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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Illustrated during 1992; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang & Fords – January 1992

Super Coupe

  • If you think this ’69 Mustang coupe is sedate, glance again at the shaker hoodscoop.

Cj Spotter’s Guide

  • A definitive list of parts for Cobra Jet-powered Fords.

Original Intent

  • A convertible ’67 Cougar XR7 was never built, so Kevin Marti constructed his own.

Great 428

  • Highlights and high-points of rebuilding and restoring your 428 CJ engine.

The 7-Liter Lectures: Driveline Detailing

  • Identifying and detailing the correct parts for the high-performance FE Galaxie.

Cobras Of Course

  • More than historic, this pair of Shelbys represent the finest restored racers.

Grand Slam

  • Judging by our standards, the MCA Grand Nationals were a home run.

Ford Retrospect: ’69-’70 Boss 302

  • Comparing the classic Trans-Am racers to the high-strung street Mustang.

Pseudo Shelby

  • Craftsmanship is the key word for Chris Mott’s Windsor-powered Mustang.

Ready To Run Performance

  • Complete engines that are ready to install in your project, whether it’s resto or rad.

Swap & Go

  • Easy kits for installing a bigger and better Ford drivetrain in your Blue Oval.

You Build It!

  • A comprehensive engine kit guide for the budget-minded Ford engine builder.

Higher Power A ’67 Gta

  • Mustang with both an honorable past and an impressive future.

Mustang & Fords – March 1992

Ford Retrospect: ’67 Mustang 390 Gt

  • Celebrating the FE-powered ponycars that were built for everyone.

Pop Top

  • Top-down cruising in a big-block ’67 Mustang.

Solid Gold

  • Shelby’s GT500 offered additional muscle and a performance stance.

Mighty 390

  • Legendary in look, it was the 390 that made the fastback a favorite.

Fe Oiling System Secrets

  • Steps to adding reliable service to your 390/428 big-block.


  • An added performance dimension to Carroll Shelby’s big-block GT.

Ford Swaps, U.S.A.

  • Plan your vacation to include one of these Ford parts events.

Livin’ Larger

  • One of the biggest performance legends: the ’68 Ford XL GT Galaxie.

Hi-Po Cleaner Guide

  • Identifying and discovering the correct part for your ponycar.

Quick Strike

  • Due respect for the Mustang II–king of the jungle.

Sound Off

  • The 5.0L exhaust comparison that gives you all the details.

Window Of Opportunity

  • Crane’s Interceptor computer takes the voodoo out of electronic performance improvements.

Ford Fever

  • With 10,000 lakes, Minnesota also proves they have a fair share of fine Fords, too!

Rare Air

  • A Ram Air ’73 Mustang with a two-barrel 351C.

7-Liter Lectures: The Art Of Refinishing

  • A lesson in patience and Galaxie paint and body.

Mustang & Fords – May 1992

The Making Of The Mach

  • A history lesson on the speed-of-sound ‘Stang.


  • An arrest-me red ’69 CJ Mach 1.

Mach 1 Restorer’s Shopping Guide

  • Sources for new-old-stock, reproduction, and used Mach 1 parts.

Heavyweight Contender

  • Sources say that this Mach 1 is George Foreman’s favorite.

The End Of Time?

  • The Mustang II Mach 1: A small pony with a legend to live up to.

Geared Up To Go

  • Manual transmission choices for both early and late-model Mustangs.

Autolite 2v Rebuild

  • EZ steps to reviving your stock two-barrel carb.

’93 Mustang Cobra: Strike Back

  • The upcoming interim Mustang that has the Camaro shaking in its Gatorbacks.

Judged For Yourself

  • The 10th annual Mustang Round-Up at Cypress Gardens.

Rally-Pac Repair

  • Expert advice regarding the early Mustang’s most popular option.


  • Baer Racing took on the world with its Saleen, and won.

Power Brake Conversion

  • Adding the safety and reliability of power brakes to your pony.

Asc/Mclaren Capris & Mustangs

  • A retrospective look at the prime cut of late models.

Leaf Spring Replacement

  • Give the originals a vacation after 28 years on the job.

Four Doors & Furious

  • The Falcon GT-HO Phase III: The legend from Oz.

