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Mustang Monthly – January 1993

How To: Install A Power Antenna

  • Avoid vandalism and car wash damage with a deluxe addition.

How To: Install A Mustang Fuel Door Lock

  • Deter theft and vandalism with a Ford remote-opening device.

How To: Build A Hood Latch Release Guard

  • Stop unauthorized access to your engine area.

How To: Install A Stop Action Anti-Theft Device

  • Protect your property from theft and carjacking.

How To: Replace Early Mustang Rear Suspension Components

  • A common rebuilding procedure is demystified in 12 steps.

How To: Detail A Cobra 289 Engine

  • Fine points for the ’65 and ’66 Shelby GT-350 powerplants.

A Festive Gathering

  • The German Mustang Meet ’92 drew from many countries.

Shelby: The Big Bang Theory

  • The first Mustangs got the Carroll Shelby treatment in a mighty way.

A Fine Checkered Past

  • Fran Kress owns and drives a veteran R-model with a first class pedigree.

Showtime In The Rockies

  • This single-purpose ’66 GT-350 still packs a punch.

Black Gold

  • Talk of a ’66 Hertz Shelby led Terry Hall to the jackpot.

Changing With The Times

  • Greg Nester’s Brittany Blue ’67 GT-350 made up for the Shelby he wished he hadn’t sold.

Family Finagling

  • A ’68 GT-500KR brought Rick and Jeff Bellamy to the bargaining table.

Love ‘Em And Drive ‘Em

  • Frank Reynolds can’t wait to hit the highway in his Grabber Blue ’69 Shelby.

The High Note

  • Bruce and Brenda Larson’s fine ’70 Shelby GT-500 convertible marked a fine finale.

How To: Identify ’65-’70 Shelby Tires

  • A guide to spotting rare vintage performance tires.

Duty Served

  • Marc Duebber’s modified ’88 is a workhorse.

Mustang Monthly – February 1993

Feature: We Celebrate Our 15th Anniversary!

  • After one and one-half decades of magazine excellence, each of our readers deserves a thank you.

How To: Install A Six-Cylinder Exhaust System

  • Run quieter and safer with a simple maintenance task.

How To: Replace Late-Model Disc Brake Pads

  • In two Sections, we service and replace both front and rear systems.

Mystery Mustang

  • Jerry Wilson’s ’70 SportsRoof is a Cobra Jet for sure.

Color! How To: Detail Your Mustang Undercarriage

  • Understanding certain assembly procedures can help you reach perfection.

Bridge To Performance

  • A ’67 fastback GTA drives Kurt Thornell to the Winner’s Circle.

The Special Edition

  • Nick Varela ordered a ’93 Steeda Mustang with “the works.”

Believing In Magic

  • Ken Smith’s ’66 GT-350 is rolling proof of Shelby magic.

Pull-Out Poster

Bells And Whistles, Except

  • Mike Murphy’s ’65 GT convertible is minus some options.

Always Out Front

  • Bruce Weiss’ 1970 Cobra Jet Convertible is a true Pace Setter.

A Northwest Original

  • Bob Hooper’s ’66 GT hardtop took a nap and came out ready.

Northwest Sunshine

  • Linda Buchheit’s ’67 convertible brightens the Washington scenery.

Big,Bad,& Unrestored

  • Mike and Lynda Anderson found a pristine ’70 Mach 1.

How To: Replace Mustang Weatherstripping

  • A quick body and window fix, for an early Mustang, on a rainy day.

Mustang Monthly – March 1993

How To: Buy A Mustang Now

  • Great timing, great deals. This could be when to make your move.

How To: Install Legal, Free-Breathing 5.0l Exhaust

  • We upgrade two late-model Mustangs with Thrush, Texas Turbo, and Walker Dynomax components.

How To: Replace ’65-’66 Air Conditioning Vents

  • Beautify your early Mustang evaporator unit in minutes.

Special Feature: Praise Where It Belongs

  • The North Texas Mustang Club sends Ford and overdue message.

How To: Install A Daily Driver A/C Compressor

  • Upgrading both six- and eight-cylinder early Mustangs.

