash the hidden horsepower in an engine, in this How To. more

How To – Install A One-Piece Driveshaft

mump-1110-dynotech-engineering-services-install-a-one-piece-driveshaft-000[4]With the help of Dynotech Engineering Services, we install a one-piece Driveshaft made of aluminum.

How To Replace Fox-Body Carpet

mump-1109-how-to-replace-fox-body-carpet-000[4]This month we discuss how to change that carpeting on your ’79-’93 Mustang, especially if you’re trying to restore it. more

How To Install Billet Hood Hinges

mump-1109-how-to-install-billet-hood-hinges-006[4]A little help from Metrom and Classic Creations makes our Mustang hood hinges something to look at and talk about. more

How To Convert To A Dual Braking System

mump-1109-how-to-convert-to-a-dual-breaking-system-000[4]It’s time to consider taking your ’65-66 Mustang and converting it’s single brake hydraulic system into a dual braking… more

How-To Troubleshoot Engine Overheating

mump-1109-mustang-engine-temperature-control-troubleshoot-engine-overheating-000[4]An overheating engine is likely the oldest and maybe even the biggest complaint about the Mustang. We are here to… more

Vintage Air FrontRunner Serpentine Beltdrive System – Install Serpentine Beltdrive

mump-1107-01 vintage-air-FrontRunner-serpentine-beltdrive-system vintage-small-block[4]Vintage Air’s Billet Front Runner Serpentine Beltdrive system cleans up the front of small-block Fords more

PerTronix Ignitor II – Install Six-Cylinder Electronic Ignition

mump-1107-01-o PerTronix-ignitor-II six-cylinder-electronic-ignition[4]The PerTronix Ignitor II improves efficiency and drivability in 30 minutes more

Fox-Body Mustang Centerforce Clutch Replacement – Replace A Fox-body Clutch

mump-1107-01-o fox-body-mustang-centerforce-clutch-replacement centerforce-dual-friction-clutch[4]A new Centerforce clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel can breathe reliability and fun into 5.0 Mustangs more

Master Power Brakes Disc Brake Kit – Install Front Disc Brakes

mump-1107-01-o master-power-brakes-disc-brake-kit front-disc-brake-install[4]Master Power Brakes’ new assembled disc brake kit offers yet another way to upgrade your front brakes more

Stang-Aholics Styling Bar Installation – Install A Convertible Style Bar

mump-1105-01-o stangaholics-styling-bar-installation convertible-bar[4]Not just for late-models anymore, Stang-Aholics has introduced this cool cosmetic upgrade for ’65-’68 Mustang convertibles more

Mustangs to Fear One-Piece Headliner Installation – Install A One-Piece Headliner

mump-1105-01-o mustangs-to-fear-one-piece-headliner-install headliner[4]A new ABS headliner from Mustangs to Fear gives ’67-’68 owners a modern replacement for original vinyl headliners more

Classic Mustang Horn Repair – Troubleshoot, Service, And Adjust Horns

mump-1105-01-o classic-mustang-horn-repair horn[4]What to do when classic Mustang horns go silent more

Fixing a Manual Shifter – How To Repair And Service Manual Shifters

mump_1104_01_o fixing_a_manual_shifter shifter[4]Shifter Service And Adjustment For ’65-’68 Mustangs Is Something You Can Do Yourself more

25 Ways To Build A Better Driver

mump_110401_o 25_ways_build_better_driver ford_mustang[4]Who Says You Can’t Enjoy Great Driving Pleasure (And Reliability) In A Classic Mustang? more

Steeda Ultimate Induction Pak Installation – How To Install 2011 Cold Air

mump_1103_01_o steeda_ultimate_induction_pak_installation high_velocity_cold_air_intake[4]Steeda’s New Ultimate Induction Pak Improves Horsepower And Torque From The Mustang’s New 5.0-Liter more

How To Maximize Drum Brakes

mump_1103_01_o how_to_maximize_drum_brakes drum_brake_removed[4]Make Those Roundy-Rounds Safer And More Effective more

How To Choose A Car Cover

mump_1103_01_o how_to_choose_a_car_cover car_cover[4]There Are More Choices Than Ever For Protecting Your Mustang more

How To Apply Phosphate And Oil Coating

mump_1103_01_o how_to_apply_phosphate_and_oil_coating water_phosphate_mixture[4]It’s Bubble, Bubble, Toil But Not That Much Trouble To Apply A Factory-Correct Finish For Concours-Ready Hardware more

Adjustable Clutch Cable System Installation – How To Install An Adjustable Clutch Cable System

mump_1012_01_ steeda_adjustable_clutch_system_install cotter_pin[4]Improve Fox-Body Clutch Performance And Feel With An Adjustable Clutch Kit From Steeda Autosports more

Autolite 4100 Carburetor Installation – How To Install An Autolite 4100 Carburetor

mump_1012_01_ autolite_4100_carburetor_installation install[4]Pony Carburetors Can Help You Get Your Mustang’s Induction System Back To Its Stock Configuration more

Installing Fully Adjustable Control Arms And Strut Rods – How To

mump_1010_01_o installing_fully_adjustable_control_arms_and_struts adjustable_rods[4]The Mustang Shop Of Arizona Makes It Easy To Align Your ’65-’70 Mustang While Also Improving Handling more

Building A Budget 347 Engine – How To

mump_1010_01_o building_a_budget_347_engine 347_small_block[4]Trans Am Racing And Summit Racing Equipment Show How To Make 450-500 Horsepower In A Streetable Stroker more

2003 Ford Mustang Cobra Maximum Motorsports IRS Vibration Reduction Kit

mump_1008_01_o 2003_ford_mustang_cobra driveline[4]Exorcize Those Demonic Vibrations From An IRS-equipped Mustang Cobra more

1967 Ford Mustang Hardtop National Parts Depot Dual Exhaust System

mump_1008_01_o dual_exhaust_system factory_exhaust[4]Improve Your Vintage Mustang’s Performance And Sound With A Complete System From National Parts Depot more

1966 Ford Mustang Affordable Classics Anti-Theft Gas Cap System

mump_1008_01_o theft_proof_gas_cap gas_cap[4]Affordable Classics Offers A Stealthy Way To Prevent Fuel Theft On ’65-’73 Mustangs more

1968 Ford Mustang Speedometer Cable Replacement

mump_1008_01_o 1968_ford_mustang gauge[4]Get The Dance Out Of The Needle With A New Reproduction Cable more

1966 Ford Mustang GT Brew City Engineering RediRad AM Radio Converter Installation

mump_1007_01_o 1966_ford_mustang_gt redirad_am_radio_converter_kit[4]Play Ipod, CD, Or Satellite Radio Music Through Your Mustang’s AM Radio With The Easy-To-Install Redirad From Brew City… more

Ford Mustang Brother’s Performance Electric Fuel Pump

mump_1007_01_o electric_fuel_pump fuel_filler_neck_disconnection[4]If Your ’86-’95 Mustang Has Become A Little Sluggish, It May Be Time To Replace The Electric Fuel Pump more


Ford Mustang Vintage Air’s High-Tech Gen IV Climate Control Installation

mump_1007_02_o air_conditioning_installation surefit_gen_iv_climate_control_air_management_system[4]Improve Your State Of Cool With Vintage Air’s High-Tech Gen IV Climate Control For ’69-’70 Mustangs more

 1966 Ford Mustang GT National Parts Depot Vinyl Top Replacement

mump_1007_01_o 1966_mustang_gt mustang[4]You Can Do It Yourself But You May Want To Call A Professional For A Wrinkle-Free Installation more

