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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 1980; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 1980

Cover Story

  • Wayne Donnay’s 1966 GT-350

Boss 302 Day ’79

  • Ten Bosses entered the “1st Annual Boss 302 Day” in Atlanta, Georgia

Mustang Restoration

  • Part IV: The Undercarriage

The Painted Pony

  • Jane Hatfield’s 1965 GT Convertible was a dream come true.

67 Tilt Wiring

  • Why Does My Steering Column Light Up? Preventing wiring shorts inside your tilt column.

California Owner’s Club Newsletter

Mustang Monthly – February 1980

Cover Story

  • How To Rope A Thoroughbred: Leroy Cigler’s 1965 Convertible

66 Restoration

  • Part V: Engine and Trunk Compartment

Chrome Polish And Fine Wine

  • …gleaming reflections of celebrities and musicians set amidst a cascade of classic Mustang accessories inspire expectant mother at a Beverly Hills Concert.

Shelby Scene

  • The rising values of Shelby Mustangs.

24 Hours Of Mustang At Daytona

  • Tom Yeager and Walt Hane drive #66 through a grueling day-long race.

New Zealand Mustangers

  • Mustanging “Downunder”

Book Review

  • The Super Fords: DeTomasos, Boss Series and Ford GT’s (Wallace A. Wyss/Zuma Marketing)

Mustang Monthly – March 1980

Cover Story

  • Satisfying Yet Pure: Dan Marcinko’s 1967 GT Fastback

Mustang Restoration

  • Part VI: Body Work

The Incredible Shrinking Mustang?

  • The Lucano Ghia: A two-passenger “barometer” from Italy.

Icy Blue ’72

  • Bobby Spedale’s 1972 Convertible.

The Shelby Scene

  • More About Values: Stock or Modified?

Mustang Monthly – April 1980

Restoring Your Mustang

  • Restoring Your Mustang Part VII: Interior and Beginning Reassembly

Steady Ready!

  • Mustang Suspension Mods

Mustang Financing And Insurance

  • Part 1: Financing

J.W. Gowin’s ’67 Convertible

  • Persnickety! That’s how some folks describe J.W. Gowin of Rocky Face, Georgia.

Galloping With Goller

  • Salvage Safari

Mustang Monthly – May 1980

On Our Cover

  • Faye Greenly graces this month’s cover with her original ’69 Mach 1. Faye is an avid auto enthusiast, and a credit to our many lady readers.

Mustang Restoration, Part 8

  • John Henderson of The Mustang Stable, Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, continues the series.

Make Mine Mach 1

  • Donald Farr tells the Mach 1 story

Rick Kopec On The Shelby Scene

  • The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Shelby’s

Insuring Your Mustang

  • Would your present insurance policy cover serious damage to your treasured Mustang? It’s better to know now than to find out later.

Mustanging – Coast-To-Coast

  • From Sea to Shining Sea

Mustang Monthly – June 1980

Mustang Monthly Round Up

  • Mustang Owner’s Club Parts Exchange Meet at Devonshire Downs in Northridge, California; Central South Carolina Regional Mustang Show; Charlotte Flea Market ’80; Scenic City Regional Mustang Club Meets; Mustangs in New Zealand

Floor Pan Installations

  • Fred Glazier explains the process

The Shelby Scene

  • The Paper Chase: Collecting Shelby Literature

Book Review

  • Mustang: The Car That Started the Ponycar Stampede, by the editors of Consumer Guide (Publications International, Ltd)

Pony Poetry Contest

  • If you enjoy writing poems, we’ve got just the contest for you

Restoration Series “Leading Lady”

  • Eight months of hard work well-spent brings reward — the 1966 GT Convertible star of Mustang Monthly’s “Mustang Restoration” series makes her public debut at the Chickamaugu Battlefield

Mustang Monthly – July 1980

On Our Cover

  • From Model A’s to Mustangs. For a long time, the name Mack has been associated with ’31 Fords. But a new generation has changed that image. Tom Mack, Jr’s 1966 Convertible.