Leader Of The Pack

  • Kevin and Mary Beth Kelly fell for this superb ’65 K-GT fastback.

The Early Gift

  • Lawrence and Lu Harvey celebrate the years with a ’73 convertible.

A Mustang For Marcella

  • With perseverance and luck, Mrs. Knight got a new ’65 hardtop.

Sneak A Peek

  • Nelson Bender snuck a peek at his ’68 GT convertible in advance.

The Fun Rolls On

  • In Montana, the Cigler family keeps a ’66 Shelby GT-350H at speed.

Finder’s Keeper

  • Bob Vance’s Shelby search led him to a ’68 GT-350 convertible.

Screaming For Fun

  • Patrick and Carol Lamy even drive their race-rigged ’86 GT to work.

Vintage Quarter Horses

  • Factory drag racing turned to the Mustang, once upon a time…

Growing With A Legend

  • Dennis Bujak’s ’69 Boss 429 has improved over the years.

Mustang Monthly – April 1993

1993 Parts And Services Directory

International Club Roster

How To: Rebuild An A/C Evaporator Case

  • Plus: Install a modem evaporator core in your ’67 or ’68 Mustang.

How To: Replace Early Mustang Floorpans

  • Our ’67 Project Car gets a sheetmetal fix.

From Shell To Shine

  • Eric Kauffmann built his ’67 fastback from scratch.

Dial M For Mustang

  • Keith Hazley ring up a ’65 fastback champion.

Mother’s Quickest

  • Two decades after buying it, Gerry Swanson drives her ’69 Mach 1.

How To: Install A Daily Driver A/C Underdash Unit

  • We complete the system installation on a ’66 Mustang convertible.

How To: Restore A Cracked And Chipped Steering Wheel

  • The Mustang repair you’ve needed for years, in just a few hours.

All The Right Pieces

  • Tom Huber’s 428 Cobra Jet ’68 Mustang is totally unique.

Shelby Takes The Throne

  • Reg and Sheila Nelson’s ’68 Shelby GT-500KR rules the wild north.

From Match Box To Big-Blocks

  • A ’69 Cobra Jet Mach 1 fulfilled Michael White’s childhood fantasy.

How To: Install Steeda T-5 Shifter Bushings

  • Five easy steps to more precise shifting of late-model Mustangs.

The Goin’ Show Pony

  • Wanda Ring’s ’87 GT convertible steps high and goes anywhere.

Sneak Preview: The New Mustang Mach Iii

  • Return to Mach Speed. Hints of the past. Promise for the future.

Mustang Monthly – May 1993

How To: Install An Early Mustang Interior

  • Dress it up with fresh paint, interior panels, seatbelts and carpet.

How To: Prepare And Tow A Trailer

  • We offer safety and purchasing tips for the Mustang enthusiast.

How To: Install A 5.0l Performance Ignition

  • The MSD 6AL Ignition Control System can boost performance and economy.

Always In The Family

  • Karl and Diane Eisleben’s ’66 convertible rolls with tradition.

Nascar Inspiration

  • Gary Faules’ 427-powered ’68 GT-500 travels the fast lane daily.

Destined For Rain?

  • Jean and Jack Penn’s ’65 convertible keeps looking for sunshine.

Appalachian Delight

  • Jim Clark’s ’73 convertible is the perfect mountain cruiser.

Oval Track Star

  • Mustang set the pace brightly for the 1964 Indianapolis 500.

First Test: We Drive The Hot New ’93 Saleen

  • A quick convertible in the hills of Southern California. Much fun!

How To: Install A Passenger Side Rearview Mirror

  • Add safety and symmetry to your early Mustang.

How To: Identify Cleveland Exhaust Manifolds

  • A quick test. Can you spot the correct manifold for your engine?

No Pros Allowed

  • John Watjen gave his ’66 convertible a big league restoration.

Supreme Road Duty

  • Officer Mike Alameda tests the limits in his ’71 Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Mustang Monthly – June 1993

A/Fx Quest

  • or, HOW TO Track Down a Rare Mustang Race Car.