 1965 Ford Mustang Hardtop Dark Side Long Tube Headers Installation

mump_1006_01_o dark_side_long_tube_headers headers[4]Improve Performance With This Easy Afternoon Bolt-On more

 Ford Mustang Troubleshooting Headlight Switches

mump_1006_01_o headlight_switches switches[4]Here’s Some Help For Those Times When The Lights Go Off more

2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible Baer Extreme Plus Brakes

mump_1005_01_o shelby_extreme_plus_brakes brake_upgrade[4]Get Super Snake Braking For Your Shelby GT500 Or Mustang GT By Replacing The Factory Front Discs With Rotors And Calipers… more

 Ford Mustang Oil Analysis Kit

mump_1004_01_o mustang_oil_analysis motor_oil[4]Your Engine’s State Of Health Can Be Determined Without Tearing It Down more

 Ford Mustang Eaton Detroit Springs

mump_1004_01_o ford_mustang_springs springs[4]A Mustang’s Stance Can Make Or Break The Overall Appearance. Mike Eaton From Eaton Detroit Spring Explains How To Get The… more

 How To Tie Down Your Mustang

mump_1003_01_ tie_down_mustang mustang_ties[4]Tips To Keep Your Vintage Mustang Secure And Undamaged When Transporting On Trailers more

 How To Install Custom Billet Badges

mump_1001_01_ custom_billet_badges custom_badge[4]Create Your Own Personalized Emblems For Your Restomod Project more

 How To Rebuild Autolite Loadomatic Distributors

mump_1001_01_ autolite_loadomatic_distributor_rebuild jeff_latimer[4]Freshen Up A Six-Cylinder Mustang’s Single-Point Ignition With Help From National Parts Depot more


 Modifying A 2005 S197 Mustang GT – How To Makeover An S197 Mustang

mump_1001_01_ 05_s197_mustang_gt 2005_s197_mustang_gt[4]From Stock To Stylin’ In A Couple Of Hours more

 How To Install An Aluminum Radiator

mump_1001_01_ install_aluminum_radiators aluminum_radiator[4]Increase Cooling Capacity And Get Good Underhood Looks With An Aluminum Radiator From Scott Drake Reproductions more

 Mustang Club Of America’s Tips To The Winner’s Circle – How To Win!

mump_1001_01_ winning_tips mca_nationals[4]Mustang Club Of America Tips To The Winner’s Circle – How To Win! more

 How To Install A Shelby/Kicker Stereo Upgrade

mump_1001_01_ shelby_kicker_stereo_upgrade subwoofer[4]Thanks To Shelby Automobiles’icon1[68] New Partnership With Kicker, You Can Now Get High-Performance Sound For Your ’05-’09 Mustang Or… more

 1965 Ford Mustang Starter Rebuilt

mump_0912_01_o 1965_ford_mustang_starter starter[4]1965 Ford Mustang Starter Rebuilt more

 1995 Mustang GT SVT Cobra Replacement Lights

mump_0912_01_o 1995_ford_mustang_gt head_and_parking_lamp_modules[4]1995 Mustang GT SVT Cobra Replacement Lights more

 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible Rear Axle Rebuild

mump_0912_01_o 1965_mustang_convertible_rear_axle gil[4]1965 Ford Mustang Convertible Rear Axle Rebuild more

 How To Install A 2010 Mustang Shaker Hoodscoop

mump_0911_01_ install_2010_mustang_shaker 2010_mustang_gt[4]We Get The Scoop On Classic Design Concepts’ Newest Shaker Hoodscoop For Ford’s Newest Mustang more

 How To Replace Weatherstrip

mump_0911_01_ replace_weatherstripping weatherstripping[4]Keep The Outside On The Outside Of ’69-’70 Fastbacks With New Weatherstripping more

 How To Install Shelby-Look Fiberglass

mump_0911_01_ install_shelby_look_fiberglass 1969_mach_1_body[4]Stang-A-Holics Now Offers Quality Front And Rear Fiberglass For ’69-’70 Mustangs more

 How To Restore Exhaust Manifolds

mump_0911_01_ exhaust_manifold_restoration exhaust_manifold[4]This Quick And Easy Restoration Project Will Help Finish Off Your Engine Compartment more

 How To Install ’05-’09 Adjustable Sway Bars

mump_0910_01_z how_to_install_05_09_sway_bars cover_spread[4]Summit Racing Offers Affordable S197 Handling Upgrades With Their Front And Rear Sway Bar Kits more

Shelby Short Throw Shifter Installation – How To Install A Shelby Shifter

mump_0910_01_ shelby_short_throw_shifter_installation cover_spread[4]Get Quick And Sure Shifting From Your Mustang GT Or Shelby GT500 With Shelby Performance Parts’ Precision Short-Throw… more


How To Install A Strut Tower Brace

mump_0909_01_ install_strut_tower_brace strut_bars[4]Improve Your ’05-’09 Mustang’s Structural Integrity With Cool Billet Aluminum From Scott Drake Enterprises more

 How To Build A Budget 289

mump_0905_01_ps 289_budget_build marvin[4]In This Second Of A Two-Part Series, MCE Engines And Eagle Specialty Products Show How To Build Reliable Torque Into A… more

 How To Reupholster Seats

mump_0905_01_ps reupholster_seats foam_and_burlap[4]You Can Make Your Vintage Mustang’s Seats Look Good As New With Fresh Vinyl Upholstery From Distinctive Industries more

 How To Replace Fox-Body Upholstery

mump_0905_01_ps fox_body_upholstery two_tone_seats[4]It’s Similar To Vintage Mustangs, Only Different more

How To Replace An Inner Fender Apron

mump_0903_01_ps npd inner_fender_apron[4]A Good Body Shop Can Readily Replace A Vintage Mustang’s Rusted-Out Inner Fender Apron In A Few Hours more

How To Dress Up ’05-’09 4.6L Engines

mump_0903_01_ps 2006_ford_mustang_engine dress_up[4]California Pony Cars’icon1[70] Line Of Dress-Up Bits Really Wakes Up The Visual Flavor On S197 Mustang GT Engines more

How To Rebuild A Top Loader Four-Speed

mump_0903_01_ps ford_top_loader_transmission four_speed[4]Anaheim Gear And MCE Engines Show How To Build A Dependable Top Loader more

 How To Install AcoustiShield Sound Deadening

mump_0903_01_ps ford_mustang acoustishield_install[4]Project Reclaim Gets AcoustiShield From Quiet Ride Solutions more

 How To Replace A Mustang Steering Gear with Flaming River’s Help

mump_0903_01_ps flaming_river mustang_steering_kit[4]A New Flaming River 16:1 Steering Box Is All It Takes To Make Steering Crisp more

 How To Replace Windshields And Backlights

mump_0902_01_ps how_to_replace_windshields_and_backlights front_view[4]Install New Glass And Gaskets In Your Home Garage–Without Leaks more

 How To Replace Shock Towers On a Vintage Mustang

mump_0902_10_ps how_to_replace_shock_towers front_view[4]Dynacorn And Mustangs Plus Make It Easy To Repair Your Mustang’s Aging Body Structure more

 How To Install Rack-And-Pinion Steering

mump_0901_01_ps mustang_performancre_steering_wheel front_view[4]Total Control’s Manual Rack-And-Pinion Steering Is A Great Performance Upgrade For Vintage Mustangs more

 How To Get Jet-Hot Coating

mump_0901_11_ps mustang_headers_jet_hot_coating front_view[4]Specialized High-Temperature Coatings Mean Durability, Less Heat, And Virtually No Maintenance more

