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DSCF0050_thumb1Project Playboy is the complete restoration of a 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe, with a special order paint color designated “Playboy Pink”. The chapters of Project Playboy cover selection and planning, disassembly, body and paint, reassembly and much more.

Follow the restoration progress and get valuable insight into the restoration process that will help you plan your Mustang restoration project.

Planning and Organizing Your Restoration

Planning1 011[3]Now its time to do something with all those parts that were removed and shelved back when you disassembled your Mustang. If you shelved your parts in groups as I did back in Section 2. Mustang Disassembly then your pretty organized which will make things a lot easier during this planning and procedures phase of the restoration. Continue reading Planning and Organizing Your Restoration

Media Blasting (sand blasting)

BodyShop 018Should you have your Mustang blasted? I would say yes, others will say no; it all depends on your depth of restoration. If you want to expose any possible problems that may be hiding under the old paint job or road grime on the undercarriage media blasting is the way to go, but be prepared for those surprises; what may look like a small rust problem on the floor pan can turn out to be a complete floor pan replacement. Continue reading Media Blasting (sand blasting)

Sheet Metal – New, Used or Reproduction

DynacornDoorRussoDoes it make a difference if you restore your Mustang with imported or U.S. reproduction sheet metal? Should you purchase Ford Licensed or products produced with Ford tooling? I think in some cases yes, but it really depends on your budget, your goal and whether or not you are concerned about receiving a part that’s not quite up to spec.


Continue reading Sheet Metal – New, Used or Reproduction