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This page contains the names and descriptions of all articles published in Mustang Illustrated during 1998; It does not contain the text of the articles — rather, it is a guide to assist you in locating which back issue might contain the information you need.

Mustang & Fords – January 1998

Cougar Celebration

  • 30 years with an American classic


  • Lincoln-Mercury’s upscale Mustang fun car

Stroked To Extremes

  • Add more cubic inches to your small-block Ford

Entry Level

  • Engine-building parts, accessories, and tips for the beginner

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

  • Lee Williams’ Falcon drop-top street warrior

Best Of ’97

  • We bring you the most from coast to coast

Fairlane–By Dodge

  • Tony Dodge’s blazing-yellow ’67 Fairlane GT

The Boss

  • Ford’s return to performance–the ’82 Mustang GT

Install Disc Brakes

  • Stainless Steel Brakes puts discs on all four corners

Four-Speed Build-Up

  • Tex Racing brings you the ulitmate bulletproof driveline

Tollbar Installation

  • Tony D. Branda brings you affordable, good-looking protection

Modular Memo

  • A look inside Ford’s newest engine

Street Trans Am

  • Dr. John Craft brings us SCCA-style performance for the street

Hot Car-Building Tips

  • Mustang & Fords shows you the way to an awesome restomod

Mustang & Fords – February 1998

An Affair To Remember

  • Call this ’65 Mustang “restomod” — call it awesome!

Car-Building Basics

  • Mustang & Fords shows you how to achieve your dreams

A Galaxie Vast…

  • Total Performance goes fastback!

519-Inch Stroker Buildup

  • Breathing real horsepower into the 385-series big-block

Performance Head Guide

  • Your source for fast horsepower solutions

Differential Identification

  • Bring up the rear in style with the right stuff

Tweety’s Revenge

  • Would you believe a screaming-yellow Tempo hot rod?

Readers’ Greatest Tips

  • We look to you for the best ideas

Winning Performance

  • Remembering Ford’s most patriotic Mustang fastback

C6 Performance Basics

  • Get the most from your transmission with solutions from B&M

Budget Engine Kits

  • Quick-and-dirty information for your big-block project

Spark-Plug Tech

  • Solid answers on how to light the fire

30 Best Fords!

  • We look at the fastest, the milestones, best buys, and misfits

Totally Modular

  • Introducing 4.6L performance in a ’63 Fairlane

Do The Math

  • Automotive arithmetic for the performance enthusiast

Rare Finds

  • A GT-40 for $5,000

Mustang & Fords – March 1998

Cyclone Stripper

  • Listen closely to the roar of Mercury’s bolt from the blue

Hot Manifold Swap

  • Edelbrock and Holley make it easy to add horses

Paint & Prep Basics

  • PPG and Gonzalez Auto Body show you how

Car-Care Guide

  • Keeping your beauty in tip-top shape

High Goal

  • Paul Fix’s ’63 289 Cobra surpasses expectations

Shock-Tower Repair

  • Pro Motorsports Engineering makes it easy

Last Flight Out

  • Ford’s ’71 Mustang Mach 1 429 CJ was the end of an era

Quarter-Panel Replacement

  • Precision Street Rods & Machines offers valuable pointers

How To Lead

  • Learning the sheetmetal trade’s oldest art

Mustang Spotter’s Guide

  • Quick and dirty information for your fact-finding mission

Trans Am Mustangs 1967-’68

  • Alex Gabbard takes us back to the Mustang’s hottest years

Memories Worth Keeping

  • Remembering Brian Miller and a fastback called “Night Magic”

Choose The Right Torque Converter

  • Mustang & Fords shows you how to get hooked up

1 Pink ’69

  • This Mach 1’s for those who say “never…”

Carb Buildup

  • Performance building and tuning for Holley atomizers

Mustang & Fords – April 1998

Philadelphia Freedom

  • Cool performance in a hot Fairlane restomod

50 Engine-Building Tips

  • Mustang & Fords shows you the way

20 Best New Engine Parts

  • We show you what’s new and exciting

20 Trick Resto Tips

  • Useful pointers and parts for your project

Pumpkin Patch

  • The Southern Arizona Mustang Club celebrates 30 years

Induction System Buyer’s Guide

  • Your source for fuel-system parts and accessories

Ford Engine Basics

  • Important things you ought to know

Field Of Dreams

  • If you build it, they will come…

Ragtop Resurrection

  • Carl Platt’s ’66 Mustang convertible

10 Best Cruising Tips

  • Good stuff to know before you go

Hot Shows Of ’98

  • What to see and where to be seen this year

Disks Rear

  • Install Ford Motorsport SVO’s new rear disc brakes

Mclaren Mustangs & Capris

  • Remembering these limited-production ’80s ponycars

Electrifying Performance

  • News from the big electric chair: Upgrade!

