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Mustang & Fords – January 1990

Horse Tradin’

  • Trans-Am Mustang brings $240,000 at Monterey; R-Model 5R002 Found; 1990 Price Guide Released; Hi-Po Prices; Australian Mustangs

A Long-Awaited Dream

  • Steve Barnett never plans to part with his ’70 Boss 302 dream car.

289 Hi-Po Spotter’s Guide

  • How to spot true performance in small-block Fords.

Ford Motorsport Nationals

  • The 5th annual eastern performance meet at Maple Grove Raceway brought out Dearborn’s fastest and finest ponies.

A Perfect Nine

  • How to set up the 9-inch Ford rearend.

A Young Quarter Horse

  • This brand-new drag car is backed by plenty of experience.

Red ’66

  • Todd Otto gets his kicks from hitting the road in his Sunset Red ’66.

All In The Family

  • This 24,000-mile original ’67 Mustang has been in the Emery family since new.

Off-Duty Boss

  • When the race ends, Citgo team member Bennie Lee Belcher cruises away from the track in his sharp ’69 Boss 302.

Pacific Mustang Club Picnic

  • West Coast Mustangers gathered for a fun-filled Sunday in the park.

Show & Go Goodies

  • A variety of BBK kits will turn your late-model pony into a good-looking performer.

Big-Tube Headers

  • These JBA headers can be easily installed on early-model Mustangs.

Great White Boss

  • Steve Lubbert’s pristine ’69 Boss 429 is a special mix of Ford Performance hardware.

140 Mph Speedo Swap

  • For the fast minded, exchange your stock speedometer for this Ford Motorsport instrument.

1st Place Boss

  • This rare prize-winning pony is one of only 1806 Boss 351s built in 1971.

Spotlight: ’67-’68 Mustangs

  • Ford improved its “original” pony to go head-to-head against its competition.

Mustang & Fords – March 1990

Horse Trading

  • 428 CJ Prices

Street Lethal

  • Gordon Farmer built a street-legal ’72 fastback that could pass as a race car

Fastback Facts

  • Test your fastback I.Q.

Street Machine Nats

  • Mustang fans gathered in DuQuoin, Illinois, for the granddaddy of street machine events

Top Speed

  • J. Bittle American built this ’89 302 Mustang to cruise at 175 MPH.

Secondhand Racer

  • John Bonner’s ’78 fastback looks anything but used.

Auto Trans Tricks

  • Quick and easy improvements for the Ford automatic overdrive transmission

Concours Classics

  • Drew Alcazar restored this ’69 Mach 1 to perfection.

Fastback Price Guide

  • A valuable guide for pricing Ford’s fabulous fastbacks.

Flashy Fastback

  • John Karellus added pizzazz to this bright red ’69 Mustang 56

Mini Mustangs

  • 25 years of miniature ponies you can hold in the palm of your hand.


  • This pristine Cobra II cast a spell on Brenda Jacobs back in 1977.

Take The Heat Off

  • How to cool your late-model Mustang with California Mustang’s heavy-duty radiator.

Reborn Fastback

  • Danny Sashko turned a ’66 Mustang wreck into a work of art.

Smog Tuning

  • A look at what’s involved in making your high-performance pony smog legal.

Mid-American Shelby Meet

  • SAAC’s Oklahoma region sponsored a Shelby event that will long be remembered.

Mustang & Fords – May 1990

Money-Making Mustangs

  • Your personal guide to making money the fun way–with Mustangs.

Best Investments

  • Bye-bye depreciation: the best buys in affordable investment Mustangs.

Flawless Pacer

  • With only 2000 original miles, this ’79 Indy pace car replica looks showroom new.

Wheels Of Fortune

  • How to sell your Mustang for top dollar.

Financing Facts

  • How and where to find financing for collectible Mustangs.

Insurance Tips

  • How to insure a collectible Mustang.

Pure Gold

  • Chris Ingrassia has given this ’68 California Special the Midas touch.

All About Auctions

  • Everything you need to know about buying or selling at a collector car auction.

The Early Days

  • The original ’64 1/2-’66 Mustangs offered great styling, strong performance, and a low price.

Thoroughbred Winner

  • This ’68 convertible is part of the Scranton’s stable of show-winning ponies.

Restoration Rotisserie

  • This body stand helps rotate your car for easy restoration.

Top 10 Mustangs

  • Presenting a second look at the best of 1989.

Fall Carlisle Swap Meet

  • The Flea Marketeers semiannual swap meet is a treasure hunting bonanza for Mustangers.

Orange County Mustang Show

  • A strong turnout of ponies made this a memorable Southern California event.

Sparkling Red

  • Simone Sparks is the proud owner of this custom-finished Poppy Red ’64 1/2 “GT” ragtop.

Mustang & Fords – July 1990

25th Anniversary Of Shelby

  • A salute to the Shelby Mustang.

Red Hot

  • This perfect ’68 Shelby GT500 is nicer than new.