 How To Install Performance Mufflers on a 2005-2009 Mustang GT

mump_0901_12_ps 2005_mustang_gt_performance_mufflers front_view[4]Drown The Drone With Corsa’s Reflective Sound Cancellation Technology For ’05-’09 Mustang GTS And Shelbys more

 How To Install an Electric Fan In Your Mustang

mump_0901_03_ps 1966_mustang_coupe_electric_fan front_view[4]The Spal Electric Fan Is A Low-Profile Powerhouse more

 How To Install A Modern Drivelines Cable Clutch Linkage

mump_0811_07_ps modern_drivelines_clutch_cable_conversion_kit [4]xxxx Modern Driveline Offers An Easy Solution For Clutch Engagement Woes more

 How To Replace Door Locks And Cylinders

mump_0811_14_ps vintage_mustang_door_locks_and_cylinders [4]Mustangs Unlimited Has Everything You Need To Get Your Mustang’s Locks Back To Proper Working Order more

 How To Restore Seat Tracks On A Vintage Mustang

mump_0811_16_ps vintage_mustang_seat_tracks front_view[4]Improve The Slide And Glide On Your Vintage Mustang Seats By Rebuilding The Seat Tracks more

 How To Install A Performance Rear Suspension

mump_0811_01_ps performance_rear_suspension front_view[4]The Back Half Of The Maximum Motorsports’ Road And Track Box Completes An Outstanding Suspension System For ’79-’04 Mustangs more

 How To Install A Custom Five-Speed Shift Handle

mump_0811_01_ps custom_five_speed_shift_handle front_view[4]Reenmachine’s Modern-Design Custom Shift Handle Is A Great Addition For Five-Speed-Equipped Vintage Mustangs more

How To Install Louvered Side-Window Covers

mump_0809_01_ps install_louvered_side_window_covers [4]Classic Design Concepts’ Louvered Covers For ’05-’08 Coupe C-Pillar Windows Are Easy To Install more

 How To Install a Power Brake Booster

mump_0809_01_ps how_to_install_a_power_brake_booster [4]Master Power’s Power-Brake Conversion Can Be Used With Stock Drum Brakes, Stock Disc Brakes, Or MP’s Disc-Brake Conversion… more

How To Install A Dome Light

mump_0809_09_ps how_to_install_a_dome_light[4]Scott Drake Reproductions Makes It Easy To Shed More Light On Your Interior more

 How To Find An Electrical Short

mump_0807_01_ps connecting_wires front_view[4]Frustrated By Blown Fuses? Here’s How To Find Those Frustrating Electrical Shortcuts To Ground. more

 How To Step Up To A Currie 9-Plus Rearend

mump_0807_06_ps traction_lok front_view[4]Project Reclaim Gets A New 9-Inch Rear Axle From Currie Enterprises more

 How To Fabricate And Install Tubing

mump_0807_33_ps tools front_view[4]With Tubing From Classic Tube And Advice From The Restomod Shop, You Can Do It Yourself more

 How To Vintage Mustang Replace Carpet

mump_0803_ps vintage_mustang_carpet_install [4]ACC Molded Carpet From Mustangs Unlimited Makes It Easy To Refurbish Your Interior more

 Upgrade A ’71-’73 Rearend And Suspension

mump_0712_ps mustang [4]Step Up To Grab-A-Trak And Quicker Cogs For A Fresh Shot At Respect more

Choose Universal Joints And Driveshafts For Your Mustang

mump_0712_08_ps replace_joints photo[4]

For A Smooth, Vibration-Free Ride, let us help you Select The Right Universal Joints And Driveshaft more

 Install Windshield Pillar Gauges – How To

mump_0711_ps pillar_gauge_install_how_to photo[4]BBK Performance Shows How Easy It Is To Improve A ’94-’04 Mustang’s Engine Information System more

 Install A Shelby Steering Wheel – How To

mump_0711_ps branda_shelby_steering_wheel handmade[4]Branda Performance Now Offers A Reproduction ’67 Shelby Steering Mustangs And Shelbys more

 Upgrade ’69 Mustang Headlights – How To

mump_0711_ps reenmachine_headlamp_conversion photo[4]Reenmachine now offers an upgraded system for one-year-only cars with four headlights more

 How To Install A Center Foglight Grille

mump_0710_ps mustang_center_foglight_install finished_front_view[4]Just Like A ’67 GT500, Center Foglights Are Possible On ’05-’08 Mustangs more

 How To Install A Top-Mount Battery Tray

mump_0710_ps top_mount_battery_tray photo[4]Virginia Classic Mustang’s Top-Mount Battery Tray Offers Relief For ’65-’66 Mustangs With Specialized Battery Needs more

 Ford Mustang Performance Parts – How To Install a Flowmaster V-6 Muffler

mump_0612_ps 2005_ford_mustang install_exhaust[4]How to install a Flowmaster performance muffler on your 2005-2006 Ford Mustang more

 How To Replace Window Channels and Strips

mump_0705_ps window_strip_replacement window_strip[4]Get Smooth, Noiseless Window Operation With Reproduction Window Channels And Felt Strips From Mustangs Plus more

 How To Install an Electric Fan

mump_0705_ps electric_fan_installation fan[4]Old Air Products Frees Up Horsepower And Improves Efficiency With By-Wire Cooling more

 How To Troubleshoot Your Electrical System

mump_0705_ps troubleshoot_electrical_system electrical_system[4]Mustang electrical guru Lance Morgan shows how to troubleshoot some of the vintage Mustang’s most common problems more

 Ford 331 Cubic Inch Stroker Engine – Going For 400/400

mufp_0602_ps ford_engines engine_building[4]The Summit Racing/MCE Engines 331 Stealth Small-Block Makes Big-Block Power – With Room for More! more

 How To Install White-Face Gauges

mump_0706_ps white_face_gauges gauge_installation[4]BBK Performance Shows How To Get Striking Instrumentation For ’87-’93 Mustangs more

 Mustang Restomod Guide: Interior

0706_mump_ps mustang_restomod_interior interior[4]Modern Comfort And Convenience Is A Must In Today’s Mustang Restomod more

Upgrade The Headlights In A Vintage Mustang

mump_0707_ps modern_headlamp_conversion[4]Brighter Headlights With New Wiring Are A Huge Safety Upgrades On Vintage Mustangs more

 How To Install A Dual Exhaust System

mump_0707_ps dual_exhaust_system dual[4]Virginia Classic Mustang Makes It Easy To Get Throaty Performance In Your Home Garage more

 How To Build A Better Boss 302

mump_0706_ps boss_302_build crank[4]JGM Performance Engineering Shows How To Get More Horsepower From Ford’s Trans-Am Powerplant more

 How To Install A Remote Trunk Release

0706_mump_ps remote_trunk_release_installation remote_trunk_release[4]Pop The Lid From Your Driver Seat With This Original-Looking Electric Kit From Scott Drake Reproductions more

 How To Relocate Upper Control Arms

0705_mump_ps upper_control_arms old_holes[4]Improve Frontend Geometry With This Time-Honored Shelby Trick more

How To Install ’05-’07 Performance Springs And Shocks

mump_0704_ps mustang_performance_springs_shocks [4]The New Mustang Looks, Handles, And Rides Better With Steeda Springs And Tokico Shocks more

 Ford Drum Brakes – How To Install 11-Inch Rear Drum Brakes

0704_mump_01_ps drum_brake_installation install[4]Upgrade Your Braking Performance With An Easy-To-Install Rear Drum-Brake Kit From Master Power Brakes more

 Ford Mustang Tachometer Installation – How To Install A ’67-’68 Mini-Tach

0703_mump_01_ps ford_mini_tach mini_tach[4]The Mini-Tach From Retrogauge Is A Perfect Replacement In ’67-’68 Instrument Panels more

