New Mustang Parts from Scott Drake Feb 09

C9ZF-17265Check out these new items just released by Scott Drake for your early model Ford Mustang. All of these items and more can be purchased from


1964-1973 Hurst 4 speed shifter

H-3913180Item : H-3913180

The legendary Hurst shifter complete with the famous Hurst white shift ball. Be sure to order the corresponding Hurst install kit.


1964-1966 “K” GT Exhaust system w/resonators

C5ZZ-5246-30-HP[1]Item : C5ZZ-5246/30HPR Item : C5ZZ-5246/30-HP

Complete aluminized exhaust system for high performance “K” 289 Mustangs. Diameter is 2 inches. This kit fits factory HiPo exhaust manifolds only. Available with or without resonators. Brackets and hangers not included.



1969-1970 Factory 4-speed lower shifter boot

C9ZZ-7138-BItem : C9ZZ-7138-B Item : D0GZ-7138 Hurst

Original style, factory 4 speed lower shift boot.



1971 Mustang Shifter bezel

D1ZZ-7D443-AItem : D1ZZ-7D443-A

Nice reproduction of the shifter bezel in black plastic with the indicator lens.



1964-70 Fuel sender 5/16 tube stainless steel

C5ZZ-9275-CItem : C5ZZ-9275-C

Fuel sending unit made of stainless steel with stock tube size (5/16). For cars without low fuel warning system



1967 Heater control panel aluminum insert.

C7ZZ-6504410-HCItem : C7ZZ-6504410-HC

Brushed aluminum dash panel to match our other deluxe panels. They require gentle shaping before installing. Adhesive not included. We recommend clear silicone.



1969 Mustang Deluxe horn pad

C9ZZ-3623Item : C9ZZ-3623

Replace your sun-dried, warped horn pad with this nice looking reproduction.




1969 Mustang Deluxe horn pad cover

C9ZZ-3752Item : C9ZZ-3752

Very nice three spoke deluxe horn pad cover with the correct 3 silver ring per spoke design.



1969-1970 Mustang Door Inner Upper Trim

C9ZZ-6520904-AItem : C9ZZ-6520904-A Right Hand Item : C9ZZ-6520905-A Left Hand

Door trim, inner made of textured steel. This is the upper trim.



1969-1970 Mustang Outer dash trim molding

C9ZZ-6504718Item : C9ZZ-6504718

These are the vertical pieces that finish off the outer edge of the dash above the kick panels.



1969-1970 Mustang Seat backs black ABS plastic

C9ZZ-6560762Item : C9ZZ-6560762

Panels that cover the back of the bucket seats, made from ABS black plastic. Correct grain and simulated stitching. Provisions for retaining clips installed on backside.


1965-1966 and 1967-68 Mustang Cowl grille assembly

C7ZZ-6502010-28Item : C7ZZ-6502010/28 1967-68 Item : C5ZZ-6502010/28 1965-66

Complete upper and lower cowl grille assembly



1967-68 and 1969-1970 Mustang Trunk lid striker plate

C7ZZ-6243252Item : C7ZZ-6243252 1967-68 Item : C9ZZ-6243252 1969-70

Original factory style trunk lid striker for 1967-1970 Mustangs



1969-1973 Temperature and defroster cable set

D1ZZ-18518-AItem : D1ZZ-18518-A

Dual cable set attaches to the controls on the dash.



1969-1970 Lower windshield retainer bracket

C9ZZ-6503406-AItem : C9ZZ-6503406-A

This is the bracket that retains the lower windshield molding, there are seven of these required per car.



1967-1968 Mustang Vent window channel runs

C7ZZ-6521539-AItem : C7ZZ-6521539-A Left Side Item : C7ZZ-6521538-A Right Side

Excellent reproduction of the factory window channels



1965-1966 Rear brake cable – concourse OEM

C6ZZ-2A635-CItem : C6ZZ-2A635-C 1966 Mustang Item : C5ZZ-2A635-E 1965 Mustang

Rear brake cable, one piece from the original supplier to Ford.



1969-1970 Mustang Alternator gauge

C9ZF-10671-AItem : C9ZF-10671-A 1969 Mustang Item : D0ZF-10671-A 1970 Mustang

Exact reproduction of factory gauge




1969-1970 Mustang Temperature gauge

C9ZF-10B966Item : C9ZF-10B966 1969 Mustang Item : D0ZF-10B966  1970 Mustang

Exact reproduction of factory gauge



1969-1970 Mustang Fuel gauge

C9ZF-9280Item : C9ZF-9280 1969 Mustang Item : D0ZF-9280 1970 Mustang

Exact reproduction of factory gauge



1969-1970 Mustang Oil pressure gauge

C9ZF-9B309-AItem : C9ZF-9B309-A 1969 Mustang Item : D0ZF-9B309-A 1970 Mustang

Exact reproduction of factory gauge




1969-1970 Mustang fuel/temp gauge

C9ZF-9A284Item : C9ZF-9A284 1969 Mustang Item : D0ZF-9A284 1970 Mustang

Exact reproduction of factory gauge



1969-1970 Mustang speedometer gauge

C9ZF-17265Item : C9ZF-17265 1969 Mustang Item : D0ZF-17265 1970 Mustang

Exact reproduction of factory gauge. For cars without tachometer.



428 Super Cobra Jet harmonic balancer w/counterweight

C8AZ-6316-CItem : C8AZ-6316-C

Harmonic balancer with counter weight for 428 Super Cobra Jet applications



1963-1967 289 Hi-po harmonic balancer

C5OE-6316-AItem : C5OE-6316-A

For “K” code 289 Harmonic balancer




1969-1970 Mustang Washer nozzle (pair)

C9ZZ-17603-AItem : C9ZZ-17603-A 1969 Mustang Item : D0ZZ-17603-A 1970 Mustang

An excellent reproduction of the original these bright cadmium plated nozzles are the best on the market.


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