1967 Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams

sm67instr[5]1967 Mustang Instrument Panel


Instrument cluster connections, wiper switch, headlamp switch, ignition switch and lighter


sm67ignit1967 Mustang Ignition, Starting and Charging

Pictorial and 6-Cylinder Ignition Schematic or Schematic

Alternator, regulator, solenoid, starter, distributor, plugs, ammeter and starter neutral switch



sm67exter1967 Mustang Exterior Lighting, Turn Signals and Horns

Pictorial and Horn Schematic or Schematic

Headlamps, parking lamps, fog lights, horns, headlamp, stop, turn signal and ignition switches, taillights and backup lights


sm67inter1967 Mustang Interior Lights, Windshield Wiper and Gauges

Pictorial and Schematic

Oil pressure and water temp senders, wipers, washers, water, oil and fuel gauges, instrument panel lights, and interior courtesy lights


sm67wiper1967 Mustang Wipers

Pictorial and Schematic

2-speed wiper and washer



sm67heater1967 Mustang Heater

Pictorial and Schematic

Switch, blower motor and resistor



sm67ac1967 Mustang Air Conditioner

Pictorial and Schematic Vacuum Diagnosis Chart and Overview Underhood Vacuum Diagram Underdash Vacuum Diagram

Air conditioner controls, thermostat, compressor and resistor



sm67speed1967 Mustang Speed Control

Pictorial and Schematic Vacuum Diagram

Speed (cruise) control switches, relays and control unit


sm67radio1967 Mustang Radio & AM/8-Track

Pictorial Schematic

AM, AM/FM and AM/8-Track


sm67safety1967 Mustang Safety Convenience Systems

Pictorial and Schematic

Seat Belt, Parking Brake, Low Fuel and Door Ajar warning systems


sm67top1967 Mustang Power Top

Pictorial and Schematic

Top control switch, motor and pump


sm67vactilt1967 Mustang Tilt-Away Steering Wheel

Pictorial Wiring and Vacuum Diagram

Column, vacuum motor, release valve and relay

7 thoughts on “1967 Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams

  1. How do i install a neutral safety switch to a 1967 mustang coupe, with a c-4 transmission.
    mike mendez — April 21, 2011 8:09 PM

    The neutral safety switch is located in the driver side of the transmission and is pretty easy to remove and replace. Two 7/16 bolts hold it in place and there is a wire attached that runs up to the firewall, remove bolts, disconnect the wire and slide the switch off.
    JoeResto — April 28, 2011 8:45 AM

    Where can I get a 1967 wind wiper switch assembly? I see in your schematic but can’t find the part. Thanks Terry
    Terry — June 27, 2011 7:11 PM

    Have these diagrams for 68?
    Woody — May 1, 2012 9:14 AM

    my 67 mustang has no pressure switch on it. does the thermocoupler control compressor
    dean — June 15, 2012 6:12 AM

    this has been a lot of help thank you
    kenneth — July 22, 2012 7:06 AM

    Wow.. This is AWESOME!!!….
    Quick question. Hopefully someone see’s this…
    Can anyone tell me what the pink resistor wire that comes off the back of the ignition switch goes to?
    67 Coupe
    Napoleon — December 1, 2012 7:41 PM

    The pink resistor wire is 16a. Notice it is connected to the green with red stripe coming out of the back of the ignition switch. It goes to a 4 position plug located under the dash to the left of the steering column. It joins into 262 brown wire that continues to the starter solenoid that supplies 12 V for starting only.
    bill — November 28, 2013 11:16 AM

  2. Im trying to locate the diagram for the oil pressure gauge, but don’t see it where I thought it would be posted. Does anyone see where it is?

  3. Hi dears
    i need your support , I have 1967 mustang Coupe,
    There is a group of wires I don’t know what ends with it.
    Orange Blue
    White blue
    Green Brown
    White Green
    Blue Yellow
    White Brown
    Blue black maybe
    All the wires above in one outlets
    how i can send to you attachment

  4. For 1967 Mustang: Does the automatic transmission shifter position light connect to KO +12V or to the variable intensity instrument panel lighting +12V? Black-Blue Stripe wire.

  5. I’m changing from 1967 OEM Mustang gauges to custom/somewhat similar gauge cluster and need pin out of 12 pin molex connector and need break down on how to connect ‘dual brake lights’ (I only have one terminal on the new connector for brakes..). Does brake connector only illuminate a brake failure on the gauges(maybe lights a red light?) and the brake switch on the pedal is powered straight from the fuse block to light the tail lights? Appreciate the help.

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