 Ford Mustang Parking Brake Repair – How To Service Parking-Brake Cables

0703_mump_ps mustang_ebrake_repair ebrake[4]Properly-Installed And Well-Lubricated Components Are The Key To Proper Parking-Brake Operation more

 Ford Mustang Rust Repair – How To Remove Body-Panel Rust

0703_mump_01_ps rust_removal rust[4]Cutting Out Rust And Replacing It With Fresh Steel Is The Way To Repair Minor Body-Panel Rust more

  Ford Mustangs – How To Install Caster/Camber Plates

mump_0702_ps ford_mustang_camber_plates [4]We show you how to install caster camber plates on your 1994 to 2004 Ford Mustang more

 2005-2007 Ford Mustangs – Classic Design Concepts – How To Install A Detail Corral

mump_0702_ps ford_mustang_detail_corral_install [4]We show you how to install a detail corral in your trunk from Classic Design Concepts’ more

 Ford Mustang Clutch Service – How To Service And Adjust Mustang Clutches

mump_0702_ps ford_mustang clutch_service[4]Take The Mystery Out Of Getting A Smooth Upshift more

 Ford Mustang Convertible – How To Replace A Convertible Top Motor

mump_0702_ps ford_mustang replacing_convertible_top_motor[4]Replacing Vintage Mustang Convertibleicon1[75] Top Motors Is Easier Than You Might Think more

 Classic Mustang Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation – How To: Install Four-Wheel Disc Brakes

mump_0702_ps stainless_steel_brakes_disc_brake_install [4]Performance disc brake upgrade for your classic Ford Mustang from Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation more

How To Identify And Install Power-Steering Hoses On A Ford Mustang

mump_0701_ps power_steering_system hoses_and_components[4]We show you how identify and install power steering hoses in your Ford Mustang more

How To Install Underride Traction Bars On Your Vintage Ford Mustang

mump_0701_ps ford_mustang traction_bars[4]Traction Master’s Shelby-Style Traction Bars Are A Functional And Traditional Upgrade more

Ford Mustang Taillights – How To Install ’71-’73 Sequential Taillights

mump_0701_ps ford_mustang sequential_taillights[4]Mustang Project Has Added A ’71-’73 Application To Its Line-Up Of LED Sequentials For Vintage Mustangs more

Ford Mustang – How To Restore An Interior

mump_0611_ps 1972_ford_mustang interior[4]We Wrap Up Our ’72 Mustang Interior Project With The Final Assembly Of Various Restored, Rebuilt, And New Components more

Reproduction Cowl Panel – How To Replace a Cowl Panel

mump_0611_ps ford_mustang_reproduction_cowl_replacement [4]We show you new Dynacorn’s new reproduction cowl panel replacement for your classic Mustang more

Car Seat Cover & Auto Upholstery Restoration – Mustang Car Seats

mump_0610_ps mustang_seat_rebuild [4]How to rebuild the seats and upgrade the upholstery in your classic mustang. more

Classic Ford Mustangs – How To Install An Aluminum Radiator

0610_mump_02ps classic_ford_mustang aluminum_radiator[4]Improve Your Cooling Capacity With A Griffin Aluminum Radiator more

1965 To 1979 Ford Mustangs – How To Perform A Front-End Alignment

mump_0610_ps ford_mustang_alignment on_track[4]Proper Front-End Alignment Is Key To Handling And Tire Wear more

Ford Mustang CD Player – How To Install a Modern Stereo and CD Changer

mump_0607_ps ford_mustang_cd_player front[4]With Custom Autosound’s USA-5 stereo and CD changer, you can make beautiful music in your vintage Mustang more

1969 Mustang Window Frame Installation

mump_0606_frame_ps[4]These New Quarter-Window Frame Reproductions Are Easier To Install Than You Might Think more

Calibrating Ford Mustang Speedometers

mump_0606_ps calibrating_speedometer odometer[4]Get up to speed with the right combination of speedometer gears more

How To Replace A Ford Mustang’s Fuel Sending Unit

mump_0606_ps ford_mustang fuel_sending_unit[4]Is Your Fuel Gauge Inaccurate Or Not Working At All? A New Sending Unit Might Fix The Problem more

Ford Mustang Pedals – Brothers Performance – How To Install Billet Pedals

mump_0606_ps ford_mustang billet_pedals[4]How to install billet pedals from Brothers Performance on your Ford Mustang more

Fox-Body Ford Mustang Heater Core Replacement

mump_0606_ps ford_mustang replacing_heater[4]How to replace the heater core on your Fox-body Ford Mustang more

Ford Mustang Wheel Upgrade – How To Fit Factory 17-Inch Wheels

mump_0605_ps ford_mustang fitting_rims[4]We show you how to fit several different models and sizes of wheels on your classic Ford Mustang more

Ford Mustang LED Taillights – How To Install Shelby Taillights

mump_0605_ps 1967_ford_mustang shelby_style_led_taillights[4]With Mustang Project’s New Shelby Taillight Conversion Kit, You Can Add Shelby Styling To A ’67-’68 Mustang more

2005-2006 Ford Mustang Front And Rear Spoiler Installation

0604_mump_01ps 2005_ford_mustang front[4]How to install front and rear spoilers on a 2005-2006 Ford Mustang more

Classic Ford Mustang Pedals – How-To Replace a Clutch and Brake Pedal Assembly

0604_mump_01ps 1969_ford_mustang pedals[4]How to replace a clutch or brake pedal assembly in a classic Ford Mustang more

1967 Ford Mustang Engine Swap – How-To Convert From Six To Eight

0604_mump_01ps 1967_ford_mustang 289_engine[4]How to swap a V8 289 drivetrain into a six-cylinder Ford Mustang more

How-To Install Antisway Bars On 2005-2006 Ford Mustangs

mump_0601_ps ford_mustang_suspension swaybars[4]How to install antisway bars on a 2005-2006 Ford Mustang more

How-To ID A 289 High Performance Engine

mump_0505_01_ art_cairo_289_high_performance_engine _lead[4]We Look Inside Art Cairo’s Pre-Production ’64 1/2 289 High Performance To See What Made The High-Winding Small-Block So… more

How To Install A 5.0 Exhaust System

mump_0504_exh_ps[4]From headers to tailpipes, we install and dyno-test a complete exhaust system on a ’95 5.0 more

TMI ’65-’66 Pony Interior Door Panel – How-To Panels Perfect

mump_0504_01_ps tmi_1965_1966_pony_interior_door_panel doors[4]TMI Products’ New Reproduction ’65-’66 Pony Door Panels Are Better Than Ford’s Originals more

How-To: Get Your Mustang Ready for Spring

mump_0504_spring_ps[4]Roar into warm weather with good preparation and preventative maintenance more


How To Install Baer Four-Wheel Disc Brakes

mump_0504_38_ baer_four_wheel_disc_brake_install _article_lead[4]Baer Four-Wheel Brakes Puts Some Serious Halters On The Ford Pony more

How To Replace Floorpans

173_0411_pan_ps[4]What you need to know to replace floorpans more

Understand and Repair Climate Control

173_0409_air_ps[4]Got cold feet, or are you baking in your vintage ponycar? The how-to on diagnosing and fixing your climate control woes… more


How to Install Sequential Taillights

173_0404_tail_ps[4]With Scott Drake’s New Sequential Taillight Conversion Kit, it’s Easy to Add Cougar-Like Sequencing Rear Turn Signals to Your… more

How-To Install ’70 Door Glass In A ’69 Mustang

0405_mump_01_ps install_glass_door glass_window[4]Tired Of Dealing With The Glue-In Door Glass In Your ’69 Mustang? Make The Switch To The ’70-Style Bolt-In Setup And Never… more

