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DSCF0050_thumb1Project Playboy is the complete restoration of a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe, with a special order paint color designated “Playboy Pink”. The chapters of Project Playboy cover selection and planning, disassembly, body and paint, reassembly and much more.

Follow the restoration progress and get valuable insight into the restoration process that will help you plan your Mustang restoration project.

Dry Build – Pre Body Work Inspection

121108photos2 006[11]After all of the paint has been removed from the body and all of the undercoating has been stripped a few surprised may appear that weren’t apparent prior to media blasting. The panels may not align as well and there may be structural problems like rust and previous repairs that are not up to snuff. All and any of these problems should be identified prior to beginning the body and paint process. Continue reading Dry Build – Pre Body Work Inspection

Preparing for Disassembly

tools 003A complete Mustang restoration will require removal of every part, and keeping those parts stored and organized is important throughout the entire restoration process. A disassembled Mustang takes up twice as much space as an assembled one so you should consider how to prepare your workspace. You should also have a disassembly strategy, a few supplies and of course some tools. Continue reading Preparing for Disassembly

Removing the Engine and Transmission

Engine_01 013This fifth phase of my disassembly strategy takes me to the drive train with engine removal and transmission removal. I will be removing the engine and transmission together and mostly assembled. When I re-install the engine I will be putting in a mostly assembled engine and transmission together so this will be a good practice run. Continue reading Removing the Engine and Transmission