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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Monthly during 1989; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang Monthly – January 1991

How To: Beef Up Your Performance Aod

  • Maximum Overdrive for late model automatics.

How To: Replace Worn A/C Clutch Brushes

  • When everything works but the cold air, fix a little thing.

Mustang Monthly’s 5.0l Performance Guide

  • Eight Categories, Dozens of Sources, Hundreds of Parts.

Red Hot Shelbys: Mixed Breed

  • Owen Tomlinson has a ’68 Shelby GT-350. Or does he?

No Hesitation

  • Jeff Elliott modified a late model Mustang. And he’d do it again.

Everything But A Roof

  • An open-air restoration for Ron and Jeri Aldridge’s turquoise ’65 convertible.

Red Hot Shelbys: Experimental Shelby

  • Curt Vogt’s unique ’65 GT-350 continues its ways.

Simply Elegant

  • Joanne Hall’s demure early hardtop is a fierce competitor.

Once It Was Red

  • And then Tom Gattis made his ’68 Mustang hardtop right.

Some Dreams Come True

  • Ken Ingram couldn’t buy his Ultimate Mustang. So he built it.

The Finer Things

  • Mike Seman finds comfort with his ’72 Grande.

How To: Install An Auxiliary Rear Sway Bar

  • Steeda Autosports offers a late model upgrade.

Mustang Monthly – February 1991

How To: Install A Daily Driver A/C System

  • Efficient and Easy Classic Auto Air’s Alternative Cool.

How To: Tune Your Carburetor

  • Working with Edelbrock’s Performer Series Calibration Kit.

How To: Beef Up Your C4 Transmission

  • Helpful hints and tips from a transmission specialist.

How To: Clean, Inspect, And Choose Auto Paint

  • Tips from an expert.

Once Ugly, Never Again

  • Nate and Lisa Long’s ’66 convertible will stay sharp.

Of Rocket Men And Pony Cars

  • An aerospace engineer pilots a ’68 fastback.

Eight-Cylinder Melody

  • David Williams hears special sounds in his ’64-1/2 convertible.

Good Intentions, Great Results

  • Richard Palumbo’s ’69 Mach 1. As it was intended to be.

Twilight Passion

  • Kevin Kielian spotted a ’65 Twilight Turquoise fastback.

Practical Muscle

  • Bob Schutt’s ’70 Mustang Grabber combines economy and Sport.

Mustang-The Fourth Generation

  • Your votes are in. Let’s see if Ford will listen to us experts.

How To: Rebuild A ’69-’70 Instrument Cluster

  • Cleaning out the cobwebs for function and new appearance.

Mustang Monthly – March 1991

Go Racing Now: Fast Driving At Tracktime. In A Mustang That Handles

  • Make Your 5.0L Act Like a Race Car.

Inside The Treasure Trove

  • Mustang Monthly tours Rick Kopec’s “Shelby Collection.”

Free Gt

  • Out of confinement, Jim Overlin’s ’66 Shelby is at it again.

Fire And Ice

  • The first Canadian Shelby to heat the cold, blustery North.

Changing Times

  • Carl Jensen’s GT-350 has thrived on career change.

Vintage Warriors

  • Veteran racers return to the battle.

Shelby, Over Easy

  • This “King of the Road” ’68 convertible rules both coasts.

Fine In Final Form

  • A ’69 Shelby GT-350 to carry on the tradition.

Bonus 36-Page Parts And Services Directory

  • Plus our National Club Listing.

First Class, First Place

  • The cleanest ’65 GT-350 takes home all the marbles.

Round Two Knockout

  • This ’68 GT-500’s first restoration didn’t get it. The second one did.

The Call From Eduardo

  • A Mexican-produced ’69 Shelby heads northward.

The Saga Of 7ro1k218310

  • The most decorated Mustang in T/A racing history.

Shelby Safari

  • This GT-350 never roamed the Dark Continent.