How-To: Battery-Apron Replacement

173_0404_apron_ps[4]Here’s a Quick Fix for one of the Mustang’s Most Common Corrosion Areas. more


How To Fix ’79-’86 Fox-Body Problems

173_0402_fix_ps[4]Square-Light 5.0s are Getting on in Years. Make Yours Better With These Top-10 Fixes. more

How To Install A New Wiring Harness For Your Ford Mustang

mump_0401_54_ mustangs_plus_wiring_harness _article_lead[4]Replace Your Mustang’s Electrical System With New Harnesses From Mustangs Plus more

How To Replace 1987-1993 Ford Mustang Quarter Windows

mump_0401_01_ fox_body_mustang_quarter_window_replacement _windows[4]Latemodel Restoration Supply’s New Quarter Windows Make It Possible To Fix One Of The Fox-Body Mustang’s Most Common Problems more

How To Install Rear Disc Brakes: From Drums to Discs

mump_0311_01_ install_rear_disc_brakes _article_lead[4]Improve Your Vintage Mustang’s Braking With Stainless Steel Brakes’ Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit more


How To Install New Seat Upholstery

173_0310_seat_00_ps[4]We walk you through the installation process of some new upholstery for your front and rear seats… more

How-To Install the PerTronix Ignitor II

173_0310_pert_ps[4]We show you how to install PerTronix’s Ignitor II electronic ignition to vintage Mustangs. more

How-To: Replace ’65-’73 Mustang Ignition Switches

173_0310_ign_ps[4]How to replace faulty ignition switches in your early model Mustang more

How To Install An After-Cat Exhaust System

mump_0310_25_ install_after_cat_exhaust_system _article_lead[4]Bassani’s After-Cat Exhaust Systems For Late-Model Mustangs Fit Right The First Time more

Buy It And Build It!

mump_0309_01 buy_it_build_it_guide [4]You Have Been Dreaming About Buying And Building A Vintage Ford Mustang, So Get Started more

How To Install Power Brakes For Your Vintage Ford Mustang

mump_0308_01_ install_power_brake_booster _article_lead[4]Master Power Makes It Easy To Step Up (And Slow Down!) With Their Master Power Brake Booster Kit more

How To Choose The Correct Paint For Your Vintage Mustang Engine

mump_0308_01_ correct_mustang_engine_paint_color _article_lead[4]The Right Color For The Year And Engine Makes The Difference In Your Ford’s Restoration more

How To Replace a Winshield Wiper Motor

173_0307_wiper_ps[4]You Don’t Think About It–Until You Can’t See in the Rain more

How To Install a Five-Speed in Vintage Mustangs

173_0307_five_ps[4]Relaxed Cruising in Fifth Gear more

How-To: Understand And Maintain Vintage Side Windows

173_0306_wind_ps2[4]Putting the Stride Back in Your Slide more

How to Build a Stealth 347

173_0305_three_ps[4]This Small-Block Looks Stock, But It Packs 200 More Horsepower more

How To Install Shaft-Mount Roller Rockers

mump_0303_01_ jesel_rocker_roller_installation _[4]Jesel’s New Sportman Series Shaft-Mount Roller Rockers Bring Bulletproof Racing Technology To The Bolt-On Street Car Ranks more

A/C Repair

p180926_image_ps[4]Diagnose Air Conditioning Problems at Home more

How To Detail A Ford 1971 C6 Automatic Transmission

mump_0210_01_ detail_a_1971_c6_transmission _article_lead[4]We Clean And Shine One Of The Stalwarts Of The Ford Transmission Line For Concours Show Duty more

Building a True GT

a91418_thumb[4]The GT is a Mustang that was and is a stalwart of the Ford line. It did service from 1965 to 1969, then took a hiatus until… more

How To Rebuild Your Power Steering Control Valve

a91338_thumb[6]Classic Mustangs equipped with Bendix power-assisted steering yield all kinds of challenges for enthusiasts who have to… more

How To Rebuild Your Power Steering Control Valve

a91338_thumb[7]Classic Mustangs equipped with Bendix power-assisted steering yield all kinds of challenges for enthusiasts who have to… more

Prep Your ’87-’93 Hatchback for Paint

a85218_thumb[4]When our ’87-’93 (Fox) chassis cars are ready for paint, one thing comes to mind. Well, two things: First, where… more

Install White-Face Gauges

a76618_thumb[4]The world of classic Mustangs is changing for the better because there are more and more ways to personalize your ride. We… more

’73 Mach 1 Centerforce Clutch Setup – How-To

mump_0112_01_ps centerforce clutch_setup[4]Mustang Monthly rebuilds the four-speed in Project Blue Racer, the ’73 Mach 1, and added in the Centerforce clutch. – Mustang… more

’71-’73 Back Glass Install

a39438_thumb[4]We Show You How Ford Did It And How We Do It more

Hoodscoop Your ’99-2000

a32860_thumb[4]When the 35th Anniversary Mustang came out, we went stupid. Several folks in our office desperately tried to find ways, short… more

How-To ’69 Ford Mustang Grand Beautification

0108_MUMP_01_ps_REDO[4]What To Do With Your Ugly Rear End more

Late-Model Engine Compartment Detailing

a37938_thumb[4]When it comes to showmanship, the late-model owners and their flashy engine compartments often take the trophy for best… more

Lighting Upgrades For ’87-’93 Mustangs

a38058_thumb[4]If there’s one universally aggravating problem with all late-model cars, it’s the plastic headlight assemblies that… more

Pin Letters On ’65-’68 Mustangs: Part Two Of A Two-Part Series

mump_0105_ps ford_mustang [4]For the ’67-’68, Getting It Right Becomes More Challenging more

Select The Perfect Tire

a38118_thumb[4]It can make you dizzy—this thing called tire-and-wheel selection; especially when you get involved with plus-sizing… more

Shorten Seat Pans

a38039_thumb[4]One thing that has changed since classic Mustangs were new is average human height. If you’re on the tall side (taller… more

Stripe Your Steed

a38078_thumb[4]When it comes to stripes, the Mustang was one happenin’ car from 1965 to 1981. Ford liked for its Pony to be festooned… more

Carter X Fuel Pump Rebuild

mump_ps carter_x_fuel_pump[4]When You Have An X Pump, Rebuilding It Is An Option–Thanks To AMK more

Dyno-Tuning For Power

a20309_thumb[4]You drop out of Second gear and ratchet the shifter from left to right in the gate. The car thumps satisfyingly as you roll… more

Install ’94-’01 Turn Signal Mirrors

a20463_thumb[4]Here’s an update in the mirror safety and styling department, but this upgrade concerns the outside rearview mirrors. For… more

Prep and Paint Your Mustang

a20318_thumb[4]Learning to weld is one thing, and learning to rebuild an engine is another. But actually completing the final shaping and… more

How-To Pin Letters On ’65-’68 Mustangs: Part One Of A Two-Part Series

0105_MUMP_01_ps_PIN[4]Properly Position Your Mustang Emblems more

Repair a ’69-’70 Dashpanel

a75658_thumb[4]Our Project ’70 Mach 1 has now been dubbed “Silver Bullet” by Allan Shepley and staff at Mustang Central in… more

High-Output Alternator Upgrade

a26599_thumb[7]When it comes time for your 5.0 Mustang’s alternator to buy the farm, you don’t have to settle for the corner store… more

Subframe Connectors On A ’69-’70

a26660_thumb[7]Boom! Lordy! What was that? It shook the whole place—big time! Startled, I look over at Allen Shepley, who has this big,… more

