1964 Mustang Wiring Diagrams


1964 Mustang Master Wiring Pictorial



sm1964b1964 Mustang Instrument Panel Pictorial

Instrument cluster connections, wiper switch, headlamp switch, ignition switch and lighter



sm1964c1964 Mustang Ignition Wiring Pictorial

V-6/V-8 starter relay, battery, spark plugs, distributor, ignition coil, ignition switch



sm1964d1964 Mustang Starter Wiring Pictorial or Schematic

Starter, starter relay, voltage regulator, battery, ignition switch, starter neutral switch



sm1964f1964 Mustang Generator Wiring Pictorial or Schematic

Starter relay, battery, generator, voltage regulator, ignition switch, charge indicator light



sm1964h1964 Mustang Exterior Lighting, Turn Signals and Horns Pictorial or Schematic

Headlamps, parking lamps, horns; headlamp, stop, turn signal and ignition switches; taillights and backup lights



sm1964j1964 Mustang Interior Lights, Windshield Wiper and Gauges Pictorial or Schematic

Oil pressure, water temp and fuel senders; wipers, washers, oil pressure indicator light, temperature and and fuel gauges; instrument panel lights, interior courtesy lights and fuse block


sm1964l1964 Mustang Accessories Pictorial or Schematic

Air conditioner, console, heater, emergency flashers, radio, lighter, Rally Pac



sm1964n1964 Mustang Power Top Pictorial or Schematic

Top control switch, motor and pump

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