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Mustang Monthly – January 1992

Color Poster:

  • The artistic talents of Charles Maher sparkle in his portrait of a 1967 Shelby GT-500. Maher owns Firesign Design in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

How To Install Hardened Exhaust Valve Seats

  • New tricks for old cylinder heads, including valve guide tips.

How To Install An Engine Oil Cooler

  • We outfit a street 5.0L with a Police Option engine oil cooler.

How To Date Decode Early Mustangs

  • Sheet metal, glass, hinges, horns, and clamps offer clues to restorers.

The Super Package

  • David White’s 5,600-mile ’69 Mach 1 SCJ never got to the line.

Optional Convertible

  • Boysen Loesch found a ’64-1/2 Mustang with the works.

5.0l Budget Performance: The Low Cost Of Quick Times

  • Steeda Autosports shifts gears and goes drag racing.

College Cruiser

  • Gary Schmidt’s ’73 Mach 1 survived the growing years.

A Salute To The ’67 Shelby

  • Another significant model celebrates its 25th anniversary

Two Slight Changes

  • Tom and Melanie Daniel’s ’67 GT-500 is concours perfect, plus…

Rare With Air

  • Gregg Cly’s Lime Cold ’67 GT-350 has always been a cool Texas car.

Earning The Stripes

  • Mike Miles’ green ’67 GT-350 picks up where the factory stopped.

Too Valuable To Drive

  • Todd Jackson finds his ’67 Shelby’s worth on the highway.

A Rebuilt Road Car

  • Bob Hoover’s early ’67 GT-350 gets attention on the highways.

How To Install A Mustang Hood Lock

  • Keep your Mustang safe from tampering with two handy products.

Mustang Monthly – February 1992

Budget Guide, From A To Z — 26 Restoration Tips

  • It May Not be Everything, But It’s More Than a Weekend.

How To Improve Your Mustang Suspension And Brakes

  • We rid a ’70 SportsRoof of its handling and stopping woes.

How To Install An Auxiliary Fuel Pressure Gauge

  • A simple and convenient late-model interior bolt-on.

A Postponed Shelby

  • Rod Pezzano makes up for lost time in his ’66 Hertz GT-350.

Big Dreams In A Small-Block

  • Larry Moore envisioned this 351-powered ’69 Mach 1.

Family Duty, Retired

  • The Morrison’s reward their ’68 convertible for faithful service.

No Progress? Ha!

  • Harold Kruckenberg took his time with a ’65 convertible.

Cutting In Line

  • Terri Bohnsack’s choice: She restored her ’71 Mach 1 first.

5.0 Paint Tricks

  • Mustang craft and color hits the late-model crowd.

Prairie Country Performance

  • The 17th Annual Mid-America Shelby Meet, in Tulsa.

Queen City Convention

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts SAAC 16.

Gold Rush On The Coast

  • The Nor-Cal Mini-Nats heat up Laguna Seca Raceway.

How To Upgrade Your Mustang’s Ignition System

  • MSD provides new spark for old ponies.

Mustang Monthly – March 1992

Financing A Used Mustang

How To Buy A Mustang (Or Shelby)

  • Without losing your shirt or giving away the store.

Selling Your Mustang

A Buyer’s Travel Satchel

Insuring A Used Mustang

The Plight Of The Mustang Buyer

Buyers And Smellers At The High End

Caveat Empty Promises

Buying A Used Late-Model Mustang

How To Identify Magnum 500 Wheels

  • An in-depth look at a classic musclecar option.

How To Install Nitrous Oxide Injection

  • Add a little N2O to your 5.0L Mustang for big horsepower gains.

Barnyard Bonanza

  • Craig Murdock’s ’68 Shelby GT-500 was a boondocks discovery.

Small Investment, Big Dividend

  • Kelly White’s budget-level ’64-1/2 convertible paid off.

No Improvement Needed

  • Diane Michaud may or may not restore her ’69 Mustang Mach 1.

Pony Of A Different Color

  • Doug Cooper’s International Orange ’66 GT fastback is for real.

Opportunity Grabber

  • Tom and Carol Podemski found a green ’70 Boss 302.

Junkyard Gem

  • Meiba Williams pulled her ’66 GT hardtop from the scrap heap.