1966 Debuts At Knoxville

  • Mustang Monthly’s Project 1966 Convertible rolls out at the Eastern Nationals.

On The Pony Trail

  • Robert Kinsey’s 1965 Coupe is know in racing circles as “Number 8”

The Paper Chase

  • Shelby collectible Literature

Knoxville ’80

  • In Knoxville, the letters U and T usually mean University of Tennessee; but at the MCA’s Eastern National, those same two letters could have stood for Umbrella and Towels.

Apple Blossom Mustang Show

  • On May 4th, the place to be for Shelby and Mustang fans was Adams County Motors in Gettysburg, PA.

Mustang Club Roster

Santa Barbara ’80

  • …no losers here!

Mustang Monthly – August 1980

Mustang Round-Up Guidelines


  • Born Again In Dearborn: For four short days in July, the city that Ford built was invaded by the stripes and pipes of the Shelby American Automobile Club, sending the Motor City back through time to the days when performance reigned – and gas mileage didn’t matter.

Reader’s Album

Indy Mustang Show

  • Gasoline Alley Becomes World’s Largest Mustang Corral!

Mustang Monthly – September 1980

Cover Story

  • Tony Ponsalves’ 1965 Coupe

Birth Of A Dream

  • Robert S. LeRoy recalls his family’s first Pony

Power To The Brakes

  • The Poor Man’s Restoration Series: Adding 1965-66 Power Brakes

Pony Poetry Winners

Book Review

  • Shelby American Guide (Richard J. Kopec/Shelby American Automobile Club)

Mix And Match Mustangs

  • Customizing your Mustang with Stock Parts.

Mustang Recognition

  • 1964-1/2 to 65 — First of a nine-part series on Mustang Recognition by year and model.

Mustang Monthly – October 1980

On Our Cover

  • Bryce Cockerham’s 1966 Convertible with “Pony Tail” Trailer

1966 Recognition

  • Part 2 of a 9-Part Series.

The Bush Family Of Fine Bosses

  • Jim and Gina Bush’s “His and Hers” 1970 Boss 302’s

Reader’s Survey

  • Results from the July 1980 Reader’s Survey

T-5 Fever

  • Gary Hanson’s Signal Flare Red ’65 T-5 GT Fastback

Mustang Monthly – November 1980

Club Roster

On Our Cover

  • Editor Donald Farr’s Boss 302

Pony Puzzle

  • Word Search: “65” Words

Do You Need A Club

  • Mustang Fever? Joining the ranks of the Mustang clubs may be just what the doctor ordered.

1967 Recognition

  • Changed, Yet, Unchanged

Quarter-Mile Mustangs

  • A review of 25 Years of “Car & Driver” tests

Book Review

  • Mustang Does It! (Ray Miller/Evergreen Press)

The Call Of The Mustang

  • 1967 Sauterne Gold Coupe. Stu Chumney’s Answer To…

U-Do-It U-Joints

  • Part 2 of the Poor Man’s Restoration Services.

Mustang Monthly – December 1980

Looking Into Your Cobwebretor

  • The Poor Man’s Restoration Series Presents, “How To Rebuild Your Carburetor”

Fall Mustang Round-Ups

  • First Pennsylvania Mustang Club’s Southern Lehigh Summer Fest, Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club’s Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Show, The Early Mustang Club’s Horsefeather Shootout, the 1st Annual International Mustang Meet, and the Florida Round-Up

Earnest Stout’s ’68 Mustang “Sports Wagon”

  • The original owner wouldn’t recognize it, the NADA price book doesn’t list it, and most Mustangers don’t believe it!

Pony Puzzle

  • Word Find: What Is Under That Hood?

Taking It To The Streets

  • A Review Of The First Mustang Road Tests

1968 Recognition

  • The Better Idea Mustang

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