Candyapple Nostalgia

  • Ron Loomis turns back time in his ’66 GT convertible.

How To: Identify Hi-Po Engine Components

  • Getting down to the nitty-gritty of internal parts and pieces.

How To: Restore Your Early Mustang Dash

  • We wrap up our ’67 interior upgrade with new dash components…and a shot of paint.

How To: Install A High Volume Fuel Pump

  • Boost fuel power to your hungry 5.0L with a 155 lph fuel pump.

Daily Screamer

  • Bill Kniffin’s 11-second LX rewrites the “street muscle” definition.

A Salute To The Boss

  • From 1969 to 1971, Boss Mustangs road the peak of musclecar performance.

Large Time In Thin Air

  • Al Kukla’s ’70 Boss 302 roams in High Country Style.

Boss Of Inner Realm

  • High Country Style. Floyd Garrett’s low mileage Boss 429 sets a shining example.

Matrimonial Icing

  • Vernon and Brenda Wiggs’ 1970 Boss 302 topped the wedding cake.

Hunting For Cleveland

  • Terry Richard finds the fun of owning a ’71 Boss 351.

How To: Upgrade Your Early Mustang Suspension

  • Rebuild your Mustang’s front suspension for modern road use.

Mustang Monthly – July 1993

How To: Install 5.0l High-Performance Roller Rockers

  • Add horsepower and valvetrain efficiency with Ford Motorsport’s aluminum rocker arms.

How To: Install Corrosion-Resistant Battery Terminals

  • Pro-Start International’s Connector Terminals eliminate corrosion to keep your Mustang’s battery clean and working.

Standing Out(Back)…From The Crowd

  • Mark Evans’ 1965 fastback is concours correct, in Australia.

Custom Tuned

  • George Barber ordered his Auto Kraft Grabber GT to perfection.

90,000 Miles And Running Strong

  • A modified ’88 5.0L Mustang LX goes the distance.

How To: Stiffen And Strengthen A Mustang Chassis

  • We install the Kenny Brown Chassis Kit for better handling.

How To: Restore ’65-’66 Mustang Taillight Assemblies

  • California Mustang’s repair kit makes your Mustang concours correct and highway safe.

Quick Thoroughbred

  • Dick Bridges’ Cobra Jet ’69 Mach 1 has right parts in original places.

Free Form Reward

  • Bobby Shrader flexed creative license with his ’89 GT convertible.

Rare Road Delight

  • Sam Pampenella’s ’66 Shelby GT-350 convertible hits the highway.

Rescue In The Bayou

  • Once a barnyard bucket, Gary Sensebe’s ’68 GT hardtop now shines.

Reaching For The Top

  • Harry and Marsha Kulp’s “last convertible” now runs in First Place.

Power Of The Python

  • A snake on the streets, and a shark on the track!

How To: Install A Low-Temp High-Performance Thermostat

  • A 180-degree thermostat can add power and boost the efficiency of your 5.0L Mustang.

How To: Flush And Balance Late-Model Injectors

  • Flow balancing fuel injectors can add driveability, economy and performance.

How To: Install A 73mm Mass Air Flow Meter

  • Enhance your 5.0L’s induction system with Steeda’s High Performance MAF meter.

How To: Replace Your Door Window Regulator

  • We solve an age-old Mustang problem with a Ford part.

Mustang Monthly – August 1993

Ex-Rental Excellent

  • Don Englehart bought a Hertz Shelby GT-350 from his Ford dealer.

How To: Detail Your Trunk For Show Competition

  • Simple and inexpensive changes can win you points and attention.

How To: Restore Your Vintage Hood Latch

  • Tips on correctly finishing an important Mustang component.

How To: Convert Front Drum To Disc Brakes

  • We upgrade the safety of our Project ’67 Mustang.

Muscle For The Masses

  • The Mach 1 Mustang took Total Performance to the street.

A Mustang In Hand…

  • Wes Pepper learned that a Mach 1 in the garage beats two on the lot.

After-School Project

  • Don McCammond’s sons helped beautify his ’73 Mach 1.