How-To Tank Armor Installation

0102_MUMP_01_ps_TANK[7]Reinforce Your Trunk Floor, And Gain Valuable Protectection From Your Stock Fuel Tank more

How-To Repair Late-Model A/C

a86738_thumb[7]Back in the Apr. 2000 issue of Mustang Monthly, we discussed details of how to determine what is ailing your late-model air… more

Stainless Steel Brakes’ Six-Cylinder Disc Brake Conversion

64930_image_ps[7]Installing disc brakes on a classic Six-Cylinder Mustang more

’64 1/2 to ’66 Heater Core Replacement

a5769_thumb[7]Wet Floors Are A Sure Sign That Something Is Amiss In The Little Hot Box more

Late-Model Door Hinge Repair

a5894_thumb[7]Keeping our Mustangs on the road and the show field and enjoying them to their fullest extent is what this hobby is all… more

’69 -‘ 70 Console Rebuild

a11818_thumb[7]Consoles are, it seems, an integral part of the Mach 1 experience. This is especially true where the ’69-’70 Machs are… more

How to Install a ’71-’73 Dashpanel Assembly

60237_image_ps[7]Installing a dash pannel on a 1971 Ford Mustang more

How To Replace ’65-’68 Driprail Mouldings

a14158_thumb[7]Whether it’s prepping for a paint job or a simple replacement, driprail mouldings can be challenging to the uninitiated, as… more

Late-Model Electric Fan Conversion

a11879_thumb[7]Late-model 5.0 Mustangs were designed to run relatively hot with a factory-installed 193-degree thermostat. Running these… more

Head Gasket Replacement

a5892_thumb[7]No one enjoys having car problems–even those of us who claim to enjoy working on cars and repairing them. The last thing… more


Superchips Ford Mustang Install – How To: Tune Your Mustang With A Computer Chip

0009_MUMP_02_ps_CHIP[7]Superchips Has The Answer To Your Mustang’s Performance And Driveability Concerns more

How To: Install An EFI Nitrous Kit

0009_MUMP_02_ps_NOS[7]Bottle-Feed Your Mustang And Beat Them With Some “Giggle Gas” more

351 Cleveland Roller-Cam Conversion

a26378_thumb[7]The Cleveland was Ford’s best midsized performance engine for many years. Until the advent of aftermarket heads for… more

Install Baer Brakes

a26265_thumb[7]Late-model ’79-’93 Mustangs were never much on braking effectiveness from the factory. Puny front discs and rear drums with… more

Rear Wing Installation

a26498_thumb[7]Modifying your Mustang is almost a rite of passage, and seeing a stock Fox-body Mustang is relatively rare these days because… more

 Vintage Mustang Shock Tower Repairs

a26403_thumb[7]If people had crystal balls in the ’60s, things would be so much easier for a Mustang enthusiast today. Many times, the… more

How To: Vintage Mustang Shock Tower Repairs

0008_MUMP_02_ps_SHOC[7]Get Rid Of Torch Blow Holes With A Simple Welding Job more

Vintage Ford Mustang Starter Rebuild – How To: Rebuild Your ’65-’73 Starter

0008_MUMP_02_ps_START[7]Bad News-It Won’t Start; Now What? more

Ford Mustang Rear Wing Spoiler Install – How To: Feature Car Rear Wing Installation

0008_MUMP_01_ps_WING[7]Your Mustang Doesn’t Need Vibrant Paint To Have One Of These Wings Gracing Its Flanks more

Drag Racing Basics

a71018_thumb[7]here’s no better way to get to know your Mustang’s true performance than by a timed speed run such as a drag… more

Shaker Ram-Air Restoration

a75618_thumb[7]You twist the key on the Mustang and the starter saws away at the flywheel, the engine spins, and fuel fills No. 1. Suddenly,… more

Repair a ’71-’73 Rubber Bumper

The Spoiler-Bumper was First Seen on the ’71 Mach 1 and Usually Needs Some Repair – We Show You How more


Get 347 Cubes from Your 302

a59339_thumb[7]What do you want to do with your 302? Coast High Performance brings you the 347ci Street Fighter small-block for classic… more

Install a Hood

a63658_thumb[7]The NASA-scooped hood is a staple of the ’71-’73 Mustang crowd. As with red paint on a car, this type of hood has… more

Install Air Conditioning

a66478_thumb[7]Cooling the inside of a Mustang isn’t really a unilateral problem. Some areas of the world simply don’t need air… more

Install White-Face Gauges in Your ’94-’98

a68118_thumb[7]One upgrade that excites the senses are white-face gauges in an SN-95 Mustang. We see white-face gauges in the Saleen and… more

Repair 1966 Mustang Upholstery

a5843_thumb[7]Arrggh! It’s enough to make you swear off pets of all kinds. No sooner had we installed our new seat tracks in Mustang… more

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Hood – How To: ’71-’73 Mach 1 And Sport Hardtop Hood Stripes

0006_MUMP_02_ps_HOOD[7]Or How To Jazz Up A Killer Hood With A Little War Paint more

Build A Saleen Mustang Look Alike – How To: Saleen Ground Effects

0005_MUMP_02_ps_SAL[7]When Life Hands You Lemons, Make A Juiced-Up Saleen Look-Alike more

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible Top Repair – How To: Replace Your ’65-’68 Convertible Top

0005_MUMP_02_ps_TOP[7]We Follow Along As A ’65 Mustang Gets Its Top Replaced more

Late Model Door Weatherstripping

a5707_thumb[7]As an owner of a late-model Mustang, I keep tabs on what is and isn’t available from Ford. Soft trim items, such as door… more

Late Model Leather Upholstery

a5664_thumb[7]When it comes to the interior of Fox Mustangs the designers didn’t place much effort on them in the beginning. Basically a… more

Mustang Glue in Windshield – How To: Glue In Glass

0005_MUMP_02_ps_WIND[7]’69-’73 Mustangs Use Glue-In Windshields, And We Install One In Our ’72 Mach 1 Lazarus Project more

1973 Mustang Headliner Install – Project Lazarus

a41579_thumb[7]We Put A New Ginger Liner And Sail Panels In The Lazarus Project more

Late-Model A/C Diagnosis

a41378_thumb[7]Late-model Mustangs—actually, all Fox-platform vehicles—seem to have a common problem with their air conditioning… more

Rebuild An 8-Inch Differential

a41618_thumb[7]Richmond Gear And A&M Gear Service Show You How more

Swap in a Manual Transmission

a41438_thumb[7]Driving can be rather dull sometimes, especially if you’re driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission. Simply slip… more

How To: Fix Your ’87-’93 Console-Mounted Ashtray Door

0004_MUMP_02_ps_FIX[7]Take Care Of That Unruly Ashtray Door In Your Mustang’s Console Once And For All. more

Build A Brute C6

a34358_thumb[7]The C6 Cruise-O-Matic transmission was born to meet the needs of high-torque Ford big-blocks. What makes this transmission… more

Decipher Ford Part Numbers

a5801_thumb[7]Do you know your D0AE from your D0ZZ? If you are like most folks, then probably not. Ford part numbers, particularly to the… more

Maintenance Basics

a34398_thumb[7]Tooling around on a Sunday afternoon in a vintage Mustang is one of our hobby’s greatest pleasures. But all too often… more

Replace Late-Model T-Top Weatherstrip

a34423_thumb[7]T-tops—those removable glass-roof panels that were an alternative to the missing convertible top options on American… more

How-To: ’79-93 Heater Core Replacement

a33658_thumb[7]We Delve Deep Inside The Fox Mustang Dash To Extricate A Leaky Heater Core more

