New Mustang Parts from Scott Drake April 2012

T-109-CL[4]Check out these new items just released by Scott Drake for your early model Ford Mustang. All of these items and more can be purchased from

1969 GT Deluxe Pop-Open Gas Cap

C9ZZ-9030-B[4]Product ID C9ZZ-9030-B

Scott Drake is adding excitement to the automotive industry again with a beautiful reproduction of the rarest Gas Cap to ever grace a Classic Mustang. Featuring a polished and brushed finish and correct “cog pattern” on door. This Deluxe Pop-Open Gas Cap was only used on approximately 5,000 1969 GT equipped Mustangs.


1968 Mustang Washer Nozzles

C7ZZ-17603-B[4]Product ID C7ZZ-17603-B

New by Drake is the exact reproduction of the 1968 Mustang Washer Nozzles with the correct .143” diameter copper tubing and original matte black finish. Sold in pairs.


1964-73 Mustang Retro Sound 100 Watt Subwoofer

RS-SUB-8100Product ID RS-SUB-8100

New from Drake is Retro Sounds tremendous 100 Watt Subwoofer. You’ll really turn some heads with the enhanced sound quality put out by this handsome 9”wx14”lx2.7”h Subwoofer.


64-66 Floor pan support

C5ZZ-6510692-B[4]Product ID C5ZZ-6510692-B

Heavy duty floor suport that connects inner floor frame supports. The transmission crossmember bolts to this.



1967 Shelby GT500 Rocker Panel Stripe Kits

S7MS-16224-DE[4]Product ID S7MS-16224-DE Product ID S7MS-16224-BE Product ID S7MS-16224-AE

Now available from Scott Drake, early 1967 Shelby Rocker Panel Stripes. These stripes are the correct stripes for most 1967 Shelby GT500s. Owners of late model 1967 Shelby GT500 may want to consider ordering the part number without the “E”. There is a minor difference with the fender stripes.

1964-66 Mustang Strut Rod Nuts (9/16″x18)

34426-S[4]Product ID 34426-S

Now availale from Scott Drake are these 1964-66 Mustang Strut Rod Lock Nuts are silver zinc plated and resemble originals in appearance. Due to the very unique 9/16”x18 threads, these nuts are almost impossible to locate at any hardware or automotive store. Fits original Ford Strut Rods only.

1967-68 Convertible Visor Brackets (Satin)

C8ZZ-7604144-5S[4]Product ID C8ZZ-7604144/5S

New by Drake are our Satin Finish, 1967-68 Convertible Visor Brackets. These brackets feature show car quality zinc casting and triple chrome plating with a beautiful satin finish. Includes L.H. & R.H. brackets with attached visor pivot rods. Concours correct for 1968

1965-73 Mustang Dimmer Switch Cover

C5ZZ-13533-BL[4]Product ID C5ZZ-13533-BL

New by Scott Drake is the beautifully machined and anodized billet Dimmer Switch Cover. Crafted with our exclusive tread pattern to match our fine line of billet pedal covers, this Switch cover will fit all 1965-73 Mustangs as well as all 1966-77 Broncos.

1969 Mustang Ignition Bezel Tool

T-109-CL[4]Product ID T-109-CL

New by Scott Drake is the 1969 Mustang Ignition Bezel Tool. Beautifully machined billet aluminum with a clear anodized finish. Buy far the best tool to remove the ignition bezel!


1965 Mustang PCV Grommet 3/4″id 1″ od

382156-S[4]Product ID 382156-S

New by Drake is the 1965 Mustang PCV Grommet 3/4”id 1” od. It features the correct size and shape for our C5ZZ-6A582-G, BL & C/D valve covers. Made of EPDM Rubber, serves as a direct replacement for the original.


1969-70 Mustang Deluxe Mach/SS Door Trim

C9ZZ-6520970-1[4]Product ID C9ZZ-6520970/1

Now available by Scott Drake is the Stainless Steel 1969-70 Mustang Deluxe Mach/SS Door Trim. This is the polished stainless steel that mounts on the lower section of the deluxe door panels separating the carpet from the vinyl.


1965-66 Mustang V8 Clutch Z-Bar Borgeson w/Power Steering Conversion

C5ZZ-7528-PSC[4]Product ID C5ZZ-7528-PSC

Now available from Scott Drake is the 1965-66 Mustang V8 Clutch Z-bar with power steering conversion. Fits 289/302/351W only. NOTE: This clutch linkage is intended to be used with the revised Borgeson power steering hoses that have a 4” hard line on the steering box side. Will not fit with stock hoses.

1965-66 Mustang GT Exhaust Trim Ring

C5ZZ-5C299-AR[4]Product ID C5ZZ-5C299-AR

Now available From Scott Drake is the 1965-66 Mustang GT Exhaust Trim Ring. Made of chrome plated steel, this is an economic solution for those that do not want to purchase our concours correct, polished stainless steel version, C5ZZ-5C299-A. This is a great way to dress up the rear exhaust.

1968-73 Mustang Speedometer Cable To Transmission Retainer.

B9TZ-17264-A[4]Product ID B9TZ-17264-A

New by Drake is our 1968-73 Mustang Speedometer Cable To Transmission Retainer. This is an exact copy of Retaining Bracket used on 69-73 Mustangs, Cougars and misc other Fords to hold the Speedo Cable into the Transmission Housing. Fits Automatic and Manual Transmissions. Silver Zinc Plated.

1968-69 Horn Panel Center Pad (Parchment)

C8AZ-3629-N[4]Product ID C8AZ-3629-N

Now by Drake our 1968-69 Horn Panel Center Pad has improved details to the texture and with the correct fit to our bezel part #C8ZZ-3D5Z2-AR. Made from Pu Foam rubber and is available in BOTH black or parchment. Replaces part # C8AZ-3629-A.


69-70 Deluxe Door Panel Mount Kit

375553-69D[4]Product ID 375553-69D

This never before available 1969-70 Mustang Deluxe Door Panel Mount Kit, is now available from Scott Drake. This kit includes clips and hardware to mount your deluxe door panels.


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