In From The Outback

  • Garnet Judd’s ’73 Mach 1 rides the Australian concours Trail.

Mustangs International:

A Pony In Constantine’s Court

  • Meral and Suha Kurultay’s ’66 hardtop hails from Istanbul.

The Shelby From Hollviken

  • From a sleepy town in Sweden there comes a mighty roar.

How To Install A Nine-Inch Rearend

  • A strong vintage axle gives your late-model kick on the strip.

How To Replace Steering Column Bearings

  • A quick fix for your worn and grinding steering column.

Mustang Monthly – April 1992

How To Install An Engine Compartment Wiring Harness

  • Our ’66 Mustang 289-4V began to run rough. We attacked the problem.

How To Install A Classic Light Bar

  • Vintage styling and less flex for your ’84-’92 Mustang convertible.

How To Paint A Rally-Pac

  • Put new wrinkles in your elderly Pac.

Flashback To Fastbacks

  • A brief history of the revolutionary Mustang body style.

Full Scale Model

  • Chris Agee’s ’71 Mach 1 was ready for assembly. Some glue required.

Fashionably Fast

  • Joe Paradis’ Shelby GT-350H hits the fast lane in style.

Return To Performance

  • Dennis Degner’s ’79 Mustang Indy Pace Car took the next step forward.

One Boss Plan

  • Bill Black pinched and saved for his ’70 Boss 302.

Going For Gold

  • Charles Wagner proves his ’68 GT fastback is a champion.

Red Hi-Po Combo

  • Peter Klutt’s ’67 fastback blends performance and GTA style.

One Surprise After Another

  • Should a ’69 GT-500 convertible be Grabber Green?

How To Install A Gt-40 Intake

  • Action for your 5.0L engine, developed by Ford Motorsport.

Mustang Monthly – May 1992

Hot, Fun, And Affordable

  • The “Daily Driver” Mustang rolls strongly into the ’90s.

Introducing… 1993 Cobra By Ford

  • Ford is making up for lost pavement. And this one’s true!

How To: Install And Adjust A Throttle Position Sensor

  • Tune your 5.0L’s TP sensor for improved air/fuel mixture.

Road Use Only

  • Allen Harrison keeps his ’66 Hi-Po GT on the highway.

Surprise Package

  • Dave Trutter’s ’65 GT fastback proved more than a bargain.

Caribbean Coup

  • William Blank discovered treasure, a ’67 GT-350, in Puerto Rico.

Paradise Pony

  • Tony Corad’s ’68 GT/CS has lived the good life on most coasts.

Backlot Bargain

  • Steven Dye’s ’70 Mach 1 drove from the parts bin to the show field.

Breaking The Rules

  • Steve and Debbie Ames’ ’73 convertible is a Mustanger’s Holiday.

Aah, American: Steeda’s American/Sedan

  • How else do you develop “race-proven” performance components?

How To: Identify Vintage Ford/Autolite Carburetors

  • Locate the correct OEM carburetor for your early Mustang.

How To: Decode Late-Model Mustang Data Plates

  • VINs, Exterior Colors, Body Types, Vinyl Roof, and Body Side Moldings.

How To: Identify 351 Windsor And Cleveland Engines

  • The facts on powerplants in the ’69 and ’70 Mustangs.

Mustang Monthly – June 1992

How To: Install Mustang Bucket Seat Upholstery

  • Brighten your Mustang interior with new threads.

How To: Tune Up Your 5.0l Engine

  • Confused by computers, sensors, and injectors? We take the mystery out of basic and extended vehicle maintenance.

The 1992 Motorsport/Svo Performance Equipment Catalog

  • Better than “Home Alone,” MTV, and “Unsolved Mysteries.”

Street Performers

  • We debut the ’92 Boss by Kar Kraft and ’92-1/2 Steeda Mustang.

One Saleen, The Easy Way

  • We reach completion of our 5.0L Budget Build-up.

Momento Mustang

  • Jan and Marge Howell’s ’68 hardtop is more than a show winner.

Seventies Survivor

  • After 15 years, Robert Macabobby rediscovered his ’71 Mach 1.

Puzzle Solver

  • Bought in pieces, Kelvin Ali’s ’65 fastback is together again.

