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Mustang & Fords – January 1994

On The Market

  • More comments on Rarity.

Home Sweet Home

  • Bill and Kim Jester’s ’70 ARI pace car Mach 1 proves show-winning results can be gained in one’s garage.

Exterior Door Handles

  • California Mustang offers up new hardware for operating your ponycar doors.

Thermostat Housings

  • Sacramento Mustang’s reproduction water necks for small-block, muscle-era Fords.

Tools & Techniques: Media Blasting

  • The Eastwood Company’s hobbyist sand blasting cabinet fits in your garage and makes parts restoration easier.

Reality Check Road Test: Basic Black

  • Chris Mott’s 12-second GT350-H replica: No Band-Aid is needed to cover this Hertz!

Suspension Rebuild

  • Mustangs Plus shows how to take the sag our of your ‘Stang.

25 Resto Paint Tips: Solving Paint Problems

  • Paint maladies and the secrets the pros use to overcome them.

Heavy Artillery

  • Ben Bruno’s ’71 Mach 1 mixes Cleveland power from the muscle age with aftermarket high-tech performance.

Precious Mettle

  • Ford’s ’70 Torino convertible may at first glance seem sedate, until your realize there’s a 429 SCJ under the hood.

30 Years!: The Original

  • A look back celebrating the 30th anniversary of our favorite ponycar: Charles Hampton’s ’64-1/2 289-4V Mustang convertible.

Option Content

  • Richard Rose’s ’67 390 GT features a rare suspension option that made it nearly a Shelby.

Detailing Details: Hoses & Clamps

  • The appropriate cooling system plumbing for your restored V8-powered Mustang.

Resto Exhaust: Exhaust Systems

  • Classic Mustang shows that home exhaust system replacement can be handled.

Sequential Directionals

  • Put the blink, blink, blink back into your California Special, Cougar or Shelby Mustang.

Fuel Tank

  • The Paddock’s resto replacement fuel cell for vintage Mustangs.

In Hot Pursuit

  • Bidding a fond farewell to Ford’s special service 5.0L Mustangs build for enforcement of the law.

Brake Plumbing

  • Classic Tube and Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation display their lines for stopping your ‘Stang.


  • Jim Cowles’ 289 Cobra has an extra bite thanks to the addition of NOS factory race components.

Decklid Spoiler

  • Dallas Mustang Parts shows how to add a rear wing to your ’69-’70 SportsRoof Mustang.

Brighter Idea

  • Headliner how-to’s.

Mustang & Fords – March 1994

The 1st Mustang Generation

  • The story behind the Mustang’s introduction to a generation looking for fun.

The 2nd Mustang Generation

  • Lean as they were, the Mustang II years kept the Mustang name and image, despite what people think.

The 3rd Mustang Generation

  • Performance played center stage as Fox-platform, late-model Mustangs emerged as the hot rod of choice.

The 4th Mustang Generation

  • A retro theme with 5.0L performance, SN-95 continues the Mustang tradition.

Cooling System Troubleshooting

  • Tips and tricks to help you keep your Ford cooling system trouble-free.

Giant Club List

  • The ultimate reference guide for Ford enthusiasts and their cars.

’65 Gt Foldout

  • Don Phillips Vintage Burgundy ’65 271hp/289 Mustang GT fastback suitable for framing.

Engine Shopper’s Guide

  • Budget Ford engine kits, short-blocks and SVO assemblies for your project.

A Decade Of Saleen Mustangs

  • Steve Saleen’s versions and vision for his ’94 offerings.

Reality Check Road Test

  • Mark & Debra Sanchez offer their blown ’83 GT to the gods of performance and are honored with 12-second E.T.’s.


  • Built to dominate Grand National racing, the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II delivered.


  • Edelbrock’s latest manifold caters to the performance 5.0L enthusiast.

Fresh Alternative

  • Don Odiorne chose a Falcon when he sought his version of a sprinting road racer.