Install An Automatic Overdrive

a33598_thumb[7]Wouldn’t it be nice if you could restore a classic Mustang in such a way that it would yield closer to 30-mpg highway,… more

Install a Performance Suspension on Your 1987-1993 Mustang

a5784_thumb[7]Most Mustang enthusiasts build up and enhance vehicle performance in stages as their budget and time allow. Unfortunately,… more

Power Brake Conversion

a33398_thumb[7]Installing A New Booster And Master Cylinder From Master Power Brakes Improves Safety And Fun In Your Daily Driver more


Replace a 1979-1993 Ignition Switch Assembly

a5657_thumb[7]Electrical gremlins can surface in any car. Let’s face facts. The more options you have and the more wiring running… more

How To Suspension Detail on ’71-’73 Mustangs

0002_MUMP_02_ps_FNT[7]Lazarus Gets A New-Looking Suspension more

How To Spot A Fake ’65-’66 GT

0001_MUMP_01_ps_FAKE[7]Though It Is More Difficult Each Year, We Look To See What Makes A ’65-’66 GT more

’87-’93 Dashpad Replacement – How To

0001_MUMP_04_ps_PAD[7]Removing The Dashpad Insert Is A Bit Tricky, But We Show You How more

Detail and Assemble Front Disc Brakes

a30038_thumb[7]We begin the exciting task of detailing the front brakes on the ’72 Mach 1 we call Lazarus. Our car is a… more

Shaker Hood Conversion

a30058_thumb[7]Converting Your Mustang To A Shaker Hood Takes Time, Patience, And Money more


Upgrade Your SN-95 Console With A Dual Cupholder

a30079_thumb[7]OK, this might sound petty, but the Mustang cupholders that finally were given to us in 1994 were woefully undersized. A… more

V-6 Upgrades: Dual Exhaust Conversion

a30140_thumb[7]Our Vortech supercharged ’96 V-6 Mustang has been on hiatus for a few months while other projects moved around on the… more



5 thoughts on “Mustang Monthly How To Guides

  1. i have a dash mounted ignition and i can not figure out how to remove and install a new one my Chilton’s only show how to on a steering mount any info wood help
    Rick — July 27, 2008 7:03 PM

    Hi Rick,
    I saw your post on and wanted to see if I can help.
    Removing the ignition cylinder from the dash is pretty easy and only requires a paper clip and you ignition key.
    There is a small hole in the ignition cylinder that has a pin that need to be pushed to allow the cylinder to be removed. With the key in the ignition turn the key to the accessory position (counter clock wise), then push in the pin with the paper click and give the ignition cylinder one last turn counter clockwise and pull out the cylinder.
    If you are removing the entire assembly then you need to remove the ignition bezel by unscrewing it from the retainer on the other side of the dash that is holding the assembly in place.
    There should be a How To article going up soon.
    JoeResto — July 31, 2008 10:41 AM

    have a 72 mustang fastback sprint the drivers side frame rail was rotted to nothing. i have a reproduction frame rail from auto rust tech. the passengers side is fine i need the dimensions between the rails in the front and near the firewall. Thank you sayles casey
    sayles casey jr — October 8, 2008 2:37 PM

    I have a 69 mustang and have problems with the glue in door windows. I want to replace all the parts with the 70 bolt in, but not sure what all I’ll need and where to find all the parts for a reasonable price. Any pointers?
    adam hamilton — October 30, 2008 9:53 PM

    Your going to need all of the door guts including the windows. You can check or to see if you can find complete doors for your 69 Mustang.
    JoeResto — November 2, 2008 10:34 AM

    I have a 65 – 289 4v with the sweeping style speedo. I have just purchased the Haneline 6 instrument cluster and I don’t anticipate any problems wiring it up. What does puzzle me is what do I do with the two spade connectors feeding into the instrument voltage regulator mounted on the back of the original cluster. Do I splice them together or do I just tape each end off and pretend they never existed? Additionally, do I splice the two leads going into the alternator warning light? I am assuming you do but I want to be absolutely certain about these issues before I end up frying something.
    Richard Minton — November 20, 2008 11:01 AM

    You will want to contact Haneline for instructions and to get answers to these questions, I believe that you still need the voltage regulator.
    JoeResto — November 25, 2008 7:47 AM

    Thanks for your response John, I suppose you are right about contacting Haneline, I was just trying to avoid appearing to be the consummate dummy as it were. As best as I can tell, The new gauges do not need the regulator as they are rated well above the 5 amp limit on the old gauges, plus, I added a 10 amp in line fuse to the power source for the new cluster. So, I do believe I have eliminated any potential problems in that respect. As far as the alternator warning light, besides crating Ford with a cheap means for eliminating a volt or ammeter for the cheaper line of Mustangs, it also acts as an exciter for the alternator forcing it to produce when the voltage drops below an acceptable level. If I understand it correctly, the new voltmeter will accomplish the same function which is what leads me to believe I can just butt the two connections from the warning light together as well as the two connections from the instrument voltage regulator. All I will be doing is taking the two resistors off line from the warning light and the regulator and the circuit will still be intact. Does that make sense to you?
    Thanks again,
    Richard Minton — November 25, 2008 10:58 AM

    I have a 67 mustang that’s sittin in my garage and prior to being in my garage it had been parked for a year and a half what can i do to get it running again?
    jonathan — January 18, 2009 2:20 PM

    Hi Jonathan,
    The first thing you should do is put in some fresh fuel and check the oil and coolant level. Checking out the ignition system is something that is often overlooked so you will want to check that the gap on the points is set properly or at least close and then inspect the distributor cap and rotor.
    You should get it to fire if you have these three elements all working together when you turn the key; Air, Fuel and Spark!
    JoeResto — January 23, 2009 8:51 AM

    I have just purchased right/left side front turn signal housing for a 2008 Ford Mustang. I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on how to properly install them.
    Thank you
    jim — March 9, 2009 2:36 PM

    Hi there from Australia, love your magazine and I get it as soon as it comes out on my local newsagent. I have a question please. I have a 1966 6 cyl. mustang convertible with a manual top which I am converting to power operation but don’t know the correct position to mount the operating switch. Can anybody give me the correct measurements, thanks.
    Ray Wilson — March 13, 2009 1:56 PM

    I have a 1967 Mustang V8 with a 3 speed manual transmission’s just replaced the speedometer cable and the speedometer still will not work. Iam about to pull out my hair. I tested the old cable with a high speed drill and the speedometer worked just fine so I thought it was the transmission end of cable thus new cable. So I hope there is someone out thier who can give this old boy,w ith the what’s up. THANKS Lost in Gun Barrel City Tx.
    JR Ledbetter — March 22, 2009 12:58 AM

    You could have a bad speedometer gear. If you have tested the speedometer itself with the drill and also tested the speedometer with the cable attached and it worked, I would suspect that it is the plastic speedometer gear that is worn out.
    JoeResto — March 22, 2009 8:27 AM

    I’m replacing the ignition switch on a ’65 Mustang and I am having a hard time with the spring-loaded push-and-turn escutcheon dash mounting. I’m trying reach in from below and behind the switch. With this approach I can only push the switch into place with my finger. So, I can get it close but can not get it to connect with the bezel. The Ford shop manual for the car doesn’t provide much insight how to push the two parts together. Help!
    Ken Krynicki — March 28, 2009 7:54 PM

    You may try compressing the spring a bit on the bench to make it easier when doing the dash mount, and do a couple of practice runs on the bench.
    JoeResto — March 31, 2009 9:41 AM

    Hi I am converting a 1966 mustang convertible from manual to power roof operation and dont know the correct position to mount the switch on the dash. Can anyone help me please.
    Ray Wilson — June 19, 2009 8:17 PM

    need just the gauges for a 67 mustang fastback. any idea where I can find replacements that will be the correct size for all 5 gauges?
    andy — July 4, 2009 5:08 PM