How To: Straighten A Mustang’s Frame Rails

  • A fender bender from the past causes alignment problems no more.

Factory Shop Tips

  • Service updates from vintage Ford Technical Bulletins.

Mustang Monthly – April 1991

How To Buy And Sell A Mustang

  • The marketing of both vintage and ’80s Mustangs.

A Look At The Trends

  • An overview of the past year’s Mustang and Shelby market.

How To Avoid Rip-Offs: Survive The Insurance Game

  • Are classic and collectible car owners being misled?

Auto Theft Prevention

  • Protect your pony from unscrupulous characters.

How To: Install A ’69-’70 Tach Instrument Cluster

  • Replace your standard instrument cluster with an OEM tach option.

Street… Show… Both

  • Kim Medlin’s Black Jade ’69 GT convertible gets light duty.

Second Car In A Second Stage

  • James Behling learned why his ’65 GT caused so much excitement.

Dapper Driver

  • Charlie Schlund commutes to the office in his ’67 GTA fastback.

Phenomenal Hallmark

  • The Holloways have a winning ’66 Mustang GT convertible.

Birthday Bonus

  • A ’68 Mustang GT convertible puts the icing on the cake.

Going The Distance… In Style

  • Country music star Eddy Raven never lost interest in Mustangs.

Mustang Gt: Comparison

  • A national pacesetter, yesterday and today.

Mustang Gt: Recognition

  • We help you identify the GT Equipment Group.

Mustang Monthly – May 1991

50 Low Buck Quick And Easy Weekend Projects

  • or, How to Accomplish Something Without Going Broke.

How To: Install Ford’s Rho Engine

  • New Power for Old Ponies. We create the Ultimate Vintage Daily Driver.

How To: Install Rear Seat Shoulder Harnesses

  • Additional passenger safety for your late-model Mustang.

How To: Rebuild A ’65-’66 Door Hinge

  • Drooping and misaligned doors can benefit from a quick fix.

The Tie That Binds

  • Shane Bryant’s ’71 Mach 1 remains in the family.

Daily Sleeper

  • Peggy Little’s 1966 GT convertible packs a secret punch.

Solid Investment

  • A clever decision gave Russ Gilbert a solid ’73 convertible.

Dollars And Sense

  • Harold Crowder’s ’66 Mustang hardtop is more than an investment.

Rebuilding A Driver

  • Jerri Gorman learned about her ’68 fastback. Now she knows excellence.

Independent Effort

  • Marty Handshy’s 1969 Trans-Am Boss 302 is still fighting.

Dial “9.17-Mustang”

  • Norman Gray’s wild GT drag racer keeps pushing the limits.

Fine And Refined

  • The T&R Performance late-model Mustang blends all.

Hot Horse From The Cold North

  • The DECH 5.0L Mustang from Toronto works on concept.

New Parts Guide

  • Mustang Monthly’s New Product Spotlight and Manufacturer’s Showcase.

Mustang Monthly – June 1991

How To: Identify And Restore Shaker Hood Scoops

  • Professional tips for disassembly and detailing.

How To: Install A Disc Brake Conversion Kit

  • Our ’67 Mustang project car needed stopping power. Plus shocks, wheels, tires, brake lines, and an anti-sway bar.

How To: Replace A Fuel Gauge Sending Unit

  • When your gas level has a mind of its own, blame the messenger.

How To: Install 5.0l Underdrive Pulleys

  • A simple swap gains you inexpensive horsepower.

How To: Restore A Mustang Windshield

  • A new polishing kit can sparkle your old glass.

Still Keeping Pace

  • Larry Waddell’s 2000-mile ’79 Mustang 5.0L Indy Pace Car.

Better Than What You See

  • Ed Hockaday’s 1970 Boss 302 is improving. Quickly.

’91 Fast And ’66 Perfect

  • Tony Dreier has built another fine ’66 K-code Mustang GT.

