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specialdeliveryI received my Marti Report for my 1967 Mustang “Project Playboy”. I was a little heart broken when I discovered that the special paint color which I thought was Playboy Pink is actually Dusk Rose as indicated on the report.

I was a little confused; all of the books I had looked at and a few threads in some newsgroups all pointed to the paint color Playboy Pink. My reason for assuming the Mustang was painted Playboy Pink mainly comes from the lack of the paint code being stamped on the Door Data Plate. Dusk Rose has a paint code of “S”, so if it was Dusk Rose it should have the code stamped on the tag.

I called the folks at Marti Auto Works to see if I could get some reasoning behind the lack of the paint code stamp to determine if in fact there is a Playboy Pink color for 1967.

The girls at Marti Auto that answered the phone said there is no Playboy Pink and the lack of the paint code being stamped on the tag is probably because it was a special order color and Ford didn’t designate a code for it until later in the production year. They said that they would have one of the guys call me with a better explanation.

I got a call back from john at Marti Auto a few days later. John said, “Think about what you are saying, “Playboy Pink”, back in 1967 Ford is a very conservative company and wouldn’t associate the Mustang with Playboy”. The term Playboy Pink most likely was a cultural phenomenon sparked by Hugh Hefner ordering a few of these special order color Mustang for some of the Playmates. His conclusion was that the color is Pink no matter what you call it, “Playboy Pink or Dusk Rose” its the same thing.

For me the argument of whether or not there is actually a Playboy Pink paint color for the 1967 Mustang is still up in the air, I’ve seen the PPG MX code published and I’ve seen the term published in a few books. Maybe there are a few people out there that have one of these cars with the PPG MX code or who knows more about it, if your out there please leave your comments below.

Project Playboy – Elite Marti Report

BodyShop 012The Elite report includes everything in the Deluxe report along with personalized statistics about my Mustang compared to other Mustangs. Additionally, it contains a reproduction of the door data plate and window sticker. The entire report is framed for display.

1 thought on “Marti Report – Project Playboy

  1. HI,
    I am currently restoring a Playboy Pink 69 Fastback that comes with Marti Report to authenticate this
    David Laidlaw — August 31, 2008 6:01 AM

    I would like to use the given reports from Kevin Marti and post on my fairly newly started website is designed around this very subject.
    I also would like to contact the poster on August 31 by the name of David Laidlaw who has this 69 Playboy Pink Fast Back and request images and his Kevin Marti Report Pictures also to post on my website. I just so happened to come across this site.
    If you are any one you know own or use to own a pink authentic mustang either Playboy Pink (707938) paint code, Dusk Rose (S Code), Passionate Pink (WT 9036) paint code then have them or you can email me at http://[email protected] Request the highest quality image of 2 Mega Bites or larger for great detail. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    Jeremy Kelley
    Jeremy Kelley — September 25, 2008 7:07 AM

    I had a friend in high school back in 1969 that had a 1967 “Pink” Mustang coupe. It had a 289-2V with auto. The rest of us high school boys back then gave him such a hard time about the color that within a month of him getting the car he had it repainted green.
    I ran into him at a reunion several years ago and we laughed about the pink ’67 he owned back in high school. I told him if he still had it what the value would be and nobody would laugh now.
    Bill Hamilton — November 7, 2008 5:34 PM

    I would research a little further to see if your mustang is a Tussy promotion car that was advertised back in 1966. There were three mustangs you could win in one of the three new colors of Tussy lipsticks.
    Zoltan Molnar — January 4, 2009 10:06 AM

    The paint color “Playboy Pink” was a term used in 1967 for Mustangs. Check out…/showcar.cgi It show that PPG Ditzler called out a 1967 Playboy Pink special order color. Although the Ditzler code (71617) matches 1968 Special Ford color WT9036 used on the 1969-69 Rainbow of Colors west coast promotion named Hot Pink and on the 1968 February Color of the Month promotion Passionate Pink. 1967 Dusk Rose has a Ford paint code WT0835 (dupont 50470, PPG Ditzler 90869) and was the 1957 X paint code for the Thunderbird. I am uncertain if WT0835 and WT9036 are the same shade…
    John Klein — March 24, 2009 6:17 PM

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