Playful Pony

  • Bob and Rochelle McNeal restored a rare pink ’67 convertible.

Southern Sprint

  • A former beater, Harris Ladner’s ’66 Sprint cruises the Concours circuit.

How To: Decode Late-Model Mustang Data Plates

  • Part Two: Air Conditioning, Tape Stripe Color, Radio, Sun/Moon Roof, Rear Axle, Transmission, Springs, and D.S.O.

Mustang Monthly – July 1992

How To: Upgrade Your Early Mustang Fuel Tank

  • A 20-gallon tank will give your ’65-’68 Mustang longer legs.

How To: Install Marchal Fog Lights On A Mustang Lx

  • Also: We Rewire GT Fog Light Harnesses.

Jump To The Dream

  • A Cobra Jet ’69 Mach 1 launched William Smith into Mustangs.

The Big Circle

  • Don and Shirley Miller’s departed ’70 Mach 1 returned home.

Yellow Fellow

  • John Binge’s ’71 Mach 1 rides the Far Pacific.

Fantasy Fulfilled

  • Ed Protain turned classroom daydreams to ’73 Mach 1 reality.

Street Muscle Supreme

  • Ford’s Mustang Mach 1 rode point in the Performance Wars.

Just The Right One

  • Paul and Carolyn LiCalsi’s ’65 fastback fits the job description.

Action! Street And Strip Lx

  • Jeff Reasons’ 1989 Mustang rules the stomping grounds.

How To: Decode Late-Model Mustang Data Plates

  • Part Three: Interior Trim Codes.

Straightline Shelby

  • Frank Reynolds’ concours ’69 GT-500 is ready again for the strip.

Cross Country In A ’64-1/2 Convertible

  • This Mustanger drove his Mustang to the coastal limits.

Mustang Monthly – August 1992

How To: Install And Clean A K&N Air Filter

  • Improve performance, and save money on standard paper filters.

How To: Install Special Service Underhood Hoses

  • Increase dependability, and reduce your maintenance chores.

National Icon

  • Carl Platt’s Candyapple Red ’66 convertible is pure Americana.

Definite Driver

  • Bob and Susan Stone vow to keep their California Special rolling.

A Dream For The Decades

  • The ’65 Mustang casts its spell on a young woman.

Rx For Stress

  • Ray Ferrell found a cure in a ’72 Mustang convertible.

How To: Restore Your Mustang

  • The works! Budgeting, Scheduling, Suppliers, Techniques, and Tips.

Import Exterminator

  • The Mustang SVO met the Far East challenge, and launched Ford Motorsport/SVO with credibility and power.

Climbing The Ladder

  • Ray Bryan worked up to a ’70 Boss 302.

Mustang Monthly – September 1992

How To: Clean Cruise Control Brushes

  • Your late-model Mustang needs regular auto-pilot maintenance.

The Longest Deal

  • It took Wayne Johnson over a year to buy his ’68 GT-500 convertible.

The Heart Knows Best

  • Elizabeth Calton guided her ’67 Mustang from bad times to today.

How To: Detail A 289 Mustang Engine

  • More tips from the experts on concours finishing.

How To: Seal Your Late-Model Air Conditioning Lines

  • Save freon and keep your engine cleaner with a simple repair kit.

How To: Repair Cowl Vent Leaks

  • An effective and lasting fix for minor rust damage.

Back On Track

  • Walt Hane’s ’65 hardtop takes race driver and fans back 20 years.

The Mustang Gang At Maple Grove

  • Running horses dominated the 1992 Ford Motorsport Nationals.

A ’66 For The Springtime

  • Gary Pietraniec celebrates the season in his Springtime Yellow hardtop.

53 Dents And A Box Of Parts

  • Beriae Doty turned a ragged ’70 Boss 302 into a keeper.

Main Street Thunder

  • The 429 engine ruled the high banks, and ’69 Boss 429s hit the highways.

Western Gold

  • John Stastney prepped his ’72 Grande for “Unrestored” competition.

Mustang Monthly’s 1992 Catalog Directory Showcase

Mustang Monthly – October 1992

How To: Install Dual Exhausts On Your 2.3l Mustang

  • Walker’s Dynomax System offers alternatives to all Mustang owners.