Improving The Breed

  • Peggy McCoy has been fine-tuning her ’67 fastback.

Persistence Pays Off

  • Brian Queen struggled to buy this ’69 Mach 1.

A Sprint For Cloud 18

  • Jim and Cynthia Demick put a ’72 Dream Car into their lives.

Mustang Monthly – July 1991

Install A Saleen Suspension

  • Upgrade your handling. Help glue your 5.0L Mustang to the road.

How To: Install Fuel Injection On An Early Mustang

  • Holley’s 670 cfm Pro-Jection smooths out the Ford engine.

Detail An Engine Compartment

  • Step One: Removing your 5.0L engine.

Good Connections

  • A ’68 Shelby GT-500KR found Brian Freeman in the nick of time.

Always A Driver

  • Donna Adams’ 1970 convertible sees open roads daily.

Vintage Fresh

  • Farrel and Brenda Buis’ winner is an unrestored ’65.

A Lane Change, Or Not?

  • This ’67 Mustang convertible drove up to show quality.

One Plus One Equals One

  • David Walshak combined two ’69 Mustang convertibles.

Emerald Fever

  • Bruce Weiss sent his Limited Edition Convertible to Saleen.

Mustang Monthly – August 1991

How To Plumb Your Choke Stove

  • Install reproduction choke stove tubes for functional authenticity.

5.0l Power: Theories, Parts And Choices

  • Years of High Output development now take us down many roads.

Exclusive: Bob Perkins’ Restoration Secrets

  • (But not all of them.) Tips from the MCA’s National Head Judge.

Racing Terror, Street Delight

  • Big, bad, blue, and beautiful. Ken Berger’s ’70 Boss 429 Mustang.

Legend Or Myth? The 427-Powered ’67 Shelby

  • Clearing up a cloudy issue of originality. Sorta.

Mid-Year Monster

  • The ’68-1/2 Cobra Jet Mustangs devoured the competition.

The 15-Year Restoration

  • Michael White’s quick Boss 351 waited patiently for a new life.

Best Of Three Worlds

  • Tony Genovese went to Saleen, Steeda, and Paxton for a road burner.

Bonus Poster: Absolutely Rare

  • Bob Steinberg found the red ’66 Shelby GT-350 Convertible.

Making Good On A Dream

  • Dave White waited patiently for his musclecar ’70 Boss 302.

Money In The Bank? Better

  • Frank Davis will keep his hot and valuable ’68 GT-500KR.

Scarce Aggressor

  • Jim Kines’ Hi-Po ’64-1/2 Mustang kicked off the performance era.

Mustang Gto: Fresh, Fast, And Forward

  • Ford’s new IMSA racers combine new technology with proven gear.

Mustang Monthly – September 1991

How To Upgrade Your A/C Compressor

  • Our vintage project Mustang receives a breath of fresh air. Also, a shot of long-lost vacuum.

How To Install Saleen Rear Disc Brakes

  • Upgrade your late model Mustang’s stopping abilities.

What’s In A Name?

  • Everyone knows the Zimmerman ’66 GT is from Peapack.

Tales From The Concrete Corral

  • The Nichols family’s 1966 convertible writes its own story.

Hand Crafted Havoc

  • John Jansen’s ’69 Boss 429 reminds us how things used to be.

California Dream

  • This ’70 Boss 429 went cross country to a new home.

The Boss That Could

  • Mike Woehi’s ’69 Boss 429 packs a few extra horses.

A Promise Kept

  • Wes Alford made good to himself on a ’70 Boss 302.

Benchmark Boss

  • Steve Collins’ Boss 351 Mustang set the Performance Standard.

Problem… Solution!

  • Gary Hunt’s ’69 Boss 302 brings back his Trans-Am racing days.

Hybrid Hot Handler

  • Mike Sedlak’s Trans-Am style Boss 302 is back in competition.