Fun Mustang Style

  • Get ready to join in on the festivities at the 30th Mustang Anniversary Celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Mustang & Fords – May 1994


  • Mustang & Fords stirs up controversy again as Ford’s new GT takes on the baddest GT of them all–the ’68 1/2 428 CJ

The Playful

  • The third installment in our 30th anniversary Mustang series celebrates the ’67 Playboy Pink Mustang convertible

How To Strip Paint

  • Whether you do it yourself or contract it out, here’s the ammo you need to make smart decisions about your Ford restoration

Ahead Of The Rest

  • The legend and lore surrounding the ’64 1/2 Mustang convertibles that circumnavigated Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Fox & The Hound

  • In 1970 a foxy new Mustang was introduced, and the modern performance era began with the Indy pace car version

50 Power Secrets

  • A load of budget-oriented tech tips that will make your Ford faster, more reliable and a lot more fun to drive

Storm Warning

  • Larry Buntman’s ’68 Cyclone reminds us of the days when NASCAR was ruled by the Mercs

Fes For The ’90s

  • Transforming the Ford/Edsel dinosaur into a technically advanced Tyrannosaurus Rex

First Drive! ’94 Cobra

  • The Special Vehicle Team is back in 1994 with an all-new Cobra and its Indy pace car convertible sibling

Finder’s Keepers

  • This K-GT convertible may have been less than desirable when it was found, but 90-percent of ownership is possession

Mustang & Fords – July 1994

Boss Retrospective: 429,302,351

  • Without Larry Shinoda, there never would have been a Boss series

Thoroughbred Restoration

  • In the world of Mustang restorations, there is no higher calling

Purebred Pride

  • Take a look at one of the finest Boss 351s ever restored

Mechanic’s Choice

  • Ford’s Boss 429 powerhouse takes on the street

Spring Fever

  • Turn over a new leaf in your early Ford

The Saleen Factor

  • If you were impressed with the ’94 Mustang Cobra, check this out

Wake-Up Call

  • Ford’s 351 Lightning motor strikes a Ranger truck

Pride Of One-Ownership

  • For 28 years, this has been the one and only one

C6 Salute

  • Building the brawny Ford automatic


  • Thunder rolls in North Georgia-Jacky Jones’ ’69 SCJ Mach 1


  • Solid black is solid gold in a ’66 drop top

Decode Your Mustang

  • All kinds of shortcuts to Mustang insight

From 5.0 To 5.8

  • Tips and tricks for installing a 351W in a pre-’86 carbureted ‘Stang

Mustang & Fords – September 1994

Retrospect: Gt-40

  • Ford’s first world car was its fastest car ever

Win A ’94 Saleen

  • How to win the all-new S-351-powered Saleen convertible

Biggest And Baddest

  • A close look at the most exotic Mustang produced

10 Most Popular Ford Swaps

  • Individualized performance for your Ford

Quick Solutions!

  • Budget big-block engine kits

3500 Mustangs!

  • Come along with us to the greatest Mustang birthday bash

Refeathered Falcon

  • Moonshine-runner turned retro-racer

Hi-Po First Look

  • A close evaluation of two Mustang test mules

Remembering Cruisin’

  • A look back with a hot ’66 ‘Stang

A Shelby From Sears

  • Imagine finding a ’66 GT350 where America shops

Coast To Coast With The Most!

  • Mustangs Across America crosses the continent

Mustang Production Facts

  • Informative tidbits from the new Mustang Production Guide

Junkyard Gold

  • Ford Mustang used-parts buyers’ guide

Plums In Berrytown

  • Fabulous Fords Forever celebrates the Mustang’s 30th anniversary

Gt Id

  • ’65-’68 Mustang GT component identification


  • The ’68 Mustang GT fastback that belief built

Mustang & Fords – November 1994

A Matter Of Whit’s

  • Would you believe 57,000 original miles in 30 years?

C4 Transmission Performance Build

  • Making the most of Ford’s Cruise-O-Matic with a B&M buildup

Build A Ford Reference Library

  • Start with an array of publications from California Mustang

One Last Number

  • Jim Clark’s ’73 Ram Air convertible

Cold Storage

  • When it’s time for a long winter’s nap, here’s what to do

Jump Jet!

  • Hot Drag-Pack performance sitting still

History Lesson

  • Understanding your Ford’s background

Tiger Pause

  • The British invasion meets the American revolution

Ii For The Show

  • This ’78 Ghia has been beautifully unrestored

Planned Approach

  • A quality restoration takes careful planning

Sensory Overload!

  • Call it mellow yellow…with an attitude

Building Better Brakes

  • User-friendly (and safer!) drum brakes from Mustangs Plus

Breathe Easy

  • A Borla exhaust system for your F-150

Bottoms Up!

  • Correctly detail your ’69-’70 Mustang/Cougar undercarriage

Shifty Business

  • Ford automatic transmission identification and tech

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