    All the gauges for the 67 Mustang? If your going to be replacing the stock gauges you will want to look around for aftermarket units; I have seen a complete cluster with aftermarket gauges going for around $1400
    If you want to keep things stock your options are limited to finding NOS (New Old Stock) units which can be expensive or you can clean up and restore nice used ones.
    JoeResto — July 8, 2009 8:57 AM

    My ’97 Mustang electric driver seat goes up and down, but is stuck in the forward position. Can i remove just the seat, without removing the entire seat and track assembly, to work on the seat motor and gears??? Thanks!!!
    Mike — July 22, 2009 5:39 AM

    great tips for anyone new or old pro.
    dave — September 6, 2009 7:49 PM

    glad I found this site, hope u can help. I own a 2010 GT and plan on replacing the shifter with a hurst billet shifter. question is, how do I remove the center console?
    ed v — November 18, 2009 4:27 PM

    I have not installed a late model Hurst shifter but this article at Mustang Monthly may give you some ideas
    JoeResto — November 19, 2009 12:04 PM

    I installed new door locks in my 66 mustang. You can push the locks down but when you push the door handle to open the door the locks pop up. So essentially you can’t lock the car. Anyone have any ideas what i did wrong during installation? Thanks.
    Jimmy Lavinghouse — December 29, 2009 6:57 AM

    Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this issue. I have 66 fastback I upgraded to SSBC rear disc kit, now the stock e-brake assembly does not work. Is there a custom tensioner out there or has someone had luck fabricating one, SSBC was no help after paying big bucks for the FORCE 10 Rear Disc Brake Conv Kit SSB-A111-21
    Scott — January 20, 2010 4:21 AM

    I have a 65 mustang with falcon gages. Recently at a swap meet I picked up a 66 mustang gt gages that I would like to use to replace the falcon style of gages. What do I need to do to complete this. Do I need to buy an adaptor kit or what.
    william leister — March 11, 2010 4:38 AM

    You will need to update your wiring to 1966 or 65 GT style since your switching from warning lamp to gauges; the under dash harness, headlamp harness, engine gauge feed and alternator harness will need to be updates.
    JoeResto — April 13, 2010 7:54 AM

    Great stuff! Would like to see a How To Do on replacing the oil pan gasket, and replacing the transmission pan gasket. Do you have that info available somewhere?
    Bryan Graham — April 17, 2010 9:45 AM

    I am replacing the steering gear box on a 66. The instructions say “remove column”. The wheel is off, the clamp is off, and the wire harness unplugged. Nothing moves. What haven’t I loosened?
    Larry Duncan — April 30, 2010 7:27 PM

    For your 66 Mustang you will need to remove the column housing and then remove the gear box and shaft as a single unit. Make sure that all retaining slips and hardware are removed from the top of the shaft where it attaches to the column, remove the column and then remove the gear box and shaft.
    JoeResto — May 1, 2010 9:05 AM

    I need to know how to adjust the hood on a 1967 Mustang. Mine sits up about 1/2 inch on both sides in the rear and sits level in the front.
    Ric Wailes — October 7, 2010 7:04 AM

    I have been an avid reader of your since 1985 and am a current subscriber. I have used many of your “How to do” guide in repairs/upgrades. However, this site is great keeps me from going through hundreds of magazines to find what I am looking for. Grate site thanks.
    Robert L. Doak, II
    Robert L. Doak, II — December 16, 2010 8:27 PM

    how to covert alternator to a late model mustang alt of a 87 system to a 68 system
    hector — January 9, 2011 1:11 PM

    I have a 66 mustang conv. drivers side of roof pin drops in long before passenger side does. Passenger side does not really go as far forward How to adjust it.
    Norm — March 7, 2011 1:05 PM

    I have a 1965 mustang .the gas gage does not work. Someone said the sending might be bad.. How do you replace it .
    Bob Summers — April 30, 2011 4:12 PM

    hows the best way to replace a door hinge on 1967 mustang.
    alan daggs — May 9, 2011 1:42 PM

    I have a 1970 mach 1 with the 351 Windsor. What is the best way to brace the engine and replace the freeze plugs and motor mounts?
    Glenn Van Der Ham — July 4, 2011 10:25 AM

    Your best option is to use an engine hoist; the other option is to use a brace across the engine compartment and a chain to suspend the engine while the motor mounts are out.
    JoeResto — July 4, 2011 10:36 AM

    I just purchased a 65 mustang for my wife and we get water thru the vent at the floor when it rains. What is the best thing to do?
    Ronnie — August 2, 2011 1:03 AM

    Water running into the passenger compartment from the cowl is common on the old Mustang. The problem occurs when holes develop in the cowl area just above the heater box and also just above the air vent canister on the driver side. Getting to these areas to repair them is a bit of work and requires removing the heater box and fresh air canister.
    There are a few ways to fix the problem.
    M136RH and M136LH
    ACC-16741-65 or ACC-16741-67
    JoeResto — August 2, 2011 8:36 AM

    I’d like to install electric door locks on my 1966 Mustang. I’m not sure of the best way to install the actuators. There seems to be two methods:
    1. Install the actuators close to the lock/unlock rod and use a stiff control rod to lock/unlock
    2. Install the actuators someplace else within the door and use a control cable to move the lock/unlock rod.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Photos would be greatly appreciated!
    Bob Whitaker — August 17, 2011 12:43 PM

    I have a 3 speed manual transmission from a 200 6 that I would like to put behind a 302. Will it work?
    Paul Musser — October 11, 2011 11:10 AM

    how do you put the light bulb assembly together?
    thomas whiggum — November 25, 2011 4:40 PM

    Are there videos of how to bleed drum brakes, because when i drive my 66′ coupe I have to brake hard for the car to stop
    Maksim Geyman — December 15, 2011 7:02 AM

    How do I install and adjust side glass(especially adjust) 68 Fastback?
    Jack — February 2, 2012 1:58 PM

    I have a complete 66 dash and I’d be willing to trade for a complete 67 dash. Is anyone interested?
    lance — March 4, 2012 2:42 PM

    how to install a folddown seat in a 67 mustang fastback
    Booker T — December 29, 2012 7:52 AM

    I have a 1967 mustang with a door seal problem. The seal itself is cracked, torn etc., but the adhesive is as strong as the day it was installed. Is there some way to remove the old adhesive and/or seal remnants without damaging the surrounding area and paint?
    Thank you,
    Lon Pettitt
    Lon Pettitt — November 5, 2013 3:34 PM

    On doing a bit of research I found a 3M site that had the answer. Their product “General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner” did a great job and did not harm the paint.
    Lon Pettitt — January 2, 2014 3:13 PM

  2. I have a 97 mustang gt, and the drivers side front floor was soaked. Pulled back the carpet, put fans on to dry it out, and found missing plugs in floor pan. Also found a hole beneath back floor pan, but in underside of vehicle, drivers side. The carpet there is still dry. Where can I get replacement plugs?I find all kinds of stuff for fox body’s, but no S95 mustangs. Thanks, Dan in League City, Texas.

  3. I cant find any ads anywhere on installing a complete full length frame rails, or even a torque box on a 65 stang.seems like no matter how rusty they are they patch it. why sell the part. same with 1 pc floor and rockers inner and outer

  4. The worst part of any Vert is its wind noise and a Mustang is no different as per my experience. It was overwhelming on my ride until I mounted a TopDown wind deflector. Now the top down motoring has become thrilling with no gust whackin my noggin even at highway velocities.

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