Road Cats And Cammers

  • Remembering the awesome thunder of Mercury performance

Low-Buck Small-Block Build-Up

  • Get into good, reliable street power for under $2,500

Crowning Achievement

  • A Cobra that would be king

On The Market

  • The Gold Standard: ’64 1/2-’66 Mustang Convertibles

Mustang & Fords – May 1998

April Fool!

  • In the spring of 1968, Ford thrust its biggest surprise

351-Ho Performance Buildup

  • Ford Motorsport SVO has swift answers

30 Years Of Cobra Jets

  • A look back at Ford’s performance pinnacle

Build A Nasty 9-Inch

  • Understanding the world’s most trusted rearend

5.0l Efi Tips & Tricks

  • Dial performance into your late-model small-block

Six-Speed Tranny Swap

  • Installing Borg-Warner’s awesome T56 transmission

Cyclone Cj

  • Mercury’s 429 Cobra Jet Cyclone whips up a storm

25 Hot Exhaust Parts

  • Your source for what’s new (and hot!)

Pop Top!

  • Watch out for this red Cobra Jet

Cjs All Two

  • One’s a Fairlane. One’s a Torino. Together, they perform!

High Riser

  • Mario Veltri’s ’66 GT350 weekend affair

Choosing A Crankshaft

  • Selecting your engine’s backbone is nothing to take lightly

Hot Ignition Upgrade

  • Wake up your vintage small-block with answers from MSD

Handling Basics

  • Setting it up for street and track

Competition-Prepared Svo

  • Ford built less than 80 of these


  • The inside twist on driveshaft selection

Special Catalog Section

  • Our largest ever, full of exciting information for your project

Throttle Up

  • Breathe more air (and power) into your 5.0L EFI

Rare Finds

  • An original owner sells his “child”

On The Market

  • A close look at carburetor values

Mustang & Fords – June 1998

Let’s Talk About Horsepower!

  • Jim McFarland teaches us how to do the twist

The Wonders Of Gasoline

  • Understanding petrol’s effect on your engine

Engine Performance Parts Buyer’s Guide

  • Don’t be caught short underhood

Unnatural Dragster

  • Here’s what happens when you multiply 351 by 4

The Nuts And Bolts Of Nuts & Bolts

  • Sue Elliot-Sink gives us valuable insight from AMK and ARP

Budget Stroker Kits

  • Your source for affordable performance

Radical Red

  • A rocket sled that looks like a ’65 Mustang

25 Hottest Mustangs

  • Mustang & Fords does a top 25 pick

Panel Discussion

  • Install a Haneline instrument panel in your Falcon or Mustang

7-Litre Luxury

  • Drop the top, get comfortable, and spin the cam of this ’66

Camshaft Swap

  • Accomplish this easy performance trick in an afternoon

Ignition Coils

  • Marlan Davis makes them easy to understand

Deep Breathing

  • Edelbrock shorty headers make short work of performance

Stock Versus Modified

  • We’re here to tell you why modified (and restomod) is better

Nifty Fifty-Five

  • A hot modified 427 sedan from the fabulous ’50s

460 To Go

  • A powerful Ford Motorsport SVO crate engine quick swap

Rare Finds

  • How about a set of 302 Tunnel Port heads for $450?

On The Market

  • ’60-’66 Falcon Rancheros

Mustang & Fords – August 1998

A Breath Of Fresh Air

  • Pat and Richard Porter’s red-hot classic

101 Tech Tips

  • Great minds at Mustang & Fords share the wealth

Road Test

  • We check out Shelby’s original–the ’65 GT350

’68 Mustang Right-Hand Drive

  • This pony was exported to Australia, then it came home

High Five!

  • Don’t call this hard-charging Cobra a kit car

Low-Buck Repaint

  • Do it yourself and save money with answers from PPG

Shock Tower Prescription

  • West Coast Classic Mustang shows you how


  • Dare to dream the Cyclone Spoiler Mercury never built

Rust Prevention

  • Why it exists and how to stop it

Tales From The Hood

  • Install a Thunderbolt hood on your vintage Fairlane

Install A Tilt Steering Column

  • Haneline Products makes it easy to go full tilt

Resto Parts Source Guide

  • Your source for classic Ford parts information

The Wonderbird

  • This radical ’58 T-bird is out there

Cable Clutch Conversion

  • Ease your pedal effort in a weekend

Carb & Manifold Swap

  • The quickest path to performance begins here

Mustang & Fords – September 1998

Build (And Plan) Your First Engine

  • Mustang & Fords shows you how to do it

Balancing & Blueprinting

  • Understanding these special engine dynamics

Performance Tuning Tips

  • Getting the most from your 5.0L EFI mill

Ride Like The Wind

  • A picture-perfect, concours show-quality Cyclone

Install A Heavy-Duty Suspension

  • Take control with solid solutions from Total Control

Guide To Total Performance

  • What’s hot and where to get it

Red Rover Over Target

  • Is this the ’67 Mustang convertible you had in mind?

