Removing the Engine and Transmission

Engine_01 013This fifth phase of my disassembly strategy takes me to the drive train with engine removal and transmission removal. I will be removing the engine and transmission together and mostly assembled. When I re-install the engine I will be putting in a mostly assembled engine and transmission together so this will be a good practice run.

The major thing to have available for this task is and engine hoist or what some refer to it as a cherry picker. An engine leveler will make it possible to remove and install the transmission together so this is a must have piece of tooling. Aside from an engine stand you will also need a handful of tools to get the job done.

Glass_01 027 Engine_01 017

Engine_01 005

Before you begin the removal you should drain as many fluids as possible to minimize the mess and to keep you working surface stable.



Undercarriage preparations

Remove the drive shaft and plug the the end with a cap or with a drive line yoke if you have one available. Next remove the exhaust pipes and disconnect the speedometer cable and neutral safety switch and then remove the nuts from the transmission mount and cross brace. I also removed the headers to avoid any problem that may pose during engine removal.

Engine_01 009 Engine_01 010

Engine Compartment Preparations

Remove the shock tower braces, fan shroud, radiator and fan.

Engine_01 006 Engine_01 007

Disconnect the fuel line, heater hoses, battery cables and alternator harness, engine gauge feed harness, accelerator linkage and unbolt the motor mount from the motor mount brackets.

Engine_01 011

With everything disconnected and unbolted I proceed and put wheels back on the Mustang and remove the car from the jack stands.



 Engine Removal

Engine_01 013

When it is time to remove the engine its a good idea to have somebody helping you unless your very patient and very careful; I did this removal alone so it is possible and I definitely felt it the next morning.


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