Shelby Early Days

  • An exciting look inside the Shelby American factory.

Viva La Shelby!

  • Built south of the border with Shelby’s blessing.

Win A ’65 Mustang Gt Coupe

  • Your chance to win a 289 four-speed-equipped classic pony.

Shelby Production Guide

  • A compendium of production figures, facts, and easy-to-read charts.

Supersonic Shelby

  • The serious power behind Ed Adams’ ’67 GT500 comes from a 427.

Vintage Racer

  • Brian Jackson’s ’65 GT350-R is a prime example of Shelby’s tough racing machines.

Price Guide

  • From almost affordable to mega-expensive, here’s a look at the current values of ’65-’70 Shelbys.

Shelby Stars

  • Cover cars and centerfold stars.

Giant Shelby Centerfold Pullout

  • Carefully open the staples in the middle of this magazine to reveal a bonus two-sided centerfold.

Shelby Showcase

  • A quartet of stunning Shelbys from around the country.

Built For Drag-Racing

  • Doug Baker’s JBA-sponsored ’66 steel-bodied GT350 was built to race.


  • This rare GT350-H has only 19,000 miles.

Big Tube Headers For Late-Models

  • How to install a set of JBA headers in your ’85-’90 Mustang.

Barrett-Jackson Auction

  • Mustangs and Shelbys bring top dollar at this annual Scottsdale, Arizona event.

Headliner How To

  • Installing a headliner the easy way.

California Special

  • Don Buster couldn’t resist modifying his ’68 GT/CS.

C-6 Transmission Hop-Up

  • It’s easy to pump muscle into your C-6 transmission.

Mustang & Fords – September 1990

High Performance

  • The Mustang has been out in front of the horsepower race for 26 years.

Shelby Apb/Cover Car

  • Be on the lookout for Lt. Ric Heath’s arresting GT350-H.

Turbo Power

  • Blow the doors off the competition with this turbocharger kit.

No Laughing Matter

  • How to install a nitrous oxide system on a late-model 5.0L Mustang.

Blower Bolt-On

  • Increase your late-model Mustang’s muscle by adding a supercharger.

Pro Pony Ii

  • Bob Biggart transformed a mild-mannered ’77 Mustang into a Pro Streeter.

No-Paint Graphics/Cover Graphics Detail

  • Personalize your pony with easy-to-apply vinyl striping tapes.

Big-Block Fever

  • Dr. Scott Calev found the cure with his ’70 428 CJ.

Screaming Justice/Cover Car

  • Anyone who outruns this ’67 fastback “police cruiser” on the strip wins the “I Beat the Heat” trophy.

Family Affair/Cover Engine

  • John Evans built this blown 429 SCJ ’73 Mach I with the help of his family.

Tools Of The Trade

  • Upholstery work is easier with the right tools.

Performance Ford Club Nationals

  • Blue oval owners converge on Columbus, Ohio.

Assault Weapon

  • Allan Palmer’s Pro Street Mach I packs a big punch.

Tricky Business

  • Valuable upholstery tips and tricks from the pros.

Back On Track

  • This well-raced ’65 Mustang brightens up the vintage race circuit.

Mia’s Mustang

  • A modified ’66 coupe makes a great first car.

Motorsport Fastback

  • Sprague Fleming’s modified ’65 Mustang is a trophy-winning driver.

First-Class Seating

  • How to install a Mustang upholstery kit.

Mustang & Fords – November 1990

Giant Parts Buyer’s Guide

  • Mustang performance and restoration parts are plentiful if you know where to look.

Performance & Restoration Parts Buyer’s Guide

  • Everything you need to make your pony look and perform its best.

Swap Till You Drop

  • Shopping for Mustang parts at swap meets.

How To Find Used And Rare Parts

  • Yesterday’s junk is today’s sought-after treasure.

5.0 Power Module

  • A go-fast computer enhancement for late-model Ford V8s.

Homegrown Shelby

  • This ’68 GT350 went from basket case to trophy getter.

Lowering Lowdown

  • Lower your early Mustang and improve handling at the same time.

Fabulous Fords Forever

  • Knott’s Berry Form hosts Blue oval show cars.

A Burning Desire

  • Firefighter Bill Platt is the proud owner of the Boss 429 he had always dreamed about.

12-Second Super Street ‘Stang Buildup

  • How to turn a 5.0-liter Mustang into a combination street and track terror.

Something Worth Celebrating

  • John Bowers created his own special anniversary Mustang.

All In The Family

  • This flashy ’65 Mustang has survived three generations.

Young At Heart

  • Both Tony Tosti and his ’66 coupe are in remarkable shape.

Gt Spotter’s Guide

  • Finding a real ’65 1/2 GT can take a little detective work.

A King’s Ransom

  • Richard King’s valuable collection of miniature Mustangs.

Flipped-Out Pony

  • Joe Guzek built this trick ’71 Mustang in this garage.

Four-Speed Rebuild

  • How to disassemble and inspect the T10 manual transmission.

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