Interior Upgrade & Tips

  • Texas Mustang Parts makes it possible all in one stop

Mustang Road Test

  • We spin the camlobes on one of America’s hottest ponies

Fe Quick Facts

  • We take a look at Ford’s flagship V-8 big-block

Take A Trip To ’57 Heaven

  • This is the dream car our parents loved most

Thunderbird Fundamentals

  • A look back at the original Dearborn darling

It’s About Power

  • Check out this supercharged ’97 “cammer”

How To Buy A Crate Engine

  • Instant, affordable mail-order power on your doorstep

Mustang & Fords – October 1998

Black Stallion

  • Think twice before you choose off this Mach 1

5.0l/Aod Install

  • Upgrade your vintage ride with efficient power

Doing Six To Eight

  • Convert your six-cylinder Mustang to a V-8

Silver Partner

  • Teresa Vickery’s Mach 1 is a lifetime commitment

Step Up To A 9-Inch

  • Get the most from your vintage Ford’s rearend

Mach Won!

  • A look at some of the Mustang’s greatest years

Throttle Back

  • Take a closer look at this 2,300-mile ’74 Mach 1

Pop’s Toy

  • Do you remember George “Pops” Boskovich?

Drivetrain Parts Source Guide

  • Getting power to the pavement

Electric Avenue

  • How to rebop your Mustang’s central nervous system

The Time Machine

  • Transporting you back to the glory days of the NASCAR 429

Hardware Store

  • When it’s time to bolt it together, look to AMK Products

Install T-Bird Tailights

  • Give your Mustang an air of distinction

Restore Your Instrument Panel Semo

  • Classic Mustang and Pro Products have answers

Drag Racing Basics

  • Before you stage, read this

Fall Catalog Section

  • Find everything you need

Rare Finds

  • ’69 GT 428 Cobra Jet…Coupe!

On The Market

  • 5.0L Mustang Trends

Mustang & Fords – November 1998

Pump Up The Power!

  • Performance and history guide to the Windsor small-block

Gt On A Fast Track

  • Some say this is the ultimate Mustang

Install A Trans Cooler

  • Keeping your automatic cool with a B&M cooler

Performance Brake & Chassis Tips

  • Good advice for improving handling and braking

Upgrade To Pony Interior

  • Swapping from standard to Pony in a ’65-’66 Mustang

Wheel Horse

  • This ’67 Mustang showcases Halibrand’s vintage wheels

Ahead By A Nose

  • CJ power over aerodynamics with the Cale Yarborough Cyclone

Decode Your Mustang

  • Mustang information guide

Junk Yard Prospecting

  • Finding neat used parts for your Mustang or Ford

Cobra To Go

  • In-N-Out Burger’s giveaway 4000-series Cobra

Electrical System Basics

  • Your Ford’s wiring doesn’t have to be a mystery

Restomod Parts Guide

  • Dial in more performance with aftermarket parts

Boss Maverick

  • The car Ford could’ve built in l970

Rare Finds

  • ’71 439 SCJ Mustang Coupe, $1K ’70 428 CJ Cougar Convertible, ’68 Cougar R GT-E

On The Market

  • Boss 302s Hottest Thing Going!

Mustang & Fords – December 1998

Fastback For The Fast Lane

  • Mild mods have made this ’70 Mach 1 better than new

Laser Guidance

  • Street performance from a cool restomod ’65 Mustang coupe

Build Your First Mustang

  • Great ideas for building your first performance Mustang

How To Buy

  • Even if it’s not your first Mustang, these tips will come in handy

Street Performance Tips

  • Follow these cruising guidelines for maximum Mustang fun

One Step Beyond

  • Mustang fastback turned Shelby turned restomod performer

Powdercoat At Home!

  • Professional powdercoating results in your home garage


  • This 427 Fairlane Club Coupe was built for the fast lane, too

Better Drum Brakes

  • How to get optimum performance from your drum brakes

Small-Block Super Tuning

  • Getting the most power (and efficiency!) from your Ford V-8

Vintage Suspension Rebuild

  • Rebuilding your front suspension for better ride and performance

Mustang Dual Exhausts

  • Installing dual exhausts on a vintage Mustang

351 Cleveland Build-Up

  • We stir up a powerful 351C

No Brag, Just Drag

  • Bill Dempsey’s hot street Cougar doesn’t need any badges

Export Business

  • Better handling for early Mustangs with MPG’s new adjustable export brace

Interior Buyer’s Guide

  • Great parts for upgrading your Mustang or Ford interior


  • Performance tricks for the Ford Automatic Overdrive

Rare Finds

  • Mickey Thompson Mustang Funny Car unearthed in Mexico!

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