The Boss! 302 – 351 – 429: Born To Run!

  • The peak of total performance.

Boss Engine Specifications

Boss In Motion

Mustang Monthly – October 1991

5.0l Horsepower Tricks

  • Budget tips for drag racers, road racers, and daily drivers.

Operation High Output

  • From stock to finish, our project Mustang boasts the 5.0L latest.

Parade Laps

  • Jim Bridges’ R-model ’65 Shelby now lives the easy life.

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet

  • Gerald Forrest aims to keep his ’71 Mach 1 on the road.

How To Reseal Your Power Steering System

  • Solve your pesky leak problems with careful procedures.

How To Detail Your Mustang Undercarriage

  • A head start on knowing what’s needed for originality.

Special: Advertising Section – Giant Catalog Guide

  • Mustang Monthly’s Catalog Showcase.

Hard To Shake ’66

  • Dick Slacter’s Mustang convertible would not go away.

Fifth Time’s A Charm

  • Keith Britts finally has a Mach 1 to suit his fancy.

Holiday Special

  • A 20th Anniversary Mustang brings cheer to the Podemski home.

Replacement Ragtop

  • Hank Howard pulled his ’67 convertible from the ruins of a ’65.

Second Generation Shelby

  • We preview the 1992 Shelby AAC Mustang.

Mustang Monthly – November 1991

Hot! How To Replace An ’87-’92 Mustang Heater Core

  • New designs and technology make this task ten times worse than before.

Hot! How To Replace A ’65-’68 Mustang Heater Core

  • We refurbish an entire heater box and defroster assembly.


  • The DPG Project Mustang is up for grabs.

Saluting The Cobra Jets

  • Mustang power for the Street muscle era.

Muscle On Tap

  • Rick Parker draws the fire from his ’70 Mach I Cobra Jet.

Always Been Red

  • This rare 100,000-mile Shelby GT-500KR IS back to stock.

How To Identify “Natural” Parts Finishes

  • Good reference books and a practiced eye can offer answers.

’66 Around Town

  • The Scrantons’ offer wasn’t refused. Now all bids are off.

First And Last

  • Pixie Ullrich’s ’65 convertible: a permanent one-owner Mustang.

Uncommon Coupe

  • Carol Burgess’ 1970 Mustang Grande is something special.

Venom Of The Viper

  • Dugan Racing makes its mark in the late-model jungle.

New England Cruisin’

  • A Clockwise Tour of the Colonies in a new Mustang convertible.

National Club Roster

  • A semi-annual listing of Mustang clubs and registries.

Mustang Monthly – December 1991

How To Install A New Headliner

  • Improve the driving environment in your classic Mustang.


  • The DPG Project Mustang is up for grabs.

How To Detail ’64-1/2 Through ’70 Pinch Welds

  • Concours detailing where the undercarriage meets the eye.

How To Replace Mustang Lock Cylinders

  • Restore security and function to your vintage Mustang.

Conservatively Radical

  • Good times ride openly in Tom Sherman’s ’65 convertible.

The Work Is Never Done!

  • The original owner never complains about his ’70 Boss 429.

Plus Chrome

  • Mike Durkin added flash to his ’67 GT fastback.

Bootstrap Restification

  • A modified ’66 fastback cured Jeff Dickinson’s Restoration Blues.

Cobra Jet Retrofit

  • Mark Lien popped a 428 SCJ into a beautiful ’67 fastback.

Deceptive Droptop

  • We take a closer look at Dan Bain’s ’70 Shelby convertible.

To Build A Better Boss

  • Charles Letteer’s modified ’70 Boss 302 takes on the ’90s.

The Class Modifieds

  • Non-factory originals offer variety, quality and personality.

The Roush Twin Turbo Mustang

  • The Ultimate Pony Ride never saw production.

Special Advertising Section: Mustang Monthly’s Gift Guide

  • Lo-Buck Gift Guide for Mustang Nuts

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