Doing Time On The Line

  • Phil Quinn marks the years in a ’71 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Recipe For Perfection

  • Rod Stoelting found strength and elegance in a ’70 Cobra Jet Mach 1

Shell Game

  • Billy Dobbs turned a stripped-out ’65 convertible into a Southern show champ.

Little Engine, Big Fun

  • Ken Ehier puts his six-cylinder ’67 hardtop through the paces.

Sizzle City

  • Dave Pacini picks up the dream in an ’87 LX Mustang.

Beverly Hills 90210 289-4v

  • One good image deserves another. Jason Priestley shows America the joys of Mustanging.

How To: Install A Heavy Duty Radiator

  • Upgrade your late-model cooling system for the hot action ahead.

How To: Install Late-Model Auxiliary Gauges

  • Add form and function without loosing A/C performance.

Mustang Monthly – September 1993

The Gt Years: 1965-1969

  • Ford raised American luxury driving to new heights, and the first-generation Mustang GTs led the charge.

Playing A Favorite

  • Charles and Helen Reichert choose the ’67 GT convertible as the premier American Pony.

How To: Install A Budget 5.0 Drake System

  • Better stopping… on a dime.

How To: Install A Late-Model Adjustable Clutch Quadrant

  • BBK’s custom-adjust aluminum quadrant kit puts bite into heavy-duty clutch performance.

How To: Install Jba Shorty Headers And Dual Exhaust

  • Add performance and free breathing to your early Mustang. A solution to adapting a late-model 302 engine.

Carving A Niche

  • Tommy Barrett’s 390-powered ’68 GT fastback is a slice of Ford Muscle Pie.

R Is For Rambunctious

  • In new R-Model trim, Robert Varcoe’s ’65 Shelby hits the limelight.

Proper Perspective

  • The ’85 Mustang GT convertible is already nine years old. Is it next on the roster of true collectibles?

Top Down In High Country

  • Brent Mullen’s ’66 GT convertible climbs the mountain to success.

Reader Beware

  • That ’72 Mustang in the ad may have sounded like a dog, but…

Restoration Dilemma

  • Ron Nordling wanted a Mach 1 Cobra Jet driver. He got more than he bargained for.

Inspection Passed

  • Siegfried and Elvira Grunze’s Q-Code ’73 hardtop continues to make the grade.

How To: Add A Cobra Grille To Your ’87-’93 Mustang

  • Find vintage (and future) style with Dugan Racing/Mustang’s new accessory.

Mustang Monthly – October 1993

How To: Identify Early Mustang Tags And Labels

  • The rhyme and reason for certain items on certain cars.

How To: Repair A Mustang Four-Speed Shifter

  • Fix that broken reverse lock-out wire in an hour, and save some bucks in the process.

How To: Identify And Install Early Mustang Clamps

  • Seize the moment…and stop that leak correctly.

Mirror Of Perfection

  • A ’69 Mustang Grande’ puts the gleam in Don Windsor’s eyes.

Wait For The Grandkids!

  • Jerry Finley never saw the Mustang as a family car, until now.

Still Laughing

  • Brian Benick keeps the good times rolling in his ’71 Mach 1.

Update: Mustang 30th Anniversary Nears

  • Plans are rolling as owners and fans prepare for the MCA’s party.

How To: Choose Concours Restoration Tools

  • Having the right equipment for rebuilding a Mustang or Shelby can save the hobbyist considerable time and money.

There And Back Again

  • After storming the showfield, Mark Linenburg’s ’65 convertible returns to its roots.

Big Sky Salute

  • Carl Gocksch’s ’67 GT-350 roams the range in true Shelby spirit.

How To: Upgrade A Mustang Ignition System

  • Crane Cams puts legal spark under your 5.0 hood.

How To: Install An Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

  • Get a grip on high-performance fuel management, in an afternoon.

To Be Continued…

  • Call Brian Bossone’s ’88 GT the Perpetual Project Pony.

Down, But Never Out

  • Hard times only improved Howard Rowley’s ’90 GT hatchback.