How To: Install Special Service Floorpan Reinforcements

  • A structural flaw in the late-model Mustang is easily fixed.

How To: Fix A Clutch And Brake Pedal Shaft Support Assembly

  • Replacement and repair tips, plus pivot shaft R&R, too.

History In The Making: The 5.0l Mustang

  • A decade of performance, and still running like crazy.

Friendly Advice

  • Parental guidance helped steer an ’82 GT to perfection.

More Than A Name

  • Mark DeHoff’s ’88 5.0L LX redefines “Street Performer.”

Gift Horse

  • Randy and Sharon Schmeling got an ’88 Saleen for free. Almost.

Hand-Me-Up Mustang

  • Arden Winesdorfer got a rusty ’66 Mustang from his son.

The Right Call

  • Communication put Kenny Christensen’s ’65 fastback on the fast track.

Runaway Restoration

  • Out of the blue, Max Dilley’s ’67 GTA became a show stopper.

Symphony Of Torque

  • Tom Hoy gets his grins in a ’69 SportsRoof Cobra Jet Mustang.

Total Package

  • Someone went for options on the Podemski’s 1971 Mach 1.

Mustang Monthly – November 1992

How To: Replace A Mustang Clutch Assembly

  • Your clutch may be the weak link in your powertrain.

How To: Replace A Water Pump

  • Every early Mustang eventually needs this repair.

How To: Install A ’90 Mustang Armrest

  • Making room for the component that Ford (maybe) forgot.

Red, White And Beautiful

  • Norman Weintraub offers his tribute to the ’66 Shelby convertibles.

The Sweet Reward

  • Mike Saathoff’s modified 67 fastback packs a punch.

Grabber Blue Special

  • Don McCammond drove his ’70 Mustang out of the bargain bin.

The Blue Angel

  • Hot looks and performance in a snappy late-model package.

Presto: The New Breed

  • Keith Allison turned an ’84 GT driver into an ’88 showfield champ.

Street Stalker

  • Mild on the outside, Bob Whirrett’s ’89 LX Mustang has a secret.

Teacher’s Pet

  • The Richardsons’ ’64-l/2 convertible is Strictly Grade A.

Tine Stands Still

  • Mike and Kathleen Ambrosy’s ’72 Mach 1 qualifies for “Preserved Class.”

’93 Cobra Test Drive: A Quick Ride On A Long Road

  • Dateline Detroit: Ford’s new package offers refinement, power and style.

Class In Session: History 289

  • Vintage photos and literature put the early Mustangs in perspective.

The Worldwide Club Directory

  • The Mustang Monthly bi-annual listing of Mustang clubs and registries.

Mustang Monthly – December 1992

The Big Question: How Much?

  • If it didn’t come down to the cost of things, we’d own one of each. A big look at the little things that add up.

Budget 5.0l Performance

  • Taking it from the top, and we take it to the bottom line.

How To: Replace A Late-Model Starter

  • We opt for a new lightweight starter kit for our 5.0L Mustang.

How To: Swap A Mustang Rear Axle Housing

  • A common rebuilding procedure is demystified in 12 steps.

How To: Detail A Mustang Rear Axle

  • First generation V8s shared common factory characteristics.

Ford’s Own Modified

  • A limited-production mid-’92 convertible hits the showrooms.

Quarter-Miler Cruiser

  • John Williams’ mild-looking ’69 hardtop packs a secret punch.

Triple Whammy

  • Street action, show trophies, and drag racing victories for a Cobra Jet Mach 1.

How To Treat Your Boss

  • Billy McDaniel’s ’70 Boss 302 finally gets respect.

Super Grand

  • Lisa Guest’s ’71 Grande blends Mustang luxury with Ram Air power.

The Dark Horse Wins

  • Wayne DuBois placed his bet on a ’66 Mustang GT fastback.

Trade For This & That

  • Heavy bartering earned Tommy Moore a showpiece ’68 Shelby GT-500.

26 And Holding

  • Farrel and Brenda Buis’ unrestored ’67 convertible defines “low miles.”

Go Leads To Show

  • The highway years led Mark Brockman’s ’65 GT convertible to Gold.

Sum Of The Parts

  • Gary Patterson created his own dream late-modeI Mustang.

Mustang Monthly’s Gift Guide

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