Preparing for Disassembly

tools 003A complete Mustang restoration will require removal of every part, and keeping those parts stored and organized is important throughout the entire restoration process. A disassembled Mustang takes up twice as much space as an assembled one so you should consider how to prepare your workspace. You should also have a disassembly strategy, a few supplies and of course some tools.

Parts Storage

Your parts storage should be set up so you can keep parts grouped together in sections like interior, grill etc. You should have between 6-9 shelves available for parts storage. To keep your used, new and restored parts clean and dust free you should enclose your shelves with sheets of plastic.

Plan a Disassembly Strategy

tools 003

Although you can begin tear down in any area it’s best to set up a strategy to plan your tear down in sections, complete each section and shelve the parts. Having a strategy will help you avoid jumping from one task to another and keep you focused on one section at a time.


This chapter of Project Playboy will begin with the interior disassembly and then progress through my disassembly strategy (what I think is the best approach).

Bag and Tag Your Parts

Interior_1 005While disassembling you Mustang you should label parts and hardware as it is removed from the car; parts tags and storage bags are great for labeling parts. Storage bags allow you to separate or group parts together and also gives you plenty of room to make a note if a piece is missing.

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