How To: Bulletproof Your 8.8-Inch Rearend

  • Beef-up your stock rearend for performance street/strip action with a few choice ingredients.

International Club Roster

  • Our semi-annual update of Mustang clubs and registries across the globe.

Staging Success

  • Dan Lawless restored his ’68 GT-350 convertible in fits and stages.

Mustang Monthly – November 1993

They Got It Right!

  • The 1994 Mustang is really new, honestly exciting, and almost here.

How To: Rebuild Your 289 Engine

  • Sooner or later, every small-block Ford needs attention.

How To: Install A Remote Trunk Release

  • An option reproduction adds convenience to your vintage Mustang.

K-Code Deluxe

  • Karl and Diane Eisleben’s ’66 GT convertible once sheltered mice. Now it’s homing in on trophies.

Foster Shelby

  • Randy Fleeman’s ’68 GT-350 has finally found a home.

Scandinavian Express

  • Robert Johansson’s ’69 Mach 1 heats up the cool Swedish highways.

You Want To Know What?

  • Gary Hilb asked a simple question. The answer was everything but.

Milestone Mustang

  • George Kinnison’s ’73 convertible is the final word in droptop fun.

Ole Shel

  • Carroll Shelby’s own GT-500 gets plenty of use.

How To: Install A Late-Model “Street Stick”

  • B&M’s shifter adds great looks and better shifting to your AOD.

How To: Upgrade Your Throttle Body And Egr Spacer

  • BBK has an emissions-legal large-bore answer.

Diary Of A Gt

  • From floorpan to finished product with Aaron and Teresa Gardner’s ’85 GT convertible.

Quick Looker

  • Marty DeWinter’s ’90 GT proves that fast cars can look good, too.

How To: Reupholster Vintage Mustang Seats

  • Add fresh vinyl for years of feel-good, look-good highway fun.

Career Pony

  • With his ’66 Shelby, Tommy Smith marks a lifelong admiration of Ford muscle.

Mustang Monthly – December 1993

40+ Quick & Easy Weekend Projects

  • Monroe Weathers of Mustangs West offers advice on quick and easy tasks in maintaining and restoring your Mustang.

How To: Rebuild Your 289 Small Block V-8

  • Part Two: Cleaning your internal engine parts. Machine shop work. Inside the Engine, Phase 1.

Saac-18: Gonzo At The Glen

  • The Shelby crowd goes for sizzling asphalt, Kevlar radiator hoses, and 104-octane sun block. Hot times in Watkin Glen.

Is Enough Enough?

  • This 427-powered ’67 Shelby GT-500 doesn’t know when to say when.

A Family Member

  • Christine Brozo is looking great in her ’68 convertible.

How To: Update Your Early Mustang A/C System

  • Vintage Air’s R-134A air conditioning offers environmentally safe operation for vintage ponies.

Dateline Dearborn: More On The ’94

  • One rumor confirmed, 99 to go.

Colorado Cruiser

  • The Dayhoffs’ 1965 GT takes the high road in powerful style.

It’s Been To School

  • Jim and Rita Boniello reclaimed their ’66 Mustang convertible.

Grande Delight

  • After 230 false starts, Brian Fenner found his dream.

Part-Time Work, Big Time Muscle

  • Dick Knight traded his leisure time for a Cobra Jet ’69 Mach 1.

Long Range Plan

  • Mitch Napier learned that Boss 351s come great to those who wait.

How To: Install An Efi Nitrous System

  • The Nitrous Works has an effective answer to Mustang performance blues.

How To: Prepare For Late-Model Collectibility

  • All the bells and whistles you’ll need in 2023…or 1995.

Slick On The Strip

  • Steven von Ahn’s ’90 Mustang LX is the ultimate in go and show.

Special Vehicle Offered…And Accepted

  • Hard to sell an SVO in the ’80s? It soon may be hard to buy one.

End Run Performance

  • Too fast for collectors, 107 “R Model” Mustang Cobras are headed for track action.

Too Much? Never!

  • Carl Lind’s HiPo ’66 Mustang fastback is a high point in his range of Ford muscle.

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