Converting To ’66 Instruments

  • Lose those idiot lights and go with gauges.

Mustang & Fords – July 1992

Big Boy & Boss ‘Nines

  • Making history with a fleet of 14 muscle Mustangs.

Mustang 2+2

  • Born for racing, the fastbacks did more than just look good.

Boss 429

  • Separating fiction from fact on the legendary semi-hemi Mustang.

’69 Fairlane Cobra

  • The name was changed to protect the innocent and finger the guilty.

Emission Granted

  • Cylinder head wonder for Windsors: 100+ horsepower at only $19.95 each.


  • A closer look at the winning NASCAR Winston Cup Ford Thunderbirds.

Woman’s Intuition

  • The decision to return this ’72 Mustang to original condition was easy.

Whoa, Nellie!

  • Disc brakes that perform equal to your 5.0s acceleration ability.

Drag Wars!

  • The Comet Cyclone: Mercury’s short-range assault weapon.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

  • You’ve been watching long enough! It’s time for you to race your Ford.

Sweating The Details

  • A ’65 GT350 that may look restored, but is actually all original.

Finding Fault

  • Acquiring EEC-IV trouble codes with common electronic tools.

User Friendly

  • Crane’s Interceptor takes the hocus-pocus out of 5.0L computing.

Mustang & Fords – September 1992

Top 40 Fords

  • The only election that really matters this year.

’64 1/2-’68 Mustangs!

  • In the beginning, there was the ponycar, and these are your favorites.

’69-’73 Mustangs!

  • When musclecar became part of the Ford Mustang vocabulary.

’74-Present Mustangs!

  • From the redefinition of ponycar to the return of traditional performance.


  • Mercury’s ponycar: a cat on the prowl.

Pre-Wwii Fords!

  • Learning the lessons of the classics from a bygone era.


  • Your votes select five of Carroll’s finest.

Full-Size Fords!

  • Galaxies and Crown Vics with mass appeal.

Intermediate Fords!

  • Taking the middle ground with Fairlanes and Torinos.

Compact Fords!

  • Small in stature but big in popularity.


  • Personal transportation as defined by the 37-year-old legend.

Ford Trucks!

  • From pick-ups to personal-use utility vehicles.

Drive Time

  • A restored ’66 GT convertible that drives as well as it looks.

Up Close: Dual-Point

  • Rebuilding and detailing a “K-code” 289 distributor.

60 Years Of Ford V8’s

  • Tracing the roots of the engine design that got America rolling.

Larger Than Life

  • How big can you take a 385-series 460 big-block engine? Don’t ask!

Road Test: ’93 Probe Gt

  • Front-wheel-drive performance that looks as good as it goes.

Royal Renegade

  • The ’68 1/2 Shelby GT500 KR: A topless yet tasteful performer.

Mustang & Fords – November 1992

Road Test 427 S/C

  • It’s a tough job, but somebody has to test Shelby’s new Cobra.


  • Fresh from Ford, the SVT Mustang Cobra and F-15O Lightning.

In Shelby’s Image

  • The SAAC Car Company’s ragtop Mk. II: a modern-day GT350?

Up Close: Toploader

  • Rebuilding tech insight on Ford’s venerable four-speed.

Nitrous Oxide

  • N.O.S.’s street-legal squeeze kit for EFI Mustangs.

Pursuit Of Pleasure

  • Steeda’s 13-second option package available from a Ford dealer near you.


  • Vortech turns up the speed of its street-legal blower for additional boost.

Vitamin See

  • Team Mustang’s tasty limited-edition LX.

25 Resto Secrets

  • Mustang judges tell all! The things you need to know to win.

Hot Parts Catalog Section

  • Gobs of holiday wish items for Mustang restorers, Ford collectors, and Blue-Oval racers.


  • DDMI/Spearco’s emission-legal 375hp twin-turbo system for 5.0s.

Retrospect: 427 Cobra

  • A historical look at the world’s fastest production car.

Lasting Impression

  • Chris Agee’s ’71 351 CJ Mach 1 leaves an indelible image.

Jet Set

  • Wayne Myers provides inside info on restoring a 428CJ Torino Cobra.

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